Chapter 629 – 630: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 629: Supreme Universe

The giant hand was now flying above him. So powerful was the hand that Buhui felt he fell into a marsh and he could no longer move. At that moment, he remembered many people. He remembered his younger brother, his aunties, his father and so many other people.

“Are I going to die?” He thought to himself.

The hand was pressing down forcefully on him. However, before he was crushed, a sword appeared from Buhui and charged towards the hand. And the next thing Buhui knew, the hand was cut in half.

A soft and warm light appeared, and Buhui looked up, and found his father was looking at him. His father was shinning with a soft light, and he was smiling benignly.

“Father!” Buhui was feeling so excited.

Kris’s shadow smiled. He then looked back, and found the owner of that giant hand. The True God Meilin also saw Kris, and he was shocked to the core.

“Peerless…..Peerless Supreme? Is Buhui a descendant of the Peerless Supreme?” True God Meilin shivered with fear. He knew he had no chance of survival, even though it was only Kris’s shadow.

“I must live! I must run!” True God Meilin shouted and escaped. He was traveling at such an astonishing speed and soon he was in another galaxy.

“You want to run away? Naive!” Kris’s shadow said. He then pointed at True God Meilin, and suddenly, Taoist Principle traveled through the galaxies and hit True God Meilin. True God Meilin died instantly. He didn’t even have the time to give out a shout. And his body was completely wiped off the face of the universe. Kris then collected all the treasures left behind by True God Meilin and gave them to Buhui. He said: “I will be waiting for you in Dubhe.” Then Kris’s shadow just disappeared. And Buhui felt very touched by what Kris said. Even though Kris didn’t talk a lot.

The day Kris left, he gave Buhui three life-saving protectors. The first protector was used when Buhui accidentally fell into a black hole. The second was used when Buhui walked into a Yunshen Space. And the third was used just now.

Buhui suddenly remembered he had survived many crises. He had always thought he was saved by god, but turned out, it was his father who had been helping over these years.

Buhui took the treasures belonged to True God Meilin, and he felt very grateful. He then flew towards the Big Dipper to meet his family.

A month later, Buhui finally arrived at Dubhe. He met Xuefei Yuan and he kowtowed to her. “Mother, I have not been a good son to you. I traveled so far and I didn’t take care of you!”

“My dear son. Stand up. Let me see you!” Xuefei’s eyes brimmed with tears. Yujie was also there and she also felt moved. She doesn’t have a son, so she regarded Buhui as her own son and she loved him dearly.

“You have grown so much! Now you look more and more like your father.”

The two women grabbed Buhui, and asked him so many questions, but Buhui didn’t get impatient at all. Of course, he didn’t tell them how many dangers he faced.

Kris also sensed that Buhui was back. He stopped practicing and took his parents back to Dubhe. He also asked his wife to stop practicing to meet Buhui.

Actually, after getting actualized spirit, Buhui got the ability to see what happened in his previous life, and even the ability to see what happened before he was born. And that was one of reasons why he left Devil Land. He wanted to destroy his evil thoughts in his previous life. But, this ability didn’t change him. He respects his father as much as he did.

“Grandpa, grandma!”

“Aunties, brothers, sisters!”

Buhui met his family, and he feels very happy to have such a big family. He also realized he had become an uncle to so many little kids.

Kris once said to Buhui: “What is the point of practicing? To achieve detachment? To be invincible? No. The only reason why we need to practice is to protect our family, and to make our families live a wonderful life.”

When Kris met Buhui, Kris said to him: “I’m very glad you remembered what I taught you.”

Buhui smiled: “Of course I will remember. You are my role model, and without you, I would be dead.”

Kris shook his head. “If you really die, I will make you come back to life whatever the cost may be!”

“Father…” Buhui was touched by his father’s profound love for his family.

Kris patted on Buhui’s shoulder and said: “If I die, I think you will also do the same.”

Buhui nodded instantly and said: “I will!”

