“Where is this place?”

Chuck Cannon was astonished. Heidi Hudson’s plane had been flying for a long time, and it went straight into a deep mountain.

And he actually saw that there was a very empty place under the mountain, there were several planes parked. At first glance, it was all endless luxury.

Where is this?

How could anyone live in the mountains as if they were living in seclusion, but apart from being surprised, Chuck Cannon also understood, what kind of seclusion?

People don’t need to get in and out of the car, they are all directly flying!

This is another way of life for local tyrants!

This is a luxurious life. Everything is airlifted. Food, drink, and even women can be airlifted by air…

“You’ll know when you get down,” Heidi Hudson said lightly.

This kind of deep mountain, her family is also hidden in the deep mountain, this mountain’s look is very ordinary, but others don’t know how many monitors in the forest are facing people who come in.

How many guns were pointed at the people who came in!

If others know this number, they can only use the word “shocking” to describe it.

Heidi Hudson said so, of course, Chuck Cannon wouldn’t keep asking for boring questions. It was boring.

At this moment, he only wants to see Logan, and others, try to endure it!!

The plane was heading towards the parked airport and descended.

“Chuck Cannon, don’t run around in this place, follow me,” Heidi Hudson said lightly.

She wants Chuck Cannon to rely on her, so she has to let Chuck Cannon see her strength with her own eyes, how powerful she can be in one sentence!

Conquer Chuck Cannon then let Chuck Cannon join the family, it will certainly not be difficult.

“I got it.” Chuck Cannon is not a fool either, he doesn’t know what occasion, but he won’t run rashly!

He didn’t come here to run around, he came to find Logan, and he couldn’t do anything else.

The plane stopped.

The man brought the gift and Heidi Hudson walked in front.

Chuck Cannon looked at the phone and was speechless. Black Rose really didn’t reply to his message, even she didn’t reply with a single punctuation mark, what’s her situation?

Don’t be like that when you are angry!

What Chuck Cannon can do is to apologize to Black Rose after going back. Then, Black Rose wouldn’t be angry, right?

After all, Black Rose is not the kind of person who is too unreasonable to make trouble.

They get off the plane!

Chuck Cannon saw a golden Rolls-Royce approaching from a distance.

A man in black came out, politely, “Welcome Miss Hudson!!”

Yes, they have found Heidi Hudson’s plane just now, so they came to greet them!

Heidi Hudson stopped at other places in the airport. All the planes belonged to Stewarts, so on behalf of today’s wedding, Stewarts didn’t invite anyone at all.

In fact, it can also be said that people from other families are not eligible to be invited!!

Of course, the other two hidden families, Stewart, of course, had sent out invitations. After all, the hidden families don’t want others to know about them, but the Hudsons who are also hidden families must be in the invitation.

It’s not up to someone else to send an invitation. It’s up to you.

After all, the hidden family is lonely, and they don’t come out to show their faces. There are only other two families, so the invitation is a must.

Heidi Hudson didn’t have many surprises. She had long thought that other people were not qualified to come. If she married Chuck Cannon, she would not invite others, because people from other families are worthy of entering Hudson’s door?

But another hidden family hadn’t come.

This is something Heidi Hudson cares a little bit about.

“Get in the car,” Heidi Hudson looked at Chuck Cannon with a little strangeness.

“En,” Chuck Cannon got into the car.

The greeted man looked at Chuck Cannon indifferently, the person who could be brought by Heidi Hudson herself, so don’t think about it, it must be Heidi Hudson’s boyfriend!!

He is very envious in his heart, how come the richer people have more unique tastes?

The golden Rolls-Royce drove on the wide runway. After a while, Chuck Cannon saw a white building, like a foreign castle. At first glance, it was an endless luxury!

Where is this? Which family?

Approaching, Chuck Cannon saw that the castle was all set up. Is this a wedding?

Chuck Cannon can see clearly, it’s really the wedding scene.

Chuck Cannon also understood that Heidi Hudson brought him to attend other people’s weddings, so it was obvious that Logan would have also come over to attend other people’s weddings at this time, right?

“Whose wedding is this!?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Because this layout is too luxurious, it seems that this is absolutely very happy for the newcomers!

“You will know,” how could Heidi Hudson say more?

She wants to use this wedding to let Chuck Cannon see her strength!

“Well, I only need to see Aunt Logan, I don’t care about the others,” Chuck Cannon said!

It must be stated clearly, tell Heidi Hudson that he will do nothing, and if he sees Logan, he will take Logan out of here.

“You will see her!” Heidi Hudson calmly said in a lazy voice.

“That’s good,” Chuck Cannon is no longer worried, Heidi Hudson shouldn’t need to lie to him in this regard.

“Please come in!”

Heidi Hudson, Chuck Cannon, and Heidi Hudson’s bodyguards all entered.

Chuck Cannon is especially looking forward to seeing Logan who has been missing for so long among the guests attending the wedding!!

If he sees, Chuck Cannon will hug her!

After losing it, Chuck Cannon knew how important Logan was in his heart.

Entering this castle, Chuck Cannon was always shocked, feeling incredible. How many years has this castle been?

“When you will go to my house, you will be even more surprised!” Heidi Hudson said lightly.

In her home, just like the palace, there are all kinds of antiques everywhere, and the value of home alone is inestimable!

“I’m not going,” Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused.

Why do he go to her house by himself? Is it superfluous? Chuck Cannon would not do such a thing.

“You will go.” Heidi Hudson said nothing.

This confidence made Chuck Cannon a little disgusted, but he didn’t refute her face to face.


There are a lot of people at the scene, the hidden family, the number of people is tens of thousands, and the hall is full of people.

Chuck Cannon was surprised. There were many beauties in it. They were all kinds of top beauties. Some travellers brought their girlfriends. There were very few Chinese people. They were mostly Americans with blond hair and blue eyes.

The simplest reason is that the figure of American beauties is hotter than that of Chinese women.

With the arrival of Heidi Hudson, the people in the Stewart gradually became quiet, not many people were talking, all looking at Heidi Hudson.

The unfamiliar Chuck Cannon was directly ignored by them.

After all, they are a hidden family, but they never look at anyone outside the hidden family.

What is Chuck Cannon?

Without Heidi Hudson, there is no right to come here!

Chuck Cannon scanned the crowd, wanting to see Logan soon, he was looking forward to it.


Someone leads the way, but guests have a special place!

Although there were almost a few guests at the scene!

“Don’t look at it first, you will see her later,” Heidi Hudson reminded.

Chuck Cannon was helpless, he was indeed stuck at the gate, and was treated like a monkey by others.

Sitting down with Heidi Hudson, but his eyes still did not leave the crowd, but helpless, there were too many people at the scene, tall and short, which obstructed the view. Chuck Cannon couldn’t fully see Logan, and he was worried.

At the same time, Chuck Cannon was also surprised. How could Logan attend someone else’s wedding?

Why not she finds him first?

There are too many questions, only when he sees Logan he can ask her all of them clearly.

Heidi Hudson was lazy, Chuck Cannon, when you see Logan, you will know how powerful your Heidi Hudson is!!

Inside the luxurious room.

Logan was at a loss. More than a dozen people were already helping her with makeup and curly hair. Two people even gave Logan a manicure to ensure Logan’s absolutely stunning beauty today!

“You are so beautiful today.” The makeup artist smiled slightly. She is a professional makeup artist from Stewart. She has never seen a beauty with such a standard face like Logan!

This simple makeup made Logan amazed the audience. Logan’s foundation is so good!

Logan was still at a loss.

“Yes, you are beautiful today, this wedding dress suits you too well, your figure is really good…”

“Yes, if you marry the young master, you will be happy…”

The others are smiling and talking!

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