Chapter 633 – 634: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 633: The Chaos Sword

The Devil of chaos is more terrible than the beasts with greater intelligence.

It is not only is stronger in strength, but also in intelligence. Its intelligence is only like three-year old child, but it’s already terrifying.

And the biggest hobby of Devil of chaos is that it likes to eat humans!

They tried to escape, but three more arms reached out of the chaos.

Crunchy, crunchy!


The sound of chewing and swallowing could be heard very clearly, Gusu’s heart was full of fear, “Brother Zhao, we’d better leave quickly!”

With a frown and a wave of his hand, Kris Chen used the magic of Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve to take the tripod into his Storing Ring.


Kris ran as quickly as he could. Right at that moment, a big hand reached out from inside, but it got nothing.

“Woo woo…”

The voice of a child crying spread from the mist.

A giant with four heads and eight arms came out.

The giant had no skin, and his muscles and veins were exposed outside. The blood kept dropping and splashed on the gas of chaos, which instantly wiped out a huge amount of chaos!

At a glance of it, Kris trembled. What kind of monster is this? It’s so terrible!

He was even wanting to jump into the chaos! In that case, he would only be seeking death!

He thought he could finally relax and do whatever he wanted when he reached the Genesis Realm, but now he found even the Genesis Realm Stage was so weak!

“Brother Zhao, it’s over. We’re being targeted by the Devil of chaos. What should we do?”

Gusu was so scared that he almost peed his pants.

If they got caught by the Devil of chaos, they would die!

“Try to find that beast with greater intelligence!”

Said Kris.


Gusu exclaimed, “It’s a big place here in the chaos, how can we find it?”

“We have to find it! There’s no choice!”

At the moment Kris could only put all his hopes on the compass.

“Fly south!”


While they were flying away, a big bloody hand came out and tried to catch them but it missed!

“Woo woo…”

The cry behind Kris became louder and louder. What made Kris collapse most was that the big tripod and the giant sword were fighting fiercely.

“Yuan Kris, suppress them”

Yuan Kris was speechless…

Although he was tired, he needed to find a way to suppress them!

A great deal of world power was transferred to fight against the big tripod and the giant sword, and it took great effort to finally suppress the two things.

“The heart of the universe, the worm of chaos… Ah, they are all good things. I really want them…”

While they were flying by and watching the treasures fly by them, Gusu’s heart was bleeding!

“You want treasure or life?”

Kris said nothing else and kept attacking backwards!

“Invincible cosmic explosion fist!”

It’s unknown if it’s effective, but at least it could resist the Devil for a while!

“Of course I want…life!”

Gusu was upset, but he didn’t say.

They ran for a long way and also met many heroes of the Genesis Realm Stage on the way but they were killed by the Devil of chaos.

But even so, the Devil was still targeting them!

“Why are you chasing me? Did I sleep with your wife or did I kill your mother?”

Gushu cursed to the Devil.

“Brother Zhao, let’s get out of here. The chances of surviving are too small! We’d better go out!”

As a mature man, he should not have been greedy when he should give up. Now that he had gained a lot, it would be enough for him for many years.

He really didn’t want to be the excrement of the Devil of chaos.

“It’s too late. We’ve been flying a long way inside…”

Gusu trembled, “You mean, you have been taking me to fly into the chaos?”


Kris nodded.

Gusu felt his heart was breaking.

“If we go inside, we may encounter something even more powerful. Maybe there is the nemesis of the Devil of chaos.”

Gusu thought what Kris said was reasonable. He couldn’t even find a reason to refute him!

At this time, they suddenly feel their bodies got stuck, as if they were trapped in the swamp!

“We are doomed! We are doomed!”

Gusu’s tears almost burst out, “We’ve entered the territory of the Demon of space!”

“What is the Demon of space?”

Asked Kris.

“When the Supreme Main Universe is destroyed, the chaos spirit will occupy it and turn it into a space trap, thun the Demon of space will be waiting for the prey to come!”

“This thing is more powerful than the Devil of chaos. The most important thing is that his IQ is high… About that of a ten – year old…”

“Why do you know so much?”

Gusu was speechless. I am almost scared to death here, and you are still asking me why?

“How about we just fly out?”

“To be eaten by the Devil of chaos?”

Gusu looked up to the sky so that his tears wouldn’t flow out, “Am I going to die here today?”

At the same time, the space around them started to ripple.

A thin hand stretched out from inside, and at the same time, the Devil of chaos arrived.

The blood from the huge body splashed, and fell on the chaotic gas, making a huge sound.

“Woo woo…”

The Devil of chaos cried louder.

The space around the chaotic trap almost boiled.

