Chapter 635 – 636: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 635: Immortal King Palace

Kris kept silent, although the two Genesis Stages were a bit poor, that was just on their basis.

Actually he harvested a lot, especially the treasures of the basic level.

After entering the Chaos, Kris had achieved the Great Worlds, and now one world was basically as big as one-thirds of the Big Dipper. Gradually, he had achieved the Fulfilled Period. Well, he hadn’t reached Supreme Lord yet!

He was close to that level, however he was wondering if he used all his strength, how many punches could Supreme Lord endure? This was really a question.

In this way, his chances of survival in the Chaos became greater. He could also use Chaos Spirit to elevate himself.

“Brother Zhao, do you think there will be the eighth wave?” Gusu asked.

“Not sure!” Kris shook his head, however after seeing the purer Chaos Spirit, he said, “I feel there should be another wave.”

“What treasure will it have?” Gusu asked with longing in his eyes, then he continued, “Frankly speaking, I had come here for several times, however all returned back at the second and third wave. If it wasn’t for you, I won’t come here again.”

“Well, you are so modest, if wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have known the Supreme Main Universe, not to mention the Chaos Eruption.”


Gusu laughed, he felt good to hear such words. When the first time he met Kris, he likes him or he wouldn’t have congratulated him personally that day.

Life is magical, Gusu was convinced of it. After this trip, he knew more about Kris, he was indeed a trustful man.

“It’s an honor to be friends with Brother Zhao!”

“Me too!” Then they smiled at each other.

After splitting the treasures, they continued to explore.


The Chaos shook even harder, and the Chaos Spirit which was ten times intenser had erupted like a well blowout.

“Shit, the eighth wave of eruption is coming!”

Gusu rubbed his hands and said, “It is said that the deeper you go, the more treasures you will get, I’ll see what treasures we will get this time.”

“Can you endure that?” Kris asked.

“No problem!” Gusu smiled and said, “I know you will help me. I wish I had chosen to cultivate my body at that time.”

“Be prepared, tell me if you can’t bear it.” Then Kris built a Protective Shield outside. Although he had adapted to the strength of the seventh wave of Chaos Spirit, the eighth wave was ten times stronger than the seventh, if he took too big a step, then his crotch would be hurt.

So he didn’t dare to do that and then communicated with Yuan Kris, “Is Chaos Spirit good for the development of the inner world?”

“The amount is too small, one world can only get a little.” Yuan Kris continued, “I don’t know if it’s good or bad yet!”

“Fine, then I will increase the absorption!” Kris replied.

When the seventh wave of Chaos erupted, Kris had a sudden thought. Since this Chaos Spirit could elevate the body, did it have any benefit to the growth of his inner world?

Chaos is the Matrix of all universes and it can elevate the universe as well. It is acted as the beginning and also the end. So why can’t the Chaos Spirit be introduced into the world within the body?

He was a practical person. Although he had absorbed a large amount of Chaos Spirit in the past month, it was still not enough. He couldn’t tell whether it was good or not.

The eighth wave of Chaos Spirit was of high quality, so he could probably distinguish that.

After thinking a while, Kris deftly inhaled the Chaos Spirit into his body!

They found many normal Chaos Treasures on the way, which were precious but not rare.

“It’s been half a month but the treasures we’ve collected are far less than the first time, do they lie to me?” Gusu felt depressed. Who told him that the treasure would be more and more valuable? Well, there was indeed greater Chaos Spirit, but that was useless for him.

“Be quiet and keep going!”

Kris didn’t care about that, he only wanted to gain a harvest.

Gusu sighed, this was different from what he thought. Then they continued walking, just when Gusu was ready to give up, a huge palace appeared in front of them.

That palace was located on the Chaos Spirit, which was very majestic.

The Purple Palace had suppressed the Chaos Spirit. However, the door was closed and thousands of people were gathered at the entrance. They were all masters in Later period and the Fulfilled period.

“Well, more and more people come here! It’s really a fierce competition.”

“This is the residence of The Innate-Power Stage masters! There must be many treasures.”

Hearing their whisper, Kris looked up at the plaque above the palace, “Immortal Kings Palace!”

Was here the residence for those immortals? He felt a sense of history.

The Spell of Time?

Kris felt stunned, the owner of the palace was definitely a master who was good at the Great Tao.

Thinking like this, he took out a seed of the miracle drug form the Storing Ring. They he threw it to the areas where the Spell protected.

After ten seconds, the seed took root and sprouted, and twenty seconds later, it took blossom! After another thirty seconds, it was ripe.

