Chapter 637 – 638: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 637: Reaching the Stage of Little Supreme Lord

After scouring the Immortal King Hall, Kris Chen got many treasures.

These treasures were enough to allow him to evolve all the worlds in his body to the peak of great worlds, and with the Xuanhung Root Spirit, the opportunity for the worlds to be promoted to the universe was there.

Once he succeeded, the Dongtian opened by the Holy Realm and the Small Thousand Worlds opened by the True God can be dependent on the Ancestral Worlds and become the sub-worlds of the Ancestral Worlds.

Creation can open up great worlds, even small universes. Then the small worlds attached to the Main Universe can form a virtuous circle, further accelerating Kris’s growth.

He manipulated the puppet to return to the outside of the Immortal King’s Hall, and put away the treasure he had obtained.

“It’s a pity I didn’t find the control core of the Hall of Immortals. This Immortal King Hall has stood in Chaos for countless years without falling. It must be an extraordinary magic weapon.” Kris sighed slightly.

Then he put all of what he had gained into his Cave World. Yuan Kris in the cave world hurriedly shouted, “Stop, stop, that’s enough.”

Kris was slightly shocked. In the past, if he put more treasures into the cave world, Yuan Kris would not refuse, but now he took the initiative to shout to stop, which was really rare.

At this moment, the space inside him soared. It absorbed a lot of spiritual opportunities from the ancestral world, so the replenishment of the space in his body could not keep up with the consumption.

“Chaos jade is a good thing. It should be able to replenish the consumption.” He said, and then put all the Chaos jade into his Cave World.

After doing this, Kris began to desperately absorb the Chaos energy. He seemed to absorb a lot, but when the energy was spread out to his other worlds, this energy he had just absorbed was simply not enough.

Then he laid down a big formation and the absorption speed increased a thousand times. At this rate, he still needed to absorb for several years to supply the growth of the world inside him. Although he had just broken through the great worlds, all his great worlds combined were not smaller than the universe.

Yuan Kris projected that maybe in ten million years Kris’s internal universe would be able to expand just to reach the peak of the great world. With the nourishment of Hongmeng Purple Energy and Xuanhung Root Spirit, it was only a matter of time before he broke through the universe.

In the Time Barrier, Kris stayed for decades, but the outside world was only one or two hours.

Kris withdrew from the formation. It was not that he didn’t want to continue to absorb the chaos energy, but Gusu came out.

He swaggered out, glowing, obviously having gotten many treasures inside.

“Thousands of cultivators at the stage of Creation Realm set their eyes on the Immortal King Hall, but in the end, the treasures inside were obtained by you and me.” said Gusu.

“It’s a pity that the years have gone by. Magic weapons and treasures are ruined. It’s such a pity!” Gusu sighed and said with regret.

“Let’s just keep exploring ahead. Wouldn’t it be better if there were another Immortal King Hall or something treasurable ahead?” Kris said.

“You’re right!” Gusu brightened up and hurriedly pulled Kris and continued to fly deeper into the chaos.

Suddenly there was a violent vibration from the depths of chaos. Soon the ninth chaos erupted.

“Amazing, it has actually erupted nine times. This was already on par with the record for the most number of eruptions in history.”Gusu said.

Kris laughed and looked into the distance. The rolling Chaos energy was so dense that it almost turned into water.

Gusu hastily summoned his Chaos Ding. He held a large dragon-head sword in both hands, which was a semi-Chaos Spirit Weapon that Gusu had obtained earlier. It wasn’t as good as the Chaos Spirit Sword, but its killing power was top-notch.

“This Chaos energy is too powerful. I need to mobilize one third of my body’s magic power to resist the erosion.” Kris said.

The Chaos energy here can erode Divine Spiritual Power. They could not see beyond three meters with their eyes, so they could not tell what was ahead, let alone get the treasure. At this point Kris already wanted to return the same way, so did Gusu. They two looked at each other, understood each other’s thoughts, and backed up together.

They kept heading north, but the way back was even more difficult than when they came.

They had been walking in the chaos for months.

Ten months had passed since the first outbreak, but the Chaos energy had not seen the slightest weakening, but had become stronger and stronger.

Against the powerful energy, Kris could absorb the energy while refining his body. But Gusu was basically taking drugs while supporting his body.

“Are we going in the wrong direction?” Gusu was a little hesitant.”We’ve been walking for more than two months, and we haven’t come across anything.”

“Where did those people go? Are they all dead?” Kris shook his head and was slightly apprehensive, “There won’t be a tenth outbreak, right?”

“The tenth outbreak?” Gusu said, “Impossible. For billions of years, there have only been nine chaos eruptions at most.”

Kris said, “What if there is the tenth outbreak?”

“That’s…” Gusu paused.

“Whatever, let’s keep going back the way we came!” Kris suggested.

