Chapter 627 – 628: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 627: The Sky Is Falling

Kris patted on Kun Chen’s head and said: “I haven’t seen you for over a hundred years. You have grown so much. Your cultivation also developed significantly.”

Kun felt very glad to hear his father’s compliments. And his admiration for his father also increased significantly over the years. But he never knows how to express his admiration for his father.

Kun’s eyes brimmed with tears and he said: “Father, can you take me with you? I want to leave this place.”

Kris was touched. He said: “Fine. I will take you with me.”

“Really?” Kun looked at his father. He was truly surprised.

“Yes. I will also take your mother away with us. And then I will introduce some of your brothers and sisters and aunties to you.”

“That’s amazing!” Kun nodded.

“Wait here. I will talk to your mother.” Kris said. He then walked into the practicing room.

At that moment, Xuefei Yuan sensed something was about to happen. And she could no longer focus on her practicing. After getting actualized spirit, Xuefei’s sixth sense becomes so sharp that she can accurately sense that something good or bad that is about to happen.

“What happened? Is it Buhui? Or is Kun in trouble again? Or is it Kris…..” Xuefei was in a completely confused state of mind.

“Kris, you have been gone for a hundred years, and I never heard from you since you left, Although your incarnation comes from time to time, but that is not you! I know you went away to find your families, so I don’t blame you. But don’t forget, I am also your family.” Xuefei thought to herself. “And Yujie. She never admits that she is missing you. But I know she misses you just as much as I do.”

Suddenly, Xuefei felt she could not move her body, and then her vision darkened. She tried to use her Divine Spiritual Power, but she failed. She didn’t know what happened. Then, she felt a pair of hands were moving along her body. She felt so nervous and terrified, but there was nothing she could do.

And then, her clothes were torn open. She shouted: “Who are you! Show yourself!”

At that time, a voice said to her: “Xuefei, I am back.”

Xuefei’s fear disappeared when she heard this voice. Because it is very familiar to her. This voice is like a ray of sunshine that penetrated the darkness that veiled her world.

Her vision cleared suddenly, and the man she had been thinking about for so long was standing right in front of her.

She could move her body again. She looked at herself and found her clothes were all torn off. She burst into tears.

Kris panicked. He said: “Xuefei, I was just joking with you. Please don’t cry.”

Xuefei cried even harder. Luckily, the practicing room is sound-proof, so no one could hear her.

“I’m so sorry.” Kris held her into his arms. Xuefei hugged him very tightly and punched on his chest. “I was so frightened!”

Kris felt guilty. He said: “Sorry, I was wrong.”

Xuefei finally stopped crying. The moment she calmed herself down, the two of them kissed hungrily and made love to each other passionately.

Some time later, Xuefei rested her head on Kris’s chest, breathing softly. “Have you moved all your families there?”

Kris moved his hand along Xuefei’s soft back. “Yes.” He said. “I come here today to take you to meet my parents, and some other people.”

Xuefei felt nervous. She said: “I feel nervous. This is so sudden.”

“Don’t worry. My parents are very kind people. My other….wives, are also there. They are also very nice people. You will like them.”

Xuefei didn’t say anything. She felt both excited and worried.

After a long time, the both of them left the practicing room. Kris then went to anther practicing room and did the same thing to Yujie. Yujie is a very reserved girl. She never shared her feelings with any other person.

Kris remembered before he left, Yujie begged him for a baby, but Kris was at a very high stage, and he couldn’t make Yujie pregnant unless Yujie achieved the True God or got to the Genesis Stage.

Later that day, Kris took Xuefei, Yujie, and Kun back to Dubhe. On the way back there, Xuefei and Yujie were so nervous. They asked so many questions and Kris answered them patiently. Soon, the four of them arrived at Dubhe.

Tianyao Chen, Fang Gu, Mary and some other people were all waiting for them. Some young people went away to explore the new world, and they were all called back to welcome the four of them.

Xuefei and Yujie felt so nervous when they saw so many people were waiting for them. Even Kun, who had long thought that he was fearless, was intimidated by such a big crowd.

Kris introduced everybody to Xuefei and Yujie.

“This is my father. This is my mother.” Kris said.

Xuefei felt less nervous when she saw how amiable her parents-in-law are. She said: “It’s so good to meet you.”

Fang Gu grabbed Xuefei’s hands tightly and said: “You are finally here. Thank you so very much for taking care of Kris over the years. You also gave birth to my grandson! You are a very important member in Chen Family. If Kris makes you unhappy someday, just tell me, I will teach him a lesson.”

