The text message was sent but Black Rose did not reply, nor did she reply that time.

Chuck Cannon was speechless. He didn’t give Black Rose to eat last time. She was a pigeon. She was a little angry. She wouldn’t communicate with him but she doesn’t need to be angry for so long. At least respond!! Return one, or a comma will do!

Chuck Cannon was helpless!

A woman’s heart, a needle in the sea!

Chuck Cannon received his mobile phone and boarded this extremely luxurious plane with Heidi Hudson.

This aircraft should also be customized. Maybe the owner behind the airport is this Hudson, otherwise, why is it so luxurious?

Chuck Cannon sat in his mother’s and Logan’s, neither felt like that.

Of course, what Chuck Cannon didn’t expect was that both Logan and Karen Lee could customize this kind of aircraft, but, Karen Lee, Logan was not a luxury person.

Both of them are simple.

“Where is this place anyway?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Isn’t this need a costume to attend?

The same is true for Heidi Hudson, who was so beautiful today. Chuck Cannon knows that some kind of banquet or something is where he is going.

Otherwise why this dress up?

Chuck Cannon suddenly thought, at what banquet is it possible to meet Logan?

It should be, Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. That’s okay. Logan attended the banquet and participated in it herself. After meeting her, he will take her away by himself!!

Chuck Cannon looks forward to meeting Logan!

If he met her again, Chuck Cannon felt that this time he would lean directly on her leg and sleep for three days and three nights!!

He would make up for Logan’s disappearance during this time!

Chuck Cannon missed her too much.

Heidi Hudson sat lazily, with no other expressions on her face, indifferent to the extreme, and did not intend to answer Chuck Cannon’s question.

Reluctantly, Chuck Cannon sat down wisely.

Heidi Hudson went to the front, the man also dressed in a suit and leather shoes.


“What happened?” Heidi Hudson asked lazily.

“Brayden Stewart and Logan’s wedding are only attended by members of our Hudson. The other hidden family are not coming,” the man said after considering it.

“No one is coming? Where is Joseph Cannon hiding in the dark? Will, he not come?” Heidi Hudson asked calmly.

“Miss, you may not know that Chuck Cannon was monitored twice before, and one time he was almost arrested. The man behind the scenes is Joseph Cannon…” the man sneered.

He is so cruel to his son, so the only possibility is that Chuck Cannon is a broom star and deserves it!

“Is it true?” Heidi Hudson was stunned. Joseph Cannon is the father of Chuck Cannon, would he actually do this?

“It’s true, so I can guarantee that Joseph Cannon will not show up at all. In his heart, he hopes Chuck Cannon must die!” The man was cold.

“What is Joseph Cannon thinking?… Forget it, it’s best not to come, by the way, Brayden Stewart’s wedding gift, is that ready?”

“Yes, miss, everything is ready.”

“I still hope that this wedding can happen, so the gift must be in place.”

“Yes, miss, don’t worry, it’s in place.” The man lowered his head.


Heidi Hudson went back lazily. She saw Chuck Cannon who was nervous, and she was thinking in her heart:

Chuck Cannon, you will soon know what your Heidi Hudson can do!

I can save you from hell!!

“Kare… Auntie, Chuck Cannon’s phone isn’t connecting,” Yvette Jordan rushed to Karen Lee’s room anxiously.

Karen Lee was astonished. She had been searching for information about Logan with Betty Bernard for the past two days, she had not paid attention to Chuck Cannon’s situation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call it.” Karen Lee had a satellite phone, but she couldn’t get through.

“Auntie, how is it? Is something wrong with Chuck Cannon? He hasn’t come back for two days in a row. I thought he was in a bad mood yesterday, so… he should have come to see you, Auntie, yesterday,” Yvette Jordan was anxious. Extremely anxious!

She tossed and turned over these two nights and couldn’t sleep at all.

She was particularly worried about Chuck Cannon and worried that something happened to the absent-minded Chuck Cannon.

She didn’t come here last night because Black Rose had been following along, so she reluctantly did not want to disturb Chuck Cannon.

Yvette Jordan understands that Chuck Cannon is in a low mood and needs to be quiet.

However, she didn’t expect to call today, but she couldn’t get through.

