Chuck Cannon was amused by the words of the boss behind the scenes. Yes, since Logan went missing, he really didn’t laugh much.

“Just have a ranking.” Of course, Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter.

“Little guy, are you disappointed when you hear this?” The boss behind the scenes smiled charmingly.

“Uh, disappointed.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Hehe, that elder now ranks you. You are now the first. Are you happy?” The boss behind the scenes was amused by Chuck Cannon.

Although she knew that Chuck Cannon said that on purpose, it was not bad.

“Happy,” Chuck Cannon chose what she liked. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to be her lover. Of course, Chuck Cannon must know that the boss behind the scenes is “playing” himself.

This play is not malicious.

Really make this shrewd woman fall in love with him? How is this possible?

Chuck Cannon still knows a little bit about her. She is not short of money, is beautiful, and the standard is white and rich. He makes himself a “lover,” just for “playing” without malicious intent.

After all, there is something to ask for.

“It’s boring, just make me feel good,” the boss behind the scenes grunted and sat down.

Chuck Cannon is speechless, what is going on?

The only thing he can do now is to continue to press her. Chuck Cannon continues to press her shoulders. The boss behind the scenes looks up at Chuck Cannon, “So good?”

“elder, what is your name?” Chuck Cannon wanted to ask this.

“I don’t usually tell others, but I can tell you, my name is Bella.”

“En, I will remember,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

The name is pretty good.

After pressing for a while, Chuck Cannon laid his hands on her.

Behind the scenes boss Bella looked at Chuck Cannon weirdly, “Are you taking advantage of me?”

“of course, not.”

How can Chuck Cannon have that thought?

Now he doesn’t know where Logan is. It can be said that when Chuck Cannon closes his eyes, what he thinks in his mind is the helpless picture of Logan squatting in the corner…

Logan, Chuck Cannon wants to see Logan too much.

“Huh,” the boss behind the scenes snorted. Chuck Cannon thought she didn’t like it, so he stopped. Should he be able to go back now?

After all, Black Rose has been waiting outside for a long time.

“Who told you to stop? Keep pressing.” The boss behind the scenes said.

“I’m sleepy,”

“I have a place here, so you sleep here when you’re sleepy. Did I drive you away?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy, a little angry.

“Okay,” what can Chuck Cannon only do? Take the initiative in the same way as last time and lean on her, hoping that she scolds herself to get away.

But to Chuck Cannon’s surprise, the boss behind the scenes didn’t scold him but was stunned. “Little guy, are you using me as a pillow?!”

“Why don’t you scold me to get away?” Chuck Cannon looked up at her because the boss was sitting behind the scenes, Chuck Cannon resting his head on her lap.

Last time, Chuck Cannon sat down, and she became angry before she even approached her. This time she didn’t respond or curse.

“Last time your mother was outside, I would definitely scold you, let your mother Karen Lee see that I was soaked by you, will it be okay? Don’t I want my face any more?” The boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon understands, forget it, in that case, what is she doing with him?

Chuck Cannon sat up.

Behind the scenes the boss refused, “If you say rely on it, then leave, what should I do?”

Chuck Cannon was completely speechless, okay, just casual. Anyway, I haven’t slept well for a long time. Sleeping on her legs reminded Chuck Cannon of sleeping on Logan.

The boss behind the scenes hummed, “Knowing the man who did this last time, what did I do to him?”

“I don’t know,” Chuck Cannon closed his eyes.

Behind the scenes, the expression on the boss’s pretty face changed, and he was a bit more romantic. After saying a word in Chuck Cannon’s ear, Chuck Cannon jumped up in shock.

He was going to run out.

“Wait, who let you go? Take it,” the boss behind the scenes took out another card.

“Elder, do you want to support me?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Cut, I like it. You are now the number one lover of mine. Of course, I want to spoil you well. You will tell me if you lack money in the future, how much you want and I will give it.” the boss behind the scenes gave Chuck Cannon a card.

Chuck Cannon didn’t refuse and put it away. Anyway, he doesn’t need it. After all, Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to use her money.

If he really needs money, he can just talk to his mom.

“I want it all, don’t you give it?” Chuck Cannon joked.