The two continued to walk for another four or five days and still did not go out.

“There is no space and time in the chaos. Maybe we’re keeping walking in the same place.” Gusu said.

“I’m not sure!” Kris shook his head, “As a rule, it won’t be like that. The people and things we’ve encountered along the way can’t all be in the same place.”

“Chaos is infinitely large, and it would be impossible to run into so many strange things in such a small place.”

Just then, rumbling sounds came from the depths of Chaos once again.

Gusu’s eyes widened. “The tenth chaos erupts?” he exclaimed.

He was truly shocked. Chaos had actually erupted for the tenth time. The ninth eruption they didn’t run into anything strange. He was praying in his heart that the tenth eruption he would not run into anything horrible.

Chaos came toward them. A large ship was traveling from afar. It was worn out and filled with decay, yet it still managed to travel above the chaos.

Kris hastily pulled Gusu over and hid the two of them and their forms.

He saw a huge skeleton on that ship. He was sitting on the bow of the boat, holding a dry cigarette in his hand. He obviously had no flesh and blood, but he could inhale that smoke. He also held a fishing rod in his hand, and a corpse was hanging from the end of the rod.

A terrifying aura emanated from the corpse, which was even more terrifying than the True God without a head.

“What kind of being is this skeleton? What is he trying to catch?” Gusu’s eyes were filled with trepidation. He saw countless resentful spirits standing on the ship, and that skeleton was not sucking smoke, but resentful spirits. The aura of that resentful spirit was also terrifying and each one was more powerful than him.

The ship came and went quickly. Kris clearly saw the skeleton move its head, and its dark eyes clearly saw the two of them. But he didn’t seem to be interested in Kris and Gusu.

When the ship left, the two gulped in unison.

“Let’s head out as soon as possible!” Gusu said uneasily.

Kris didn’t say anything. They continued to walk north.

They walked for three more days when a mournful voice came from behind them. “Surviving ship, please wait for me. Let’s cross the bridge of hell together.”

This voice fell into Kris’s ears, a cold chill rose in his mind. He felt his soul was frozen.

The two turned their heads and saw a group of people wearing red wedding clothes, carrying a coffin. On top of that coffin were two people dressed in big red robes sitting on it. Just then, two men appeared in front of them. They seemed to be practitioners who had just entered the Genesis Realm. They fled frantically, but their struggles were all in vain.

The group of people carrying the coffin ran towards the two men, and then the two men were directly sucked into the coffin.

When the crowd disappeared, Gusu sighed, “They didn’t catch us, maybe because we didn’t block their way.”

“These ghost things are too scary. Are they alive?” Kris asked.

Gusu shook his head, “There is no difference between them being alive and dead. As long as they want to live, they are alive. If they don’t want to live, then they are dead.”

“You can’t find them in the Time River, and the Time River can’t enter the Chaos.” Gusu continued.

Kris thought for a moment. “That group just chasing that big ship? Have you ever heard of the surviving ship?”

Gusu shook his head. “I have never heard of it. This kind of existence is not yet accessible to me.”

“Maybe when I reach the stage of Supreme Lord, I will be able to know them.” Kris said.

“No… I don’t want to get in touch with them.” Gusu laugh bitterly, “These damn things, one is scarier than the other.”

Those who come and go freely in the chaos are definitely Supreme Lord level existences, or even beyond the Supreme Lord level.

The higher the cultivation, the more Kris felt inferior to himself.

“Let’s leave here quickly. ” Kris said, “One day, we will also become this kind of super existence.”

“You’re right. One day we will also be able to reach such a realm Stage,” Gusu laughed. There was really no confidence in his words. He also didn’t know if he had the chance to cultivate to this kind of stage.

After encountering two super existences one after another, they never encountered anything strange and weird again. Kris absorbed enough Chaos energy to last him for a while.

At the moment, there were only ten thousand channels of the Hongmeng Purple Energy, but it was enough to create tens of thousands of Genesis Realm.

It was on this day that Kris reached the stage of little Supreme Lord and Yuan Kris reached the Fulfilled period of Genesis Realm.

Chapter 638: Return to Dubhe

Kris’ breakthrough shocked Gusu.

“You broke through again?”

“Well, I was fortunate to reach a small Stage!” Kris nodded.

Gusu felt bitter in his heart!

More than a hundred years ago, Kris had just entered Genesis Stage. More than a hundred years later, he has surpassed himself to achieve the Fulfilled period Genesis Stage. Then after a few decades, he has broken through a small Stage once again!

Above the Fulfilled period Genesis Stage is Supreme Lord!

That’s Supreme Lord!

He cultivated for one or two million eras, from the early stage of Genesis to the Later period, how could he believe Kris’ improvement just because of luck?

Seeing Gusu’s discouragement, Kris patted him on his shoulder, “Taoist brother Gusu, one day, you will be like me!”

