The family of the boss behind the scenes is not so obvious but it has been passed down for more than two hundred years, so the family is very repulsive to outside men!

In the eyes of relatives, the boss behind the scenes is a good woman, obedient, sensible, and successful in business.

Such a woman is also very popular in the United States. Why was she soaked by a Chinese person?

Is this swan meat eaten by toads?

These relatives, including the mother of the boss behind the scenes, were unhappy.

How can the pride of the family be tainted by such a Chinese-looking person?

“Daughter, he…”

“Chuck Cannon, my current boyfriend,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon understood this, came over appropriately, approached the boss behind the scenes and said hello to these relatives.

Several relatives looked at each other.

Chuck Cannon’s English was not good, it is very jerky, maybe he has just started learning.

Chuck Cannon also understood some things, but he didn’t answer and responded with a smile. Anyway, just be her boyfriend on the surface. Chuck Cannon can’t manage so many other things!!

“Daughter, what’s the matter with you? I asked you to bring your boyfriend back, but I didn’t ask you to bring such a person back.”

“Yes, it looks so young, did he like your money? Want to eat soft rice?”

“Hurry up and break up, I will find you a boyfriend, definitely ten times better than him!”

A few relatives are hailing.

“No, he is my boyfriend,” the boss behind the scenes looked at Chuck Cannon and gave Chuck Cannon a look.

Chuck Cannon understood while Boss behind the scenes kissed him in public.

Everyone was stunned, and the expression of the boss behind the scenes told them that the boss behind the scenes really liked this Huaxia, so what should be done?

Black Rose, who was staring at it was stunned, “Why did you kiss Chuck Cannon?”

She was strange just now, why did the boss behind the scenes bring Chuck Cannon here? Thinking now, is this asking Chuck Cannon to pretend to be her boyfriend?

However, this is too casual.

Black Rose didn’t want to see it.

“Daughter…” The mother of the boss behind the scenes was shocked, and then deeply disappointed, “Daughter, you’re not young, I urged you but you shouldn’t just find someone who just fills up the number and it’s still from Huaxia.”

“I didn’t make up for it, but if you let me in today, I’ll go in. If you don’t let me in, then I will go back,” the boss behind the scenes shook her head solemnly.

“Farewell, I’m looking at you, he… doesn’t matter,” the mother behind the scenes sighed. What else can other relatives do?

They can only watch the boss behind the scenes pull Chuck Cannon in.

Chuck Cannon whispered, “Your lips…”

“Little guy, what’s wrong with my lips? Do you know? I haven’t been kissed seriously yet, but you still hate it? I haven’t hated you yet, and ah, don’t wear clothes, or else, I won’t let you go,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Actually, when Chuck Cannon just clicked on it, she actually felt like first love. It was a bit strange.

She felt that this decision was a good one, she must accept Chuck Cannon as her little lover.

“I know, I don’t dislike the door, I’m hungry, come, take me to eat,” for Chuck Cannon it doesn’t matter. There are still cheap things to take advantage of, what can’t be done?

Besides, you can go back after dinner.

The boss behind the scenes pulled Chuck Cannon to eat.

“Take whatever you want,” the boss behind the scenes said to Chuck Cannon.

There was a lot of food in this place, but Chuck Cannon is Chinese, and he is not used to it. However, he is hungry, and he is still accustomed to it?

Takes a doughnut and eat it.

“Slow down, stop choking, I will show you what you want to eat.” The boss behind the scenes smiled slightly.

I think this little boyfriend is good, obedient and sensible.

“Is this hungry ghost reincarnated? How come you come in to eat? It’s still such a big mouth, my goodness, I can’t stand it anymore.” A relative said unwillingly, with contempt in his words.

“Yeah, it’s not good, why did Bella look for him?”

The mother of the boss behind the scenes sighed helplessly.

“This can’t work. Other relatives are not happy anymore. He saw that other people were unhappy, and he could still eat, alas.”

