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Chapter 63 – 64: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 63: Not gonna divorce him

After sending Xinyou Qiao away, Venus Wu walked up the upstairs to the second floor and came to the door of her room. At the moment when she wanted to push the door and walk in, there came Hao Nangong’s voice from her rear.


Venus turned around and saw Hao’s warm smiling face. Hao pointed to the door in front of Venus and asked in a casual voice “Kerry Ye’s room doesn’t seem to be this one but the room next to it. Ah, is this room where you usually work in?”

Venus shook her head with a kind smile and answered “This is my room, where I usually relax and have a rest.”

Compared to getting along with Kerry, Hao’s gentleness relaxed Venus a lot, and she couldn’t help regarding Hao as a friend in her heart. As Venus always concealed nothing from her friends, she told Hao the truth.

Hao was stunned after hearing Venus’s words, but then a surprise was written on his face. He immediately asked “Then where does Kerry live in if you live here?”

“Definitely he’s living in his own room.” Venus answered honestly.

Having confirmed the thoughts in mind, Hao’s heart flowed with excitement. Because this meant Venus and Kerry had been sleeping in separate rooms, so they were not a couple technically.

Then it meant Hao was even more qualified to chase Venus. If so, he had to convince Kerry to divorce Venus as soon as possible. Since in any case, Kerry is a normal man and things will be complicated if he falls in love with Venus after they spend enough long time together.

Hao had obviously expressed his attitude just now, but what about Venus? What did she feel about Hao?

“Venus, have you got a beloved one yet?” Hao asked cautiously, and being afraid that Venus would misunderstand, he explained “I mean…Do you like Kerry?”

“Like him?” After hearing the question, Venus thought for a while and then shook her head in amusement.

Venus used to like Zihang Lu, but after knowing that Zihang cheated on her and his betrayal, Venus didn’t have a crush on him anymore. As for Kerry, she only has hate on him.

What Venus responded was quite useful to Hao though he had privately investigated Venus’s affair before and knew everything about her. He knew that Venus only had one boyfriend before, which he also heard from Zihang Lu, but nothing happened between them. It’s a pity that Hao was delayed that night and didn’t had a chance to meet Venus, otherwise Venus would have been his girlfriend already.

Trying his best to stifle the inner excitement, Hao cautiously asked “Then have you ever thought about finding a man you like who also likes you? If you divorce Kerry? ”

“I don’t know.” Venus murmured but then something seemed to come to her mind, and she said mildly “No, of course I can’t divorce him. Absolutely not, at least not now.”

After hearing this, Hao frowned and stared straight at Venus, then he asked in low spirits “Why?”.

A touch of bitterness rose in Venus’s heart. Currently, at this moment, love for her was as obscure as the moonlight’s reflection on the water.

The financial funds of Mu’s Group not being able to make both ends meet after the death of parents, her missing brother and boyfriend’s betrayal. All of these things were piled up on Venus, leaving no chance for her to gasp.

Right now Venus’s brother is her only hope. At least she doesn’t have to bear so much pressure on her own if she could find her brother.

Thinking of this, Venus recollected her uncle’s one million yuan once again. She knew that she couldn’t hesitate anymore, and for the sake of his brother’s safety, she had to raise the money as soon as possible. As to whom to borrow the money, the only person she could think of right now was Kerry Ye.

No matter Kerry agrees to lend her money or not, at least she should give it a try, right?

“Everyone in life will encounter helpless things, and so am I. I’m sorry I can’t tell you what happened right now, but I’m deeply grateful for your countless help.” Venus wore a helpless smile and said sincerely.

After all she couldn’t fully trust in Hao, which made also Hao depressed.

Hao thought bitterly that Venus actually didn’t want to confess all the things and share the pressure with him together.

So finally Hao left the Yes’ villa in a daze, got into his Ferrari and drove away.

While driving, Hao’s white Ferrari was like an arrow without string, speeding along the wide road and ignoring the traffic lights on the both sides of the road.

