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The auction scene!!

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly and looked very indifferent because the price was interesting. The price of this millennium ginseng has already been mentioned 4 billion US dollars. The private room on the 16th is still following! !


Logan looked at a loss, who is this bidding? !

“4.5 billion!”

Seeing Chuck Cannon bid, Brayden Stewart continued to bid indifferently, which caused the people at the auction to be shocked and amazed!!

“Crazy, crazy today, is a thousand-year old ginseng as good as it?”

“Yes, today this is a real fairy fight!”

People at the scene thought it was incredible!

Unreasonable, what is the price of Millennium Ginseng? At this time, it will be sold for 4.5 billion US dollars, my God!

The scene was boiling.

Here Chuck Cannon has no expression on his face, more than four billion, he hasn’t paid attention to it, after all, when he was in the casino last time, he won 50 billion dollars from the boss behind the scenes!

“Husband,” Yvette is too anxious. This opponent is too fierce, who is this person?

“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Chuck Cannon,” Black Rose sitting in the corner felt still speaking.

Chuck Cannon looked at her.

“Is this person aiming at you?” Black Rose saw it. As long as Chuck Cannon bids, this person will definitely add a lot of calls. What is this?

It’s completely targeted!

Even Black Rose has an illusion. Is this person who has been bidding with Chuck Cannon playing Chuck Cannon?

Using Chuck Cannon as a toy?

“It doesn’t matter,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Target it.

Black Rose is astonished, it doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter if it is targeted?

He talks too much, Black Rose was a bit speechless!

She sat in the corner again and simply closed her eyes. No matter what would he do for himself? She would just protect him, and won’t care about anything else!

“Thank you for reminding,” Chuck Cannon said in his voice.

Black Rose was astonished again, opened her eyes, and found that Chuck Cannon was smiling to herself, this smile is so ugly…

Black Rose closed her eyes again without seeing it, and muttered in her heart, do I want you to thank you?

“Five billion!” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

The people at the scene were crazy, and the two people asking prices were really terrifying.

This is money, not numbers!

The horror is extreme!!

“Oh, it’s interesting,” Brayden Stewart smiled, and he raised his hand, ready to bid again!

This is a piece of his fun, how can he give up lightly? Must play to the end!

After all, in the eyes of the hidden family, money is not considered money, it can only be regarded as a number that can be called casually.

“Are you going to continue to scream?” Logan was perplexed, and she felt that she could not scream.

“Logan, what do you think?” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly.

Of course, he has to please Logan.

“Stop calling, people should be in a hurry.” Logan shook her head.

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This can be regarded as compet!tive. There is no need to call it. What was originally worth tens of millions of dollars is now worth five billion.

This is really a sky-high price, how many times has it been doubled?

It can’t be like this.

“Well, if you say not to bid, then I will stop bidding,” Brayden Stewart laughed.

Of course, he sneered in his heart:

I’m not playing anymore, you are lucky, but it’s okay, it gave me a little bit of fun just now, not bad.

Logan continued to look.

There is no sound from Brayden Stewart, and the scene is already silent.

The people in this private room have stopped calling?

That’s right, this is a real sky-high price, it’s impossible to bid!

Silent for a minute!!

Chuck Cannon was expressionless and stopped screaming?

How much money has to follow!

Yvette was relieved.

The scene was extremely quiet. At this time, the beauty as an auctioneer finally recovered.


“Private room on the 16th bid for 5 billion US dollars, the first time, 5 billion US dollars for the second time, 5 billion US dollars for the third time, congratulations to the guests of the private room on the 16th!!!”

The beauty was screaming. She has been an auctioneer for so long. This auction is really a roller coaster ride.

The price keeps rising, it is amazing to the extreme!


Yvette was relieved. She had doubted just now that the price would be tens of billions. How amazing was that?

Chuck Cannon felt weird, but it’s okay.

After the beauty screamed, the whole audience was boisterous again. They were all wondering who this local tyrant was when he bought thousand-year-old ginseng worth only tens of millions of dollars!

There was a lot of discussion, but no one came out. After all, the private rooms are all closed, and the customer information inside is closed. .

How could these people know?

“Wife, you go to the car and wait for me, I will pay and join you.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, husband, be careful,” Yvette cared.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went out. Of course, the black rose sitting in the corner followed Chuck Cannon.

Yvette was relieved to go out when the two of them left.

She walked to the parking lot and drove the car out, then Chuck Cannon Black Rose came over, so she could leave directly.

But she was a little angry, angry for Chuck Cannon. After all, she was not the person in the private room. How could the price of this thousand-year ginseng be so amazing?

“So dark to my husband, hum, I want to see who you are?”

Yvette went out angrily to see who this person was. She was wary of being a k!ller and silently went to a private passage.

She suddenly saw a familiar back in the car, the dress, the back is very beautiful, so familiar, who is this?

Yvette was astonished and subconsciously chased after her. Suddenly she turned around because a little coldness appeared on her back.

This is a knife!!

“Hush, don’t move!” This was the voice of a stranger with indifference.

Yvette didn’t move, but she was not afraid. She stared at the beautiful back of the car in the distance. Yes, she saw Logan.

But absent-minded Logan did not see her.

“Who are you?” Yvette was indifferent. At this time, she had a knife behind her back, but she was still calm without any fear.

“It’s still a big beauty,” It was Brayden Stewart’s voice. He came out afterwards and saw that his bodyguard had caught a woman.

He didn’t bother to come over at first, but seeing Yvette’s back was particularly annoying, he reluctantly came over to take a look.

Seeing Yvette, he was astonished again, just like seeing Logan.

After all, Yvette and Logan are beauties of the same level.

Yvette’s eyes were cold, she wanted to turn around to see who this person was, but the knife on her back was stinging!!

“Who is the woman who got in the car just now?” Yvette asked.

This figure is familiar, with uneven and very beautiful.

Brayden Stewart frowned. Do you know Logan?

How else would you ask?

“Beauty, what’s your name?” Brayden Stewart asked, and Yvette also made him interested. After all, he was as beautiful as Logan and the same perfect body.

“I can tell you, Yvette, my name is Yvette, who is the woman who got in the car just now?” Yvette was indifferent.


Brayden Stewart was stunned, he snapped his fingers, and someone next to him immediately came over, and he quickly found out the ident!ty of Yvette.

“This Yvette is Karen Lee’s son, Chuck Cannon’s girlfriend…”

“Oh? What a coincidence?” Brayden Stewart was surprised.

Of course, he knew that Logan knew Karen Lee, but he didn’t expect to meet her here.

“Master checked it back. Logan and this Yvette’s boyfriend, Chuck Cannon are very close.”

Brayden Stewart frowned, and there was murder in his eyes. So, Logan, the woman she was fond of, might have been moved by Chuck Cannon long ago?

With Brayden Stewart’s murderous intent, he actually picked up Chuck Cannon’s broken shoes? There is anger in Brayden Stewart’s heart, as well as an astonishing murderous opportunity!

“Master, how do you deal with this woman? Should I k!ll her?” The bodyguard asked cautiously, after all, he felt Brayden Stewart’s murderous intent!

“Kill? It’s a pity, just stun her,” Brayden Stewart said lazily, he had the idea of catching Yvette back.

After all, there is fun in the process of conquering Logan, but you can also play other things!

“Tell me who that woman is…” Yvette was shocked. When she suddenly turned her head, she felt that her neck was about to be broken. The man with the knife hit Yvette in the neck!

Plop, Yvette fell to the ground and did not move.

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