Chapter 63 – 64: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 63: Destroy Lishi Company

Others were so shocked that they were speechless.

“Is he not a bastard? How can—”

“He… the Chairman of Xinxi Group?”

Fox Lee slammed the table in disbelief, “That’s impossible!”

Just now, he said that Baker Lee was useless and not qualified to sit here, but it turned out that he was the chairman of Xinxi Group. The least qualified person in the room was Fox Lee.

The dismal look on Mr. Lee’s face was clear as day.

Baker Lee looked at Mr. Lee deeply and said faintly, “Hello, Dad. Long time no see. You’ve been well, I see.”

“Hm. You’ve been too well you almost make Lishi Company bankrupt.” Mr. Lee snorted, “I look down on you.”

“No, you don’t look down on me. You just haven’t seen it.” Baker Lee said faintly.

The atmosphere of the conference room froze over.

Baker Lee looked at Mr. Lee’s sullen face and put his hand on the table. Instead of continuing the topic, he said, “Don’t you want to negotiate? Let’s continue.”

Mr. Lee took a deep breath.

He never thought that the reason Xinxi Group suppressed Lishi Company was because Baker Lee turned out to be the chairman of the group and he deliberately retaliate against him.

Mr. Lee closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he said, “Well, let’s negotiate.”

“You can merge Xinxi Group into Lishi Company. I will give the general manager position for you. As for the shares, we can subdivide them later.”

Baker Lee looked at him and smiled without saying a word.

Webb Lee shouted, “Dad!”

There was a hint of disapproval and unwillingness in his voice. Originally, he would inherit Lishi Company after Mr. Lee died, but now Baker Lee was in the picture. How could he be willing?

Baker Lee had been waiting for 20 years. Not everyone could have this endurance of his.

He could quietly established Xinxi Group. It showed that he could easily build another one.

Of course, this was not the key point. The key point was that Baker Lee wanted to make Mr. Lee paid for everything.

The others present were silent. They were afraid to speak.

Mr. Lee thought for a while and finally gave in, “Well, you should return all the market you robbed from Lishi Company. In the future, there will be no beef between Lishi Company and Xinxi Group again.”

Baker Lee answered indifferently, “No.”

“You!” Mr. Lee shouted angrily, “I’m your father! How dare you do this to me!”

Baker Lee smiled when he heard this sentence. He said with a calm face, “Finally, you admit that you are my father. Thank you. However, what’s wrong with me doing this to you?”

“Baker!” Webb Lee screamed, “He is your father!”

Webb Lee didn’t want to admit it, but Lishi Company was at stake.

Baker Lee didn’t even look at Webb Lee. He asked Mr. Lee, “Dad, since you’re my father, I have something to ask you.”

Mr. Lee didn’t say a word. He just stared at him angrily.

“Do you remember when Mom cried and begged you…”

Mr. Lee’s face turned pale.

“She cried and begged you to take care of her son.” Baker Lee said lightly.

Everyone subconsciously held their breath and listened to what Baker Lee said.

“That time, she suffered from pancreatic cancer. It tortured her every single day. She was dying, but she endured it and begged you to take care of her son.”

“Do you remember what you said that time? You refused. Five minutes after you left, she died with eyes open.”

“You didn’t even say something nice to comfort her in her dying days, even if it’s just a lie.”

Mr. Lee trembled and said, “I couldn’t do that. I never lied…”

“Oh!” Baker Lee smiled.

“You couldn’t lie, but you could cheat on your wife?”

“My mother even gave you a son, but you wouldn’t admit the son was yours.”

Mr. Lee closed his eyes and lowered his head. He looked weak.

He forgot all these past events.

But now, Baker Lee spilled it out in front of everyone.

“Do you know that at her last moments, she told me…”

“Your father has difficulties…”

“Don’t blame him…”

“Haha… and do you even admit me as your son?”

