Chapter 623 – 624: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 623: The Li Family

“Father, this is Yun Wei, your eldest daughter-in-law. This is your eldest grandson, Liyan Chen, and this is your eldest granddaughter, Ziwei Chen.”

Yun respectfully knelt on the ground to serve tea to Kris Chen, saying, “Father!”

Kris took a sip and said, “Stop kneeling and stand up.”

Liyan didn’t catch on who Kris is and said, “Big brother, are you really my grandfather?”

As soon as he said that, everyone was amused by him.

“Brother, you are stupid. Big brother is grandpa and grandpa is big brother.” Ziwei said.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

There was another roar of laughter.

Tianyao Chen and his wife, who sat at the top of the table, laughed so hard that they couldn’t close their mouths

As Kris was back, the couple could breathe a sigh of relief.

Over the past 15 years, their health has been worsening day by day. They are over eighty this year. With the help of Beauty Preserving Pill and magical pills, they look as if they were in their fifties.

They really worried that they wouldn’t make it to Kris’s return.

They didn’t want Kris to build a great cause. They just wanted that Kris is safe and sound. All the parents want most is that the four generations can live happily under one roof.

Kris gave red envelops to his daughter-in-law and grandchildren one by one. He also gave pendants to his grandchildren and even material grandchildren.

Each gem, in fact, is a star core, which can not only improve their talent, but also protect them.

In short, there are many benefits.

The population of Chen family is huge and there are almost 100 people in the blink of an eye.

In the hall, Kris recounted his experiences of the past years. He didn’t say how he practiced. He said that he had built up great powers in another universe, and that he, too, is immortal, and that he had come back mainly to bring them there.

The world that Kris described to them is beyond their imagination.

Everyone looked eager to go there.

Every Practitioner wants to be a celestial being or god.

As they knew Kris is immortal, of course they were excited.

But Kris has just come back, and the cultivation of his family members is too weak, so they were not qualified to go to the Cave World.

The main reason is that they have short lifespan. It takes Kris thousands of years to travel through the time tunnel. It takes several times longer than their lifespan even if they contact the time accelerator of the Cave World.

So Kris created a separate space on Ice and Fire Island for them to practice in.

At the very least, they need to reach the level of actualized spirit.

As for what has happened to the Union of Martial Arts Schools and Danzong School, Kris didn’t care. But it’s inappropriate to let the bastards damage his work.

Kris didn’t want to do something to that. He would ask Xiu Chen to deal with it.

After telling them a few things, Kris asked then to practicing Taoist magic art alone. 12 hours in the outside equals to three years in the separate space.

The vast amount of spirit Qi and resources is enough for them to break through to the level of accumulated spirit. All the members of Chen family have good aptitude. Combined with the achievement methods taught by Kris, it’s not difficult for them to practice.

On that night, Kris used Shared Quilt to create the separate space. A day in the outside equals to one month in the separate space.

For a whole month, Kris didn’t go out of the separate space. Kris used this period of time to help his women in physical conditioning. It’s no exaggeration to say that if they swallow a drop of Kris’s blood, they can be instantly sanctified, but Kris has something better than his blood.

A month later, these women finished practicing Taoist magic art alone. Their bodies were all filled with the breath of terror. Kris didn’t let them improve their cultivation too quickly for the fear it might damage their foundation.

It’s a good thing that they reached the level of actualized spirit.

“Keep your breath in check. The earth is as fragile to you as an egg, which you can crack with a single blow of your fist. So, you must be careful. If you really want to have a try, go to the outer space. But remember, do not destroy the fixed planets around the earth, because it may bring catastrophe to the earth.” Kris said.

“I know, honey.” The ten women said at the same time.

Their delicate voice was so titillating.

With the help of Kris, these women restored to their youngest and most beautiful state.

It’s hard for you to imagine that these women already have grandchildren.

Looking at his masterpieces, Kris was pleased.

What is happiness? That’s the real happiness.

Kris then went to find his parents to help them practice. His parents’ Mr. Bone was so bad that Kris had to find a way to repair it. In the separate space, Kris spent several years on helping improve his parents’ cultivation to Fulfilled period of actualized spirit. After that, Kris took a sigh of relief. Kris also helped his parents-in-law to improve their cultivation to the level of actualized spirit.

