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“Of course I was right,” the beauty smiled and approached Chuck Cannon.

The beautiful eyes were so beautiful to the extreme.

Chuck Cannon looked at her again, shorts jeans, white T-shirt on top, really the standard American beauty.

But Chuck Cannon was “unfamiliar with the place of life, right?” After all, this beauty, he has never seen this beauty in a strange environment, so active?

What’s happening here?

“How about being my boyfriend?” The beauty smiled.

This voice is very nice.

Chuck Cannon looked at her strangely, “I have a girlfriend,”

Chuck Cannon came here for the boss behind the scenes to perform a scene with the boss behind the scenes. Now he has no intention of picking up girls and he is still in this toilet.

“It’s okay, we Americans pay attention to eye contact, and if we have feelings, we can also be boyfriend and girlfriend for a day. Can you say okay?” The beauty put two hands on Chuck Cannon’s shoulders.

That smile is really fascinating.

“Daughter, alas, I just saw your boyfriend pulled Hannah into the bathroom, what does he want to do?” The boss’s mother behind the scenes was worried and came over angrily.

“Yeah, I saw it too, Bella, why is your boyfriend like that?”

“That’s too shameful!”

Several relatives were particularly unhappy, and they scolded sharply.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished?


Chuck Cannon, Hannah go to the toilet?

How can that be?

“Mom, are you wrong?” The boss behind the scenes shook her head decisively.

“No, how could I read it wrong? If you don’t believe me, then come and see, that kid, he must do something to Hannah in the bathroom, bastard!”

“Yes, go take a look!!”

Several relatives took the boss behind the scenes to the bathroom.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished, she was particularly helpless, “No, how could Chuck Cannon do that kind of thing?”

She knows Chuck Cannon’s character was timid. After all, she asked Chuck Cannon to press on her shoulders and hands last night. Chuck Cannon was honest, without any unusual behavior.

How could such a timid character take Hannah to the toilet?

The boss behind the scenes was the first to not believe it.

“Mom, don’t push me, Chuck Cannon wouldn’t do it like that,” the boss behind the scenes was helpless.

If this suddenly broke in, how Chuck Cannon’s pride would be hurt?

“No way, I saw it just now, you’ll know if you go in and take a look!” The mother of boss behind the scenes was angry.

She doesn’t want Chuck Cannon to take too much advantage, so is it too bad for Hannah!!

The boss behind the scenes was helpless, “Mom… he won’t.”


Suddenly, there was a scream in the toilet.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished, the woman’s voice? Is this really Hannah’s?

The boss behind the scenes was suddenly a little sour and angry, Chuck Cannon, did you really do that?

Why do you want to pull Hannah to the toilet?

What do you want, can’t I give you?

The boss behind the scenes was sour and felt jealous all of a sudden.

“Oh, I just said, that bastard Chuck Cannon forced Hannah into the toilet. Now, Hannah must have been insulted by him, alas,” the mother of boss behind the scenes quickly ran over.

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I must let my daughter caught him!

She should look at Chuck Cannon’s inferiority!

Then my daughter would kick such a person!

Several relatives also tried hard to kick the door at once.

The boss hummed behind the scenes, feeling sour:

Okay, Chuck Cannon, pretend to be timid in front of me, right? Be bold in front of others, right? How can’t I clean up you when I go back?


The bathroom door was kicked open!

“Good bastard, you are right…”

Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother and several relatives were originally angry, but when the door kicked open, they were stunned and stunned!!

Including the boss behind the scenes, her beautiful eyes are turning.

Chuck Cannon in the toilet was stunned, including the beauty Hannah.

Hannah subconsciously said, “You Chinese are all kung fu? Mom, look, he was really good just now!”

Hannah ran out with a look of excitement.

The women looked at each other and were stunned. How come Hannah is not untidy? So happy?

What happened just now? !

Shouldn’t Hannah s.educe Chuck Cannon?

“Hannah, what are you fooling around? What are you saying about him? Quickly, did this bastard pull you in?” A charming young woman scolded! !