Gusu thought: I would work hard and strive for an early breakthrough to Fulfilled period!

Looking at Kris, he wondered whether Kris would become a Great Supreme Lord in a few hundred years.

In that case, he would be the eighth Great Supreme Lord of the main universe who is qualified to travel in Chaos!

“Brother Zhao, you’d better not call me Taoist brother again, I don’t deserve it!”

Gusu said, “As the saying goes, the master is a teacher, now you are a Supreme Lord, I am only the Later period Genesis, this appellation is no longer suitable!”

Kris smiled, “Regardless of this between you and me, even if one day I become a Great Supreme Lord, you will still be my Taoist brother Gusu!”

How nicely he spoke even with high cultivation!

You can’t be jealous of such a good person, loyal and sincere, a perfect brother!

It is an honor for Gusu to be friends with him!

Gusu grinned, “That’s fine. I will depend on you in the future!”

Supreme Lord is also the first person under the Great Supreme Lord. With the protection of Kris, Gusu could do whatever he likes in the Supreme Main Universe.

“We should help each other!” Kris smiled. Even to this day, he still remains true to the original aspiration.

Whether it is Tianba Li or Gusu, he will naturally treat them sincerely as long as he deems them as friends!

After walking outside for dozens of days, the two gradually discovered that the chaos around them began to fade.

“Damn it, Chaos Eruption is finally over!” Gusu couldn’t help cursing, but with smile on his face.

Although the process of treasure hunting was very exciting, it has been hovering on the death line, even the Genesis can’t stand it!

Kris also signed a relief, this time the treasure hunt was really thrilling.

The harvest was only part of it, and the more important thing was that he knew the existence of others who are more powerful than him!

Neither the ship nor the two people on the coffin can he fight against now!

Yuan Kris has been studying the classics collected from the Immortal King Palace recently. The magic power tactic books in it are the best, among which there are a lot of super magical powers that can only be cultivated by Supreme Lord.

For instance, the magic power of turning the virtuality into reality!

It can be assumed that Kris could turn his dream into a real world by applying this magic power!

In turn, something real can also be turned into virtual.

Even the universe can be virtualized.

How powerful it is.

But it is a pity that it could only be cultivated by Great Supreme Lords!

But Kris never follows the step. If he cannot cultivate it, he will reason it arduously and understand it bit by bit!

If one year doesn’t work, just two years or more!

Anyway, the time flow of the world inside his body is one to ten thousand with the outside world!

He has a lot of time to digest it!

Another month passed, it has been a full year and eighteen days since the first outbreak!

On this day, the Qi of Chaos rolled back into the passage.

Kris and Gusu stood hundreds of thousands of miles away from the passage, and a few people stood scattered near the passage.

These were the people who survived the Chaos Eruption.

One out of ten narrowly escaped! More than 90% of Genesis practitioners died.

This is the rules of living of the universe: survival of the fittest!

The weaker will eventually be cleared by the universe by various means!

All sorts of feelings welled up in Gusu’s mind, “It is believed that cultivation is good, these people have practiced for countless years, but in the end they died even without corpse being left!”

“Let’s go, there’s nothing to be nostalgic about!” said Kris.

Gusu nodded, Kris once again took out the spacecraft he had snatched from Song Luo and embarked on a pleasant interstellar journey.

The so-called interstellar journey is nothing but cultivating, drinking, and collecting training resources.

However, Gusu may be under too much pressure. If he encounters a magnetar, he will run up and stay in the Phoenix Building for a day or two!

Kris exchanged useless resources for treasure at this time!

He didn’t plan to Close Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) because the best approach for cultivation is to practice hard and play hard. It is time to relax himself.

In this way, fifteen years have passed in a hurry, at this time it has been twenty-six years since Kris came to the Supreme Main Universe, which equals to fifty-two years of the Lower Main Universe!

Gusu said with satisfaction, “This time, I shall Close Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for thousands of years.”

Kris smiled, knowing that he was going back to turn the treasure from the chaos into improving his own fighting power!

“So do I!”

The two plunged into the passage of the universe, and returned to the lower universe within a few days.

At the moment of entering the main universe, Kris felt the fragility of the universe!

Although Supreme Lord hadn’t reached the limit of combat power contained in the main universe, it was not far off.

Sometimes it’s annoying to practice too fast.

The two returned home like an arrow, and they returned to the Big Dipper soon!

“Brother Zhao, see you in a thousand years!” Gusu bid farewell and returned to the cracks of his own space.

Kris nodded and plunged into Dubhe.

He hasn’t come back for more than 50 years and didn’t know how Miaomiao and the others were!

What makes Kris speechless is that they are all Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) including Xuefei Yuan and Yujie!

Xiu Chen and his younger brothers and sisters were laying out array. In recent years, Xiu Chen has also won the title of God of War in Dubhe, whose strength is close to the True God!