It was so crazy, how could a seed get ripe so quickly, the normal span was 2000 to 3000 years!

This Immortal King Palace was so powerful, if one stayed inside for a few hours, then he actually had lived for millions of years.

But Kris wanted to know that whether the Spell of Time could be used with the Time Flow in his inner world together? If so, he could reach the level of Supreme Lord in a very short period of time!

Gusu was shocked by Kris’s action, and he asked with astonishment, “Brother Zhao, is this the Spell of Time?”

“Yes, one day here is equivalent to three million years outside!”

“Fuck!” Then Gusu directly walked in without hesitation, he took out all his treasures and started cultivating.

“What a good place! It’s better than the Time Space built by myself.”

Time and space, this was exactly the meaning of the Great Tao. If wasn’t for the worlds he had, Kris wouldn’t know this.

Seeing that everyone was cultivating, Kris was scrupulous.

“Come out quickly, something is wrong!” Kris asked.

Hearing this, Gusu was stunned, “What?”

“It is weird for the Immortal King Palace to keep closed.” Kris said seriously, “Come out quickly, I’m afraid that something is wrong!”

Although Gusu was very reluctant, he still walked out.

“You are such a coward, it is a blessing to cultivate here.”

“The person in front of you has been cultivating for two days, that’s six million years. It is enough for him to change the benefits he gained in the Chaos to his own cultivation .”

“Those who are brave enough will gain more, and vice versa. Don’t be afraid.”

Then, the crowd laughed, they considered Kris and Gusu as cowards.

Of course not everyone had walked into the Spell of Time. Some also thought it was weird. They sacrificed a lot to come here, so they didn’t want to take the risk.

“What? Do you dare to come out? I’ll give you a lesson.”

Gusu became braver for he already gained many treasure.


That Practitioner sneered, “Nothing is more important than cultivation.”

“I’ll give you a lesson as well after I come out.”

Although, they were all masters in the Genesis Stage, they looked like shrews now. Many people shook their heads and mocked.

“Leave him alone!” Kris said and then they left.

This Immortal King Palace made him very anxious. It was too quiet.

The things about the True God was still branded in his mind, how could a Spirit Master be kind?

“Just wait, I’ll definitely give you a lesson.” Gusu was very furious and then he asked, “Brother Zhao, is it fine? We’ve taken many steps backwards.”

“In case the Immortal King Palace opens, it will be impossible to grab treasures from such a long distance!”

“Life and treasure, which one is more important to you?” Kris asked.

“Of course Life!”

Gusu touched his nose, “But I don’t feel the danger, would it be too cautious?”

Kris shook his head, “Don’t rely too much on your intuition, it’s not easy for us to come here, we can’t take the risk.”

Hearing this, Gusu quickly bowed and said, “You are right!”

Kris smiled and then he looked carefully at the miracle drug in his hand. Just at this moment, he found something different.

He narrowed his eyes, a trace of medicinal effects kept leaking out from the drug, although it was very little, he sensed that. Then they was gathered to the Immortal King Palace!

“Gusu, look at the drug carefully!”

Kris said with a smile.

What? Gusu was stunned, then he carefully stared at the drug in Kris’ s hand. After a while he answered, “It looks perfect and I find nothing.”

“Really? See it clearly!” Kris said.

Gusu frowned and released his Divine Spiritual Power, after looking for a while, he was stunned, “The medical effect! How could it…..”

“Keep quiet.”

Kris made him a gesture, “Keep walking backward!”

Gusu nodded and followed him.

Then they looked at the drug again, although the medical effect was still leaking, it was much better.

“It should be safe here.” Kris said.

“Brother Zhao, you are so smart!”

Gusu gave him a thumbs up, “Then something interesting will happen!”

He really admired Kris’s knowledge and insight.

Kris smiled and kept silent, he knew that there would be no such good things.

They had risked their life to get such treasure. It was like a gamble, they must be careful.

“Kris, I get the result, the Chaos Spirit can accelerate the evolution of the inner world.”

Yuan Kris said, “And it can seamlessly connect the inner worlds together! More importantly, the Chaos Purple Spirit is appeared under the acceleration of the Ancestral World.”

It had another alias, that was the Harmony Purple Spirit!

If the Base of Becoming a Saint allows one to become a saint, then the Harmony Purple Spirit allows one to reach the Genesis Stage!

“That’s great!” Kris was extremely happy!

With Harmony Purple Spirit, he could create many Genesis Stage masters in bulk!

But before that, he had to become a Supreme Lord!

Chapter 636: Robbing Crazily

Besides, he still needed to absorb a large amount of Chaos Spirit.