As for the kids, Kris didn’t help them in a way like making the rice shoots grow by pulling them up, but tried to improve their foundation as much as possible.

This time Kris planned to spend more time on earth, the place where he has been born and raised.

But the news of Kris’s return was unknown to all but the family members of Chen family and some old people of the church on Ice and Fire Island.

At that moment, Xiu and other also finished their practicing Taoist magic art alone for three years, so there were 17 people in the level of accumulated spirit in Chen family. That’s a good thing.

At least there’s no match on earth for Chen family.

“Remember to keep your breath in check. Don’t make the world fall into ruins.” Kris said.

Detachment Stage is the highest stage, while accumulated spirit is above the limits of the world.

Kris speculated that there might be some spiritual gods or some spiritual gods had visited the earth, but as the universe is falling apart and the spiritual opportunities is reducing, the power of the world is slowly declining.

In a few hundred years, it’s possible that the highest power may be greatly diminished.

“I know, father.” Xiu said.

Xiu and others felt the power of expansion. It seemed that they could pierce the sky with a single blow.

“I want to see how powerful I am.” Zhao Chen, nicknamed seventeen, said.

Then he struck a blow at the sea.

He almost caused a tsunami, and there’s a deep fist mark on the ocean floor. Luckily, he struck a blow at the sea. If he struck a blow on land, his blow would be as powerful as a nuclear explosion.

“Seventeen!” Xiu stared at Zhao and said.

Zhao shrunk his head instantly and said, “That’s a mistake.”

Kris patted his head and finally decided to put a seal on them. They can only use the power of primal spirit unless they are in danger.


Kris reached out his finger and a giant Battle Formation sealed off the whole earth. This way, even if they show the power of primal spirit, they don’t have to be driven by the world’s will.

Kris also wondered what the so-called world will actually be.

He is in the Genesis Realm and he can see everything in the universe, except for the core of the universe and Great Supreme Lord, or someone in the Chaos Realm.

So Kris attached Divine Spiritual Power to them in case of accidents.

It’s interesting that the so-called world will is probably man-made, or it’s about the Tao of Heaven that is going to disappear.

“You can leave now. Remember not to bully the weak and kill innocent people.” Kris said.

It’s not a big deal that you are powerful, but you will be the captive of power if you lost yourself because you rely too much on your power.

His family members nodded and then disappeared from Ice and Fire Island.

After all that, Kris went to Li family in Westriver City.

At that moment, Li family was like an ant in a hot pan. As Chen family and Li family’s friendship spans several generations, Tianba Li and Kris’s brotherly friendship has also been widely spread in the Martial Circle.

So when Lin Wang and his fellows attacked Danzong School, Li family launched a fierce attack.

The casualties were heavy and Tianba even lost one arm.

“Dad, the men have been quiet for days. I’m afraid they might have some kind of conspiracy. Should I go out to investigate?” Ao Li said.

Looked at his father, Ao hated bitterly the Anti-Martial Circle Alliance organized by Lin, not only because they had cut off one of his father’s arms, but also because Kris is his adopted father.

Ao took Kris and his father as his role models before Kris went to the Upper World.

As Kris went to the Upper World, Lin and others took advantage of his absence to make trouble. They even wanted to overturn the Union of Martial Arts Schools. Wasn’t that a rebellion?

Were it not for his adopted father, the Martial Circle wouldn’t have been so prosperous.

“No!” Tianba shook his head and said, “You are our only child. If something bad happens to you, how will I and your mother live?”

“Your father is right. The situation outside now is indistinct and nobody knows when they will fight us again.” Xuan Song said.

Both Tianba and Xuan are in the early stage of Heaven-human-oneness stage, otherwise they couldn’t defend and fight back.

Ao was in the Fulfilled period of Back-to-self stage, near to Heaven-human-oneness stage.

It’s not because he was short of magical pills, but he is less talented.

“Here comes the news!”