Winking at his daughter.

“Mom,” Hannah lowered her head.

She felt regretful. When she was in the toilet just now, she tried her best but it was useless. Chuck Cannon didn’t touch herself at all, keeping her distance.

She was angry and planned to throw something, but accidentally, she almost fell to the ground.

But Chuck Cannon grabbed her, it should be regarded as h.ugging her, the speed was so fast, it shocked Hannah.

However, Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything to herself in this good contact, and his relatives were also honest, so he helped her stabilize and let go.

They look Chuck Cannon as a gentleman now.

So the beauty regrets it and shouldn’t do it.

“You speak, did he force you in?”

“I…” The beauty lowered her head.

“Hannah, to be honest, isn’t it?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

“I, no, I came in by myself,” the beauty said with her head down.

“Oh, you!!”

The mother of the boss behind the scenes and a few relatives were all angry and heartbroken. What happened?

“Mom, this is a misunderstanding. I have said that Chuck Cannon will not mess around.”

The boss behind the scenes looked at Chuck Cannon, “Not coming out yet?”

Chuck Cannon came out speechlessly, he was stunned, went to the bathroom by himself, how did he meet the kicker?

The faces of several women were ugly, and they were so angry that they couldn’t pit Chuck Cannon?

“Elder, what’s the situation?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“No matter what the situation, you performed well today, when we go back, I will give you a big red envelope,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly.

Yes, she was sour and a little angry just now, but when she saw the situation in the toilet, she was not angry at all.

Because she was right, Chuck Cannon was still “cowardly as a mouse.”

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon had to forget it when someone gave a red envelope.

Several women snorted and went to other places. After all, there were a lot of people in the house.

This beauty Hannah stuffed a note to Chuck Cannon and ran away shyly.

Chuck Cannon opened it in surprise, and it turned out to be a phone number!

Chuck Cannon was stunned, what’s the situation?

Was he actually blocked by someone?

Thinking that this beauty is also beautiful, Chuck Cannon muttered. After all, she was not bad. The beauty just now, she has the standard and beautiful figure of American beauty!

“What are you doing? You are not behaved, are you? Aren’t you lost?” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and put it away.

The boss behind the scenes was angry and grabbed Chuck Cannon’s hand, “I ask you, are you still good?”


“Let go, I lost it for you, go back and I will make a red envelope for you.”

“Um, all right,” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

The boss behind the scenes took this note, then tore it, in front of his own face, still want to contact other women?

Chuck Cannon coughed, “Elder, I…”

“Hmph, follow me, be my little lover, be obedient, be good, or when we will go back,I will beat you,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, this woman, treats him as a child?

Chuck Cannon felt that what happened just now was a bit weird, so he honestly followed the boss behind the scenes. Anyway, he had to eat.

Family gatherings in the U.S. are still different. When Chuck Cannon participates in this kind of occasion, he feels a little relaxed, and Chuck Cannon eats honestly.

“Oh, eat this, it’s delicious.” The boss behind the scenes gave Chuck Cannon food.

Chuck Cannon thinks that this woman is on the surface not to get close to strangers. She is really familiar, and she is especially good at taking care of people.

The mother of the boss behind the scenes couldn’t help it, “Chuck Cannon, what do you do?”

Seeing her daughter constantly feeding Chuck Cannon, as if she was taking care of a little boyfriend, she stopped getting angry.

My daughter is so good, she didn’t come to serve you, a Chinese person.

“Me?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

The other relatives all looked at Chuck Cannon. During the work just now, many relatives of the boss behind the scenes saw Chuck Cannon upset.

“Yes, what do you say!” The boss mother behind the scenes snorted coldly.

“I’m cheating on the old…” Chuck Cannon said. Although he has a lot of properties, it is basically the money his mother paid.

I’m really gnawing old.

“You still have the face to speak out? You have a face, don’t you?” The boss behind the scenes laughed.

The other relatives sneered and sneered. Still speaking out so openly? This is the Huaxia people?

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