Chapter 621 – 622: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 621: Killing Them with One Breath

Lin Li spat out a mouthful of blood. This feeling of powerlessness really made her desperate.

As she watched Lin Wang walk towards her step by step, she was badly injured and could not move. She knew that if he caught her, she would be tortured to death. She was Kris’s woman, the Sovereign Lord of the Danzong School. She could not let herself suffer his torture.

“I will give you one last chance. Kneel down and submit to me, and I will spare your life!” said Lin Wang.

Lin Li’s eyes were full of disdain and arrogance.

Lin Wang laughed, “I love arrogant women like you. I think it should be interesting to fuck you.”

He instantly hit Lin Li’s acupuncture points with his fingers, so Lin Li couldn’t move.

“Sis!” Hu Li lay on the ground and shouted. At this moment, he really hated himself for being too incompetent to protect his sister.

“If you dare to touch my sister, I must send you to hell.” Hu shouted hysterically, “When my brother-in-law comes back, he will definitely kill you”

“You’d better mind your own business first.” Lin Wang held a short sword in his hand, “Maybe I can shoot you in the head with this sword.”

“Please don’t hurt my brother.” Lin Li couldn’t move, but she could still speak.

“Sister, I’m fine.” Hu said, “It doesn’t matter if I die, but you must not bow down to him.”

“I still want to be your brother in my next life, sister.” Hu said.

Lin Li burst into tears!

Lin Wang laughed loudly, “You are doomed to die!”

With that, he was ready to throw the short sword in his hand. Just then, a voice rang out. In that instant, Lin Wang’s movement was fixed, his body was fixed, and even his expression was fixed. The group of people who followed Lin Wang in also heard the voice.

“Who is it? Get out!” Lin Wang shouted.

“It must be the Danzong School’s rescuers arriving.”

“You idiot. We’re done killing Danzong School’s people. Where did they get the rescuers?”

Just as the crowd was talking, Lin Li felt that the voice was very familiar.

Hu watched Lin Wang in the air without moving. He even couldn’t blink.

“Sis, what happened?” Hu swallowed and asked.

“Did you hear that voice?” Lin Li’s voice trembled.

“I heard it!” Hu nodded.

“It’s him coming back. That’s his voice!” Lin Li was so excited that tears streamed down her face.

“Sister, you mean, it’s… Kris?” Hu was shocked.

Just then, a man dressed in a green robe with long hair came.

Seeing this scene, the crowd was dumbfounded.

“Who is he?” someone asked. The same doubts arose in everyone’s mind.

Just then, someone in the crowd shouted, “I remember, he… he… He is…”

“Who the hell is he?”

“He’s Kris!”

Looking closely at his young face, everyone was sure that he was Kris.

In this instant these intruders’ hearts sank. Many even shivered from fear and then fell to their knees.

And at that moment, Kris didn’t care about them at all. Looking at Lin Li, who had blood in the corners of her mouth, Kris’ heart ached. He was also very excited that they were all still alive.

The moment he saw Lin Li, Kris was glad that he had come back in time. If he had come back a minutes later, he would not have seen her alive.

“Honey, Is that you?” Lin Li’s voice trembled and she could hardly believe her eyes.

The man in front of her was so transcendent. Just by looking at him, Lin Li had a feeling of inferiority.

Although she took beauty pills, she still had wrinkles on her face.

In her fifties, she looked like she was in her thirties, but Kris was like a young man of 18 years old

With a wave of Kris’s hand, the restrictions on Lin Li’s body were lifted and she could now move, and the injuries in her body were healed in an instant.

Hu was also stunned as all of his power was restored. Even his cultivation level kept rising, from the middle period of the Heaven-human-oneness stage, to the late period of the Heaven-human-oneness stage, and then to the human-oneness stage to the Fulfilled period.

He was now surprisingly light enough to fly.

“You are finally back!” Lin Li looked at the Kris in front of him and wept.

Kris smiled, and then spread his hands, “Aren’t you happy that I’m back?”

Lin Li hugged Kris. Feeling the warmth of Kris’s body, she still couldn’t believe that he was back.

“Are you really back? I’m not dreaming, am I?” said she.

“Yeah, I’m back.” said Kris softly.

The warmth of his hand and his scent still fascinated her as much as before. She just wanted to to cry out all the fears she had all these years.

“Sorry, I’m late!” said Kris.

The moment he returned to Earth, he deduced that he had been away for fifteen years, five years beyond the appointed time.

After crying for a while, Lin Li stopped crying. She looked at him and said sadly, “You are getting younger and younger. But in another ten years or so, I will become an old woman. When we go out in the future, people will mistake you for my son.”

Kris laughed bitterly. Stroking her head, Kris said,”Don’t worry. I’ll make you eighteen years old.”

He released a trace of fairy air, and then Lin Li turned from thirty to eighteen.

Hu on the side was dumbfounded, “Sis, you really became eighteen!”

