Chapter 625 – 626: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 625: The Last Sermon

“My arms are back!”

Tianba Li was very excited, he felt energetic and pleasant.

“Kris, thank you!” Then, the two brothers embraced each other, they hadn’t embraced for a long time.

Xuan Song was also crying with tears.

“Don’t be that polite!”

Kris patted his shoulder and said, “What about these people?”

Hearing this, Tianba grew sullen and said, “Just kill them.”

“Well, then do it yourself!”

Instead of helping him, Kris asked Tianba to deal this.

Without hesitation, Tianba took out his axe and killed them neatly.

“Thump!” The three fell down one by one.

After killing them, Tianao felt pleasant, all his worries had gone away. Then, Kris said, “Is Master Li still alive?”

“Yes, he is healthy.” Tianba asked Ao Li to bring Master Li and his families out of the basement.

Master Li was a centenarian, but he looked quite healthy, so there was no problem for he to live longer. After seeing Kris, he was very happy.


“Master Li, long time no see!”

Kris quickly walked over and shook his hands.

“You’ve left for a long time!”

Mater Li’s hands were trembled with excitement, he witnessed everything through the surveillance, it was Kris who saved his family at that critical time, “It is really a blessing for me to know you!”

“Don’t be polite, Tianba and I are brothers, and I consider you as my family members. I’m willing to do that.”

Kris replied politely, and as soon as they shook hand, he transmitted part of his energy to Master Li, then a magic scene appeared. Master Li suddenly felt that his inner energy had strengthened, then his hair turned black and all the wrinkles on his face had disappeared.

Seeing this, Tianba felt shocked.

Only immortals could exercise such magic.

“Master, you are getting younger!”

Ao was so excited for Master Li looked a middle-aged man in his forties.

Master Li also felt that he became stronger for his stooped back had already straightened up.

“Bring me the mirror!” He felt so excited with his whole body trembled. He hadn’t have such feeling for a long time!

No one can resist the temptation of immortality, even if a centenarian.

“Kris, I owe you a lot.”

Kris patted his hand and said, “Don’t be polite, I know that.”

If one achieves great improvement, then his whole family will be prosperous. He knew their efforts to get the Ice and Fire Island.

It was his blessing to have a brother like Tianba.

He sacrificed a lot to achieve that, in this way, people around him would be immortal. He never changed his goal.

Tianba knew what Kris had done, and he felt proud of him. Kris had never changed.

It was also his blessing to befriend Kris.

“Ao, don’t you introduce your family members to me?”

Only then did Ao realized that and he quickly introduced his wife and child to Kris, “Kris, this is my wife, Yue Yang!”

“Yue, this is Kris!”

“Well!” Hearing this, Kris was felt pleasant and then took out a bracelet from the Storing Ring, then he said, “This is the True God Weapon, nobody can hurt you if you bring this.” Although she didn’t know it, since given by Kris, it was definitely a treasure.

“Chener, Moer, came here to greet Kris!” The two children looked quite cute, they were a pigeon pairs. It is said that grandparents are the ones that will spoil children. Kris was of no exception. As soon as he saw them, he felt warm. Then he took out the pendant made by Star Cores and said, “Don’t take it off okay?”

“Copy that!” Then they kissed Kris on his face. After playing with them for a while, Yue took then away, and then Tianba said, “Will you leave here?”

“Yes!” Kris nodded and continued, “But I might stay here for a few years.”

“Is the Upper World the Heavenly Court?”

“No, it’s another universe!”

Kris directly told Tianao about the Main Universe, which made Tianao felt excited.

“Can you bring us together?” Hearing this, Ao asked with anticipation.

Kris smiled, “Of course, actually that’s my purpose, it is good if you want to come with me. But that means you have to give up all the things here, you have to consider carefully.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Tianao was not that stupid, he knew that since Krish had reached such a stage, the material property meant nothing to him. So he said, “We’d like to follow you.” Then Master Li echoed, “Right, the entire Li family are willing to follow you.”

“Besides, people that you are familiar with will perform better to help you.”

Kris nodded his head, “You are right. But it will be difficult for you to come with me for you are not strong enough.”

After thinking for a while, Kris transferred some Inheritances to them, each Inheritance was powerful enough to increase their Inner Energy and led to the Great Tao.

Kris set up a Time Barrier, after a while, they opened their eyes. Only then did they realize how weak they really were.