“Will Chaos Spirit have some bad effect on the inner world?”

“I don’t know yet!”

Yuan Kris shook his head, “Everything is under control!”


Kris sat cross-legged on the ground, then started to absorb the Chaos Spirit. The Chaos Spirit of the eighth wave was really of high quality.

Just at this moment, the door of the Immortal King Palace was suddenly opened.

A huge suction force came out from inside.


After a few breaths, the masters in the Spell had been absorbed by the Palace, only their bones were left.


After a blow of wind, they were grounded into dust. They couldn’t even let out a scream.

“Run quickly!”

Those who were standing outside the Spell also realized it, however it was too late. The huge suction instantly sucked them in, those who stood far away had lost half of their energy within a breath.

The crowd quickly ran away and disappeared.

“Hiss!” Gusu was shocked by this scene. It was only half an hour later. What a huge change!

If Kris hadn’t called him out, he would definitely be one of them.

Instead of a Immortal King Palace, it was more like a hell.

Only a few people had survived.

“Brother Zhao, let’s get out of here.”

Gusu was frighten and he thought wouldn’t forget this!

“Why?” Kris smiled and threw the drug to him.

“It gets better.” Gusu was stunned.

“See it carefully again, don’t you feel that the Spell of Time is weaker now?”


Gusu quickly figured out the connection, “Are you saying that the Immortal King Palace needs to accumulate power to launch an attack?”

“I have two speculations, the first one is that the Immortal King Palace has self-awareness and fishing is not ruled out. The second is that the Immortal King Palace needs to build up its power to exercise the Spell.” Kris said.

“But it’s too dangerous, we can’t risk our lives, right?”

Gusu was frighted, he had seen the scene just now, thousands of masters in the Genesis Stage were killed in just a breath. He couldn’t bear that at all.

“I have an idea!”

Kris smiled and took out some materials, then he refined them in front of Gusu.

With the help of the Time Barrier, Kris only took a hundred years to make a puppet. However, it was enough for the early Genesis Stages!

After putting a trace of Divine Spiritual Power, the puppet moved.

Seeing this, Gusu suddenly realized it, “I’m really so stupid, since the Spell of Time aims to absorb life, then we can use the puppet for it is lifeless.”

“I’ll let the puppet to explore the way for us!”

Kris smiled and then walked into the Immortal King Palace.

“Right, the Spell of Time is only one-tenths of the previous power! And the Immortal King Palace is quiet, it should be safe now.” The puppet said while walking!


Gusu hurriedly jumped into Kris’s Time Barrier and said, “Brother Zhao, I’ll use here to refine a puppet.”


“How luxurious it is, even the floor is paved with Chaos Jade! Well, the pillar was a Chaos Spiritual Root. I’ll bring them all.”

“The screen is made of a whole Chaos Enlightenment, that’s too extravagant, but I like it!”

Kris shared his vision with the puppet and he was stunned by luxurious equipment inside the Immortal King Palace.

“Brother Zhao, please leave me some valuable things.”

Gusu felt very sad, he thought he had lost a lot. That was the palace for the immortals with treasures scattered all around.

Hearing this, Kris smiled and said, “Fighting!” Then he continued walking with the puppet. He would take all the valuable things.

As the puppet went deeper, Kris saw a painting. It was a figure of a man with a sword in his hand. However, Kris felt stunned after seeing the painting. He almost lost his mind. Then he quickly cut off the sight sharing, “It’s too scary, my Divine Spiritual Power is almost cut off!”

“That’s definitely a treasure, I have to take it.”

After thinking for a while, Kris closed his eyes and connected the sharing sight again, then he took that painting away.

“This should be the master of the Immortal King Palace, right?”

“He must be very powerful since his back can have such strength.”

The puppet patted its chest and continued walking.

After passing through the hall, Kris arrived at the study. Many books were placed here.

“Those are books that the Immortal King reads, he will ask Yuan Kris to read them all.”

Hearing this, Yuan Kris was speechless.

“Although, the Divine Pen, as a Spirit Weapon, can’t compare with the Chaos Spirit Sword, it is also a magical weapon.”

“The ink stone is also a treasure, although it looks like a brick.”

“This desk is quite good with special Taoist Strength.”

“And the teapot, well, it’s dirty.”

After walking out of the study, Kris came to the bedroom. The room was simple and clear with a futon, a painting, a sword, and a wine gourd!

“The Enlightenment Futon of the Immortal King, well, it’s another valuable painting. Wait, the sword looks somewhat familiar. It seems to be the one held by the man in the first painting!”

Kris reached for the sword but could barely hold it.

“So it’s a sword of the same level as the Chaos Spirit Sword! How dare you to resist me since your owner had gone away.”

“Suppress it!” Then, the puppet barely subdued it.

The wine gourd looked good, it was also a magic weapon. Some wines were left in it, after smelling, Kris felt dizzy. Then he shook his head and said, “Damn! It’s choking.” After saying this, he covered the lid.

After taking all the treasure in the bedroom, Kris went to the pharmacy, the dazzling array of medicinal herbs were all Chaos Pills. People would became the saint after taking it.

Of course, normal people couldn’t bear it.


When Kris wanted to take the pills away, he suddenly think about Gusu who was still outside.

After thinking a while, he put a few miracle drugs, then that would be enough.

“Gusu will definitely be moved if he knows!” After saying that, Kris left directly. Then he came to the treasure house!

Someone told him that there must be a lot of treasures.

But he didn’t have the key, the door couldn’t be opened by forces.

The puppet used all his strength, but the door still kept closed.

Wait, there seemed to be a keyhole here! The shape was just like a sword.

He instantly thought the sword that he found in the bedroom! Then he took it out and it fit tightly.

“That’s it.”

Kris couldn’t contain his joy, then the door was opened. At this moment, Gusu was still refining the puppet.

Kris shook his head, “Well, it’s not a big deal, I’ll just slow down my speed!”

The ban on the treasure house was still very strong, however, people had some solutions to break it.

Kris was a Battle Formation Master, so it was easy for him. Although there were many bans, the way to break them was the same.

The treasure house had many valuable weapons, but the most powerful thing was the Spell of Time, it could stop the flowing of time!

“The worst are Holy Weapons. Although the vast majority are the True God Weapons, but there are many Supreme God Weapons!”

Kris took them all. Although he couldn’t use them, he could take them as gifts for his descendants.

Kris felt a bit stressed as the ancestor of the Chen family.

“One-thirds of the treasures are useful.”

The deeper he went in, the more stunned he was. Those treasures covered by the Spell of Time were exactly what he needed.

“The Heart of Thousands, the complete Spell of Time, the Eleventh-Grade White Lotus flowers. Is that mass the Xuanhuang Root Spirit?”

Kris was totally dumbfounded! He finally found the Xuanhuang Root Spirit, and the opportunity to build a worldwide universe had finally appeared. He carefully removed the ban and took the Xuanhuang Root Spirit. Although it was light, he thought it much heavier than the whole star. He was very nervous. He didn’t expect to find it in the Immortal King Palace for he hadn’t found that in the Chaos.

Next to the Xuanhuang Root Spirit lied a green bronze, that was the Root of Divine Bronze, which could evolve into a Divine Bronze Vein. What’s more, the Divine Bronze is one of the main materials for refining the Spirit Weapon. It is really very heavy. He took it into his pocket quickly.

At this moment, Gusu finally finished refining the puppet, then he hurriedly drove the puppet over, and as soon as he walked in, he screamed, “Really? You take the floor apart.”

“Brother Zhao, leave some valuable things for me!”

As he was about to leave, he found that the soil is Chaos Soil, then he quickly took it.

They were really good friends for their actions were exactly the same.

“Well, brother Zhao leaves me a few miracle drugs, that’s quite touching. The things in the cabinet are also treasures, I’ll take them all.”

“The cutter is a Supreme God Weapon, it is so nice of him to leave this for me.”

In fact, that cutter was too ugly that Kris did not want.

When he came out of the pharmacy, Kris also came out of the treasure house, then he walked to the garden, “Chaos Spirit Root, Flat Peach Tree, Immortal King Vine, Thousands Spirit Flower…”

Kris took these roots happily.

Seeing the opened door, Gusu said, “The door is good, it is actually made of Chaos Crystals. This must have been left for me! Brother Zhao is really a nice guy.” Then he dismantled the door.

“Well, the empty box is good, it is made of precious wood. There is also a broken Chaos Weapon here, such treasure must be protected carefully.”

“Brother Zhao, why don’t you remove the floor, this is Chaos Jade!”

Gusu shook his head with a helpless expression, after taking the weapon, he started to dismantled the floor crazily. He felt a sense of gain.

However, at this time, Kris looked at the Three Lights Water with a helpless expression, then he took it away.

“There’s also Buddhist Bamboo there, which can be compared with the linden. Each section has its principles of heaven and earth!”

“You can’t escape the destiny.”

Then he dug up the whole bamboo forest, since there was the Three Lights Water here, those Buddhist Bamboos would not wither.

After taking a look at the wretched garden, Kris was very satisfied!

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