“Kris, have you become immortal?” Hu looked at Kris in amazement.

“Became immortal?” Kris smiled, “Uh, sort of.”

Hearing that, Hu jumped excitedly, “My brother-in-law is a immortal. I can also live forever.”

“You’re almost sixty, why are you still so impetuous in character?”

“But in front of you, I’m still your younger brother!” Hu said.

Kris laughed and shook his head.

Lin Li was also stunned by herself in the mirror. Her skin was smooth, and her eyes were big and bright.

Then Kris pointed at Lin Wang and these people on the stage, saying, “What do you want to do with them?”

“It’s up to you.” Lin Li hugged Kris tightly.

“Kill them!” Hu said viciously.

Kris nodded. He blew gently, and then all of them turned into dust and disappeared.

Hu drew a cold breath. This was too amazing. Kris killed them with one breath.

“You’re an immortal now. I remember that in novels it is written that immortals can’t kill people, otherwise they will break the rules of heaven.” Hu said.

“It’s all your fault. Why did you let Kris kill them all?” Lin Li also said nervously.

Kris laughed, “Don’t worry. The rules of heaven don’t concern me!”

“Let’s go back to Ice and Fire Island now!”

Kris hugged Lin Li and flew up with Hu.

“I’m flying. I can fly!” Hu shouted excitedly as he watched himself gradually rise. The best thing he did in his life was to become a disciple of Kris. Otherwise he would not be where he was today.


Ice and Fire Island was heavily guarded. As the eldest brother, Xiu Chen took the lead. Until his father returned, he must guard the island.

Now he was worried about Lin Li and Hu Li at Danzong School.

“Brother, how is the situation?” Lianyu Chen walked over with his third brother Cheng Chen.

“There is no sign of the enemy at the moment.” Xiu Chen said, “But we can’t let down our guard.”

“Our talent is too low and we are slow to raise our stage, otherwise we wouldn’t be so passive!” Cheng Chen slammed his fist on the stone angrily.

Xiu did not speak.

Ever since the ten-year contract arrived and Kris did not return, the martial world had changed.

The first few years Kris left, all was calm in the martial world. In the eighth year, the original Union of Martial Arts Schools began to fall apart. This change was not expected by Chen family. Before Kris went to the universe, he told everyone without reservation how to reach the Detachment Stage, but these people were ungrateful to Kris and attached his family.

The Holy Dragon Cult, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and those so-called righteous sects had been fighting in order to become the leader of the martial arts society.

However, Ice and Fire Island was strong with Danzong School as a backer, so these people did not dare to attack Ice and Fire Island easily. But the disciples of Danzong School were bribed by those people, and finally Lin Wang broke through the Transcendental Realm. Then Lin Wang led them to attack Danzong School.

“Brother, I can’t get through to my mother.” Fifteen-year-old Mu Chen cried and ran over. He was Lin Li’s son and Kris’s youngest child.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Chen Xiu said comfortingly


The back of Ice and Fire Island, where Quan Mu used to live, had been completely converted into a residence for Kris’ wives.

Mary Su, Quan Mu, Yinyin Yao, Lan Yu, Lan Xia, Xinying Bao, Xiaorou Xu, Yuan Qing, and Yi Fang were sitting in the back garden, looking downcast.

“There’s no news of Lin Li. I’m so worried about her.” Xinying Bao frowned. Among Kris’s wives, her cultivation was the lowest. She was at the early stage of Heaven-human-oneness stage.

Quan Mu, Lan Yu and Lan Xia had the highest cultivation of all Kris’ wives. All three of them were in the late period of Heaven-human-oneness stage.

“She’ll be fine.” Quan said.

As the oldest of all the women, Quan had to reassure the crowd at this time. As expected, everyone looked better when they heard her words.

“But we have to do something.” Lan Yu said, “In one hour, if there is no news of Lin Li, I will send someone to Westriver City.”

Kris was not at home, and they had to stick together.

Chapter 622: Who is Him?

At this time, a young girl ran into the yard and yelled, “Sisters, I’m back!”

All the girls turned back at once!

“Oh, look, it’s sister Lin!” Xiaorou exclaimed and went to greet her.

“Are you all right?”

Lin’s heart were full of warm feelings and she said, “Yes, I’m, thank you, my sisters.”

Yi uttered in a surprised tone, “Sister Lin, somehow, you look so different today!”

“That’s right. Your skin becomes tender like a virgin.”

“Yes, what happened to you?”

Time and tide wait for no man! Quan Mu was the oldest one among Kris’s wives. When she married Kris, she was already in her thirties. Now she was over 60 years old this year! The Heaven-human-oneness stage provided her several hundred years as her lifespan. Despite this, she now was a mid-age woman who was a grandmother.

“Is it because of the panacea created by Danzong school?” asked Yinyin Yao. She was a mother of a son and a daughter for Kris, but she kept a wicked character.

