Chapter 639 – 640: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 639: The True God Chasing the Ship

Mary Su and others agreed!

Yinyin Yao said, “Brother, when I break through the Genesis, I will be with you for one thousand and ten thousand years…”

Lan Yu joked, “Are you still so possessive?”

“This is my elder brother, if you are competent, you can also possess him!” Yinyin was holding Kris. As the God Father of Five Poisons Sect, her mischief only shows in front of Kris!

Kris recalled the time when they first met, he couldn’t help but patting on her plump buttock, “I would click your acupuncture point!”

Face colored, Yinyin leaned in his arms, “You can do whatever you want!”

“You coquette, is it suitable to flirt with our husband in front of us?”

Qingyuan looked at her with a smile!

Other women laughed a lot after hearing this. Yinyin was already immune from it, holding his hand, walking into the spacecraft, “I not only flirt with him, but will get laid with him! Come together!”

“Come on!” Qingyuan walked in first, followed by Lan Xia, Lan Yu, Yi Fang…all walked in.

“Sister… Sister, let’s go as well!” Xuefei Yuan and Yujie were a little embarrassed, and walked in with flushes.

Mary Su and Quan Mu looked at each other,”Go and have a look, we can’t let this bad guy bully our sisters!”

Quan Mu pulled Mary Su, walking in.

After coming out, they had already returned to Dubhe.

The women were content while Kris was weak!

The woman after marriage is really a hooligan, he almost couldn’t resist it!

“Sister Quan, will we squeeze too hard like this?” Yuhan Qin said.

Before Quan spoke, Yinyin said, “He has been away for decades and hundreds of years. Who knows if he will bring a another wife back next time?”

“Yes, I think the squeeze is too lightly!”

Lan Xia thought for a while, and felt that she hadn’t performed well in the past few years, then she turned back, continuing to having sex!

“Remember, if you dare to bring a wife back, I won’t be able to spare you!”

“I see, Ms Xia!” Kris nodded quickly.

“You must always remember that there are so many sisters in the family waiting for you to come back!”

“Yes, yes, I will remember it!”

After several times in turn, Kris humbly sent the women into the Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) room!

Holding on to his waist, Kris chewed millions of years old ginseng, “Fortunately, I have great tonics!”

One advantage may be that he might not thought of this for a hundred years, which could help him concentrate on practicing!

Putting away the spaceship, Kris went to the Devil Land and the Purple Fire Sect.

The Gourd Ancestor successfully broke through the Holy Realm Later period, and the old master of purple fire sect also broke through the Holy Realm!

The old master found North Kris to render him the original fire seed he had condensed.

The original fire seed can be cultivated into a new Extremely Purple Heaven Fire!

Although Extremely Purple Heaven Fire is nothing to North Kris now, it is already the best gift that the old master of purple fire sect can give!

In return, North Kris also gave him a star core for him to repair the origin!

Through the information sharing, Kris knew that North Kris was trying to break through the Genesis realm, so he remained a Holy Realm avatar in the Purple Fire Sect!

Kris walked into Gourd Cave in the Purple Fire Sect. The Gourd Ancestor sat lazily on the rocking chair, seeing Kris coming over, he smiled, “You come back, sit down, please!”

The supply of the Purple Fire Sect has been getting better every year, otherwise he would not be able to improve so fast!

Kris smiled, holding the Immortal King Wine in his hand, sitting in front of him, “I haven’t seen you for many years, ancestor’s cultivation is better than before!”

“Thanks to you!” Ancestor smiled, beckoned a yellow gourd from the vine not far away, “This is my treasure, a gift for you, although it is nothing to you.”

After receiving the yellow gourd, Kris was grateful, “Thank you, ancestor!”

The ancestor waved his hand, “You needn’t call me ancestor anymore. I heard North Kris said that you are Supreme Lord now?”

“Yes!” Kris nodded.

“Above the Supreme Lord is Great Supreme Lord, which jumps out of the Three Realms and the five elements. You are not in the Time River, but you are ubiquitous!”