“Tianba, here is a great place for practicing, a day in Time Barrier is equivalent to a year outside. You have to elevate yourself here, besides, you can also ask other talented family members to come here to practice themselves. Then you can all come with me.”

Tianba nodded and thanked Kris in his heart.

Kris stayed the whole night in Li family. In the evening, many visitors came including Heqiu, Youming, Guobang, Liren, Lei Shi, Jie, Lei and many others.

In that day, the news that Xiu and his family members had annihilated the Union of Martial Arts Schools quickly spread among the Martial Circle and the emergence of Kris had shocked them all.

“Mr. Chen!”


When seeing them, Kris greeted them on by one. When it came to Lei, Kris sighed, “I haven’t seen you for many years, you are getting older.”

Lei was not talented, so was still in the Back-to-self Stage and didn’t get improvement for more than a decade, now thirty years had past, he was already a middle-aged man.

“Brother, I’m really happy to see you again!”

When Tianzong died a few years ago, Lei had taken the responsibility to take care of the whole Chen family.

Unfortunately, Sisi didn’t come back and she brought that child alone without any news. Kris remained single as well.

“Well, sit down please, we can chat while eating.”

Hearing this, people sat down, however, they were so prim that they only dare to sit half of the chair. Although, they were all tycoon now.

“You’ve done a great job these years!” Then Kris continued, “I may stay for a while and then bring my family to another world. Would you like to come with me?”

Hearing this, people felt confused. At this moment, Jie replied immediately, “I’ll go wherever you go!” He wouldn’t make such achievement without Kris’ help. Moreover, Kris would bring them a bright future, money was valueless at all.

Then, Heqiu also said, “Me too!”

“I’m willing too!”

The rest of the people all expressed their willingness.

“But Kris, can we bring our own family members?” Liren asked.

“Of course you can!” Then Kris continued, “As long as they want, I can bring them all. But you can only bring you immediate family members. I can let you become immortal.”

Hearing these words, people were stunned.

“Really? Can we be immortal?”

“Of course!”

Kris smiled.

“Brother, I don’t want to go with you!” Just at this moment, Lei said. Hearing this, Kris was a bit surprised, and so did other people. They thought Lei would have greater willingness to go there for he was Kris’ brother.


“I don’t want to immortal, I just want to take care of Chen family and take care of her!” Then he continued, “If I’m not happy, then there’s no need for me to live that long.”

Kris was silent and said nothing, he transferred an Inheritance to him and also some Creation Spirit, then he said, “Then try your best to live and gain what you want by yourself, come to find me when you achieve that.”

Kris didn’t like to force others, even if Lei was his brother.

“Thank you brother!”

Lei looked at Kris somewhat sad, he was so weak, if he was strong enough, then the things wouldn’t happen.

Kris waved his hand, everyone has their own path, he can only act as a guide, it is their own choice to decide which path to take.

After experiencing too much things, life and death meant nothing to Kris, he became more rational.

When the banquet finished, Kris left. After returning to the Ice and Fire Island, he would either enjoy the fun of family life, or accompany his wife.

Beside, he could also take his family members to travel the vast universe.

Although this universe was collapsing, but it would take millions of year.

Compared to the Star Cores of the Main Universe, most of the planets in this universe are lifeless, thus Kris felt relieved to take those Star Cores. Sometimes, he would meet black holes, when such things happened, he would directly destroy it to decelerate the aging speed of the universe.

There were millions of True Gods in 129,600 worlds, thus Kris’s cultivation was elevated by leaps and bounds.

Many Star Cores were acted as the source to elevate the world, which made Kris felt good.

A hundred year had past in the Time Barrier, however, it was only half a year on earth.

Xiu and others had also achieved the Actualized Spirit, and so did Li family members.

On this day, Kris called everyone from the Union of Martial Arts Schools, he would fulfill his words, that was to preach.

Millions of people had rushed to Ice and Fire Island which made it a very crowded place.

The news that Kris had ascended to the upper world and then came back had already spread out.

You might want to fight back when your partner was the same level as you, however, when he was powerful enough, all you wanted to do was listen to his order.

Kris punched them into the crust, then the earth started trembling, and the whole world had changed dramatically!

Chapter 626: Going Back To the Main Universe

On that day, the star core broke the crust of earth, and earth began to expand, which lasted for a hundred years. And a hundred years later, earth is a hundred times larger than its original size. And Huaxia’s land covers a half of the whole planet.

