Chapter 631 – 632: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 631: Back to the Old Business

Kris Chen felt that he was an indefatigable bull in his last life.

With so many resources he had put in, it would have been easy to cultivate thousands of practitioners of the Genesis Realm, wouldn’t it?

That’s not exaggerated at all.

Think about the many incarnations of Kris: Yuan Kris was of Middle period of Genesis Realm; Demon Kris was also of Middle period of Genesis realm, and incarnation of the five elements was at the moment demonstrating the universe. Once successful, it would also be a cosmic fighting force.

There was incarnation of Yin and Yang, and North Kris, who were also of the Half Genesis Realm!

The old master of Gourd and the old master of purple fire sect had lived for millions of years. The former was in the Later period of the Holy Realm, and the latter was still in the closing door process, and had not broken through the Holy Realm yet.

The gift that North Kris had been expecting which was promised by the old master of purple fire sect seemed hopeless.

The Peerless Stage was too powerful. The treasure which was once precious to Kris at the moment became worthless.

Ordinary people could only practice step by step.

Talents could practice way faster.

Kris’s practice was like spatial jumping.

It’s not comparable at all.

In fact, Kris could only be regarded as average.

He had a hundred thousand, twenty-nine thousand and six hundred worlds for countless creatures to grow, and more than a billion years had passed in the world of acupoints. In other words, it took more than a billion years and countless creatures to finally create the present-day Kris.

In this case, do you still think that Kris’s practice is fast?

There is no shortcut to practice, but he could always find a way to speed up the process.

For example, at the moment, after swallowing a lot of treasures, Kris’s strength started growing again imperceptibly. When the worlds of acupoint should break through the great worlds together, the Fulfilled period is just around the corner!

Gusu was having a good time in the brothel, and Kris didn’t disturb him. He bought a star map in the chamber of commerce, went to several super large planets, and changed the useless treasure into something useful to him.

The inner world during this time had developed rapidly.

The living beings in the body felt that it had become easier to cultivate, but the heaven and earth had become more stable and the aura of heaven and earth had become richer. Both quality and quantity had made great progress.

In these years, in order to promote the development of the inner worlds, Yuan Kris put no restrictions on the aura of heaven and earth, but it would become more and more difficult to cultivate in terms of the bottleneck.

That was one of the manifestations of the perfection of heaven and earth.

It would also be difficult for the practitioners of the True God Stage to break through the space. Even the full force blow of the Holy Realm could only make the space turbulent.

Everyone came to realize that the opportunity for world development was about to come, by which time they could also be promoted.

But no one can break through the Genesis Realm until Kris becomes Supreme Lord.

Therefore, Yuan Kris set up a Peerless Supreme Stage over the Fulfilled period of the True God. As the founder of the world, the will of the Great Tao is just an idea of him.

Therefore, from this day, there was a God King Realm Stage above the true God Stage and the Holy Realm Stage!

The crowd was ecstatic.

According to incomplete statistics, tens of thousands of people from the True God Stage could break through the God King Realm Stage in one day.

However, it may take ten billion years or even tens of billion years to reach the Peerless Supreme Stage. Moreover, the chances are small. Once the time limit comes, they can only reincarnate.

No matter how powerful they are, they will turn into pure souls when they get to heaven.

“Yes, it gives me a lot of time to buffer, which should be long enough for me to break through the Supreme Lord Stage.”

Kris was very satisfied.

A few days later, Gusu came out of the brothel with satisfaction.

“Brother Zhao, it’s a shame that you didn’t go in.”

Gusu said, still lost in the scene.

Kris laughed but saidnothing, “Brother Gusu, business matters.”

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot the business.”

Gusu chuckled bitterly. “I got the news when I came here last time, that at the attachment node of the Main universe, a great chaos explosion once in the million era is about to begin.”

Kris did not ask anything, but listened quietly, “The so-called chaos explosion, you can understand it as the chaos turns around or sneezes, and by then the attachment nodes will be covered by infinite chaotic gas.”

“It’s a bit dangerous, but it’s also accompanied by opportunities, and chaos will come out of it.”