The Gourd Ancestor was quite envious, “When I saw you for the first time, I knew that you were extraordinary. You have achieved so much for just two or three hundred years!”

What is two to three hundred years, that is, the time he takes a nap.

But during a nap, Kris surpassed everyone and reached the pinnacle of the universe.

“One day, ancestors will catch up.” Kris smiled and immediately asked,”I have a question, I wonder if ancestors can enlighten me!”

“Please say out!”

“Ancestor is the innate spiritual root, right?” Kris asked,”You came from the chaos?”

Gourd ancestor was taken aback, looking at Kris for a while, then nodded, “Yes, I came from the chaos!”

It was true! Huayu Lord said that Gourd Ancestor was the innate spirit, and he remembered it at that time.

This time, after returning from the Supreme Main Universe, he thought about it!

Kris told his own experience in the chaos. Of course, the process of snatching the treasure was omitted. “Dare to ask ancestor, what are the existences of the chaos demon, the True God without head, the surviving ship, and the person in red on the coffin?”

The ancestor thought for a while, “Chaos is infinite. Although I came from chaos, I knew little about it. After all, I was just a seed without intelligence. I only had some scattered memories!”

“I’m not sure whether it is true!” he continued, “My body is not actually rooted in the chaos, but in the head of the True God. From that head I saw a trace of scattered memories!”

“I saw him chasing a ship, but he couldn’t catch up with it anyway. He ran into a terrifying existence on the road and finally beheaded with his head fell into infinite chaos… This is the memory I saw!”

Full of trepidation in his eyes, “I don’t know if that ship is the one you saw, but it’s an extremely terrifying ship, even if the True God’s cultivation is Great Supreme Lord, there’s no way to fight against it.”

Kris examined minutely,”Do you know why the True God chased that ship?”

“I don’t know, but I can feel that he is eager to board that ship!”

Kris speculated that could it be that all the fairy, demon, gods and monsters were killed by that ship?

Shouldn’t it!

Why did that ship do this?

There is no reason!

The one who can easily kill the Great Supreme Lord must be an invincible existence.

Could it be Chaos Realm? Or the stage above the Chaos Realm?

After all, the Tao is endless, and no one knows whether there is a stage above the chaos!

“Ancestor, do you know the name of the True God?”

“I… I don’t know!” he shook his head, “But you’d better not go into it. I feel that there is a terrible conspiracy in it, it will kill people, even the Great Supreme Lord will die!”

“I will be careful!” Kris nodded!

He is 80% sure that the True God is chasing the dilapidated ship!

The one on the coffin…the surviving ship they shouted, maybe is the name of that ship!

Kris chatted with the ancestor for a while before leaving.

Looking at the training resources left by Kris, the ancestor was gratified, “This kid is really generous!”

Kris had wanted to visit the old master of purple fire sect, but the old master was in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), he simply came out of the Purple Fire Sect!

Coming to Dongsheng Divine Land, Kris saw the country where people, monsters, Buddhas and demons coexist.

This is a country hundreds of times larger than the Immortal Dynasty!

In the capital, three ten thousand-foot-long statues guard the capital, and the middle one is Kris!

The two smaller ones next to it are the Lord of Vipers and Lord of Fire!

As the founding emperor of the country, Sha Mo had already retired and became the Supreme Emperor of the empire. He devoted himself to cultivation!

Holy Realm Later period? Kris nodded!

After all, Sha Mo is not talented and had no shortcut to rely on. It is already very good to be able to cultivate to this Stage in two or three hundred years.

In the pilgrimage temple, Sha Mo was watching his son’s governance.

At this moment, the soldier guarding the door shouted, “Who are you, how dare you break into the temple!”

The gatekeeper is also a Practitioner in the actualized spirit stage!

Hearing the shouts of the soldiers, Emperor Wuji Mo stood up, “Father, let me have a look!”

Sha Mo frowned with the Divine Spiritual Power sweeping away. When he knew who is coming, he stunned!

“Hold on, you go with me!” Sha Mo quickly took off the crown on his head, got off the Kowloon Throne, and ran out quickly!

