When the boss behind the scenes just answered Black Rose’s call, she laughed when she heard Chuck Cannon was outside.

This little bastard is coming to see me now?

She is so smart, of course, she thinks too much about what Chuck Cannon came over to find herself for!

But when she saw Chuck Cannon and heard Chuck Cannon call herself aunt, the boss behind the scenes was a little unhappy, “Who told you to call me aunt? Elder.”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, but he still called.

“Hey, come here, your elder invites you to drink,” the boss behind the scenes waved to Chuck Cannon.

Of course, Chuck Cannon came, he has to say that the boss behind the scenes is really beautiful.

“This wine is precious, and your mother doesn’t have any, but when you get to me, this bottle is yours,” the boss behind the scenes smiled, with a lot of style.

Chuck Cannon took a sip politely, “Elder, I am here…”

“What did you come here for?” The boss behind the scenes pretended not to know.

“I came to see you first,” Chuck Cannon knew this woman liked others to flatter her. Of course, Chuck Cannon would just like it.

“Also first? Then?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy.

“Then I just want you to do me a favor. My Aunt Logan is missing also she is rescued but I don’t know who rescued her… I want you to find it for me,” Chuck Cannon said, he couldn’t wait.

He was really happy when he heard Black Rose said that the killer organization might have news.

“Find someone?”

“Well, find someone, okay, elder?” Chuck Cannon blinked.

“Little guy, did you still use a beautiful boy on me?” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

Chuck Cannon feels that her personality is still very good. Last time, she not only lifted Yvette’s killing order but finally gave him a red envelope.

“Can you?” Chuck Cannon was nervous. The boss behind the scenes didn’t have a good relationship with his mother, so Chuck Cannon didn’t let his mother come over.

“It can be regarded as okay, but what good is it for me to help you? Forgot, you promised me not to do a few things!” The boss behind the scenes smiled and looked at Chuck Cannon.

“As long as you agree, I will do everything,” Chuck Cannon said.

She has some inside information about this?

“Do everything? You little fellow, relative to my graphic media?” The boss behind the scenes reached out and grabbed Chuck Cannon’s hair.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “Elder, should I agree.”

“If you don’t agree, it’s no good for me. Why should I agree then?”

“I will ask my mother to give you money.”

“I don’t have as much money as your mother Karen Lee, but for me, it’s enough, your elder is not short of money!!” The boss behind the scenes shook her head, she was really not short of money.

After all, her business is so big!

“Then what do you want?” Chuck Cannon felt bad, did she want to tease him again?

“I want you.” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

The last dream made her feel very special and very interesting.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “I have a wife,”

“I know, then you can be my lover, I don’t mind.” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

Chuck Cannon was speechless. This woman could really say anything. Last time she said she liked him, but when he really touched her, she got angry again and made him get out.

Chuck Cannon was confused at the time.

“Um, are you serious?” Chuck Cannon touched his head, feeling a headache.

“Of course, I am.”

“But last time I sat a little closer to you, you still scolded me,” Chuck Cannon complained. Of course, Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to touch her at that time.

He just wanted her to agree to let Yvette go.

“Of course, I’m going to scold you, why should I be your elder?” the boss behind the scenes pouted.

She must have been annoyed at the time. She obviously took the initiative at the time but she was suddenly turned around by Chuck Cannon. She must be angry.

How could you show Chuck Cannon a good face?

Chuck Cannon was frustrated, “What the hell do you want?”

“I just said,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon was silent for a few seconds, “Really?”

“Yes, really, be my lover.”

Behind the scenes the boss smiled in her heart, this time is she not taking the initiative?

Chuck Cannon was thinking, “You let me think about it, you first help me find my Aunt Logan,”

“Are you playing with me? I found it for you, and then what would I do if you go back?” said the boss behind the scenes.

“No,” Chuck Cannon sighed.

Of course, he didn’t think the boss behind the scenes liked him, she probably just wanted to play.

“If you don’t believe it, then…” Chuck Cannon held his clothes button in his hand.