Compared with Buhui Chen’s Middle period True God, as eldest brother and sister, their cultivation is indeed weak for they stayed on Earth for more than 30 years and missed the best time to practice.

But Kris is also very happy that Xiu Chen and the others can have what they are today.

He thought that everyone would be very repulsive to the new environment, but it turned to be opposite, so Kris is also very happy.

For example, after he came back, he found that he had three more generations of grandchildren!

Starting from the earth, one hundred years in the Sword World, and another fifty years here, the Chen family has been ten generations together!

He went to have a look at his parents, the two of them are said to be arguing recently!

Because Tianyao Chen intended to have a second child, but Fang Gu was unwilling!

So she had been avoiding him recently.

Seeing his father sitting melancholy in the yard drinking alcohol, Kris smiled and walked over, “Dad, drinking alcohol alone?”

“Kris, you are back!” Tianyao saw him, quickly put down his glass, laughing, “Come on, have a drink with me!”

Kris sat down, took out the wine gourd he got from the Immortal King Palace, poured a glass of wine, the fragrance of the wine was all of garden!

However, this wine is too powerful, Kris used a few more wines for blending, turning it suitable for drinking!

“What kind of wine is this?” Tianyao sniffed and felt refreshed!

“The Immortal King Wine!”

“Good name!”

Tianyao was pampered at Dubhe and ate a lot of good things, but it was the first time that he had drunk such good wine!

After taking a sip, Tianyao was immediately blushed by the tyrannical power of wine.

“Good wine, pretty good!”

Tianyao breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the meridians all over his body were dredged a lot, even the bottleneck (the stagnation concerning cultivation) was loosened a little.

Kris smiled and took out another gourd, which was the wine he had blended. “Dad, you can keep this wine for yourself. It will be enough for you to drink for hundreds of years!”

“Haha, it is said that the son respected the father thirty years ago, and the father respected the son thirty years later, this is true!”

Tianyao was very happy, “The proudest thing in my life with your mother is that we have you!”

“I don’t even dare to dream of such a good day!”

The Immortal King Wine is powerful, and Tianyao was already slightly drunk after a glass of wine. “Who would have thought that my family would become immortal figures. All this is because of you. Dad has nothing to do in this life, I just want to live a happy life with the family!”

“Proper number of offspring should be considered, neither less nor more is suitable!”

“So I discussed with your mother to have a second child. Anyway, our lifespan is long now, and we are still young at an age of hundreds of years. We could have one with endeavors!”

“But your mother was reluctant!”

Tianyao sighed, “We are affluent enough to cultivate one or more!”

Kris was dumbfounded when he heard the cry, “I state first, you are going to have a second child, I will not oppose!”

“Whether a brother or a sister, as long as he or she can accompany you two, it will be fine.”

Speaking of this, Kris was also ashamed. It is indeed his own fault unable to accompany his parents.

“It’s good if you can understand Dad’s painstaking efforts!” Tianyao said, “Bottom up!”

After drinking two more glasses of wine, Tianyao fell asleep on the stone table.

Kris shook his head. This Immortal King Wine was also powerful to him, let alone to his father after three glasses in a row.

After arranging for Tianyao, Kris quietly slipped into the Closing Door room of his wives!

Then, there was another earth-shattering battle (having sex with his wives).

In more than a dozen Closing Door rooms, Kris accompanied the women in Closing Door for two or three years before he came out.

The women were very satisfied with their current lives, but Yujie has always concerned about having a son with Kris.

Kris has also worked very hard, almost sleepless.

But this kind of thing is really not useful even if you work hard!

After all, he is Supreme Lord, and Yujie is just Holy Realm Fulfilled period, there are two Stages between them: True God and Genesis.

It is too difficult to get pregnant.

However, Kris also took this opportunity to help Yujie improve her aptitude and successfully promote her to the True God!

The God’s Test of True God was wiped away by Kris and was turned into a thunder pill, which could help Yujie continuously transform the physical strength.

After all… the two are not the same level players at all.

“Sir, am I too useless?”

In private, Yujie still likes to call him Sir.

Kris also likes this title, it sounds exciting!

“It has nothing to do with you, mainly because my life level is too high!”

Kris comforted Yujie carefully, “Take it easy, I will definitely find a way to fulfill your dream of being a mother!”

“Thank you, Sir!”

Yujie laughed again, turning over the body on Kris and became a galloping wild horse, “Then let’s go on, don’t waste time!”

Kris thought: Fortunately, my physical body is strong, so I can hold you up like this!

When the women finished cultivation, Kris take them to travel in the interstellar world. This journey lasted for decades!

Everyone’s footprints spanned hundreds of stars around!

At this time, Mu Quan said, “We have been out for decades and we have lost our ambitions, so I suggest returning home and trying our best to practice in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone)!”

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