Wuji looked at his father with confusion, but followed.

A group of actualized spirit guards flew in from a distance and surrounded Kris in groups.

“Go back soon!” Sha angered at the guards, “You are all blind!”

With that, Sha knelt straight in front of the young man in the eyes of everyone’s astonishment, and respectfully knocked his head three times, “Master, please be respected by the disciple!”

Wow! Everyone was shocked!

Only the three guardians of the empire can be treated so respectfully by the founding emperor!

And there is only one person who can be called a master!

That is the master of Sha Mo, Kris Chen!

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Empire II, Wuji Mo!

“Wuji, why don’t you kneel down and kowtow to Master?”

Sha stared at Wuji, the latter stepped forward in a few steps, knelt behind his farther, and banged his head three times.

“Disciple greets Master!” Wuji grew up with Kris’ story, knowing that this man has built a huge empire and even changed the whole world!

“National Master!” The guards around also knelt down!

Kris has a high position in the empire, the master of the founding emperor, and the position of the national teacher has not been changed for hundreds of years.

“Get up!”Kris smiled, “I just come over to see how you are!”

It is no need to show off at his Stage. As long as he wants to, the world will be ruined within his thoughts!

“Thanks, Master!” Sha stood up, he was almost cried. He hadn’t seen Master for hundreds of years. Although Master’s avatar had been in Nahai Sect, the feeling was different!

The avatar can never replace the original soul!

“We haven’t seen each other for almost two or three hundred years.” Kris patted Sha on the shoulder, “You did a good job. I am very gratified. At the beginning, the country imagined by Lord of Vipers, Lord of Fire and I has finally become a reality in your hands!”

Sha hurriedly said,”It’s all taught by the master!”

Wiping away tears, Sha quickly introduced, “Master, this is my son, Wuji!”

“His mother is a Heaven Fox, it’s a good!” Kris also saw through Wuji.

“Yes, Master’s eyes are like a torch, my wife is the Heaven Fox!”

“He’s suitable for cultivation!” Kris thought for a while, and pointed out, making the Supreme God and Devil Bone merged into Wuji’s body!

Chapter 640: Create Something out of Nothing

“This is the Supreme Demon Bone, make good use of it!” Kris said, “Once fully developed, it can explode a hundredfold combat power!”

A hundred times more combat power?

Wuji was so excited that he repeatedly bowed his head, “Master, thanks for your cultivation!”

“A man has gold under his knees, how can you kneel down easily? You will be the emperor of the dynasty in the future, don’t do that, understand?”

Wuji stood up, making a bow with hands folded in front, “Wuji understands!”

Kris was welcomed into the pilgrimage hall and treated with delicacies.

After the meal, Kris left the follow-up achievement methods to Sha Mo, and left!

“We’re looking forward to seeing you again, Master!” The two respectfully kowtowed.

“See you, National Master!” The others also knelt down and sent Kris away!

Leaving the dynasty, Kris went to Wuwei City. This was his starting point, where he wiped out the beast tide and flattened Feng Yao Mountain. Wuwei City finally escaped the days of being besieged by the beast tide.

For more than two hundred years, Wuwei City has gradually become the largest city within thousands of miles!

Yaoguang Mansion also sent people to take over it.

Walking in the prosperous streets, he found everything has changed.

In a square, Kris saw a statue, which looks like him. When he scrutinized it, who else could it be?

“Interesting!” Kris laughed, pointing to the status, then it seemed to come alive, “From now on, you will guard this city!”

The statue blinked as if to say, “Yes!”

“Well, this trace of cause and effect is completely gone off!” Kris went to the place where he fought with the Silver Wolf King in previous years.

That place has now become a shrine to spiritual practice.

Countless young sword cultivators take risks here.

Kris stood high in the sky and came to Tianjian Mountain!

Tianjian Mountain has nothing except the remaining spatial fluctuations of Sword World.

He tried to calculate the whereabouts of Qiujian through the causal line.

However, nothing was achieved.

There are three possibilities. The first is that he died, the second he might go to a more distant world, the third is his stage at this time is far beyond Kris.

