Several women who cleaned up Logan said that this was true.

Logan is beautiful and has a superb body.

Marrying Brayden Stewart is absolutely luck!

Enjoy the endless glory and wealth, this is something ordinary people dare not dream of!

Brayden Stewart, from the hidden family!

This is completely life in luxury. Is that woman unwilling and not crazy about it?

However, they all looked at each other. Why doesn’t this beautiful bride mean anything to be happy?

“What’s the matter with you?! Is there something wrong with us? You say.” Someone is panic!

Today, if the heroine is unhappy, they must have done something wrong, and their consequences can be imagined.

“No,” Logan’s eyes were still blank.

But her heart is very painful, very disappointed and sad.

She didn’t know why she agreed to Brayden Stewart.

When leaving the auction site that day, there was a car accident on the road. Logan was crushed down by the car. Brayden Stewart came to save herself as if going mad. Logan saw another person at that moment like an illusion…

Yes, Logan dreamed of Chuck Cannon at the time and thought that this man desperately saving her was Chuck Cannon…

She was moved at that moment.

She was not very clear-headed, and when Brayden Stewart asked if she wanted to marry him, she blankly agreed.

Perhaps it was promised to Chuck Cannon…

But what Logan didn’t know was that Brayden Stewart asked his own people to plan the accident at the time, including that Logan was pressed in the car and could not get out. It was all controlled by Brayden Stewart.

Brayden Stewart took advantage of Logan’s loss at the time and proposed marriage.

Logan agreed and succeeded!

Brayden Stewart immediately took advantage of the hot iron to arrange marriage and did not give Logan a chance to go back…

“Then why are you not happy at all?” the makeup artist asked, Logan is pretty, but she can’t frown!

The temperament became melancholy at once, this beautiful face is the representative of gentleness, a smile is the best, but at this moment, Logan is only at a loss and melancholy.

However, as of today’s bride, as of today’s heroine, she is not happy at all.

If you change to another woman, this is a great thing, and she must laugh from ear to ear.

That’s weird!

“I…” Logan was stunned, unhappy?

She sighed and saw the wedding dress she was wearing. Who was she really liked?

Head, head hurts!!

Suddenly, thinking hard made Logan a headache to the extreme!

“What’s the matter with you?” Several people taking care of Logan were frightened.

If Logan had a problem, they would definitely not be able to run away!

“It’s okay, but the head hurts a bit.” Logan shook her head, trying to make herself sober, so she couldn’t be so confused anymore.

What Logan didn’t know was that Brayden Stewart didn’t treat her brain at all, heal the damaged brain, and even deliberately omitted it, and even gave Logan more serious medicine.

Logan was dizzy for a few days!

Just to make Logan no longer think of that bad memory! That kind of memory, to Brayden Stewart, is an insult and a shame!

Of course, Brayden Stewart didn’t want Logan to recall anymore. He even wanted to let people use high-tech means to erase Logan’s memory. That kind of memory is rubbish, all rubbish, so what else is there?

Only of Stewarts, that should be the real memory!

But it can’t be done now, there are no such high-tech means, it can’t be done to erase Logan’s memory, this is also impossible!

Obediently, be a wandering wife!! This is what Brayden Stewart wants to see now. After all, he thinks that Logan really has more and more appetite for him. Whether in appearance or figure, it is absolutely the best!!

How many times better than the women he met before!

Get Logan, use Logan’s gene to give birth to a son, then he can continue to play with other women.

However, it also depends on Logan’s charm. Brayden Stewart won’t neglect her easily. After the heat is over, he will occasionally spoil Logan!

“That’s okay,” several people breathed a sigh of relief.

Logan has something, they must be miserable.

“Then go ahead,” several people accelerated.

If it was resolved sooner, they would be completely relieved.

Logan got a headache and continued to be at a loss. Why was her head so heavy and weak?

If you think about something, you get a headache.

Logan sighed. After a while, a few people were busy. Logan didn’t need anything. For a perfect figure, as long as she put on a wedding dress, she would be eye-catching!!

A few people are really envious, envious of Logan’s beauty, today she is so shining and beautiful, it will definitely attract everyone’s attention!

“Time is almost up, you can go out with us!” Someone came to greet him.

Brayden Stewart is ready.

Logan didn’t want to move, she just wanted to sit, she just wanted to take off her wedding dress, why should she wear this?

Several people saw Logan’s abnormality, and someone immediately went to tell Brayden Stewart secretly!

“Young Master, the young lady doesn’t want to come out, you see…” This person was cautious.

Don’t make a mistake, otherwise, these people will definitely feel bad today.

Brayden Stewart frowned, “Hmph, I already knew she would be slow, forget it, let me see!”

Fortunately, in the scene, all were his family members, even if there is a little accident, it will not be ashamed!!

Brayden Stewart arrived at Logan’s room.

Seeing Logan wearing a wedding dress, he made it clear that he must get this woman!

“Logan…” Brayden Stewart put away the thoughts in his heart and entered with a smile.

Several makeup artists are at a loss!!


“Logan…what’s wrong with you? The time is up, you are going out, but you promised to marry me, I love you!” Brayden Stewart said warmly.

He knew that Logan would never think of anything because he had done something to Logan’s head!

“I… can’t marry today, why are you so fast?” Logan shook her head blankly. She felt that the car accident happened yesterday, so why did she put on her wedding dress today? Put on makeup?

“You must be so happy. Forgot the time. It’s okay. Let’s go out. Are the people at home waiting for the two of us?” Brayden Stewart was still gentle.

In his opinion, Logan will surprise the audience today!

Many of his brothers are married, but seeing his wife so beautiful, they will definitely be envious!!

“I. I don’t want to go out, why did I promise you? I have a headache.” Logan was in pain, she wanted to resist.

But his head is messy, like a ball of thread falling on the ground, no head can be found.

“Because the person you like is me, so you promised me. Did you forget?” Brayden Stewart still kept smiling.

But insidiously thought in my heart: By the end of the night, you will know that you promised it right!!

“I, I have no impression,” Logan was blank.

Thinking hard, the head hurts to the point of tearing.

“It’s okay, you’ll remember it, it’s okay,” Brayden Stewart winked.

The other women on the scene also persuaded.

“Yes, young lady, you think more about it. Love is slowly accumulating. You lost your memory before, and you forgot the young master. The young master is very sad.”

“Yes, in the last car accident, the young master’s head was broken and all were injured. The young master is sincere to you. How can the secret fail the young master’s sincerity?”

Logan was even more confused by these words, and her heart was extremely painful.

“I don’t want to get married.” Logan shook her head.

“What should I do then? Relatives and friends are here, what do you want me to do? Logan, you really don’t remember me at all? Alas!!!” Brayden Stewart sighed, with a sad look on his face.

The eyes are moist.


“Logan, it doesn’t matter if you forget, I will help you find your memory, trust me?” Brayden Stewart was angry in his heart, but kept his demeanour, “Aunt Logan, trust me…”


Logan was stunned, Aunt Logan? The name is so familiar, so familiar…

“It’s you? Really you?” Logan was blank, tears came out.

“Yes, it’s me. Now you think of it? I am the person you like, and today’s wedding is my promise to you!” Brayden Stewart “weeps with joy”, yes, he checked everything about Logan, including Chuck What Chuck Cannon calls her…

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