Suddenly, Baker Lee slammed the table, stood up, and pointed at Fox Lee, “This rude and stupid scumbag dares to call my name and insults me! And you, you didn’t even look at me! Do you think you deserve to be my father?!”

Fox Lee was angry, “Who do you call a scumbag?!”

“You little piece of shit!” Webb Lee kicked him, “Apologize to your uncle now!”

“Why should I? He insulted me!” Fox Lee said sternly.

Webb Lee was about to say something when Baker Lee interrupted, “No need.”

“I will call you dad and admit that you are my father.” Baker Lee said to Mr. Lee, “Even if you don’t want to admit me as your son.”

“I don’t want to be angry, after all, you’re my father. I also hope that you will live a little longer. Sometimes, it’s better to face guilt alive than to die. Don’t you agree?”

Mr. Lee was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Others couldn’t do anything.

Colin Ward, in the office, was shocked beyond measure.

This was so awesome!

His father-in-law had always been unknown. He wouldn’t say anything when Eva Gray scolded him. The Lees had always ignored, excluded, and ridiculed him.

Now, he was the chairman of Xinxi Group. The life and death of Lishi Company was at his hands. If he wanted Lishi Company to last, it would. If he wanted it to crumble, it would.

Colin Ward recalled that Baker Lee refused to argue with others, not because he was afraid and timid, it was because he hated it.

Mr. Lee was cornered.

He didn’t want to mention these terrible things he did in the past. Now, everyone knew about them. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and hide.

Lishi Company owed its development to Mr. Lee’s first wife. That was the reason he dared not let them know about Baker Lee and his mother’s situation.

Later, his wife died and Lishi Company stabilized, but he still had many concerns.

He wanted to forget, but Baker Lee couldn’t.

“I have lived without dignity for so many years, but today, I have no regrets at all.”

“Do you want to completely destroy Lishi Company to satisfy your revenge?”

Baker Lee chuckled and said nothing.

This time, Eva Gray said, “Honey, if you bring down Lishi Company, Doris is still the general manager there. Do you want to hurt your daughter?”

Chapter 64: Three conditions

“Honey, don’t talk.” Baker Lee looked at Eva Gray and said faintly.

Eva Gray choked as her face slightly changed.

He was silent for so many years and now, he wouldn’t let her talk.

Why was that?

“Baker Lee, why don’t you let me talk?” Eva Gray asked.

Mr. Lee suddenly snorted, “Eva, shut up!”

Eva Gray was startled. Her body shrank.

Mr. Lee continued angrily, “What do you know as a woman, huh? Don’t interfere with our business! When men talk, women better shut up!”

She felt wronged.

When Baker Lee saw this, he frowned and looked at Mr. Lee.

“I can give up my suppression on Lishi Company.”

“What?” at that time, everyone thought they heard him wrong.

“I can let Lishi Company go.” Baker Lee looked at everyone.

Mr. Lee looked at Baker Lee and said, “Go head! What conditions do you want?”

“I have three conditions.” Baker Lee held out three fingers.

“First, my mother’s death day is coming. I want you to go to her grave and light up a candle for her, apologize to her, and admit that she is your woman.”

Mr. Lee’s face froze when he heard the first condition.

If he did as told, it meant that he admitted his mistakes.

Baker Lee said faintly, “The hardest thing for people is to admit their mistakes. I know it’s difficult for you, but you have to do it. You owe my mother this.”

Mr. Lee’s face was even uglier, but Lishi Company was at stake. He took a deep breath and asked, “What’s the second condition?”

Baker Lee looked at Mr. Lee and continued, “I want my family to be written on the family tree. Also, I want my mother’s name to be engraved in Lee’s ancestral hall.”

The Lee was an old family. It kept the genealogy all the time which could be regarded as a recognition of a family member.

This condition was similar to the first one. If Mr. Lee could accept the first one, the second one was naturally acceptable.

Sure enough, Mr. Lee continued, “What’s the third condition?”

Baker Lee looked at Eva Gray and smiled, “My wife, Eva Gray, has a short temper, a sharp mouth, and a small heart. She always aunts me.”