“Thank you.” Xuefei said.

“Yujie, welcome to Chen Family. From now on, we are all one family. Don’t feel nervous.” Fang said to Yujie. She could tell Yujie was feeling rather nervous.

“Thank you.” Yujie also felt relaxed after hearing what she said.

“Kun, this is your grandma. This is your grandpa.” Kris said to Kun.

Xuefei dragged Kun in front of her parents-in-law. Kun said smilingly: “Grandma! Grandpa!”

Kun is a monster beast. But he has Kris’s blood, so he bears a huge resemblance with Kris.

“My grandson is so cute!” Kris’s parents said.

Kris also felt relaxed seeing that his parents are so glad to meet his son. He was worried that his parents wouldn’t like Kun because Kun is not a human being, but surprisingly, his parents are very open-minded.

“This is Mary.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, big sister.”

Mary is not the oldest among the girls, but she is Kris’s first wife. So she has the highest position among the girls.

“Xuefei, Yujie. Welcome to Chen Family.” Mary said, and gave them each a little gift. The gifts are not expensive, but it is the thought that counts.

“This is Quan Mu.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Welcome to Chen Family. We are now a family and we must take good care of each other.” Quan said smilingly.

“This is Lan Yu.”

“ This is Xiaorou Xu.”

And then, Kris introduced his sons and daughters, and sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. It took half an hour to introduce everyone to Xuefei and Yujie. It was an exhausting process, but it was also very important.

Kun was the happiest one in the crowd. Because as the youngest one, he received many gifts.

Buhui was not there. That was the only regret. At night, Xiu Chen and other people who went exploring also came back. They met Xuefei and Yujie, and the whole family is in great harmony.

Time had flown since Kris came back to the Main Universe. Half a year passed, and Xuefei and Yujie were getting along very well with the others. But people were practicing most of the time, because Kris was in a very high stage, and if the others want to be with Kris, they must keep practicing and endeavour to get to higher stages. Luckily, they didn’t need to worry about the materials they need to practice, and Kris would also give them the methods to practice. All they need is some patience.

Kris also began practicing. Now everything was settled, Kris could also focus on improving himself.

At that time, the Ancestral World had extended to middle worlds, and the cave creatures had created numerous microcosmos and Dongtian caves.

After the trial of dragon, phoenix and Kylin, the monster race and the wizard race would start a combat that would last for billions of years.

Human race, despite the fact that it had developed for thousands of years, is still not match for monster race and wizard race.

The battle between monster race and wizard race had rendered the Ancestral World into complete chaos. And years later, the final battle between the two races finally arrived.

Ten Ancestral Wizards led millions of wizards and hundreds of big wizards to fight the monster race. And the monster race had two Monster Emperors, three hundred and sixty five Monster Gods at the innate-power stage. And the two races confronted each other at Sky Pillar Mountain.

It was a very fierce battle. There were so many deaths.

The ten Ancestral Wizards called the True God, and the two Monster Emperors combined their power with the other three hundred and sixty five Monster Gods. They fought bitterly, but it was not easy to tell which side was winning, and which side was losing.

The ground was broken, and so many innocent creatures died in the battle.

At a crucial moment, the two Monster Emperors used Wizard-Killing Sword, which was made from human blood, and destroyed the ten Ancestral Wizards.

The Wizard race was losing. However, at that very moment, the ten Ancestral Wizards transformed into one giant wizard, and it charged towards the Sky Pillar Mountain.

Then, the giant wizard bumped into the Sky Pillar Mountain, and the mountain collapsed. The water from the sky poured down. The sky was also falling without the support of Sky Pillar Mountain.

Above the thirty-three heavens, Taishang, Primus, Tongtian and Nuwa, and all the other True Gods left the sky to check what happened. And they were truly shocked when they saw the water of the sky river pouring to the ground.

“Aren’t you gonna do something about it?” Tongtian said to the Great Tao. And then, a giant face appeared and said: “This is the trial the creatures in the Ancestral World must go through. I can not intervene.” The face then disappeared.

The other True Gods couldn’t let the water keep pouring without doing anything.

Taishang brought out a pagoda. The pagoda extended until it was big enough to block the hole on the sky. Taishang said: “The pagoda can only last for three days! We must think of another way to block the hole!”

Primus took out a giant sail. Tongtian transformed his weapon into a giant pillar. They all tried their best to block the hole, because if they succeed, they could save trillions of lives. But no matter how hard they try, they could only block the hole temporarily. They couldn’t stop the sky from collapsing.