“For example, the heart of the universe, the colorful chaotic stone, the universe embryo… and other kinds of chaotic treasures. Some people get the aura of the heaven and earth, whose color is purple and golden!”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”


Gusu stopped Kris, “Well, I miscalculated the time. It should be 10 years before the chaos explosion happens. Shall we have some fun first?”

Kris was speechless. How could this guy be so unreliable?

At the moment his pocket was cleaner than his face. He had to find a way to make money. After all, there were creatures in the one hundred thousand, twenty-nine thousand and six hundred worlds waiting to be fed!

“Brother Gusu, you go to have fun. I’ll travel in the universe for a few years, and I’ll see you in the center of the universe when it’s time.”

Gusu was overjoyed, “Good buddy, you are really thoughtful.”

After that, he entered the brothel again.

Kris shook his head and left the magnet star.

These days he had had a general understanding of the Supreme Main Universe.

It’s essentially no different from the Main Universe.

It’s just that everything had gone up to a higher level.

It’s more suitable for the creators to survive and practice.

For example, there were star thieves here, whose leaders were usually of the Genesis Realm Stage.

Isn’t it frightening?

One Star Core is worth hundreds of those in the Main Universe.

Kris decided to go back to his old business.

It’s too much to rob the planets where life exists. But robbing the star thieves should feel better!

In addition, he planned to take in the uninhabited planet directly into the universe to enrich the newly opened space.

The more stars there are, the more powerful they are.

Many worlds had evolved the Taoism of stars, greatly improving the world.

Song Luo Bandit, the leader of which was Song Luo, was a native of the Supreme Main Universe and a well deserved overlord of tens of thousands of star regions around him. He was of the Genesis Realm Stage. At his level, it would be a disgrace to go out and rob the planet worlds with his underlings.

So he came up with the idea of collecting the protection fee, from the domain overlords to the star bandit groups. He wouldn’t miss anyone of them!

And under his high-pressure rule, the people lived in dire straits.

His daily job is to drive the starship, and collect protection fees from one universe to another.

In his words, people will be wasted if they rest too much.

If he meets some foreign practitioners, he would plunder one or two of them for fun.

In the huge starship, creatures of all races were kept there, most of whom are from the stars rich in beautiful women.

This is his harem and they are all his pets.

On that day, he came out of his harem with satisfaction. After killing hundreds of people, Song was ready to drive to the nearby star regions to collect protection fees.

But at this time, he saw a practioner walking in the stars, and soon came to his spaceship, “Hey buddy, may I ask for directions?”

The practitioner was born with red lips and white teeth. He looked like a modest young man. His cultivation was only of the Fulfilled period of the True God Stage. Song was stunned. “This boy is probably from another star region. He doesn’t even recognize my spaceship. He dares to ask for directions!”

I have to teach him a lesson!

“Oh, where do you want to go?”

“Where is the headquarters of the Song Luo Bandit? How can I get there?”

Song was in a daze. He’s coming for me?

No, couldn’t he see the big words written on the side of my spaceship?

When he looked at the practitioner again, the practitioner’s eyes were full of complex meanings.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding!”

“It’s said that Song Luo is in the Middle period of the Genesis Realm. He has a great strength and is the overlord of tens of thousands of star regions. I want to fight with him and take his head.”

Then in an instant, the practitioner suddenly punched. The infinite Taoist force collapsed, and thousands of Great Taos were gathered into his fist, with overwhelming power.

Song’s fist was locked tight by the force of the world in the blink of an eye.


There was no earth shaking explosion, but Song was directly crushed into powder, and his cells were strangled by endless force, so that he could not be reborn!

“Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve!”

The practitioner gathered together all the cells that had not yet died of Song, “The Great Oven of the Universe!”

“I’m gonna refine you!”

The whole set of movements went smoothly.

It was no one else. It’s Kris!

He had been infinitely close to the Fulfilled period. It’s not hard for him to kill people of the Middle period of Genesis Realm. The key lies in Speed.

You have to move fast and attack the enemy before he could react.

The powerful outbreak of the oppressive force would always kill!

The power of the a hundred thousand, twenty-nine thousand and six hundred worlds is absolutely beyond the Fulfilled period!

The Great Taos refined Song in turn, which wiped out the will of song and turned it into the purest ideas. The power of cells contained infinite vitality.