The words of a few relatives made the mother of the boss behind the scenes a little angry. She felt that she should do something. After all, her daughter is so good, how can she be so cheap as a Chinese?

For example, let the behind-the-scenes boss and Chuck Cannon break up in public.

Several relatives discussed it and all sneered.

“Let your daughter come over and find an opportunity to seduce this Chuck Cannon into the room. I will let my daughter come over and let her see what Chuck Cannon really is! she will definitely break up with him on the spot.” The mother behind the scenes said proudly. .

After all, she has done such a thing more than once, she has experience.

Although she feels that this is not good, but compared to Chuck Cannon’s fire pit, as a mother, she must find a way to pull her daughter out of the fire pit!

“En,” a relative went to call her daughter.

This daughter, but an invincible young girl, will definitely fascinate Chuck Cannon. Then let the boss behind the scenes see it, and she will definitely slap Chuck Cannon and break up in public.

After a while, a beautiful woman came over, pure and beautiful, especially her skin, as white as snow.

“That’s it, from Huaxia, called Chuck Cannon,” said the owner’s mother behind the scenes.

When the beauty saw it, she smiled slightly, “I see,…he seems to be going to the bathroom. I will go and teach him…but, don’t let Sister Bella beat me at that time.”

“No, you helped her recognize the true face of this Huaxia person. She will thank you that it was too late, how could she beat you?” The boss behind the scenes was comforted.

“Yes, then I will go.” The beauty passed.

A few of them, of course, go to the boss behind the scenes, find an opportunity, take her over, and see Chuck Cannon kneeling under the woman’s pomegranate skirt!!

“Do you want me to take you?!” The boss behind the scenes wanted to take it. After all, she felt that Chuck Cannon was her little lover, so she couldn’t let him be wronged.

“No, elder, I’ll go by myself.” Chuck Cannon shook his head and went inside to go to the bathroom as the boss behind the scenes said.

Chuck Cannon went to the bathroom and called Black Rose.

“Hello, what are you doing?” Black Rose was shocked, her voice was indifferent.

She don’t want to care about Chuck Cannon anymore, just kiss others, how can one be like that?

“I’ll bring you food later, what do you want to eat?” Chuck Cannon felt that Black Rose followed her and he still had to guarantee her food!

“No need to!”

Chuck Cannon was stunned when the phone hung up. What happened?

Why are you angry?

It’s really amazing.

Chuck Cannon received his mobile phone speechlessly and finished using the toilet. As soon as he opened the door, a beautiful lady came in. Chuck Cannon nodded and said hello politely.

This girl is pretty, about the same as Emily of the Rover family.

But, in the eyes, there is no overbearing and unreasonable like Emily.

It looks pretty good.

Chuck Cannon is going out, in the toilet, what are you looking at?

“Hello, I have studied the Chinese language.” The beauty smiled slightly, pure and special.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, the boss’s relatives behind the scenes were all in English. Chuck Cannon was uncomfortable. Now, he actually met someone who speaks the Chinese language. Chuck Cannon felt like he had met a fellow in a foreign country.

“Hello there,”

“I’ve been to Huaxia, and I think Huaxia’s boys are very cute,” the beauty smiled, with that kind of look in her eyes.

Chuck Cannon can’t laugh or cry, cute? Yes, Chinese men are generally not as tall and strong as American men. In the eyes of American women, they are petite, right? They are cute?

Chuck Cannon smiled, “Thank you,”

“To be honest, you look a bit like my boyfriend in the United States, but you are cuter than him,” the beauty came over.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “Really?”

“Well, yes, I had feelings with him in the bathroom, you reminded me of him,” the beautiful woman smiled, her beautiful smile really ecstatic.

“But you are better than him, I think I like you, do you like me?” Beauty asked actively.

Chuck Cannon is stunned, what’s the situation?

“Beauty, did you make a mistake?” Chuck Cannon was stunned. Such a beautiful girl actually said such things to herself?

Is he so attractive? Chuck Cannon looked at her, but it felt good when it was suddenly confessed by a beauty.

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