An anxious voice came from outside and a disciple of Li family came in. “The people of Anti-Martial Circle Alliance are there.” The disciple said.


Tianba banged on the table and stood up, saying, “How many people are there?”

“More than 2000.”

“Who is on the lead?”

“Zhiyi Zhao, Shengguang Jin and Daoyi Luo, the original presbyters of the Union of Martial Arts Schools.”

“One of them is on Later period of Heaven-human-oneness stage, and the other two are on Middle period of Heaven-human-oneness stage. They really look up to my family!”

“They want to destroy y family by the fight.” Tianba said through gritted teeth.

“Wife, you leave with Ao, the old man and the child through the underground tunnel. I will fight with them alone. When you have escaped, go to Ice and Fire Island by ship. If that can’t do, you can go abroad.” Tianba said.

After more than 30 years of development, Li family is rich. It also has some businesses abroad. Even if they go abroad, they can live a wealthy life.

“No, I want to stay with you. If you die, I also don’t want to live.” Xuan shook her head and said.

“Wife, you know my character. I can die, but Ao, the old man and the child can’t. I can’t employ all my strength if you are here. We are on a sticky wicket and they break in in full fury. Can you imagine what will happen to us once they defeat us?” Tianba said.

“Dad, I won’t go.” Ao said.

“You must go.” Tianba said. “I’ve lived for decades, and I’ve experienced enough. When I was young, I was well-known in the city, and when I reached middle age, I was well-known in the Martial Circle. I have a brother who can sacrifice his life for me, a wife who loves me wholeheartedly and you, my good son. I have nothing to regret even if I die. You are a man. You have to think about your wife and kid. Grandpa’s health is getting worse every day. I hope he can spend the last years of his life in peace. You can take a good care of them, right?”

Tianba put his arm on Ao’s shoulder. Seeing Tianba’s eyes, Ao was overwhelmed with sorrow. He hated that he is too weak that he could only watch his father die.

But he couldn’t say no at this crucial moment.

“I can take a good care of them.” Ao said.

“That’s good, my boy.” Tianba said.

Then Tianba burst into laughter.

Just then, there was a sound of fighting outside. Tianba pulled out his broadsword and said, “Go!”

“Do you want to escape?”

“Can you escape?”

Chapter 624: Regeneration Of Broken Limbs

His voice came before him.

A blood red airflow of the knife cut off the bodies of the two Li family disciples and chopped them at the gate.


The force directly split the gate in two, following three men flying in from the outside.

They surrounded the three people from three directions.

Tianba Li’s heart sank down. How could they come so fast! They were even not stopped for a few minutes.

But on a second thought, he realized that they couldn’t be stopped.

Heaven human oneness stage could stay in the air for a short time. Although they could not fly, it was still not a problem for them to jump 20 or 30 meters.

No wonder they came so fast!

Tianba winked to Ao Li who came to him and said, “I’ll hold them for a while. You and your mother just run at full speed.”

Xuan Song was heartbroken, “no, I can’t let you here alone!”

“Since we are husband and wife in one world, I can’t watch you die here.”

Xuan Song said in a low voice: “Ao Li, you go quickly, take the lord. You should escape as far as possible.”

After saying so, she suddenly waved her hands, “Great Mercy Palm!”


Zhiyi Zhao looked serious, he didn’t expect that Xuan Song would attack him unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, he had the highest cultivation of the three.

The higher the cultivation, the higher the strength.

The difference between the primary and later period of the heaven-human-oneness stage was huge as the dirt and the could.

As swatting a fly, he counteracted Xuan Song’s attack, which made her felt broken.

“Do you want to break through me?”

Zhiyi sneered, “it’s a pity that you are too stupid!”

“Don’t you like unexpected attack? Give you a back!”

“Open Cloud palm!”

A strong spirit came from him.


Tianba was shocked when Zhiyi launched the counterattack, so he hit it with all his forth, “Tianba Magic Fist!”

This kung fu was created by Kris Chen, especially designed for him, which could double his power.

However, it was still weak to face Zhiyi, the later period of the heaven-human-oneness stage.


With only one palm, Tianba’s only left Mr. bone was broken from the tip of his finger to the shaft of his arm root.