Two ancient gods from the western religion said: “Nuwa is the only one who can fill the hole on the sky. She once created human beings from mud, and the mud with which she created human beings can be used to fill the hole.”

Cundhi nodded. “You are right. And we also need four Sky Pillars to stop the sky from collapsing. The crisis will be over when the sky is stabilized.”

Chapter 628: Demi-God

At the same time, the Holy World was flooded. God spirit created an ark which carried billions of lives on it.

In the mean time, the god of darkness and the god of light were still competing with each other in the magic world.

So many similar trails were happening at that time in other worlds. Yuan Kris, as the representative of the Tao of Heaven and the Great Tao, didn’t intervene very much. Because these worlds must go through these trials, and these trails also provided new opportunities for these worlds. And most importantly, it would be very easy for Kris to reach great worlds after these trails.

Kris and Yuan Kris exchanged their information, so that they could get the complete Great Tao. And Kris was also thinking what would he do after reaching the great worlds. Would he be able to keep improving? And if he could, what would need to be done to raise his cultivation?

Kris once witnessed how the world was created. And he was a little bit confused about the relationship between the world and the universe. Are these two individual concepts? Or the universe is just a bigger world? And what is beyond the great worlds?

Kris read lots of books, and he finally learned that there is another form of universe beyond the great worlds, and it is called Sub-universe. Sub-universe is very similar to the universe, but they are different concepts. Sub-universe exists beyond the great worlds.

But it is very difficult to reach the sub-universe, and it may take billions of years to finish this task. Besides, Kris is made of flesh and blood, and it is possible that Kris can’t survive such a tremendous pressure.

Kris is the parent of the worlds. He is the ultimate one, the chaos, and the Primus.

Ten years had passed. But in the barrier space, a hundred thousand years had passed. And in the Cave World, a billion years had passed.

Kris could use the Great Tao of Time to accelerate the time, and the time could go even faster if he used the Great Tao of Space. But he didn’t, because it would consume too much energy.

Billions of years had passed since Nuwa filled the hole on the sky with the Five-color stone and created the sky pillars with the limbs of the Holy Turtle. And that battle between the wizard and the monster ended with the victory of the monster race. Many years later, monster race’s Heavenly Court collapsed. And Taichu’s student, Tian Wu, and Taiyin’s student, Chi Yao, built a real Heavenly Court on the basis of the old Heavenly Court. And then, the ancestral world began to develop into the great worlds.

Kris’s cave world is now enormous. The land area in the ancestral world alone is the size of a third of the Big Dipper, which covers one percent of the passive star field.

However, the Stars World Kris developed beyond the thirty-three heaven is a hundred times larger than the land. It doesn’t take much energy to extend the space, and it is very easy for Kris to do it because Kris had the Great Tao. What was truly challenging was the creation of stars in the universe.

Taiyang Star and Taiyin Star also became two real suns thanks to Kris.

Actually, what Kris needed to do at that time was to continuously exert energy to extend the universe. Because the larger the universe is, the more creatures there will be, and then, these creatures will nourish the worlds.

In every era, there is always an exceptional genius who can transform the face of the world completely. For example, the wizard named Houtu achieved perfect Reincarnation to save wizard race, and Yuan Kris learned from Houtu’s experience and he also created a perfect Reincarnation world.

The time and resources could be greatly saved by practicing Reincarnation, and Kris was very pleased with what Yuan Kris did.

“But we have another problem. We must make our star field stronger, or we can’t even make our ends meet.”

Yuan Kris said: “The world is now so big, and it takes more energy to make the world keep extending. We can still use Star Core, but it is just not enough.”

“Then we must keep looking for new star cores. The Main Universe is so big, and we will find them.”

Star Core is directly related to the life of a planet, but the star cores Kris had been using were basically all from Star Chambers or Star Thieves. And he also found some star cores from these planets that are inhabitable. Because he couldn’t allow himself to ruin the planet that has life on it.

Kris is very powerful, but his power is still limited because of the laws of the universe. He will never achieve detachment if he couldn’t become a Supreme Lord.

“The resources in one star field could make the worlds extend by a hundred miles.” Yuan Kris said.

Kris nodded. He said: “Then we must keep looking for new resources. If there is no resource left, we will go to another universe. Or, maybe we can even go to the chaos!”

It is very dangerous to go to the Chaos, but there are also lots of opportunities.

