“Your promised to me?”

Logan was lost in thought with a headache, but the more she thought about it, her head was stinging like an explosion.

Who do you like? This title is really familiar! It became familiar to her.

“Yes, this is my promise to you! I said to marry you, to give you the biggest wedding in the world, the most luxurious wedding, I did it, and now you go out with me, feel it, you will remember it!” Brayden Stewart said in a surprising manner.

Logan was at a loss. She pressed her head and the tingling made her faint, but there was a strong voice in her heart. She wanted to go out and see…

Brayden Stewart sketched out a sneer:

Logan, in fact, you know in your heart that you don’t like me, but you know who I am, so you pretend to be, right?

It seems that there is no difference between you and other women!!

“Just go out and see, let’s go.” Brayden Stewart said.

Under the watchful eyes of his family, the wedding is completed, and the rest will be a matter of course.

Brayden Stewart was actually a bit excited.

Logan’s voice was urgent, she wanted to go out and have a look.

Let her go outside at a loss.

Brayden Stewart smiled, “You guys look at her, don’t let her make any mistakes,”

“Yes, Master!!” Several women lowered their heads, followed Logan out, and gave Logan a long skirt.

Brayden Stewart sorted out his suit, smiled and walked out.

The scene is lively, all of them are visitors!

The secret family has been passed down for so many years, with thousands of descendants and the hall is full of people.

“Wow, the bride is really in good shape!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s so beautiful, how good this figure would be to be my wife!”

“Yes, if my wife is so beautiful, I won’t look for other women again,”

“Hey, are you from the last name Stewart? We are members of a hidden family, so are there many such women?”

“This is not necessarily true, I have never seen such a superb woman,”

“I do not have either.”

Everyone was amazed by Logan wearing a white scarf, and there was a little boil on the scene.

Of course, it can’t be too much. After all, Brayden Stewart is one of the candidates who may inherit the secret family Stewart!!

After silence!

Logan’s figure is really sketched to the extreme by this wedding dress. All the men’s gaze and eyes are shining.

For beautiful women, men’s eyes are always the same, let alone such beautiful women!!

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, the elders of the Stewart family sat on it!

The wedding is ready to begin!!

“I didn’t expect Logan, the spare tire, to be a bit pretty in a wedding dress,” Heidi Hudson muttered to herself.

She looked at Logan, she was also a bit amazing!

This is very rare!

“But she’s like a fool, what’s the matter?” Although Heidi Hudson didn’t see Logan’s face clearly, Logan was motionless on it, really like wood.

“Perhaps, when she ran away with a parachute, something hit her head, which made her mind unconscious,” the man whispered his own analysis.

“Guess so,”

“Then this is the best, otherwise Logan will tell the lady’s story.” The man was a little worried.

“Speak out!?”

Heidi Hudson smiled lazily, “Why do I worry that she would say it? There is a problem with her brain now. Even if she has no problem with her mind, she dares to?”

Especially in different words.

The man was surprised, too, how dare Logan? She dares to speak out, then she doesn’t know how many people will die!!

“By the way, where is Chuck Cannon?” