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Chuck Cannon came to a place, a luxurious hotel. He went directly to the parking lot and parked, and then he was ready to go up.

But as soon as he got out of the car, the phone rang, and Chuck Cannon saw it was Black Rose.

He hid in the car to answer.

“What?” Chuck Cannon lowered his voice.

“What are you doing here?” Black Rose said indifferently.

Common sense tells Black Rose that luxury in this place is luxury, but it should not be an ordinary hotel, because the sixth sense tells her that there are many mysterious eyes in this hotel, and it looks vigilantly at some place as if there are particularly important people in this place.

“I have something, don’t worry about it,” Chuck Cannon hung up the phone hurriedly.

“Hey, bastard!” Black Rose patted the steering wheel angrily. She stared at the hotel with big blue eyes and called Chuck Cannon again.

“Forget I’m afraid for you, shout out if there’s something.” Black Rose was wary.

“I see, don’t tell my mother that I am here, I have something to do,” Chuck Cannon urged.

“Don’t tell me this, your life is most important!!” Black Rose hung up the phone this time.

After she parked the car herself, she started looking for a place to stare at Chuck Cannon at all times.

After all, she didn’t want to encounter the situation like the last time again.

Chuck Cannon went upstairs and knocked on the door. It was a strange man who opened the door!

Suddenly, Chuck Cannon had a subconscious vigilance in his heart!

This person’s eyes are terrifying!!

It’s the horror of a real master! Who is this?

Chuck Cannon stared at him.

“Come in,” the man said indifferently. He wanted to kill Chuck Cannon with a fist!

After all, Karen Lee made him suffer a great loss last time, he even vomited blood with her one move! There is still pain in the body now!

He hates Karen Lee deeply!

Moreover, Chuck Cannon, as Karen Lee’s son, must be equally hated!!

But this Chuck Cannon is someone his own lady likes to look after. He hates him in his heart, but he dare not move him!

Chuck Cannon went in without any hesitation. He was surprised when he saw the lazy woman on the sofa!!

It is her?

That’s right, she is a member of a hidden family, it shouldn’t be difficult for her to find out who rescued Logan.

“You let me come?” Chuck Cannon frowned.

“Yes, have you eaten? I have prepared something you haven’t eaten… Go, bring it up,” the woman lazily ordered.

“Yes, miss!!” The man resigned!

“No, I’m not here to eat, where is Logan? Where is she?” Chuck Cannon stared at her.

The woman frowned.

The man scolded, “Chuck Cannon, don’t know what is good or bad, but my lady personally ordered the kitchen to cook ten dishes for you, all of which you haven’t eaten! You actually…”

“Where is Logan?” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to listen anymore.

“Sit down!” The woman patted the sofa.

This was the first time she allowed a man to approach her!

You know, Karen Lee was not qualified to sit down last time.

Chuck Cannon didn’t move, he was too lazy to sit.

The woman narrowed her eyes, “I will let you sit down!”

Chuck Cannon was silent for a few seconds before sitting down, “You let him out!”

The man snorted, “What did you say? What do you want to do to the lady?”

The woman glanced at Chuck Cannon and waved her hand, “Go out!”

“But miss you?!” The man was surprised and anxious.

“It’s okay, get out!”

The man stared at Chuck Cannon bitterly and respectfully withdrew.

“Now there are only two of us, you say, why you let him out for?” The woman was extremely lazy!

She didn’t believe what Chuck Cannon would do to her. First, Chuck Cannon didn’t dare because he didn’t have her permission!

What about the second?

Chuck Cannon still dare not!!

“Before you said you promised me a few things, does it still count?” Chuck Cannon should make good use of her previous promises.

“Forget it, You can ask for whatever.”

“Well, tell me, where is Logan? This is my first request.”

“You are a waste, I gave you my request, you actually asked this kind of question?” The woman was kind of anger!

She felt insulted, she promised him a few requests, any request, as long as Chuck Cannon raised it, then she could make Chuck Cannon the richest man in the world!