Kris smiled. “I have been practicing for so many years and I don’t even remember how old I am. When I first began practicing, my purpose was to protect people around me. And now many years passed, my purpose remains unchanged. Some people say the longer you live, the more indifferent you will get, and the more unconcerned you will become about life and death. But I disagree. I think with age comes wisdom. And we should respect our life even more.”

Buhui listened attentively. He suddenly lifted his head and said: “Father, I am in love with a girl, and I want to marry her.”

“Really? Tell me about her.”

“Her name is Fanxin. She is a very ordinary girl. Her cultivation is not very high, and she is not very talented in practicing. After practicing for two hundred years, she is still in the stage of accumulated spirit.”

Buhui continued: “But she is the most innocent, and the purest girl I have ever met. She is kind of silly, but she is very persistent. I like her, and she likes me. But…but she is not a human being. She is Asura Race. In her galaxy, they always say that Asura Race is the most brutal race, but I don’t think so. Fanxin is the kindest girl I have ever known!”

“If you like her, you should marry her.” Kris said. “Your big brother can arrange your wedding ceremony.”

“Thank you father.”

“There is no need to thank me. It’s your life. You have the freedom.” Kris waved his hand. He never expressed his opinions when it comes to his children’s marriage. Because he knows he has considerable influence over his children and he doesn’t want to impose his belief on them. So most of the time, he chooses to listen. After all, why would he bother himself with his children’s business when he could spend some time with his wives and parents.

Buhui smiled. He then changed the subject and talked with Kerry as if they were two brothers.

Three days later, Buhui left. Xiu Chen and some other people left with Buhui to help him arrange the wedding ceremony. But it took three months to make these people in Asura galaxy to agree to marry Fanxin to Buhui, and Xiu even used some violence to accelerate the process. And the wedding ceremony was scheduled for half a year later.

Xiu Chen decided to stay in Asura galaxy, so that he could exploit the galaxies nearby together with Gengu No.1 Sect.

Half a year later, thousands of golden dragons set off from Dubhe and went to Asura galaxy as a wedding convoy. And so many masters from different galaxies also went to Asura galaxy to attend the wedding ceremony.

Kris arrived at the ceremony happily. He looked at the girl, and found what Buhui said was right. She is indeed an average girl. She isn’t that beautiful, but she has the purest eyes Kris had ever seen.

Peerless Supreme Gusu wanted to preside at the wedding, because he had never done it before and he wanted to try it.

Kris was amused by his request. He said: “You are a Peerless Supreme. Why would you want to preside at a wedding?” But since Gusu insisted, Kris finally allowed him to do it.

Turned out, Gusu was very good at doing this job. He made the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony relaxed and warm. And when the ceremony was over, people ushered the new couple to their bedroom.

Xuefei and Yujie were so happy and they cried happy tears. The ceremony lasted for three days and the couple received so many gifts. Kris counted the gifts, and he realized if he could change these gifts for resources, he would have enough resource to extend all his worlds by ten thousand meters. But of course, he was just thinking. He would never touch these gifts.

Three days later, Gusu invited Kris over for a drink. Kris found him in the same old room. The room is not small, but Kris thought Gusu deserves to live in a bigger house. After all, Gusu is a Peerless Supreme.

“Brother Zhao!” Gusu said to Kris when Kris arrived.

Kris smiled. He said: “Didn’t I tell you? My family name is Chen.”

Gusu waved his hands and said: “That doesn’t matter. It’s just a name. I used so many names. Sima, Nangong, Zhuge and so on.”

Kris looked at Gusu admiringly. Because he also used many other names.

“You asked me where did I go some time earlier.” Gusu put the wine glass down and said: “Actually, I went to the Supreme Universe.”

Kris’s curiosity was aroused. “Why did you go there?”

“To look for more opportunities, of course.” Gusu said. “The Main Universe is safe. But if I want to become a Supreme Lord, I have to go to Supreme Universe. Some reckless people even go to the chaos to look for more opportunities, but that is too dangerous. Most people still choose Supreme Universe.”

“Can you tell me something about Supreme Universe?”