The thin hand quickly grabbed at the Devil of chaos.


Four heads of the Devil roared one after another, and eight arms swept over, as if to tear up the thin hand.

There was anger in his eight eyes, and there was a trace of fear in that look of anger!

However, Kris thought it was a close match, but the fact was that his thin arm was so powerful that it cut off eight arms, and then suddenly became wrapped around the body of chaos devil.


The arm was stretched straight and kept pulling the Devil of chaos into the chaos trap.

“Let’s go, Run. We are not the target of the chaos spirit!”

Kris recovered himself and rushed out with Gusu who was dumbfounded.

“Woo woo!”

The eight hands of the Devil grew out again, trying to catch Gusu and Kris, but it was caught by the evil spirit of chaos and couldn’t escape.

Gusu also recovered himself at this time and ran away quickly.

At this moment, half of the chaotic devil’s foot had been drawn into the chaos trap by the chaos spirit.

Slash! Slash!

The boiling space trapped the Devil of chaos tightly.


This was followed by a scene that made Kris tremble.

A huge mouth opened and swallowed the Devil of chaos easily.

Crunchy, crunchy!

The sound of chewing could be heard clearly.


After a burst of swallowing sound, the turbulent space smoothed the trace, leaving only infinite chaotic gas!

They didn’t know how far they had escaped. They kept running until they were sure they were safe.

Kris gasped. He couldn’t remember when was the last time that he had been so close to death like this.

Gusu was also the same, “Damn, what a hell of a thrill!”

He’s legs were still trembling at the moment!

So what he’s of the Genesis Realm, and so what he had lived for millions of years?

He’s afraid of death like everyone else!

“I’m so lucky that the chaotic spirit obviously ignored us. He took us as a bait, and finally the Devil of chaos became his meal,” said Kris, still in a state of panic.

Chaos is really terrible. Before reaching the Grand Supreme Lord Stage, no one should go in. Look what they had encountered.

One was more terrible than another!

In front of them, any magic power is useless!

“Fortunately, I collected a lot of blood from it without being noticed by the Devil of chaos. Its blood is a good thing!”

There was a red blood ball in Gusu’s hand, which was full of terrible aura!

“Those who see this thing will definitely spend a lot of money buying it!”

Kris was speechless. You were almost scared to death. When you ran away, you’re still in the mood to plunder?

The red blood ball had hundreds of drops of blood at least, right?

Kris still had doubt about himself but he was sure at the moment that Gusu was definitely a smart ass!

Taking a deep breath, Kris said, “Brother Gusu, why not give this chaotic blood to me. Can I exchange it with other things?”

Hearing this, Gusu didn’t think too much about it at all. He pushed the magic blood in front of him. “No need to exchange. It’s with your help that we escaped from the chaos.”

Kris shook his head, took out the chaotic seven-color stones, and gave him half of them.

“Brother Zhao, you…”

Gusu laughed and shook his head, “Well, this time I am taking advantage of you!”

Kris got the chaos blood. “This blood is of great use to me. I am the one taking advantage!”

The devil of chaos is definitely the best in Supreme Lord Stage, and its blood is certainly of great benefit to Demon Kris!

The tripod and sword are spirit weapons, with one attacking and the other defensing!

The chaos tripod can turn the people of The acquired stage into The innate-power stage!

Chaos spirit sword, which can split chaos, is a treasure that can create the world!

Kris told Gusu exactly what he had known.

“Let’s distribute this as we agreed earlier!”

Gusu laughed and took away the chaos tripod. With the tripod, he could refine his magic into the innate-power stage aura, which could definitely greatly enhance his attacking power!

Kris smiled and took the sword.

What a precious! And he doesn’t have to be responsible for killing.

And it can also suppress his bad luck.

In this way, he had another guarantee!

He threw it to Yuan Kris to let him refine it.

At this time, the surrounding atmosphere of chaos became strong again.

“The third explosion is coming!”

Gusu put away the tripod. “Let’s continue to explore.”

Kris took out the compass and went south.

Along the way, they searched crazily and almost regarded the place as their backyard.

But elsewhere, it’s full of war and killing!

Hundreds of people were fighting for a magic weapon.

The beasts with greater intelligence held out their tentacles and killed many people.

The Chaos traps, Devil of chaos, fairy puppet, Buddha and ghost… they were moving around in chaos!

No one can get out of their hands.

People were like lambs to be slaughtered.


The fourth chaos explosion!

This time, it only happened three days after the third one, and lots of good things came out!

Everyone’s eyes turned greedy red.

“That’s my spirit weapon!”

“Universe embryo! As long as you can refine it, you will be able to have more cosmic fighting power in an instant!”