Then, Yuan Kris started his enlightenment process again.

Time flies. The number of the creatures in the Cave World multiplied. And Kris had gotten more grand children. Kris knew how important his families are. But this time, Kris didn’t see his parents. Because Tianyao Chen and Fang Gu went to travel, and they were truly enjoying themselves.

Jane Tang, Kris’s mother-in-law, had also been practicing. She had been practicing to be more beautiful, but she didn’t plan to find herself another partner, because of Kris’s special identity. Besides, no one dares to be Kris’s father-in-law. Now Jane was just practicing when she is free, and when she gets tired, she will take care of her grand children. She loves her life very much.

These old men in Holy Dragon Cult are super loyal. The monk Zhen Yuan, Yuhan Qin’s grandfather, had also been helping Kris to take care of his family.

Most of Kris’s wives had also been practicing, which was quite surprising to Kris. Obviously, Kris had been giving them to much pressure.

Half a year later, Kris again started practicing. And at the same time, Buhui Chen, who had already become a master in many star fields, learned that his father had come back, so he went back immediately, but unluckily, he met a person halfway home, and that person stopped him.

“You are Buhui Chen.”

“Who are you?”

That person laughed. “You took my star fields away, and you are asking who am I?”

“You are the True God Meilin?” Buhui frowned.

“Did you even ask who owns these star fields when you took them away from me?”

True God Meilin owns thousands of star fields, and Buhui took one tenth of them away from him, and he felt very embarrassed. Because he is determined to become a Peerless Supreme, and the authority of Peerless Supreme should never be challenged. At that moment, he was already a half Peerless Supreme.

“You didn’t keep an eye on these fields, and you should be ashamed of yourself.” Buhui looked at him coldly.

The True God was so angry. He said: “So, this is what you want to say?”

“If you want a fight, let’s fight! Stop nagging!”

Buhui is a very experienced fighter. He had gone through thousands of battles, and even though he was only at the middle period of the True God, he isn’t afraid of True God Meilin at all.

“I know you are Peerless Supreme, but I’m not afraid.” Buhui said. He then practiced diversion, and transformed all his energy to his fist, and moved to True God Meilin, and delivered a powerful punch towards him.

Kris once taught Buhui that he should always take the initiative in a fight. And once the fight started, he should find the enemy’s weakest point quickly and then hit this point without hesitation. The worst thing a fighter could do in a fight is to be hesitant and to talk too much.

So, Buhui delivered hundreds of punches to True God Meilin before True God Meilin even realized what was going on. True God Meilin opened his mouth and puked blood. He is half Peerless Supreme, and his body couldn’t sustain so many hits. But, half Peerless Supreme is also Peerless Supreme. Buhui injured him badly, but he couldn’t kill him.

And a few seconds later, the injures on True God Meilin’s body disappeared, and he recovered completely within such a short amount of time.

Buhui didn’t say anything. He kept on delivering punches. Even the space was distorted by his punches, but still, he couldn’t touch True God Meilin.

“This is useless. You are fighting against a Peerless Supreme! You will never be able to hurt me.” True God Meilin laughed. “You are so ignorant! I will give you another chance. If you give your soul source to me, and serve me, I will promise that I won’t kill you.”

“Stop daydreaming!” Buhui knew how powerful is a half Peerless Supreme. The difference between them does not only lie in their strength, but also in their Tao. He will never be able to defeat a Peerless Supreme, just like a person in Holy Realm will never be able to defeat a True God.

“Interstellar Travel!” Buhui shouted. And then, he disappeared from True God Meilin’s view.

“You want to escape? Naive!” True God Meilin laughed. He reached his hand out, and then, his hand chased Buhui closely. Buhui noticed the hand that was chasing him, and he increased his speed. He travel from one galaxy to another, but the hand was still chasing him.

“What is this technique?” Buhui was shocked. He clenched his teeth, and he wanted to escape to Devil Land, because once he is in the Devil Land, his father’s incarnation will absolutely sense him and then save him. But Devil Land was too far away, and it would take at least half a month to get there.

“You will never be able to escape from me! Just give up!” True God Meilin laughed. He was like a cat, and Buhui was just like a little mouse in his eyes.

Buhui had traveled more than ten galaxies. True God Meilin lost his patience. “You little bastard! Since you don’t want to serve me, I will have to kill you!”

True God Meilin wanted Buhui to be his follower at first, because he realized Buhui’s got potential. But since Buhui was determined to escape, True God Meilin would have to kill him.

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