However, Chuck Cannon did not mention it, but instead made such a request?

“I didn’t feel it wasted! Tell me!” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He wanted to know where Logan was now.

“I will tell you, but the day after tomorrow, you will find out when you go to a place with me,” the woman said.

“Do you really know?” Chuck Cannon was strict.

“Of course, why would I lie to you?” The woman leaned back lazily.

“Okay, I’ll come over the day after tomorrow,” Chuck Cannon stood up, he still has to talk to his mother about this!

“No, as long as you leave and tell others, I won’t tell you, let alone you, I will take you there.”

Chuck Cannon frowned, “Okay!”

This woman’s desire to control is too strong, Chuck Cannon must have compromised for Logan.

Not to tell mom?


“I prepared food for you, we will eat together.” The woman stood up lazily.

“I think it’s weird. What do you think of me?” Chuck Cannon is really surprised. Is there no man in this secret family?

Why do you fall in love with me inexplicably? Do you want to add it yourself?

“Your only good point is that you saved me.” The woman shook her head.

She also wondered, why did she feel about Chuck Cannon after only contacting Chuck Cannon for a few days!!

Maybe, in the bones of women, there are plots of heroes saving beauty, right?

“Then I’d rather not have saved you,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“In this case, I don’t want to hear it a second time!” The woman was no longer lazy, with a trace of the indifference that controlled Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon sighed and followed this woman to eat something.

When he arrived at a dining room the size of a basketball court, Chuck Cannon was shocked, so he had a meal. Is it necessary?

Chuck Cannon reluctantly sat down, and it came up. It was a delicacy that Chuck Cannon had never seen before.

But Chuck Cannon didn’t have much appetite.

At the same time!

Black Rose was anxious because Chuck Cannon’s cell phone could not get through. This was blocked by a specific signal. She made several consecutive calls, but they couldn’t get through. She was going to call Karen Lee, but suddenly, a man appeared.

Black Rose frowned, “Who are you?”

“My lady said she hates someone spying her secretly!!” The man smashed his fist.

That speed is amazing to the extreme!

Black Rose took out the gun in an instant, she understood who Chuck Cannon came to see.

She rebelled back, but the man’s sneered eyes were quick, he subdued Black Rose at once because his fist was too fast!

Black Rose’s retreat was also beaten back!

There is a pain in the body, she was going to vomit blood!


The man grabbed Black Rose by the neck, “Is she really the number one killer, and the most beautiful one among the killers!”

“Let me go!” Black Rose was expressionless, her gun was already on the man’s side!

She is not the man’s opponent in fighting but she is a killer who uses a gun. When she is subdued by a man, she also subdues the man.

“Hehe, that’s a little bit interesting, but what? Being caught by my neck, I can make you unconscious in an instant!” The man sneered.

“Don’t force me! I only want Chuck Cannon’s safety, whoever tries to stop me, I will kill whoever!” Black Rose was indifferent!


When the man sneered, he pressed a finger hard against an acupuncture point on Black Rose’s neck. In an instant, Black Rose slumped to the ground.

She was surprised to try hard but her brain closed her big blue eyes like a lack of oxygen. She struggled, she was not afraid, but she was afraid, was she going to make a mistake again this time?

“Huh, it’s vulnerable! Karen Lee asked you to protect Chuck Cannon? This is not making way to Chuck Cannon’s heart in life.” The man snapped his fingers.

Two people came in.

These two people obeyed!

“Tie her up for me and don’t let her break the lady’s business,” the man indifferently ordered.

“Then why not kill her?”

“Kill? The lady said, this Black Rose is not bad, there is a feeling that she can be adjusted, so I don’t need to kill her for the time being. Of course, if she doesn’t listen to the discipline, then kill it again at that time,” the man walked out.

The two men looked at each other and immediately tied the Black Rose together.

Black Rose was motionless, unable to wake up at all, and was tied to the chair.

Chuck Cannon was eating, but he thought of Black Rose, and subconsciously thought, “I don’t know where Black Rose is. Should I go and give her something to eat?”

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