The audience was in an uproar!!

Shocked, unbelievable voices are endless!!

“It’s incredible, who made the bid? Who?”

“There are still people out there bidding 400 million? This is a local tyrant!”

All people boiled in shock.

The beauty on the stage was astonished. After being horrified, she was pleasantly surprised, “Wow! 400 million US dollars, the price is from the 16th of the private room!! 400 million US dollars, is there more than 400 million US dollars?”

This word came out. Silence!!

Is it impossible? It should be impossible for anyone to bid, right?

After all, it is a ginseng worth tens of millions of dollars!!

In a private room.

Yes, Chuck Cannon was the bidder.

This ginseng can heal his head, so how could Chuck Cannon give up? ?

“Husband, did the person who made the offer just now did it deliberately?” Yvette was unhappy.

She felt that this person was deliberate.

“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

The black rose in the corner said, “The United States still has no shortage of rich people.”

“I know,” Chuck Cannon agreed.

This is for sure. People who are really rich, let alone hundreds of millions, will not be taken seriously.

Just when the audience was silent.

“800 million!!”

The voice was indifferent, but it suddenly rang!

The audience was stunned, what?

Is there really someone bidding?

And also mentioned 800 million?

Is this golden ginseng? Even gold is not so valuable!!

This is really a fight between gods!

The bid was of course by Brayden Stewart.

He thinks it is a little interesting, but he is just teasing, after all, he is a member of a secret family, he has more money than others.

In this world, there are only the other two hidden families that can be compared with his own.

Other families, local tyrants, are all rubbish.

Logan was surprised. She was not surprised by the money but felt that she didn’t know how to say it.

“You want to take this?” Logan asked.



“I will pursue whatever I like, so…for example, if I like you, I will pursue you.” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly.

Logan shook her head without answering.

“800 million, this is also the number one from a private room!! Unbelievable, unbelievable! Is there a price higher than 800 million?” The beauty herself couldn’t say it.

How could there be any more?

This is really a sky-high price!

It is absolutely impossible for anyone to bid again, including the private room number 16 just now!

The people at the scene looked at each other!

Quiet to the extreme!

However, just when everyone thought that no one was bidding, a voice rang out like thunder, “Billion!!!”

Yes, Chuck Cannon bid again.

This thing is bound to win!!


Silence as death!!

Three seconds later, the audience came back to their senses in shock!! It’s boiling!!

“My God, there is actually someone bidding? I didn’t dream, did I?”

“I feel dreaming too, whose family are these two people? That’s amazing!”

“Yeah, there is a big gap between us and such people. One billion to buy ginseng, no one would believe it!”

These people muttered to themselves in shock.

“What, one billion?! Private room on the 16th, the bid is actually one billion!” The beauty screamed, completely crazy and gaffe.

The price is incredible!

In the private room, Brayden Stewart frowned and sneered. Actually, he is richer than him?

“Are there any more offers? Is there any more?” The beauty was screaming!

“Two billion!” Brayden Stewart said lightly.

The sound was not loud, but it came out like this, it was thunder, it exploded in the crowd!

Boiling, boiling again!

It actually doubled directly, which is amazing!

Chuck Cannon’s heart sank, two billion dollars?

“Husband, auntie said that it must be photographed,” Yvette was anxious, and even more money must be photographed.

This is what Karen Lee said.

“En,” Chuck Cannon immediately bid 2.5 billion U.S. dollars!!

This is a dreamlike voice.

The people at the scene have been lost. Is this dreaming or real?

“Hehe, it’s interesting.” Brayden Stewart sneered, more money than money family, hehe, no one has played with himself like this for a long time!!

He stood up with a little interest. Logan saw in confusion. The private rooms are all single-sided glass. You can see the outside. Logan looked at this private room on the 16th…

How doesn’t she feel that she want to go over and take a look?

Logan was confused, she stood up subconsciously and wanted to go to this private room to take a look.

“What? Someone bid three billion dollars?” Karen Lee was surprised.

This is just a ginseng, how can there be such an inconsistent price?

“Yes, this is the case at the scene.” Betty Bernard was speaking.

She was also surprised.

“Well, who is the bidder?” Karen Lee was curious. Of course, there are many rich people in the U.S., but there are only a handful of people who can spend so much money on ginseng!!

Who is the one?

“I don’t know. Just like the young master, the information in the private room is blocked.” Betty Bernard wanted to check but couldn’t find it.

Of course, they couldn’t find Chuck Cannon.

So they are “relatively safe”!

“Well, I see,” Karen Lee took out his cell phone and called Chuck Cannon and connected.

“Chuck, no matter how much money, this thing must be photographed…”

“Oh, it’s interesting. You said Logan was rescued by someone from Stewart family?” On the sofa, the woman was lazy, and there was a slight accident.

“Yes, it’s the people from the Stewart. Our people at the Stewart told me that they saved a dying woman. I think Logan is the one who has been saved.” the man said cautiously.

This news was just obtained by him, so he was also looking for the place where Logan fell, but he couldn’t find any clues. When he was upset, the spy who was on the side of the Stewart family sent a message.

“Stewart, Brayden Stewart, wanted to chase me before. Humph, I guess he was also interested in Logan, which is even more interesting.” The woman smiled.

“You don’t want to kill Logan?” the man asked. Since he already knows where Logan is, it is not too difficult to find a way to kill.

“Isn’t it more interesting now? You didn’t mean that Logan lost her memory? With the character of that guy Brayden Stewart, he would definitely take advantage of the emptiness, and let the guy Brayden Stewart play Logan and lie to her. Isn’t it better for Chuck Cannon? See when his spare baby Logan was insulted and became another’s woman, Chuck Cannon would only cut off his thoughts on Logan.” The woman laughed.

For a few days, I didn’t expect to have news that made her a little bit happy today.

“Yes, Miss Heidi Hudson!!” The man flattered.

In this way, Chuck Cannon knew that the spare tire that originally belonged to him had been taken away. He would definitely be disappointed.

“But what else did the people over there say? What about Logan other than amnesia?”

“Brayden Stewart has already started to lie to her. It looks like he’s almost successful. Also, Brayden Stewart’s father is going to let Brayden Stewart and Logan get married.” The man elaborated.

“Oh? Get married? When?” The woman found it more interesting.

“It’s probably not too far away, maybe it’s the nearest!” the man was thinking.

“Recently? Brayden Stewart is uncertain. His father definitely wants him to get married so that he is settled. It should be soon…”

“However, this wedding should not be out there,” the man said. This is a secret family wedding. No one else is eligible to participate, except for the other two families.

So how would you let Chuck Cannon know?

“Of course it won’t be out. I will get married after with Chuck Cannon and it will not go out. What qualifications do other people have to appear at the hidden family’s wedding? But my Hudson family will definitely attend. Then, I will bring Chuck Cannon to go in. When Chuck Cannon will see that his spare tire was played by others and getting married. Chuck Cannon will definitely lose control. Then he will make a big fuss at Brayden’s wedding. With Chuck Cannon’s mother’s strength, the consequence will be to be played. The family will suppress him, and I will rescue him when it was critical. When the time comes, he will be interested in me…” the woman said lazily, with a smile on her face.

Yes, Chuck Cannon would make a big scene at the wedding, and the consequence is that only she can save him. So, isn’t it simple?

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