Eva Gray wanted to swear when she heard that. She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t make a sound. What qualification did she have to swear now?

However, what Baker Lee said next completely stunned Eva Gray.

“However, this woman, since we got married, she has been with me for more than 20 years. She gave birth to a beautiful and capable daughter. She has been with me, taking care of me, and also taking care of my family.”

“She hates me for my cowardice. She mocks my incompetence, because I cannot make money. She will ridicule and curse at m, but even so, she never think about divorcing me.”

“She has been working hard for my family so that we can live a better life. She even tries to curry favor with the rich. People rolls their eyes on her, but she stays with me.”

“If she’s being hard on me and scold me again, I won’t say anything because she is my wife who has been with me for more than 20 years.”

When Baker Lee said this, he suddenly gave Mr. Lee a look, “I didn’t get the slightest care from you since I was a child. Now, I have my wife who has been taking care of me for more than 20 years. What qualification do you have to shut her up?” he raised his voice, inquiring.

Eva Gray gave Baker Lee a blank stare.

She couldn’t help playing back the memories from 20 years ago.

Baker Lee’s each and every word sounded over and over again in her mind.

Her eyes glistened. She couldn’t hold back tears from rolling down her cheek.

Mr. Lee had a bad feeling.

The next moment, Baker Lee said, “Since you agree with the previous two conditions, it means that you admit me as your son and my family. She is your daughter-in-law who has been taking care of me for more than 20 years. Don’t you think you have to be thankful for her?”

Mr. Lee was about to open his mouth, but he couldn’t.

Baker Lee added, “Well, forget it, you don’t have to, but you have to apologize to her.”

He said lightly, but it did sound like a command.

The atmosphere in the conference room was once again frozen.

Mr. Lee couldn’t say a word with his trembling hands.

Because everything Baker Lee said was reasonable and he couldn’t refute it.

Could he apologize to Eva Gray in front of so many people? Wasn’t it the same with rubbing the dirt on his face and humiliating him at the same time?

He couldn’t do it.

“What if I don’t apologize?” Mr. Lee asked.

Baker Lee smiled, “Then, you can say goodbye to Lishi Company.”

“You!” Mr. Lee shouted, “You’re committing a monstrous crime!”

Baker Lee didn’t care, “It has been a big crime since the beginning of suppressing Lishi Company. So what if I do continue?”

“Don’t you think this crime of yours is too ridiculous?”

Mr. Lee didn’t even do his duty as a father for more than twenty years and now, he accused Baker Lee of being rebellious. What nonsense!

Mr. Lee’s chest moved up and down.

Webb Lee spoke on Mr. Lee’s behalf, “Dad has already admitted you. Is it wrong to say that you’re rebellious? Do you have to piss him off?”

“Nonsense. I even wish him a long life.” Baker Lee said lightly.

“Unbelievable!” Webb Lee was angry.

“Three days. I’ll give you three days.” Baker Lee chuckled.

“If after three days I do not get the answer I want, Lishi Company will cease to exist.”

After that, Baker Lee stopped talking. He went to Eva Gray and took her hand.

She looked at the man in front of her. Her heart turned upside down as her eyes stared at him unblinkingly.

At this moment, she felt that her long suffering finally burst out and she could finally breathe.

She held her head high and put her hand in Baker Lee’s hand.

Baker Lee took Eva Gray and walked out of the conference room.

Everyone watched them leaving in silence.

After a little while, Webb Lee said, “Dad, let’s go!”

Things turned out to be like this. What else could they say?

Webb Lee helped Mr. Lee to stand up and walk out of the conference room.

When the other member of the Lee family walked behind Mr. Lee, they saw Mr. Lee’s back was badly arched. He was getting older and older.

They could feel their pace got heavier.

Everyone was out. Doris Lee was left alone in the room.

She had just recovered from the shock Baker Lee caused her.

After everyone left, she suddenly had a question.

Who was I?

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