“All? Then if you marry me, I will give you all. I am yours, so of course, the money is yours, but are you willing?” The boss behind the scenes smiled slightly, all on her pretty face was smile with indescribable beauty.

There are so many styles, this is the woman.

“Uh, it’s better to be a lover,” Chuck Cannon ran out as if fleeing, mainly because she was too beautiful and the flattery was just right.

It’s not the kind that is low, it doesn’t look like a good woman at a glance, but the kind that makes people feel pretty.

This degree is really difficult to master, but she masters it very well.

“Little bastard, you run very fast,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly, flushed and sat down.

She was a little drunk and found it interesting. She thought of the dream again and felt that if Chuck Cannon was really acting like a baby just now, she might really show him.

But, obviously, dreams are dreams. How could Chuck Cannon, who was so honest just now, make such a request?

This is impossible.

She shook her head, and after drink she would fall asleep.

However, the door opened again, and Chuck Cannon stuck his head in, “Elder, be careful of Ouyang Fei, really, don’t be hurt by her…”

The boss behind the scenes was shocked. Does this little guy really care about her?

She was surprised.

When she wanted to talk, Chuck Cannon had already slipped away. After all, at this time, the boss behind the scenes looked drunk and beautiful to the extreme.

“Ran again?… Be careful of Ouyang Fei? Well, I will…Chuck Cannon, stop for me, ran again? Still not coming in?”

The boss behind the scenes called.

Chuck Cannon, who just ran away, was taken aback, and Black Rose became even more weird. “What did you two do in there?”

“What can I do with her kind of person?” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.

Of course, Black Rose did not expect to go elsewhere.

After all, she knew the boss behind the scenes, how could she let Chuck Cannon do anything?

She meant to ask Chuck Cannon if he was abused inside?

Chuck Cannon smiled wryly.

Again in the hall.

“Want to run? If you care about me so much, I don’t want you to go. You stay today, stay with me.” The boss behind the scenes pointed his finger at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was speechless. He had already known that he would not say anything.

Chuck Cannon passed by and lay on her lap to sleep, “Can’t I accompany you like this?”

“Why do you want to do? Take advantage of me? Take advantage of me? I let you rely on it, it’s good enough for you, other lovers, I don’t even want them to touch me, you know?”

“Uh, stop, I’m asleep,” Chuck Cannon was originally sleepy, he just got a promise from the boss behind the scenes, letting him relax a little temporarily.

After a few days of exhaustion, Chuck Cannon fell asleep quickly.

“You really slept? What a little guy! Forget it.”

Behind the scenes, the boss came out with her mobile phone and immediately called her killer organization, her voice was also lowered, she didn’t want to bother sleeping Chuck Cannon.

“Let all the killers listen, give me Logan news, who is investigating China secretly. Whoever has Logan news, no matter how big or small, it will be 10 million dollars, accurate clues, 50 million dollars!!”

The phone hung up.

She looked down at Chuck Cannon who was asleep, and she snorted, making her a little hesitant.

Why are you hesitating?

In fact, she is open on the surface, but she really didn’t make men more touching

Chuck Cannon suddenly fell asleep like this, leaving her at a loss.

But she thinks it’s okay. After all, Chuck Cannon, who is honest, still makes her feel good.

She thought, sleepiness came up, and Chuck Cannon closed his beautiful eyes on her head…

Maybe in the morning, she woke up, she woke up drunk, was woken up by the mobile phone, she looked at the mobile phone, and her beautiful eyes were completely exhausted…

Chuck Cannon was still asleep, the boss behind the scenes hummed, “Little lazy.”

She gently let go of Chuck Cannon, her legs were numb.

She walked to the door, shocked, because she saw the black rose squatting in the corner at the door, her big blue eyes closed.

Black Rose woke up instantly, she got up, “Boss, last night?”

She found that Chuck Cannon hadn’t come out, so she was curious and didn’t think about it, but she felt that something was wrong. She wanted to rush in yesterday.

“Nothing happened last night, Black Rose, if you tell Karen Lee about last night, then I will definitely give a kill order of you!” The boss behind the scenes said indifferently.

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