As a citizen of Huaxia, Kris is surly going to help his own country. And since the star core lands in Huaxia, Huaxia had become the center of the world’s fairy aura, and all the animals and plants were growing at an astonishing speed.

And later, people remembered that day as the day of the revival of fairy aura. Kris pointed at Huaxia, and inheritance fall on the land of Huaxia, so Huaxia became the center of the world, and the holy place for practicing.

All the people kowtowed to Kris and revered him as Wuzu.

Kris then picked a Martial World from a Cave World and began his preaching, which lasted for a month. When the preaching was over, people found shockingly that they were back home, and what happened during the last month was like a dream to them.

And then they found significant changes had happened to the world. Giant birds were flying over their head and carps were even larger than whales. Kangaroos could jump so high that no zoo could hold them.

People also felt their bodies contained abundant genuine energy, and they also found they could fly.

“I can fly! I can really fly! Long Live Kris! Long live Wuzu!!”


After everything was done, Kris then moved Danzong School to Ice and Fire Island. He pointed at the island, and suddenly, the island extended significantly.

Since Lin Li became the Sovereign Lord of Danzong School, the school has taken in ten generations of brothers. Lin picked a brother and wanted him to take over the school, but this man didn’t dare to do so because it was against the rule set up by Kris, even though he was qualified enough to take over after hundreds of years’ training. Besides, Kris could come back at any moment, so that man didn’t dare to take the risk.

Kris looked back at these people who were following him, and found there were thousands of them. Even his families and friends were in this group. There were also some strangers. Kris then took these people to Sword World, and changed the speed of the time. He looked back at Ice and Fire Island, and then, a crack appeared on the sky, and he flew into the crack.

The brothers of Danzong School all kowtowed to Kris when he left. And Danzong School would take the responsibility to protect the earth.

Kris was now in the time traveling tunnel, and he would spend a long time in the tunnel. But he doesn’t feel lonely at all, because he got his family’s accompany.

After a long time, Kris came out of the tunnel, and arrived at the main universe. The moment he came back, Demon Kris sensed his coming. Kris then found a hundred years had passed in the main universe, which was quite confusing because last time Kris stayed in the main universe for a few hundred years, and the time in that universe only passed fifteen years. And this time, Kris stayed in that universe for only half a year, and the time in the main universe passed a hundred years! Kris didn’t know what happened.

But the Practitioners in the Devil Land made significant progresses over the last hundred years. Under the leadership of Demon Kris and actualized spirits, these Practitioners have taken over the ten star systems nearby, which was enough for them to manage.

Gengu No.1 Sect’s progress was also shocking. It had built numerous branch sects, and it had built a Battle Formation, which allows them to go from one star system to another star system within a few seconds.

Demon Kris had also created an universe, and Kris’s incarnation had began to develop Five Elements Universe, which was quite astonishing and Kris was afraid that his incarnation would someday surpass him.

Kris then looked at the Cave World, and found he had arrived at the middle worlds, which were unreasonably large and they were probably a hundred times larger than Devil Land.

The most important thing is that Kris’s Cave World has the most sophisticated regulations. Because in a certain sense, all the worlds develop at the same time, and Yuan Kris’s ideas are supervising the worlds as the Great Tao, so that Kris could collect all the principles in the worlds.

Over the years, Kris has collected two thousand complete principles of the Great Tao. His cultivation has also developed from the early period of Genesis Stage to the later period of Genesis Stage.

The moment he arrived at the main universe, he could feel the pressure of the main universe. Because his power was so great that the main universe could not sustain all his power.

He went to Dubhe, and wanted to find Gusu, but Gusu was not there. He used his Divine Spiritual Power to look for Gusu, but still, Gusu was no where to be seen. Either he is not here, or he is trying to avoid Kris. Kris thought.

“Forget it. I should let everybody out first.” Kris said to himself.

When Kris was traveling through the time, he slowed the time in the Sword World down on purpose, so even though he spent thousands of years in the time tunnel, the time in Sword World only passed a hundred years.

When they started the time travel, there were only a few thousands people, and now, there were more than ten thousand people.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this world.

“Kris, is this the place we are going to live in?”

“Yes.” Kris nodded. At first he wanted to take these women to Devil Land, but Devil Land is way too fragile, and the Dubhe was created by the Great Supreme Lord, so it was very firm.