“I can’t get through either, I’ll find Black Rose!” Karen Lee’s eyes were gleaming, and he immediately called Black Rose, but the result still couldn’t get through!!

Karen Lee was surprised and appeared anxiously, “It’s not good, something happened to Chuck…”

In the horror of busy Betty Bernard, Yvette Jordan was instantly surrounded by anxiety…

“This little villain, is this blocking me, or is it going to a place where there is no signal? It can’t get through.”

In the private room, the boss behind the scenes snorted and made several consecutive calls, but they couldn’t get through.

What’s happening here?

Ignoring me?

When she was bored just now, she wanted Chuck Cannon to accompany her and press her shoulders!

After all, Chuck Cannon did a good job last time, and she didn’t like being touched by others, so she wanted Chuck Cannon to come over.

But she can’t get through!

Behind the scenes, the boss continued to fight, but still couldn’t get through, she snorted, “Little guy, you make me angry, let’s see how I can deal with you!”

Dong Dong!!

Someone was knocking on the door!

“Come in.” The boss behind the scenes was absent-minded, somewhat inexplicably angry.

Because Chuck Cannon ignored himself.

It was Ouyang Fei who came in!

Her first task has been completed, she has gained a lot of experience, this time she almost died, but still survived tenaciously.

“What are you doing?” The boss behind the scenes was cold.

Chuck Cannon ignored her, she was angry.

“I, the task is complete.” Ouyang Fei was annoyed. Is she using her as a punching bag?

At this time, she especially wanted to tell the boss behind the scenes: What are you proud of? Don’t I have a picture of you?

“It’s done when you are done, you go to pick up the next one, I will let someone arrange it,”

The boss behind the scenes is indifferent, “By the way, you call Chuck Cannon, don’t you know him?”

“Me? Why?” Ouyang Fei was astonished. Could it be that the boss behind the scenes was angry because of Chuck Cannon?

When she took the photo last time, she knew that the boss behind the scenes actually liked Chuck Cannon. Now the boss behind the scenes is angry. Is this Chuck Cannon rejected her?

Ouyang Fei sneered in her heart, Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon, as expected, your vision is not so bad!

You didn’t like me at that time, and now you don’t like the boss behind the scenes!

“If i let you hit, just hit it!”

Ouyang Fei was upset in her heart, but it was not time to turn her face, she took out her mobile phone to call, hum, Chuck Cannon, lucky you, let me call you!

Fortunately, she changed her mobile phone number, Chuck would not know who she is!!

But as she called, it displayed not in the service area!

What’s happening here?

“Boss, I can’t get through.” Ouyang Fei said honestly.

“You can’t get through?” The boss behind the scenes suddenly stood up. Is it not that Chuck Cannon blocking her?

Yes, how could Chuck Cannon block her? After all, Chuck Cannon is his little lover!

And Chuck Cannon also counted on her to help him find Logan.

“Well, I can’t get through, look.” Ouyang Fei called again in front of the boss behind the scenes, but it really couldn’t be connected.

The boss behind the scenes looked ugly on her pretty face, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong with Chuck Cannon?”

She felt that this was too strange, how could Chuck Cannon’s cell phone suddenly fail to connect?

Is something wrong?

The boss behind the scenes was suddenly surprised. She immediately went out and took out her mobile phone, “Check me where Chuck Cannon is, yes, now, right now, give me his location right now!”

Behind the scenes, the boss ran out, but soon there was no result, saying that Chuck Cannon left home the day before yesterday and they didn’t know where he has gone.

“Little guy, what are you doing? Don’t mess around,” the boss behind the scenes anxiously found out Karen Lee’s phone number.

She bit her lip and pressed it down…

Ask Karen Lee, she must know.

But what should she ask? If she would directly ask Karen Lee it will doubt her, so he had to hit the side, and it took a long, long time to connect…

In the private room, Ouyang Fei’s face changed and her smile appeared hideously, completely abnormal.

“Oh, Chuck Cannon, are you finally going to have an accident? It’s still cheap for you. I was planning to kill you myself, but… you are lucky, Chuck Cannon, you are going to die, remember to die a little bit worse… “

Ouyang Fei smiled, this is really good news!!

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