Kris threw them all into the inner world without anything left.

They are much better than those treasures.

The most important things were the million-year Song’s collection.

His collections alone were 100 times more than those of Kris before.

Kris went into the huge spaceship and released all the slaves. “Escape, from now on, Song will not hurt you any more.”

Millions of people fled and knelt down to thank Kris.

Kris laughs, erased the words on the side of the spaceship and drove the spaceship into the center of the space.

Ten years was not long or too short. In the ten years, Kris had crossed numerous star regions, and tens of thousands of people of the Genesis Realm died in his hands.

All the useful treasures had been put into the inner world. The size of the ancestral world was about one tenth of the size of the Big Dipper, including the newly developed space.

Hundreds of millions of star cores were thrown directly into the universe by Kris. Before long, these Star Cores will develop into stars with life.

Kris also broke through the Fulfilled period of Genesis Realm!

On top of the Fulfilled period of Genesis Realm, there is the transitional stage of Small Supreme Lord.

Kris was speechless about it.

Doesn’t the Half Supreme Lord sound better?

It doesn’t, indeed!

Forget it, my next step is to reach the Small Supreme Lord Stage!

Across hundreds of millions of stars, Kris came to the node where the universe attached to chaos.

There were a lot of people around, all of whom were strong men in Genesis Realm Stage.

Even the true God was not qualified to stand with them.

There are natives from the Supreme Main Universe and the strong ones from the Lower Main Universe.

Just as Kris was looking around, Gusu arrived!

“Brother Zhao, I finally found you!”

Kris was speechless.

You were having fun in the brothel. Did you ever think about me?

“Em… I haven’t seen you for only ten years. How come I can’t see through you!”

Gusu’s looked confused.

Kris laughed and said, “Well, I broke through accidentally!”

Gusu was so shocked that he even wanted to curse.

Chapter 632: The Compass

It took Kris more than a hundred years to break through the Genesis Realm Stage, but In the eyes of Gusu, it happened just in the blink of an eye.

And he got exceeded in such a short time?

He’s the Peerless Supreme in the Later period of Genesis realm Stage!

“So you are now in Fulfilled period of the Genesis Realm Stage?”


Kris nodded gently.

Gusu felt that he got depressed. It took him millions of years to break through the Genesis Realm Stage, and it took him another million years to reach his present stage.

He even suspected that it was because he had been to the brothel for too many times in recent years!

After a while, Gusu shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s no use thinking too much. Some people are born talented. I can never catch up with them…”

Besides, the higher the cultivation of Kris, the higher the safety factor of their group.

At this thought, Gusu was no longer depressed, instead, he became very happy.

“Brother Zhao, we must rush in the chaos as soon as the chaos breaks out!”

Kris nodded.

It’s really exciting to compete with so many great people of Genesis Realm Stage.

After taking over the spaceship, Kris adjusted his condition.

Gusu also adjusted himself. A though war might break out later and chances were high that they would fail if they were too careless.

He had to do his best!

After waiting for about half a month at the attached node, a strange wave diffused from the attached channel.

That wave was very strange, in the blink of an eye, countless stars turned into powder because of the space concussion.

“Brother Zhao, hurry!”

Gusu yelled and turned into a stream of light.

Kris was shocked and followed him.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless people of Genesis Realm Stage were flying towards the center of the chaos.

The next second, the gas of chaos spurted out from the channel.

There is no concept of time and space in chaos, so theoretically, chaos is infinite.

In the blink of an eye, a star region was covered by the gas of chaos.

In chaos, the Divine Spiritual Power extended no more than 100 meters, and chaos was extremely domineering.

No wonder the people of the True God Stage didn’t dare to come. The erosion of chaos alone was tough enough for them to resist.

“Ha ha, I’ve got it. I’ve got chaos stone!”

A lucky person of Genesis Realm Stage laughed loudly, but he could only be happy for three seconds. The next moment, countless attacks flew to him.


With the reinforcement of chaos, the space became extremely solid, even the Supreme Lord couldn’t break the space!

The person of Genesis Realm Stage that got the chaos stone was smashed into slag.

His soul was annihilated and the cell vitality was strangled!


