To be honest, when the woman got the news, she was surprised and felt unexpected!

After all, how long is this, how can it be so fast?

Logan really lost her memory? It is impossible for her to marry that Brayden Stewart in just a few days! !

Too unreasonable.

“Miss, the call has already been made, Chuck Cannon will come over,” the man said with his head down.

“Well, what the hell is this Logan doing? I originally thought that even if we got married, it should be a few months later, but suddenly this news came out. I didn’t expect it. It seems that I still underestimated Brayden Stewart’s methods.” Heidi Hudson said.

Is Logan still a spare tire, is it so easy to be dealt with by Brayden Stewart?

“Brayden Stewart is famous for picking up girls. A woman like Logan is just pretending to be high-minded. It was only a few days before Brayden Stewart got it done, which is enough to prove what she is like the others.” The man mocked.

“En,” the woman nodded lazily, and she checked Logan’s details. She hadn’t been with a man before, and now she met Brayden Stewart who was conquered by others.

Really casual!!

“Then, Brayden Stewart, will marry Logan in two days, should Karen Lee receive news?”

“What qualifications does Karen Lee have to receive news?” the woman mocked.

What kind of news is there? Only people from the hidden family can know, people of Karen Lee’s level are not qualified to know!

“Yes, it is impossible for Karen Lee to receive the news, then… Chuck Cannon will go with you, then…” The man still hesitated a little bit!

Chuck Cannon has gone, and he will definitely make a fuss!

So, when the time comes, if the young lady finally makes a move, does it mean that Hudson and Stewart have a break?

“I’ll save him when it’s critical, otherwise what should I tell him to do?” The woman leaned back lazily.


“I know what you want to say. Even if Chuck Cannon is making trouble, he will hit the sea with a rock. As long as he falls into the water, he will be calm. There are so many masters in Stewart who will instantly subdue him. That’s it, Brayden Stewart cannot give me this face,” the woman said calmly.

The man nodded, yes, they are all secret families, how can they not give face?

Chuck Cannon’s level is really a matter for Miss?

In a word, Chuck Cannon can return to heaven from hell!!

Chuck Cannon, you should be grateful!

“Then, will the people of that family will go to visit the house?” the man asked, the other one of the three secret families he said.

The people from Stewart should have sent invitations. However, there are already enough people from Stewart. In fact, it doesn’t matter to the Stewart whether anyone else will come.

But that secret family seems to have been low-key all the time, it seems to be too low-key.

“Who knows this? You should ask Chuck Cannon’s so-called father, Joseph Cannon, and he will know…” The woman’s lazy beautiful eyes are clear!

The man nodded slightly, yes, he must know…

“Then wait for Chuck Cannon to come here?” the man asked in a low voice.

“Of course, wait for him to come… I haven’t seen him for a few days, I actually miss him a bit…” In the woman’s lazy eyes, a little memory appeared.

Recalling that when Chuck Cannon saved herself and left, he touched her while he himself was sleeping…

The woman was also surprised. Did she really like Chuck Cannon?

It seems to be true, after all, Chuck Cannon was still the first person to hold her hand.

Maybe, this is a kind of subconscious preconceivedness!

Chuck Cannon, you should feel happy, after all, I am fond of you…

The woman’s lazy expression became stronger.

The man was stunned, his own lady really fell in love with Chuck Cannon?

The man finds it incredible, that low-level Chuck Cannon, what is good in him?

There is no charm at all, really! waste!

“However, will Chuck Cannon tell his mother Karen Lee?”

“No, Chuck Cannon, according to his recent performance, should be particularly concerned about Logan and would not tell Karen Lee.” The woman analyzed.

She was right, Chuck Cannon wouldn’t tell Karen Lee because it involved Logan’s safety!

“Well, miss, I knew something yesterday,” the man said.


“The Bella from the killer organization is actually investigating Logan’s affairs.” The man knew about it last night.

“She? That old woman!” The woman sneered. She must know the boss behind the scenes!

“Chuck Cannon went to find her,”

“Huh, why doesn’t he find me?” The woman was lazy and annoyed!

“Yeah, Chuck Cannon just doesn’t know what’s good or bad! Then…” The man meant, should he teach the boss behind the scenes a lesson? What about Logan, can she also investigate?

“That Bella is so old, what else do you want to do? Look, if she and Chuck Cannon are too close, then you know what to do?” There was a hint of coldness in the woman’s lazy eyes.

“Yes!” The man nodded immediately.

The woman lazily said, “Chuck Cannon, it’s not good for you to be too carefree. I like you, am all yours. Other women, don’t touch them, touch one to see them die…”

Chuck Cannon didn’t hesitate on this side. He checked and confirmed that the small bomb given by the boss behind the scenes last time was in his hands, and he hid it carefully in case of emergency.

Then he went out but met Yvette. Chuck Cannon found a reason and said to go out. Yvette knew that Chuck Cannon was in a bad mood, so of course, she just asked Chuck Cannon to be careful.

Chuck Cannon came out of the house but met his mother.

“Chuck, where are you going?” Karen Lee came over. The thousand-year-old ginseng has been obtained, and it is already being manufactured.

She wanted Chuck Cannon to eat that quickly and make Chuck Cannon’s injured head better.

“Mom, I’ll go out for a trip.” Chuck Cannon still didn’t say, it was related to Logan’s safety!

I’d better go to the place the stranger said first to see who it is.

If there is any problem, Chuck Cannon will definitely call his mother immediately.

“What are you going out for?” Karen Lee felt that Chuck Cannon’s expression was wrong. What else she had been looking for news about Logan recently.

There should be results soon.

“Roaming,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Um…, okay go.” Karen Lee sighed. Is this the reason for worrying about Logan too much?

“En.” Chuck Cannon went to the garage to drive.

“Chuck, wait a minute,” Karen Lee suddenly thought of something, and Chuck Cannon was astonished. “Mom, something?”

“Of course, I’m leaving, come here!” Karen Lee waved to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon went inside with his mother.

His mother took out a piece of clothing. It looked like ordinary clothing, but it felt cold to the touch. Yes, it was made of special metal from Karen Lee Technology Co. Ltd., which was bulletproof.

It is similar to the ancient soft hedgehog!!

She was worried about Chuck Cannon, and she made it deliberately.

“Put it on,”

Of course, Chuck Cannon put it on obediently, feeling cold, “Mom, is this?”

“It is bulletproof, but a place can only block one bullet, and even if it is blocked, it will be painful, but it is much better than not wearing it. Starting today, you are not allowed to take it off even when you sleep, you should know.” Karen Lee was concerned.

“Got it,” Chuck Cannon will definitely put it on because it can save his life at a critical time.

“Let’s go, right, don’t run around, pay attention to safety, you are the only son.” Karen Lee was very serious. The last time Chuck Cannon had an accident, she was really frightened. She had never been so scared.

So she was too worried about Chuck Cannon’s safety, she always felt that Chuck Cannon can be in danger at any time and she wanted to follow Chuck Cannon every time.

“En,” Chuck Cannon ran out, drove a car and went out, Black Rose followed. Chuck Cannon called Black Rose, “Don’t follow me today.”

“You tell your mother, if she said she wouldn’t let me follow, I won’t follow.” Black Rose was indifferent, yes, last time she said to take food, but she didn’t.

Let go of the pigeons, without credit, I am Black Rose, should I be willing to follow you?

“Well, don’t you stay too close,”

“I want to stay away from you.”

Chuck Cannon is relieved, Black Rose is a killer, hiding is absolutely no problem, she should not be discovered by people.

Chuck Cannon stared at the address on the phone and drove there quickly. Is there really news about Logan in this place?

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