Gusu answered: “Sure. Supreme Universe is millions times larger than Main Universe. The walls of Supreme Universe are also much stronger. Only a Supreme Lord can break the wall of Supreme Universe. And also, there are many valuable things in the Supreme Universe that can help people in the Genesis Realm. For example, there is the Heart of the Universe, the Light of God, the Stone of Great Tao, Xuanhuang Root Spirit, and so on.”

Kris’s eyes sparkled when he heard these things. He said: “So, you mean the Main Universe is affiliated to the Supreme Universe?”

“That’s right.” Gusu nodded. Supreme Universe is affiliated to the chaos. Main Universe is affiliated to Supreme Universe. And small universe is affiliated to Main Universe. That’s their relationship.”

Kris was now feeling very curious about this Supreme Universe, and it was mainly because he wants to keep extending the worlds, but the resources left in the Main Universe are just not enough for him to do this job, and he had to find more treasures and more resources.

Chapter 630: Make a Fool of Himself

“As the superior universe, the Superior Main Universe is higher than the Main Universe, whether in spiritual opportunities or the Great Tao.”

“Aren’t there only three thousand Taos in the the Great Tao?”

“Who told you so?”

Kris Chen was stunned, “Aren’t there?”

“Of course not!”

Gusu said, “As the saying goes, the ways of Taoism are endless. You should have heard of it. If the Great Tao has only three thousand Taos, how could we say there are endless ways? “

“The three thousand Taos is just a general statement. Theoretically, the Great Tao is infinite. Even a dust can be turned into a universe, and a drop of water can support four hundred and eighty million creatures.”

“What you see with your eyes is not all true. What you can’t see may actually exist!”

After thinking for a while, Kris chewed the meaning of this sentence carefully and finally understood, “Thank you, brother Gusu!”

“I am telling you this with a purpose. I want to join you as a team to explore the Main Universe!”

Gusu said, “But the Main Universe is very dangerous, and the Genesis Realm is also in danger of falling down!”

“Holy crap!”

Kris likes to make friends with people like Gusu. He speaks directly and openly!

“The way to Taoism is not always smooth. Dangers are common. Opportunities are only for those who are well prepared.”

“But I have a question, is the velocity of time consistent between the Superior Main Universe and the Main Universe?”

“About 1:2, one year for the Superior Main Universe and two years for the Main Universe!”

Kris nodded, but it was fine, and the time velocity ratio was acceptable to him.

“When will you depart?”

“Brother Zhao, won’t you go home and tell your family first?”

Kris laughed, “It doesn’t matter. I have an incarnation at home!”

“Then let’s go!”

Gusu was a straightforward. They hit it off right away.

They galloped all the way across millions of star regions to the attachment node according to Gusu. “This can be regarded as the center of the Main Universe. You can see thousands of umbilical channels, which are the attachment channels of the Superior Main Universe. Even the Supreme Lord cannot destroy this channel, and even if he could, it is difficult for him to bear the cause and effect of the Main Universe. “

Kris looked up, and his eyes penetrated the void. He saw thick umbilical channels.

Countless stars were surrounding the channels like dust, looking very spectacular.

“Is there life in the universe?”

An absurd idea arose in Kris’s mind.

“Let’s go. From these channels, we can go straight to the Superior Main Universe!”

Gusu took the lead and jumped into the channel.

Kris followed.

“Holy crap! What rich spiritual opportunities!”

Kris took a deep breath, in which there are countless Taoist strengths, laws and Taoist principles!

“Brother Zhao, keep up!”

Exclaimed Gusu.

“Forget it, I can go to the Superior Main Universe first.”

Kris suppressed the idea of practicing here, and followed up. If he could practice here for a hundred years, a lot of resources could be saved.

However, Gusu’s words made Kris dumbfounded, “Aren’t there rich spiritual opportunities here? It’s OK to practice here, but are you ready for the cause and effect of the Main Universe? “

“This is the center of the universe. The growth of the Main Universe depends on these channels. If you intercept the spiritual opportunities, you intercept the fate of the universe. Can you take its pressure?”

“You think I don’t know about this wonderful place?”