Kris took his family members to pick the rooms. And the people in Gengu No.1 Sect will help the others to pick rooms.

Three months had passed, and people were all used to this new environment.

Many people, like Xiu Chen, were very curious about this new world, so they went out to explore this world.

One day, when Kris’ wives were sleeping on one bed, Kris woke them up and said: “I have lied to you about one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Tell us now!”

“Did you lie to us? How dare you!”

Kris said: “I will tell you now. But please don’t get angry.”

“Are you flirting with some other girls? Have you found yourself another girlfriend?” Quan Mu snorted. “I know you too well.”

Kris smiled. “You are right.”

He thought these women would be angry with him, but everyone was exceptionally calm.

Xiaorou Xu said: “That is what we thought. We understand. You are not home most of the time and you need a woman to take care of you.”

Mary said: “But where is that girl? Why don’t you bring her home?”

No woman wants her husband to go out and flirt with other women, but Kris is different. He is too powerful and too energetic, and these women can’t make him satisfied at all.

“Actually, I also have two sons. One is my biological son. The other is not.” Kris said.

“What do you mean? Did someone cheat on you?” Yinyin Yao looked shocked.

The others all looked at Kris in disbelief.

“Is that true? Can you bear with it?”

Kris said: “No! Of course no! The other son I mentioned who is not my biological son is actually not a human being. He is Kun Peng. He is a giant fish-like bird. I found an egg one day and I used my essential blood to nourish it, and when it finally hatched out, I regarded it as my son.

These women all laughed after hearing what Kris said. “I knew Kris wouldn’t tolerate anyone cheating on him!” Someone said.

“You almost frightened us to death! Why can’t you make yourself clear the first time.” Quan Mu shot him a sideways glance.

Kris rubbed his nose. He looked at these women and he was suddenly seized by a strong desire, and he took out his weapon and had sex with all of them.

After that, Kris left Dubhe and went to Devil Land. He reduced his power to Half-holy and went directly to Fetal membrance of heaven and earth.

He hadn’t visited Devil Land for hundreds of years, and the Devil Land had changed significantly. The thick fog that once separated the lands was finally cleared by Demon Kris. The fog was actually the entity of the principles, which could accelerate the development of the world if it is used to the Cave World.

Now, even though the lands are not jointed together, the extra space could actually provide more materials.

Gengu No.1 Sect is now the best and most powerful sect. The other sects, like the True God, are no match for Gengu No.1 Sect.

Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power and found Xuefei Yuan and Yujie, who were practicing Taoist magic art. They worked very hard and they had reached actualized spirit.

Buhui Chen was missing. Demon Kris told Kris that Buhui had gone for many years. But Kris was not worried. Buhui is no longer a kid. He could protect himself. Chen Ye had left to pursue Chen Family’s ancestors, and people hadn’t seen him for hundreds of years.

Mosha had become a saint, and he had built a Wanzu Empire in Dongsheng Divine Land.

Lord of Vipers and the Saint of Fire had also become saints. They were protected by the Golden Light of Virtue, so their practice was more smooth.

Nahai Sect had become the second largest sect in the Devil Land. And Nahai Sect and Gengu No.1 Sect are on very good terms. Everybody knows that.

Kris didn’t interrupt their practice. He then went to the headquarter of Gengu No.1 Sect, which is located in Beiming Sea.

The sea monsters were guarding the sect. Kun Chen was there. He had grown from a six-year-old boy to a twelve-year-old teenager. Since he didn’t need to practice, he spent all his days playing with sea monsters. The Sea Monster Tribe could never be at peace when Kun wakes up. But no one dares to scold him. After all, Kun is the second young master of the Gengu No.1 Sect. Besides, Kun is a Monster Saint.

Kun is naughty, but he is not rude and he never makes serious mistakes.

One day, he asked two giant sea snakes to play with him. And the sea snakes agreed.

Kun said: “Do you know how to play rock-paper-scissors?”

The snakes answered: “We don’t have arms. We need to keep practicing to have arms and legs.”

“You are so boring. I don’t want to play with you anymore. Go away!” Kun said.

Kun felt bored, and he missed the days when Buhui was here. He wanted to leave this place and explore, but his mother never agreed. His mother always treat him as if he was a kid.

“So boring!” Kun complained and walked away. Suddenly, he bumped into someone. He felt angry, but when he lifted his head up and saw who that person was, he was shocked to the core.

“Father….You are back!!” Kun was wild with joy.

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