The mother of the boss behind the scenes, as well as a large group of relatives on the scene, are full of regrets. How can they want to get it? This Chuck Cannon is their partner, Karen Lee’s son!!

The scene is regretful!

Chuck Cannon said that most of their companies may go bankrupt and may lose money!

“Chuck Cannon, you…oh,” the mother of boss behind the scenes sighed, what did she do?

The scene fell silent, all sighing.

Chuck Cannon was calm.

The boss behind the scenes didn’t say much. What can she say in this situation?

After all, she thinks that her little lover Chuck Cannon has been wronged just now. Besides, even if her mother’s company has lost money, she can help!

After eating this family banquet, the boss behind the scenes wants to take Chuck Cannon away and Chuck Cannon also wants to leave.

But a bunch of relatives looked at Chuck Cannon pitifully. They had no appetite during the meal just now because there was a problem with their own company!

“Chuck Cannon, I’m sorry just now, we shouldn’t say that to you, you let your mother continue to cooperate with us.” A charming woman said, pitifully.

“That’s right, we were talking nonsense just now. Don’t take it seriously, can’t I apologize?” Another man said with a grin.

Chuck Cannon didn’t pay much attention, the phone had already been called, and his mother had severed cooperation with them. How could it be possible to cooperate again?

The boss’s mother sighed, “Daughter, you…”

“Mom, I can’t help it. By the way, are you satisfied with my boyfriend?” The boss behind the scenes shook her head.

“Satisfied, satisfied,” the mother of the boss behind the scenes felt bitter, why is she still not satisfied?

She has worked with Karen Lee’s company for so long, how could she not know Karen Lee’s strength?

To be honest, she asked someone to ask Karen Lee if she had a son. If so, she could let her daughter and Karen Lee son be together. Then, with Karen Lee as a backer, wouldn’t her company develop further fast?

But how could she ask at that time?

So when there were no results, she was a little disappointed at that time.

But now she didn’t expect that the disappointment at that time actually came true now.

Her daughter is really with Karen Lee’s son.

“That’s good, then we will go back.” The boss behind the scenes pulled Chuck Cannon and left.

The people at the scene looked at each other!

“Bella found a good boyfriend!” Some relatives sighed.

This is true. Chuck Cannon’s mother can determine the life and death of her company in one sentence. How can she not find her own daughter like this Chuck Cannon?

The boss’s mother smiled bitterly, “Yes, but he would still be angry with me,”

Chuck Cannon’s expression told her that Chuck Cannon was still angry.

What can she do? she apologized.

“What’s the matter? He and Bella are together. Sooner or later we are all a family. He should continue to let his mother work with our company when that happens.”

The mother of the boss behind the scenes, her eyes lit up, yes.

I almost forgot.

My daughter is looking for Karen Lee’s son. According to Huaxia’s words, he is Chuck Cannon’s mother-in-law. He will definitely take back what he said.

The mother of the boss breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, I am his mother-in-law, he will forgive me, he will definitely… Daughter, I am really satisfied with the boyfriend you are looking for this time.”

Her eyes are shining, which is great!

The other relatives were envious, Bella looked at luck, so lucky, actually found such a boyfriend…

“Little guy, you made your elder happy today, want to hug me?” The boss behind the scenes smiled charmingly.

Chuck Cannon’s performance was very good today. When she left, she was relieved to see the satisfied expression on her mother’s face.

She didn’t expect this when she thought to take Chuck Cannon home that her mother would really be satisfied!

“Uh, no more,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“No? Come here! I asked you to hug, you still don’t want to? You are not behaved, are you?” The boss behind the scenes became angry.

Of course, not really angry.

Chuck Cannon was helpless, he could only give her a polite hug, and the boss behind the scenes chuckled, “Why are you so honest?”

Chuck Cannon’s formal hug made her a little unhappy.

She is also beautiful and has a good figure, why does Chuck Cannon seem to feel nothing at all?

She hasn’t encountered this kind of situation, after all, how many men would fall under her pomegranate skirt with one finger and one hook?

Chuck Cannon, his little lover, can’t hesitate?

Chuck Cannon wants to go home.

The boss behind the scenes snorted, “Little guy, do you want to go back that way?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t lie to her, nodded and thought.

“Then go, don’t find me in the future, go quickly,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, “Don’t be angry.”

“Why am I angry? Go away, don’t want to see you anymore, you are not my little lover, go away.” The boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon coughed and opened the car door and went out.

The boss behind the scenes is angry, really leaving?


Ignoring again!

The boss behind the scenes thought angrily. Suddenly, she snorted, “Let me let you go, don’t think about it! You are my little lover.”

She hummed and went out, “Hey, stop me!!!”

Chuck Cannon can only stop.

The boss behind the scenes swayed her long legs and passed by, “If you let you go, you can leave? You idiot? I was so mad at you. Today I am very happy, so… take it, give you something,”

She took out something that looked like marble, Chuck Cannon was astonished, “What is this??”


Chuck Cannon was shocked, what kind of bomb is this? Grenade?

“Yes, I found someone to do it myself, it’s really amazing, little guy, you are my little lover, don’t die,” said the boss behind the scenes.

This is a bomb that is particularly easy to carry. Unlike traditional bombs, the detection equipment simply cannot detect it.

She thought, what if Chuck Cannon is in danger again?

What must be required? Prevent it in advance! Otherwise, if something really happens, it will be too late!

“Thank you elder,” Chuck Cannon put it away, yes, take one with him, no one else can find it, and he has a little more protection.

How could Chuck Cannon refuse such a good thing?

“Now you know to thank me? Go away, be careful on the road, you are my little lover, if you bump, I will feel distressed, don’t you know?” The boss behind the scenes hummed and got in the car.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, this woman treats herself well!

He drove away by himself.

But halfway.

Chuck Cannon was a little embarrassed because he said at the time that he would bring food to Black Rose, but when he came out from behind the boss’s house just now, he forgot. He could only find Black Rose and apologize, “Uh, I forgot to bring food for you…”

“If you forget, you forget,” Black Rose has no expression on her face, waiting because she is hungry!

You actually let me die of hunger!

Never believe you anymore.

“Uh, do you want to eat something?” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed.

“Go back.” Black Rose was indifferent.

Chuck Cannon had no choice but to go back.

In the next few days, there was no clue on his mother’s side and no clue on the boss behind the scenes. Chuck Cannon was getting more and more anxious. Who saved the helpless Logan?

Chuck Cannon wants to know too much, but there is no clue on either side!

When Chuck Cannon was impatient, he could only turn this eagerness into exercise strength, train hard, and improve himself!!

But suddenly, his cell phone rang, and he looked a little puzzled, this is a strange number, who owns it?

Chuck Cannon answered, and there was a stranger’s voice inside, “You want to know Logan’s clues, come here! I will send you an address! Follow the address and don’t tell anyone! Otherwise, you will never find Logan.”

“Who are you?” Chuck Cannon was shocked and asked hurriedly, but the indifferent voice hung up after speaking.

He was anxious in his heart. At this time, a message came from the mobile phone. This was an address.

Chuck Cannon considered that he knew this place, but who was this person who gave this information and what purpose? Chuck Cannon doesn’t know at all, so should he go?

Yes, what Chuck Cannon didn’t know was that this was a call from the hidden family Hudson. In the past few days, the woman suddenly got the news that Brayden Stewart of Stewart is about to marry Logan!!

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