The latter two are of greater possibility.

How could Qiujian easily die since he could create such marvelous achievement method as Nameless Sword Tactics?

The cause and effect Kris owed, only could be repaid in the future!

Kris went to Nahai Sect.

Today’s Nahai Sect has become one of the well-deserved holy sects, the Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Fire have also left Nahai Sect long ago to find their own opportunities in the boundless universe.

Looking at the Million Fairy Mountains suspended in the air, this place has become the center of the first half of the navigation channel, and the second half is the new channel opened by Gengu No.1 Sect.

Wuji Sword Sect, Penglai Holy Sect and Moko Sect have also achieved the supreme cause and became the world’s first-class supreme sect because they hugged Kris’ thigh tightly(followed Kris’ action).

Especially the Wuji Sword Sect, following the Gengu No. 1 Sect, made a lot of money.

Kris was very happy to see his close friends living a good life.

There is no need to meet each other. After all, his current Stage is too high. If he meets them, it will make them feel very stressed.

After understanding a few cause and effects, and looking at an old friend, Kris has no more concerns in his heart.

Coming to the space crack, Kris set up a space barrier and began Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone).

Closing Door for three years outside equals to 30,000 years in Time Barrier as well as 900 million years in Acupuncture World !

Over the years, Kris has seen the birth of Genesis one after another, and the great worlds have also reached their limits. Under the nourishment of Xuanhuang Root Spirit and Chaos Spirit, they transformed towards the universe.

In fact, the supreme great worlds are already comparable to an entire star realm!

The total worlds in his body compare to a small universe!

Because of the flow of time, Kris summoned all the incarnations back, allowing them to understand magical powers within himself.

On the one hand, it can increase the world heritage. On the other hand, it can speed up the progress of upgrading!

After 900 million years for speeding up, Kris felt that the Stage of Supreme Lord has stabilized.

The more difficult it is to practice, the longer it takes.

To break through the Supreme Lord, the world in the body must break through to the universe level!

However, there was also good news. After hundreds of millions of years of comprehension, the achievement methods obtained from the Immortal King Palace have finally been understood!

Looking at the Main Universe, he can crush at least one percent of it with a finger, or even one tenth of the universe with his full strength.

The Supreme Lord is powerful, which can open up a small universe in the chaos.

But Kris didn’t want to do that. The world in his body consumes him much energy, let alone to open up a small universe.

“Virtuality and reality, is this the way of immortality?”

A cosmic core appeared in his hands, which was transformed by the Tao of Virtuality and Reality and possesses one ten thousandth of the power of the core of the universe.

“Yes, I can not only create something out of nothing, but also trace its origin!”

Throwing the core into the ancestral world, at that moment, the ancestral world expanded ten thousand meters!

“But it consumes plenty of magic power!”

Magic power is trivial matter compared to its functions!

“The Great Tao Stone of Time!” a polyhedral spar appeared in his hand as he thought, which contains infinite power of time.

“Good thing, it even possesses one tenth of Great Tao of Time!” Kris laughed, it was not in vain that he spent so many years understanding achievement methods.

If this continues, he only needs to spend some magic power to make this kind of high-level treasure infinitely, even if it is just a copy, it is enough!

Because these copies extract the original power of the main world!

“But it can’t be drawn unlimitedly. Once it triggers the wrath of heaven, it won’t be good!”

After making hundreds of the Great Tao Stones of Time, Kris came to the Chaos Node!

This is scattered chaotic space, the outermost layer of chaos.

The universe is attached to chaos, and all Tao comes from chaos, so if I remove the chaos, can I make more treasures?

If it is possible, then Kris will have an inexhaustible original source of treasure!

He tried to extract the original source from the chaos, but the process was too difficult.

After trying hundreds of times, Kris threw this problem to Yuan Kris.

He set up a Time Barrier around his body and a large guiding array to suck chaos spirit into his inner world!

To develop the universe, it needs more chaos.

So far, a world can only accommodate ten Genesis practitioners, and resources are no longer available.