Kris took a cold breath. It’s way too exaggerated!


Gusu snorted, “He was yelling for death!”

Kris nodded. There were at least tens of thousands of people Genesis Realm Stage who attacked that guy just now, and even Kris couldn’t survive.

I’d better keep a low profile!

Before I achieve the Supreme Lord Stage, I have to be careful!

“Go, brother Zhao!”

Gusu fished in the chaos, whether it was rubbish or not, as long as it was something, he would take it. “Let’s keep going inside. There are many good things in it!”

Kris was quick and witted, too. He took what he saw.

“The Great Tao stone, branch of Chaos Enlightenment Tea, and the Source of Chaos!”

“A lot of good things! So great!”

“Yuan Kris, don’t just watch there. Do what you have to do now!”

“Don’t worry!”

Yuan Kris was also excited!

“There is a precious in the shape of a compass on the left rear. Its breath is extremely terrifying. It is definitely a treasure bred by chaos!”

Kris turned around and, sure enough, the compass had only four scales – south, east, north and west!

“I’ll take this treasure!”

He grasped the compass in his hand.

“No, this magic weapon is too strong. I can’t suppress it alone. Yuan Kris, mobilizes the power of the world to suppress it!”

Yuan Kris quickly mobilized the power of the world to hold down the compass!

“Precious! It’s absolutely a precious baby!”

Gusu saw it too but he was not envious, because he also got a lot of good things.

“Go, keep going in!”

After suppressing the compass, the two continued to fly inside.

Chaotic space was so powerful that they didn’t meet a one practitioner after flying for such a long time.

At this time, a huge tentacle was attacking towards the two.


Gusu was directly blown away and spat out a large mouthful of blood. His eyes were full of panic. “No, it’s a chaotic beast with greater intelligence!”

Kris was also directly blown away. A stream of evil spirit started constantly invading his body!

“Suppress it!”

Kris tried to suppress the evil spirit. However, it is not enough. “Yuan Kris, hurry!”

Yuan Kris also found it tough!

“I’ll try my best.”

“Don’t try! We must suppress this evil spirit!”

Kris Ran thousands of the Great Taos in his body and they began to hold the evil spirit under control. He asked, “Gusu, what the hell is this?”

“This is a beast with greater intelligence comparable to the Grand Supreme Lord!”


Kris gasped!

With this beast blocking the way, who dares to move forward?

Kris was confident that he could fight a Little Supreme Lord, but he was not willing to challenge the Grand Supreme Lord. They could kill him with one finger.

“But don’t worry. Although this one is powerful, it doesn’t have intelligence and only acts on instinct. Let’s go around quietly and don’t disturb it.”

While talking, Gusu vomited blood!

“It can only live in chaos, once out of chaos, it will die!”

On hearing this, Kris nodded-If there is no such restriction, once it escapes from chaos, who can stop this beast?

If it goes crazy, the Supreme Main Universe will be overturned by it.

“Don’t talk too much. Deal with your injuries first!”

Kris took out his Peerless Supreme elixir.

Gusu didn’t think much about it and swallowed it.


Gusu felt that the injury in his body was much better. He turned around and left!

“I didn’t expect that in the first wave of the chaos explosion, the beasts with greater intelligence was erupted. Many people will die this time!”

Gusu’s expression became serious. “Generally speaking, the chaos explosion will last for several months. The longest time that I know was eight months. There were nine waves in total, and it was when gas of heaven and earth, whose color was purple and golden, was emitted.”

Kris nodded and flew away quickly.

“Do you know how many people of the Genesis Realm died that time?”

Kris shook his head.

“About half!”

Kris’s was stunned!

One chaos explosion killed half of the people of Genesis Realm!

What was that? Survival of the fittest?

It suddenly dawned on him that even the Supreme Main Universe could not support the people of Genesis Realm without limit.

To the universe, they are both beneficial and harmful insects.

So the universe cleans itself regularly!

But all of these had nothing to do with Kris. It’s not as simple as you think if you want a treasure!

It’s impossible without paying the price!

They continued to fly forward after God know how many miles they had already flown.

However, there is no reverse, no time and no space in the universe. They felt that they were standing, but they were probably upside down.