Suddenly, a shrill sound came out. Hao jammed his foot on the brake hard and instantly stopped his Ferrari in the middle of the road.

Hao lit a cigarette, took a hard whiff or two and then pinched it out. Then he reached out his hand and unbuttoned his shirt. Looking through the front rear-vision mirror, there was a streak of ferocious scar on Hao’s muscular left chest, and followed scar, his thought went back to that night.

It was Hao’s first encounter with her…

Chapter 64: Are you human or ghost?

As the young master of the Nangong family, Hao Nangong was incomparably noble. He enjoyed incomparably supreme glory in Sky city. At the same time, his family had many enemies, and he also became a pain in the ass of other families.

Over the years these families had tried everything to kill him, but they never succeeded because of the Nangong family’s protection of him.

He had always been tired of this kind of protection. Every day numerous bodyguards followed him and protected him, causing him to have no personal space at all.

That night he drank some wine and took the opportunity to get rid of his bodyguards, but just as he was feeling happy about his freedom, he was surrounded by a group of strangers.

He fought against them desperately and eventually escaped, but he was slashed viciously on the left side of his chest.

The wound near his heart caused him to bleed out and he fell unconscious in a dark alleyway.

He thought he was certain to die, but when he woke up, the first thing he saw was an innocent and delicate face.

When she saw him wake up, she looked much more relaxed. She smiled at him and asked, “You finally woke up. You lost a lot of blood, I thought you…..”

Hao Nangong noticed that he was lying on a hospital bed with only the two of them in the room.

“Did you save me?” he asked

The woman nodded and said softly, “When I saw you unconscious, I called for an ambulance and then they took you to the hospital. But I don’t know your name and couldn’t contact your parents, so I had to stay here until you woke up. Can you tell me the contact information of your family now?”

When Hao saw her pick up her phone, he told her his contact information, but she said that she would leave when his family came.

“I don’t know your name yet.” Hao said as he looked at her back.

The girl slowly turned around and said with a big smile, “I’m Venus Mu.”

Since then her face and name had been carved in the deepest part of his heart. He sent someone to gather all the information about her. He learned that she was studying design at Nanhu University and she had a brother named Tianye Mu, and that she had a boyfriend named Zihang Lu.

He had wanted to intervene in her life overbearingly, but the thought that she was still a college student made him abandon that plan. He planned to make her his woman when she graduated.

He just didn’t expect that she would marry his best friend Kerry Ye in just a few days, which made him regret. He should have approached her earlier and proposed to her.

What hurt him the most was that Venus didn’t remember him long ago.

“No matter what, I’m going to take you back. You belong to me.” Hao clenched his hands and swore.


After dinner, Venus Mu went up the stairs to the second floor and wanted to go back to her room. Just then, she heard the sound of a wind chime shaking.

She was suddenly startled and felt terrified, “”That room… purple pupil…””

Did the man with the purple pupils show up again?

Despite her fears, Venus was even more curious about the man’s identity. Why he was in that room? How did he disappear each time? Where did he go when he disappeared?

Thinking of Kerry’s suspicions and insults towards her, Venus secretly swore to find the man and bring him to Kerry to prove that she was not wrong.

She once again came to the door of that room, for some reason this time the door was not closed. She could clearly see the man inside through the gap of the door,

The teapot and teacups were still suspending in the air, and the man with purple pupils was standing quietly at the side.

With a flick of his finger, the teapot that was floating slowly moved. The teapot arrived in front of one of the teacups and slowly tilted forward, exuding a red liquid that was poured right into the still floating teacup.

Before Venus could see what he was doing, he instantly appeared next to the teacups three meters away.

Venus stared in shock. The man with purple pupils that looked extremely similar to Kerry slowly picked up the teacup filled with liquid and tasted it with a lazy look.

“Who the hell are you? What’s your relationship with Kerry?” Venus couldn’t hold back any longer and suddenly pushed the door open and walked in. She tilted his head up to look at the man who was acting strange and asked coldly.

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