Gusu laughed and said, “If we can find a cosmic blessing place when we go to the Superior Main Universe, then we will get rich!”

Kris looked at the channel and sighed. Sure enough, the free thing is always the most expensive!

Fortunately, Gusu stopped him in time. If Kris practiced here for hundreds of years, he would be crushed by the cause and effect of the Main Universe.

After God knows how long. They flew up and passed through a membrane similar to the fetal membrane of the world and came to a new universe.

Looking around, endless and rich spiritual opportunities were shuttling through the universe.

“This is the Superior Main Universe, and the spiritual opportunities are way too much! Even the Taoist principle is exposed outside the universe space!”

“The Main Universe is crushed by the Superior Main Universe in all aspects, and its mass is more than a hundred times that of the Main Universe!”

Gusu said, “Come, let me take you to a good place!”

A few hours later, Gusu and Kris reached a star region which was full of vitality. Almost every planet contained unlimited livelihood.

“Ordinary creatures in the Superior Main Universe can easily live over a thousand years old, and even with a little bit of practice a person can reach the actualized spirit stage. However, it is a thousand times more difficult to break through the Holy Realm after the actualized spirit than that in the Main Universe, because the Superior Main Universe is too mature, you can’t find too many loopholes! ” Gusu explained.

Kris nodded and they landed on a planet of moderate size.

However, the gravity of this planet was very big, “This is a rare cosmic magnetic star, its gravity is more than ten thousand times that of ordinary stars, and it is also a rare magic weapon. When it is refined into weapons, it is very gravity will be extremely big.”

“I once saw a strong man in the Middle period of the Genesis Realm, he waved a mace and destroyed dozens of star regions. Think how terrible it is!”

This is the Superior Main Universe, with a mass of a thousand times that of the Main Universe. If it is placed in the Main Universe of a lower level, hundreds of star regions will be destroyed in one blow.

It’s indeed powerful.

“He made a cosmic magnet star into a mace?”

Gusu was silent for a while, “Ten thousand cosmic magnetic stars!”

Kris was speechless…

The magnetic stars in the universe are not too big, and they are very lively and full of human voices. If you look around, you’ll see the people of the Holy Realm are as common as dogs, the true God are everywhere, and there are many people of Genesis Realm.

“Brother Zhao, let’s go inside and take a break!”nGusu waved to Kris.

Standing outside, Kris thought it was a tea house, but after entering, he realized that it’s actually a whorehouse!

People from the actualized spirit to the true God could be seen everywhere here, with half actualized spirit being the number one!

“Brother Gusu, is this the good place you mentioned?”

At this moment, Gusu also removed his mask of Peerless Supreme stage and winked at Kris. “This is my favorite place. Usually I don’t tell anyone!”

However, Kris showed little interest in it.

Seeing that Kris was not interested, Gusu sighed, “Brother Zhao, you have a big business nd a big family with a wife and many concubines. I am a lonely person. Even if I am a at the Peerless Supreme Stage, I am just a Supreme Practitioner. I am still a human being in essence, and I need to find someone to relieve my loneliness!”

Kris thought what he said was very reasonable!

In the Main Universe, people the Peerless Supreme of the Genesis Realm are very commonly seen. Even people of the Genesis realm are of a large number. In such a short time, he met at least ten of them.

“Go enjoy yourself, Taoist friend. I’ll just go around.”

“OK, I was thinking about communicating with you about this!”

On hearing this, Kris ran away hurriedly. This Gusu was a decent guy as well as an obscene one.

After leaving the place, Kris wandered around on the magnet star, and his old habbit came back to him again.

What to do? I really want to open one branch of Gengu No.1 Sect here!

However, there are boundary walls between the universe. Except people the Genesis Realm, even the true God couldn’t cross the boundary!

Although it seems difficult, it’s not a problem. It’s very easy for someone of Genesis Realm to bring people to the Upper World.

All he needs to do is to refine a Magic Room Treasure and put people in it, and then bring it into the Superior Main Universe.