“The heart of chaos! That is the heart of chaos!”

“It’s mine. No one else should take it from me!”

“The divine root of the innate power stage1”


People of the Genesis Realm lost themselves in these magic weapons!

On the other side, Gusu said, “Brother Zhao, you’d better take this precious!”

Kris said, “No, I already have several similar ones!”

Gusu said, “Oh, then I’ll take it!”

“Ah, there is a universe embryo there. Do you want it, brother Zhao?”

Kris said, “I remember you have two already, so I’ll take it!”

On the whole, it’s still Kris who gained more. Gusu also knew that without Kris, he would have died already!

In particular, the compass in the hands of Kris is definitely a magic weapon which could seek good luck and avoid disasters. It was not the first time that he had entered the chaos world. Before that, he only dared to search the outside of it.

He understood too well the danger of chaos!

Knowing when to stop is one of the creeds of Gusu.

Chapter 634: He’s Headless

This chaos eruption was far shorter than the previous eruptions in terms of spacing. But half a month later, the fifth eruption began. This time what erupted was very different from the previous times.

Kris had actually been summarizing the pattern of each eruption.

The first eruption was mostly stones and other solid stuff. And He obtained the boundary-defining compass, the Chaos Ding and Chaos Spirit Sword from the second eruption.

The third and fourth eruptions were mostly seven-colored Chaos Stones, which were high-level treasures that could cultivate the flesh.

The fifth eruption was all kinds of chaos energy.

The five elements of chaos energy, the true spirit energy were all first-class advanced energy that can increase the killing power. But Kris didn’t need them. He put all of them into his Cave World, which was good for increasing his world’s power.

His intuition told him that after the fifth eruption, he would probably be able to obtain Xuanhung Root Spirit, which was the source of all energy. Once he got it, the opportunity for his world to evolve into a universe was there.

The fifth outbreak had a long interval. It lasted for about two months, and just when they thought the chaos eruption was going to end, the chaos shook violently.

Soon, the sixth eruption came.

Kris clearly felt that the chaos energy was even more corrosive. But fortunately, his physical body did not feel a great deal of pressure. Gusu, whose physical body was obviously weaker than Kris, had brought out the Chaos Ding to help him defend against these energies.

“Your body is unharmed. It really makes me envy you.” Gusu marveled.

The chaos eruption was more like compressing the chaos energy and then erupted, so it was more powerful.

Suddenly, the divine light filled with destructive power shone from the depths of chaos.

Luckily, the Chaos Ding helped Gusu to block the destructive light, so he was fine, but the powerful force made him feel uncomfortable, ” Shit, why am I always the one who gets hurt?”

Kris drew out his Chaos Spirit Sword and gathered his magic power to cut through the endless chaos.

Then he saw the light scurrying in the chaos. It was the destructive light emitted from the destruction of the Main Universe.

Kris had speculated to see the sixth eruption should be a variety of divine light.

“Gusu, use the Chaos Ding to cover the destructive divine light!”

Gusu nodded and used the Chaos Ding to cover the destruction divine light.

Then Kris threw the compass over, and firmly fixed the light.

With a big wave of his hand, he took the divine light into his Cave World, and then Yuan Kris would find a way to create this destruction divine light.

“Shit, how could you put this destructive divine light into the Cave World? do you want to destroy the Ancestral World?” Yuan Kris cursed. Although Kris was the original soul, Yuan Kris could not tolerate him doing whatever he wanted.

Fortunately, during this period of time, the Cave World in Kris’ body had improved tremendously again, otherwise it would definitely be poked to pieces by this destructive divine light.

Yuan Kris was unhappy, but he still quickly collected the destruction divine light.

“Sorry, I’ll be careful next time!” Kris smiled and said to Yuan Kris. Then he said to Gusu, “Let’s keep going!”

The two of them sped along. Two months later, the two had obtained hundreds of divine lights. There were destructive divine lights and also supreme divine lights that exceeded destructive divine lights, such as the chaos divine light.

It took Kris and Gusu a great deal of effort to subdue the chaos divine light.

“Mr. Zhao, our journey has gone too smoothly, but I’m a little worried. How about we return the same way?” Gusu had some doubts in his heart. They had been walking in the chaos for half a year, and except for the danger at the beginning, they hadn’t encountered any danger. One could not go on smoothly all the time, especially at their stage. For them, it was instinctive to tend to blessings and avoid disasters.

“Gusu, is there something you sense?” asked Kris.

“I always feel that something bad is going to happen. The chaos has obscured all the celestial opportunities, I cannot deduce. We’d better retreat to the outside first to ensure safety.” Gusu said seriously. He didn’t want to suffer the same calamity as those people; otherwise all his millions of years of Fruit of Taoist Practice would be ruined.