A playful smile appeared in Lin’s face and she said, “Hazard a guess! I will give you bonuses if you guess right.”

“Is it because you made a breakthrough in immortal practice?” asked Lan Xia.

“No, guess again!”

“Well, you little bitch, did you find other man for a night stand? Just take a look at yourself, you must enjoy yourself with …” exclaimed Qingyuan. Her bold speculation stunned her sisters. In fact, since Kris’s departure fifteen year ago, all of them had led a descent yet lonely life. They missed their man but none of them were the women of easy virtues.

Therefore, on hearing this, Lin cried hurriedly, ”No, elder sister, don’t misread me please, do you think I am a woman of easy virtue?”

Qingyuan held Lin’s hands and apologized for her rudeness: “Younger sister, that is just a joke, don’t take it seriously. Our poor husband has made a promise to come back within ten years. Now fifteen years later, our youth was gone. What should we do if he doesn’t come back? Waiting for his coming back in vain?”

Yi knew Qingyuan best. Since Qingyuan’s marriage with Kris, she had been in deep love with him. All she said was no more than utterance of anger. Neitherless, Qingyuan’s character was so strong that she was still unwilling to show her affections towards Kris. “He is an asshole, if he doesn’t come back soon, I will find another grandfather for his grandson.” Said she with tears filling in her eyes. All girls shed tears for their lovesickness.

At this point, a voice came: ”Good girls, you want to find another grandfather for my grandson just because I came back five years late? You mean all of you are gonna to remarry yourselves?”

“Who is it? Show yourself here!” Cried Quan who prepared herself for a battle with the visitor. Lin stopped her and said, ”Look, sister, it is our husband!” Quan was dumbfound by the visitor’s face. His warm smile and handsome features were still so impressive.

“Honey?!” she exclaimed.

“Man, welcome back.” Yinyin Yao was so excited and she raised herself up to a call of Kris. However, Kris stayed so high in the sky that she couldn’t reach him. “I can reach you, come here.” She said. Kris stretched his arms and held her gracefully. “Yinyin, good to see you.”

His voice was still gentle and his look was extremely young! “Am I in a dream? I can’t still believe your coming back.” Cried Yinyin. She rested herself in the arms of Kris and sobbed for so many lonely nights she had spent. At the same time, Kris’s lovers went ahead to greet him. He never felt better than at this moment. He was the pillar of his big family, now his coming back would definitely inspired them.

However, their cries attracted the attention of their grandsons and granddaughters. Xiu Chen, the son of Kris, who took his wife-Yun Wei with several female families to have a look.

“Sister Shan, go and call the big bother here.” Said Yun. What the fuck? She was amazed to see that her mothers-in-law kept an intimate attitude with a stranger man. Her grandson exclaimed, “Mommy, why did our grandmothers hug the man and cry? Who is him?” Lin Li overheard the boy’s utterance and waved to him and said, ”Yun, take your son here.”

With the presence of their daughter-in-law, these grandmothers wiped off their tears. “Sisters, wipe off your tears, I think we should introduce the younger generation for Kris first, which will be definitely a good piece of news for him.”

Yun’s little daughter-Ziwei pointed at Kris and cried, ”Grandmother, why did you cry? Did he hurt you?”

“No, you have asked me where is your grandfather, now he is coming back, he is your grandfather. ”

The little girl was stunned. “That’s not true, he looks like my brother rather than my grandfather.”

Besides her, her mother and their female families were all skeptical about Kris’s identity. Judging from his look, Kris was as young as Yun’s husband. And the features of his face resembled much of her husband, which might be testified that Kris was her father-in-law.

At the moment, Xiu came with a crowd of the Chen families. He shook-off the anger in his face when he behold Kris. His face was full of thrill and his body was trembling for the uncontrollable happiness.

“Father!” exclaimed him.

“Fifteen years are gone, now you are a father, too. I am sorry for my absence during these fifteen years, I am not a good father and grandfather, I should have stayed with when you needed me.” Said Kris.

Xiu’s tears gushed out and he was so thrilled that he couldn’t even speak up his excited feelings. And Kris’s daughter- Qingyu Chen, had been a fourteen-year-old girl while Kris’s departure. She held it firm in her mind that her father was a great hero and a real master of Taoism. Since Kris’s disappearance from the sky of Ice and Fire Island, fifteen years were gone and she took it that Kris would never come back any more.

“Father!” she uttered.

“My daughter, you are a big girl now!” said Kris. He touched her head and looked into her eyes. Her stare was gentle and her look was full of grace. She must inherited the goodness of her mother-Xiaorou Xu. One by one, Kris’s offspring went ahead and kneeled down respectfully to their father. Kris helped them up with his magic energy and said, ”My sons, go and call your wife and children here, I want to have a look at them.”

Obviously, that was a big family where Kris had dozens of grandsons. Half of them had get married and some were still in their teenage.

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