“Forget it for the time being. I’ll just try to test how big the benefits are here. Moreover, the combat power of the Superior Main Universe is too high. It is too dangerous to let my men come up without getting ready!”

The True God could be found everywhere. The people of the Peerless Supreme that he killed some time ago were like dusts.

“Oh, it is a chamber of Commerce. Let me go in and have a look.”

When Kris stepped into the chamber of Commerce, he found it so rich inside, though it had a small door.

On top of it were countless twinkling stars, which were star cores. All kinds of natural materials and earth treasures were as precious as each other.

“That thing looking like a heart is a Big World Heart?”

“Every grain of sand in the hourglass contains a small world?”

“Half of the Great Tao!”

“Space jewel!”

“Soul refining stone, ninth-grade Black Lotus, heart of limit…”

“Wow! These are all good things!”

He took a look at the price list, “it’s a barter!”

This was kind of not worth it.

Kris touched his chin,thinking it’s still a good deal. For example, space jewels are of great use to him. They can expand and stabilize the space. The most important thing is it can form into a secondary space crystal.

Kris had also gained a lot of good things over the years.

There were not many people in the chamber of Commerce. Kris took out a Storing Ring and went to the counter. “Shopkeeper, I want to exchange the Big World Heart, space jewels, and soul refining stones. Check if they are enough.”

The strength of the shopkeeper was not weak, and he is a strong man in the Middle Period of Genesis Realm.

Glancing at the ring, the shopkeeper didn’t say anything and just threw the three things to Kris, “You can choose another one!”

“This chamber of commerce is so good!”

Kris said to himself, “Then I’ll take another space jewel!”

immediately, a space jewel of the size of a human brain, emitting spatial fluctuations, appeared in the hands of Kris!

After exchanging for what he needed, Kris did not linger at the chamber of commerce. He threw the Big World Heart and two space jewels into the ancestral world!

Boom, boom!

The slowly growing space started to grow with a hundred times the original speed.

“It should be able to increase the ancestral world by three hundred million meters in height.”

Yuan Kris instantly calculated the space that could be increased!

Kris took a breath. Just these things were worth hundreds of star regions’ supplies.

So, good things are good because of its quality, not its quantity!

There are many chambers of Commerce in this magnet star. Kris had accumulated a lot of useless good things in his hands these years, so he bought a lot of things in these chambers of Commerce!

After going around, many years of accumulated treasure became less than a third!

“Space jewels, time gems, the Big World Heart, the sky building wood, the water of the universe, the divine pool of creation, script of peerless Supreme…”

It’s not that Kris was reluctant to give up these useless treasures, but that there were no more chambers of Commerce that he hadn’t been to.

There were thousands of kinds of treasures, and their amplification to the world was still great.

In addition to the treasure of expanding the space, there are also the Great Tao stones that could broaden the world.

If the Great Tao stones are thrown into every world, a new Great Tao will evolve in the world one day.

Ninety nine percent of the Holy Spirit in the world of acupoints can not feel the change of the world, but for those who had broken through the True God stage, they can clearly feel the power of the world.

The world was also soaring at an astonishing rate.

The bigger the world, the greater the repression.

In the past, the True Gods could only suppress the power as much as possible, but because the world’s upper limit had become higher, the True Gods had been unable to break the world barrier!

This also meant their opportunity of breaking through had come!

Once the True Gods break through the great worlds, do they have a chance to reach the Peerless Supreme?

No one can resist this temptation.

And if the True Gods break through the Peerless Supreme stage, they will live as long as the heaven and earth, and they will have enough time to find ways to break through the world’s barrier!

However, Kris just wanted to say to them – Are you daydreaming?

Do you want to break through the barriers?

Then ask me whether I agree or not.

Of course, if there are such young people who can really break through, Kris won’t mind.

Because in a way, they will all be his juniors.

But they need to keep up with Kris.

“Apart from the ancestral world, the rest of the world can expand by thirty million meters at the same time.”

“It’s about twice the size of the world!”

“How much expansion is needed to break through the great worlds?”

“Ten thousand times.”

Kris touched his forehead. This is the great world. It’s clearly a small universe!

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