But Tianba silently bore it. His left hand fell down powerlessly with blood dripping down. He could even see his uncovered Mr. bone.


Xuan Song quickly supported Tianba and felt remorse in her heart to the extreme.

“Tut… You are really a couple!”

Shengguang Jin kept watching Xuan Song obscenely. Although Xuan Song was more than 60 years old this year, her appearance was well maintained and she still looked like 36 years old also.

She still retained her graceful bearing! In addition, she lived a rich life, so she had a noble spirit in her

“Xuan Song, I’ll give you a choice. To kill Tianba by your own hands. Maybe I can spare you!”

“Maybe I will consider to spare your son’s life as well!”

“No way!”

Song Xuan almost roared, “I cured you to die! When our leader comes back, he will surely kill all of you.

“Ha-ha… Are you talking about the leader of Wang Lin, or the Kris, who hadn’t appeared for 15 years?”

Daoyi Luo laughed, “he made an appointment of ten years, but now 15 years have passed. If he really wanted to come back, he would have come back!”

“You want to scare us? Naïve!”

“But he can be considered as powerful. He is just a son-in-law, but he became the creator of martial arts. What a legend.”

Zhiyi scoffed, “See, what happened to this world he cared about? Do you think people in the world will be grateful to him? But then again, if it were not for his “selfless” preaching, we would not have broken through the heaven-human-oneness stage. “

“Do you think he dug his own grave?”

Ao Li clenched his fist tightly, “you three old doggies, you don’t have the qualifications to judge the greatness of my adoptive father!”

“My adoptive father preaches and teaches you to solve your doubts. You have a lucky chance to understand the Great Tao passed down by my adoptive father, but in turn, you ridicule his achievements. Are you worthy of being a human?”

“No matter how great he is, this is the Martial Circle, and this is the reality!”

Shengguang looked extremely terrible, and Ao Li’s words directly exposed their pretending.

Indeed, without the selfless dedication of Kris, they would never reach the heaven-human-oneness stage.

However, what Kris didn’t expect at the beginning was that he would come back late and that people’s greed would never end.

When he showed, no one dared to be so conspicuous. However, as soon as he left, the ambitious people came out like mushrooms after rain.

“Shengguang, if you kill Tianba and his son and capture Xuan Song, does it seem like you are free to do whatever you want?”

Daoyi’s eyes was full of evil thoughts, “then remember to let me participate the game.”

“Beiming Magic Fist!”

“Heaven Shaking Skill!”

“Fire Magic Sword!”

The three people were interlinked by their hearts and minds, so three attacks instantly aimed Tianba and Ao Li.

Tianba’s strength had been reduced by half with his hands abandoned. Ao Li hadn’t reached the heaven-human-oneness stage. How could Xuan Song block it alone?

But at this time, only she could possibly block the three attacks.

“Xuan Song!”


The father and son desperately looked at Xuan Song who was flying up.

It seemed that the attacks were about to fall on Xuan Song, but at this moment, they just disappeared like a phantom.

Three people frowned, and they didn’t know what happened at all.

Xuan Song was also confused. What was going on? These attacks inexplicably disappeared in front of her?

Ao Li quickly pulled his mother over. “What’s going on?”

“I want to know, as well!”

“Could it be that our three attacks collided and melted each other?” Daoyi analyzed.

“Yes, Daoyi’s analysis is reasonable, and I think so!” Shengguang nodded.

Zhiyi said: “in this case, then we do not attack at the same time. Our attacks should have some time gap, so that there will be no collision and ablation.”

“Listen to you!”

Daoyi raised his aura and launched the “Beiming Magic Fist again.


His first waved out, with a cold vigorous wind.

Ao Li’s whole body was full of genuine vital energy, trying to block the attack. However, the force disappeared in front of him again.

“Daoyi, what’s wrong with you?” Shengguang frowned.

“Shit. You got it wrong!”

Daoyi was also slightly angry, he used 90% of the strength. Before his force could hit the person, it just disappeared. Nothing could be more disgraceful than this.