Kris thought about it and nodded. They had already acquired too many treasures. Any one of these treasures would be a sought-after one when taken outside.

In fact, at first, Kris did get a little greedy, but now he was able to control his greed very well.

Gusu was relieved. He was glad that Kris would agree to retreat back.

Just as the two were about to retreat, the seventh chaos eruption came.

A wave of chaos swept through the air, and with it came the sound of a clear bell.

The moment he heard the sound of the bell, Kris felt a great crisis. This feeling was even stronger than when he faced the Chaos Demon.

The two of them quickly darted towards the outer layer, yet their speed was no faster than the speed of the chaos energy.

“Damn, what a strong erosion force!” Gusu cursed, “This is too fucking strong!”

The Chaos energy eroded the protective shield of the Chaos Ding, making a loud sound.

Kris’ body also felt the pressure. The good thing was that his body was so strong that Chaos couldn’t hurt him. He had planned to refine his body in the chaos, so this was a good opportunity for him. He let go of his protection and let the Chaos energy erode his flesh.

Gusu sucked in a cool breath and cursed Kris for doing so like a freak.

“Do you feel the sound of the bell getting closer and closer?” Kris said.

“Yeah, I heard it!” Gusu said. He was gooseflesh all over. “Listen, there seems to be a wailing sound.”

“Keep silent. Something’s coming!” Kris pulled Gusu and hid both of their bodies. Soon a black shadow came out of the chaos.

The figure was so tall that it could cover the sky, and the Chaos Demon was a runt in front of him. He was not even as tall as the figure’s knees.

Kris had obtained a concealing divine light that could hide both of their figures. As long as they didn’t make a sound, they shouldn’t be discovered by this black shadow.

One of the black shadow’s big feet stretched out from the chaos, and then revealed his thighs, his body. The two men looked up and shouted in unison, “He’s headless.”

“It has two breasts for eyes and a belly button for a mouth. What the hell is this? Look at the thick chains still wrapped around him.” asked Kris.

“This is the True God who has died. He was born in chaos.” Gusau said solemnly.

“What?” Kris’s face changed greatly. He once again thought of the note Qiujian left behind. The True God that Gusu said was obviously not the true god in the True God realm.

“He’s dead?” Kris asked.

“He’s not exactly dead.” Gusu shook his head. “It is said that countless demon gods at the innate-power stage were buried in the chaos. These demon gods were born in the realm of creation and grew up to be the realm of the Supreme Lord. These countless Supreme Main Universe, Main Universe and even small universes were opened up by them. “

“But these demons suddenly disappeared one day. Some say what they damaged the Chaos Origin, causing Chaos to be enraged and kill all them” Gusu continued, “Others say that there was an earth-shattering battle between the demons and gods, and the root cause of that battle was that only the victor had the chance to advance to the realm of Chaos.”

Kris was silent, and he even wondered why Qiujian had left that piece of paper. “Could it be that he is an innate god-demon?” Kris thought. “Or maybe he’s trying to guide me to do something?”

“Look!” Just as Kris was contemplating, Gusu shouted suddenly. Then Kris saw a terrible scene.

The chains wrapped around the headless True God extended out from the chaos. Chaos demons, chaos beasts and dried up chaos demon spirits were chained to the chains.

Behind the Chaos Demons were countless practitioners at the stage of Genesis Realm. They were like grasshoppers tied to a thread.

“He is too powerful. Even the Chaos Demon Spirits can’t break free from his confinement. What Stage was this Headless True God?” Kris marveled.

The two of them quietly hid aside. They kept silent for fear of attracting the True God’s attention.

Maybe chain was ten million miles long. They hid for several days before the sound of the bell disappeared.

“He’s just too scary!” Gusu sat down on the ground.

“Why don’t we just keep going in?” Kris suddenly said.

Gusu swallowed. “We’d better go back. Otherwise we’ll be finished if we run into that headless true god again. I don’t want to be chained to him.”

Kris also nodded, “But we can walk slowly this time!”

This time the two of them went very slowly, fearing that they might encounter another monster like the Headless True God.

The seventh chaos erupted, spewing out all kinds of arcane sounds. All of these sounds had great power, so they were good for cultivation.

Soon, a month’s time passed. The two encountered several practitioners in the stage of Genesis Realm, who were able to survive to the later stages of the Fulfilled Period.

The two also killed two practitioners in the late later period of Genesis Realm, but these two did not have any powerful treasure.

“Shit, it’s just wasting my time. He’s so poor.” Gusu said with contempt, forgetting that he used to be poor with no treasure as well.

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