“Logan, here,” Brayden Stewart led the way.

As a traveller, he walks in private passages. Those rich and powerful do not deserve to see himself. Everything in the hidden family is hidden and can not be seen by others.

Even if it is accidentally seen, the people of the hidden family will solve it.

Since it is a secret, it must be completely secret.

Logan came in blankly. She had never been to this place before, and everything was strange.

She sat down blankly.

Brayden Stewart snapped his fingers, and someone brought me wine and delicacies. This is a routine. Brayden Stewart’s method does not know how many women have been conquered by him.

Since this Logan is a woman, she will be sooner or later to be conquered by herself, so just enjoy the process of conquering her.

“Logan? What did you think of?” Brayden Stewart sat over.

“No,” Logan couldn’t say this feeling herself.

She has a kind of deja vu, but this kind of deja vu is not right here, she has never been here, how can she have deja vu.

Just think, is there someone you know in this place?

Logan thought so.

But where is such a coincidence? Logan felt sad in her heart.

This is in the United States, not China.

Finding Logan was still at a loss, Brayden Stewart sneered in his heart. He had already asked the doctor carefully. The trauma to Logan’s head was permanent to her, that is to say, Logan would never recover her memory.

What does this mean? It means that Logan can’t remember who she likes, so it doesn’t matter, the window is out, and the person she likes, in the end, must be herself!

Brayden Stewart smiled triumphantly, “Come on, eat something.”

“No, I don’t want to eat,” Logan shook her head in confusion and refused.

She has always felt strange to Brayden Stewart. Logan remembered everything very much. Did she really like Brayden Stewart before? ?

But why don’t you feel it at all?

“It’s okay, then if you want to see what you are after, just say it, I will buy you everything,” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, the demeanour still exists.

The more Logan refused, the stronger his desire to conquer in his heart. This process is interesting and interesting!!

At this time, the auction begins.

Brayden Stewart has participated in too many auctions. How can he appreciate these things?

He admired the beauty lazily, but Logan was at a loss.

Beautiful and perfect.

Brayden Stewart regretted it a little bit. At that time, he should go to China to chase this great beauty. It’s a pity that Logan is so beautiful and there are still people he likes. She must not be intact.

This is a shame!

But it’s okay, Logan’s beauty can make up for this.

The auctioneer left the factory. She has a beautiful temperament. The slim dress, like a model, attracted the attention of many people at once.

All the local tyrants who came to this place were quiet.

The temperament beauty smiled slightly, “Welcome everyone to participate in today’s auction. Today’s auction items are especially unexpected for you!!”

“Really? I don’t know the beauty of your auction?” A local tyrant laughed.

Yes, the auction is not very interesting. Many people come here just to relax. What’s more, there is such beautiful auctioneer? ?

“Me? Haha, I don’t sell, but Mr Liu, you can ask me alone, I won’t refuse,” the beauty smiled slightly.


The scene laughed and the atmosphere became lively. As an auctioneer, she should do to make the scene lively, and of course, she would have to sacrifice.

“The first auction item starts below. This is an oil painting three hundred years ago…”

The beauty introduced, those who are interested, of course, listened, but the absent-minded Chuck Cannon had no thoughts, he wanted to go out for a walk.

However, Yvette has been watching carefully, this is for himself, Chuck Cannon has not gone out.

However, these auction items are not interesting, even oil paintings, statues, antiques, Chuck Cannon feels boring.

After all, Chuck Cannon doesn’t play these at all. What kind of oil painting does he really want? Just his mother told a word, what kind of real oil painting is there?

It’s just that Chuck Cannon is not interested in these.

The auction has been going on for more than half of the time, and the Chinese medicine Karen Lee said is finally on the stage.

“Hehe, there are several Chinese people at the scene, so our organizer specially prepared a traditional Chinese medicine material. It is thousand-year-old ginseng, which has the effect of calming the nerves and sleeping. The starting price of this thousand-year ginseng is 5 million US dollars! Now, everyone, let’s start!” The beauty is over.

Several Chinese people at the scene also made bids.

“Six million!”

“Eight million!”

“Ten million!!”

The price quickly climbed, Yvette was relieved, this price, at the last time, it will be fine.

It should be tens of millions of dollars.

After all, Chinese medicine is still not popular in places like the United States!!

Sure enough, Yvette was not disappointed. The Americans really didn’t have much interest in this. The real bidder was a few Chinese people. After all, only Chinese people knew the millennium ginseng. How rare is this?

“50 million?!” Yvette made a bid!

All of a sudden, the scene was silent!

This price is so high. After all, the local tyrants now have a net worth of hundreds of millions, and they are considered rich people, but the sum of 50 million US dollars all at once makes some people feel like watching gods fight.

“Husband, don’t worry, this thousand-year-old ginseng will definitely be photographed for you, and it will completely heal your head injury,” Yvette said.

Chuck Cannon nodded and was moved.

Black Rose in the corner said nothing.

She knew that the price, not to mention Karen Lee, even Yvette, who inherited the family, felt that it was nothing.

But obviously, how can there be tens of billions of auction items at this level of auction?

This is impossible.

So, Black Rose closed her eyes boredly.

“One hundred million dollars!”

But when the audience was silent, someone made an offer, one hundred million dollars!!

Yes, the same boring Brayden Stewart bid.

Thousand-year-old ginseng? There are several in his family, even one plant that is 1,500 years old. This is determined by experts. What is it?

He felt boring, so he just patted and played.

The scene was shocked, what is this shock?

At auctions, there are few cases where 100 million US dollars appear, but there are also cases, but the price is doubled at once, and is it still auctioning a ginseng? This is kind of like never seen before.

Yvette frowned, and Chuck Cannon stood up.

“One hundred and five thousand…”

but. Yvette hasn’t said it yet. Brayden Stewart added faintly…

“Three hundred million dollars!!”

This sound suddenly rang!


The audience was in an uproar, the shocked person included the auctioneer!

They estimated backstage that this ginseng sold for up to 50 or 60 million U.S. dollars. When Yvette made a bid earlier, she was surprised enough, but unexpectedly, the price would be 300 million in less than ten seconds!

This is a sky-high price for a ginseng!!

“Oh my God, who is the bidder? Three hundred million dollars for a ginseng? What is the difference between this and selling a bowl of rice for one hundred thousand dollars?”

“This is really awesome, but I don’t know who this person is, I really want to know him,”

“Three hundred million came out, just called the fifty million one, I must not dare to bid,”

“Absolutely, how do you bid after 300 million?”

The people at the scene were completely shocked by the words of 300 million US dollars.

After a lot of discussions, there is no sound! !

The auction site was extremely quiet!!

Brayden Stewart smiled indifferently, 300 million US dollars is nothing to him, just paint it interesting.

That’s it.

“Sir!” The beauty on the stage recovered from the shock, she said, “300 million dollars, is there anything higher than this price?”

Her voice was shouting, she didn’t think it really was.

“How could there be more?”

“Yeah, this is a sky-high price, no one will bid anymore,”

The people at the scene were discussing a lot, all expressing their opinions. The price is already so high that no one will bid anymore.

After all, this is just thousand-year ginseng!

Who will bid?

The scene was quiet for three seconds, and someone spoke, “400 million dollars!”

This sound rang!

The audience was shocked, who made this bid?

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