“Let me do it! What the hell!” Zhiyi said, holding the long knife in his hand. The hot flame covered the blade, and he waved dozens of times to block the retreat of the three people.


But the force of the knife melted again in front of three people two meters away.

This time, Zhiyi was also flustered.

He realized that things became abnormal.

He looked around warily, but found nothing wrong.

“Zhiyi, do you think something is wrong?”

Shengguang swallowed saliva, “too quiet, just now there are people’s shouts. How could it be all of a sudden there is no sound?”

Daoyi felt could air through his spine, “is there an expert to come? Could it be their helpers from Ice and Fire Island? “

“No way. It is hard for Ice and Fire Island to survive itself. The leader of Wang Lin captured Danzong School. At this time, he must be attacking Ice and Fire Island. How can helpers come from there?”

Zhiyi said, “do you have any treasures given by Kris before he ascended, so you can easily counteract the attack?”

Ao Li turned around his eyeballs, “yes, my adoptive father knows that you people are ambitious, so he left a spirit weapon in Li’s family before! As long as the spirit weapon is there, it is impossible for you to break our defense! “


Shengguang waves a sword force, and then it disappeared again.

Spirit weapon. They really had a spirit weapon of defense!

Their eyes were full of excitements. If they could take that spirit weapon, they could definitely dominate the martial arts circle!

Zhiyi said, “if I’m right, although this spirit weapon can protect you from long-range attacks, it can’t resist close attack. Otherwise, Tianba won’t be hurt by us.”

“So, are you ready to die?”

As some lights flashed in Zhiyi’s eyes, he rushed to them!

Then, his whole person was fixed in the air, and even his expression was frozen as well.

Shengguang and Daoyi trembled when they saw this scene. “It’s impossible. It’s impossible. Run away!”

As they finished these worlds, they found themselves unable to move at all.

Their minds were still there, since they could see and hear things, but they could not even blink.

Tianba was very puzzled and looked at his son, “did your adoptive father really leave a spirit weapon? Why don’t I know that? “

Ao Li was also puzzled. He just said so casually, hoping to scare off those three people, but he didn’t know what happened at all!

“Dad, I don’t know what’s going on!” Ao Li gave a bitter smile.

Xuan Song didn’t believe it. She thought that it must be Kris who gave Ao Li some treasure before he ascended, “Oh, my darling, we were scared to death before. Why don’t you take it out earlier?”

“Mom, it’s not me!” Ao Li was almost crying.

“Then who?”

“It’s me!”

At this time, a sudden voice came in from outside door.

“Who’s that?”

Tianba stared at the door with an alert face.

When he saw the visitor, he was stunned, followed by ecstasy.



“Adoptive father?”

Who else could that be, if that was not Kris?

Kris came in with a smile, “Tianba, sister-in-law, Ao Li!”

Tianba rushed up to welcome Kris, who looked like an 18-year-old teenager. He wanted to reach out his hand and pat him on the shoulder. However, he found that his hand had been broken. “Kris, it has been 15 years, and you have finally come back.”

“Adoptive father!”

Ao Li, who were 30 years old, looked at Kris Chen, who looked younger than himself, full of excitement.

“You are higher than me!” Kris patted Ao Li on the shoulder.

“When did you come back, adoptive father? What happened as you ascended to the heaven? Is it really the heaven? Did you see the Jade Emperor? “

Ao Li had countless problems in his heart!

“Ha-ha… I just came back these two days, too.”

“We’ll talk about it later. I’ll help your father fix his hands first,” said Kris.

Tianba said: “my right hand has been broken. Can you really cure it?”

“It can be cured!”

Kris laughed, because it was nothing for him to reborn a broken limb now..

A creation spirit poured into Tianba’s body.

The injury in his body not only recovered instantly, but also his broken left arm was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The most astonishing thing was the recovering of his right hand.

This arm was born out of nothing!

This made Xuan Song and Ao Li got astonished. What immortal means was this?

But Zhiyi and others, who were trapped by Kris, were almost scared to death.

Kris came back from the heaven, stronger than before.

Did he become a great God in the sky?

They all thought that Kris was dead. Who knew he did not?

According to the deeds left by Kris before, they were surely to die!

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