Therefore, once the world is promoted to the universe, with Kris’ Tao of Virtuality and Reality, it can evolve into endless treasures!

Energy must be conserved. This is the eternal truth!

Whether it is the Main Universe or the Supreme Main Universe, it is impossible for Kris to uncontrollably extract the original source.

The more the source is extracted, the greater the cause and effect owed.

But Chaos has no such concerns, so Kris puts his goal on Chaos.

In the blink of an eye, thirty years have passed in a hurry, and the world in the body has passed tens of thousands of eras.

Yuan Kris and thousands of incarnations deduced tens of thousands of eras and eventually found a way!

At the moment of receiving the information, Kris’ head was almost burst by the massive amount of information!

“Damn, can’t you tell me in advance before sharing the information?”

Yuan Kris chuckled, letting you squeeze me, it can be regarded as revenge for tens of thousands of years!

“Chaos Origin Method?” Kris thought “I am not good at entitling, but usefulness comes first!”

Kris drew tens of thousands of chaotic spirit to make a cosmic heart by Virtuality and Reality Tao after three days.

The core has one-third of the power of the genuine heart of the universe!

However, this is nothing. Kris planted the heart of the universe in chaos, speeding up time and letting it continue to grow!

Then he made millions of treasures in the next tens of thousands of years!

Looking at the densely distributed treasure planting fields, Kris was extremely satisfied!

“Oh, the heart of the universe is mature!” A beating heart appeared in his hand, this little thing finally matured after tens of thousands of eras.

It is so good that Kris directly plunged into his inner world!

The outside world has just passed over the past two hundred years, and all kinds of treasures planted that year have all matured.

Some were left for emergencies, and the others were thrown into the inner world.

And the chaos node where Kris stayed has conspicuously became thinner.

Chaos is endless, but this space is just a node with limited chaos spirit!

“It seems that I can’t stay here anymore. It’s not hard to return to the original state for millions of years!”

Kris stood up with his body making the sound of crackling. The inner world has passed a million epochs, and all acupoint worlds have reached the pinnacle of the great worlds as Kris invested in massive treasures.

Boom! At that moment, it broke through the threshold. The explosion sounded! The world in the body skyrocketed!

Tens of thousands of Great Tao stones couldn’t keep up with the skyrocketing speed, forming a vacuum!

One black hole after another is formed, and countless stars are created in the explosion.

Shattering! Twenty-nine thousand six hundred worlds collectively promoted towards the universe.

He saw hundreds of thousands of Genesis practitioners chasing the expansion of the universe, but they couldn’t make it, because the universe was expanding too fast!

They witnessed of the birth of the universe, which has incalculable benefits for their growth!

Kris also fell into a mysterious state.

One year, ten years, one hundred years, one thousand years…In the Time Barrier, millions of years rushed away!

Kris opened his eyes, in the blink of an eye he reached to the Fulfilled period Supreme Lord!

At this time, he was infinitely close to the Great Supreme Lord!

This chaos node can no longer hold him, the terrifying aura rages, the starry sky trembles, other places around are shocked by this aura.

“Has it been 500 years of the outside world?” Kris has spent millions of eras in five hundred years!

At that moment, he found the vicissitudes of life! The only immortal thing is his fiery heart!

Soon, he adjusted his own state!

The ancestral world has expanded a thousand times, adding thousands of star domains!

The creatures began to expand toward the outside world. At the beginning of the universe, there were plenty of spiritual opportunities for them to cultivate.

“The most important thing is that the Genesis practitioners contained in the internal world has exceeded five million!”

“These Great Tao are really terrifying, even without overlapping, the total number also surpasses five million!”

What is Tao is endless, this is it!

At a glance, he saw the real cosmic core of the Main Universe, which is no secret to him.

“Is the Main Universe still in the growth period? It is equivalent to the infancy of human beings!”

“Then will the Supreme Main Universe be the universe of mankind’s prime of life?”

Kris wanted to see the Supreme Main Universe through the cosmic barrier, but was blocked by a thick cosmic barrier!

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