What to do?

Kris spat and found that his saliva is instantly extinguished by chaos.

Gusu was surprised, “Brother Zhao, what are you doing that for?”

Kris was too tired to explain. He just wanted to see what direction the saliva was falling to, so that he could know whether he is standing or upside down.

But how to explain?

If there is no space in chaos, how is there up and down?

How stupid! He felt himself so stupid!

At this time, the compass, which was suppressed and refined by Yuan Kris, had a moved. “Master Kris, this is a compass, which can distinguish the up and down, left and right, South, east, north, and west in chaos. “

Kris was overjoyed and looked at the golden compass in his hand. “Right, it’s a good thing, although it can only be used in chaos…”

Yuan Kris was speechless…

Do you have any misunderstanding about it?

This thing can suppress the four poles of the universe. It’s a very powerful treasure!

To be precise, this is a magic weapon that only the Grand Supreme Lord can use.

The compass is a Spirit Weapon.

At the moment Kris was not even the Little Supreme Lord, but it’s okay to distinguish between up, down, left and right!

Looking at the compass, he said, “Fortunately, we are standing.”

Kris smiled and poured his magic into the compass, and the pointer instantly pointed to the East!

“Go, let’s go in this direction!”

Gusu was dumbfounded. Where did you get that compass in such a blink of an eye?

It can distinguish the direction in the chaos, what a powerful thing!

Under the guidance of the compass, they gained a lot of good things.

What’s more, the compass seemed to have the function of seeking luck and avoiding disaster. Nothing strange happened along the way.

There was no beast with greater intelligence or a practitioner.

What’s more, they had got their pockets full of treasures!

Chaotic seven-color stone, Chaotic Space stone, chaotic embryo, the small universe in the brewing, which was like a chicken egg, but is heavier than a world!

Of course, most of them were all kinds of chaotic garbage and chaotic spiritual stones!

Boom, boom!

At this time, the chaos trembled. Gusu exclaimed, “The second wave is coming, prepare for defense!”

Kris quickly put up the protection.

Gusu said that the gas of chaos became stronger and more intense.

In the end, even the bodies of Great Tao of Genesis Realm would be eroded.

The second wave lasted for two days, and the gas of chaos became more violent.

It got harder to walk in chaos.

But with the help of the compass, the two continued to go deep.

“It’s mine!”

“I found it first!”

Dozens of people of Genesis Realm were fighting each other for a tripod!

It was a Spirit Weapon!

What a good thing!

Gusu watched the people whose eyes turned red, and said, “Now we have two choices, one is to leave quietly, the other is to sit and reap the benefits!”

“It’s a bit hard to divide the benefits,” said Kris.

“It doesn’t matter. You see, there is a sword in the big tripod. The tripod is mine and the sword is yours. What do you say?”

Kris thought and nodded. For such a long time, he almost forgot that he’s a sword cultivator!

Seeing Kris nodding, Gusu was happy. What a great partner!

The two hid themselves and became invisible. Though the chaos could hide things, it’s never too much to be careful.

Several groups of people were fighting in disorder, and they were fighting hard.


“Soul destroying beam!”

The terrible light bloomed in the hands of the people of the Genesis Realm, and even the gas of chaos was pierced!

One of them was accidentally hurt by the beam. Even if he didn’t die, he was seriously injured and his combat ability was greatly reduced!

“You hurt my second brother! You should die! Come on! Let’s attack him together!”

After that, four or five people gathered around him.

Kris and Gusu enjoyed watching them with great interest, and all kinds of supernatural powers and Taoist methods were extremely stunning.

After a while, several people were seriously injured.

“Good chance. Let’s attack now and get that tripod.”

Gusu nodded and rubbed his hands. Obviously, he couldn’t wait!

Just as they were ready to start, a frightening roar came from the chaos!

And it’s getting closer and closer.


The huge palm of stretched out from the chaos, and held five Practitioners tight.

“Ah… Save me… The Devil of chaos, this is the Devil of chaos! I don’t want to die!”

Several people struggled in the palm of the Devil, and the next second, the big hand was taken back, then a strong chewing sound came from the gas of chaos!

“No! Run! It’s the Devil of chaos! Run!”

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