The boss behind the scenes hummed, “Little guy, you really take the initiative. I won’t make you cheaper. Okay, I promise this. I will tell you if I have news!”

“Thank you,” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief.

Chuck Cannon stood up, “That elder, I’m going back,”

“Wait, you’re my lover and you just said to leave? Who told you to leave? Really disobedient, come over, my shoulder is sore, press it for me.” The boss behind the scenes said.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, so he could only go over and press her shoulders.

The boss behind the scenes can’t help but laugh after drinking. Interesting, how interesting is it to call out?

“Little guy, be serious. I have this shoulder. No one else has touched it. Press it. your elder will give you a red envelope… Oh, no, it should be a tip. After all, you are my lover.” With a smile, this smile is really amorous.

Chuck Cannon is worried about Logan in his heart, where is there to look at it? ?

“By the way, elder, that Ouyang Fei…” Chuck Cannon thought of Ouyang Fei, the woman, she followed the boss behind the scenes.

It’s been so long, and Chuck Cannon is a little doubtful, is the boss behind the scenes filmed by the perverted Ouyang Fei?

“It is time to hit another woman before me.” The boss behind the scenes snorted.

“Um, I care about you, where did Ouyang Fei go?”

“Training, she has been trained and has recently gone to take the task.”

Seeing Ouyang Fei’s growth rate, the boss behind the scenes was still particularly surprised, she may surpass Black Rose!!

For the first order, the price of Ouyang Fei was already higher than that of the black rose that had just become a killer.

Ouyang Fei has good momentum and can definitely make a lot of money for herself.

“Then, is Ouyang Fei alone with you?” Chuck Cannon wanted to ask this.

“No, why should I be alone with her?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

Chuck Cannon also thinks it’s impossible. The boss behind the scenes is shrewd. How could Ouyang Fei take pictures of her?

This is impossible, Chuck Cannon thinks, think about it.

Of course, if Chuck Cannon knew that Ouyang Fei had succeeded, he would definitely be shocked!!

How shocking would it be, Ouyang Fei did it?

After pressing for a while, Chuck Cannon wanted to go back, “Is it all right?”

“No!” The boss behind the scenes shook his head.

Chuck Cannon could only continue to press her shoulders. This was really the first time Chuck Cannon pressed other women apart from Yvette.

The black rose outside is sleepy. What is Chuck Cannon doing inside? Why is there no sound at all?

She was surprised, but she didn’t bother to think about it.

In the end, Chuck Cannon pressed it for half an hour, and the boss behind the scenes nodded in satisfaction, “It’s really good, come here, your elder will tip you, don’t let it go, take it,”

She gave Chuck Cannon a card, and Chuck Cannon speechlessly didn’t want it. After all, what is going on with it?

“Take it, don’t you behave obediently?” The boss behind the scenes was angry.

Chuck Cannon could only accept it, he did not ask how much.

But she is generous, certainly not less than one million.

However, Chuck Cannon is still at ease, as long as the boss behind the scenes does what he wants, it doesn’t matter.

After all, pressing on the shoulders of beautiful women is not a common opportunity.

“Thank you elder,” Chuck Cannon was about to leave.

“What are you doing in such a hurry? Haven’t eaten yet, you are my lover, you are mine, do you know? If you are not obedient, I won’t help you find Logan…” The boss behind the scenes smiled and stood up.

She drank too much, shaking, Chuck Cannon supported her, “You drank too much.”

However, looking at her up close, she is really beautiful.

“Drank too much, what are you going to do? Do you really like your elder?” The boss behind the scenes molested Chuck Cannon.

Think about it, Chuck Cannon still has an appetite for her, after all, when he pressed her shoulder just now, he was honest.

It’s kind of like a kid who makes mistakes.

She thought of that dream, and Chuck Cannon acted like a baby to her. She thought it was ridiculous.

“No, I just think you should be lonely, elder,” Chuck Cannon sighed, because of the character of the boss behind the scenes, there must be no friends.

“Who said I’m lonely? Do you know how many lovers I have? You are after a hundred,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

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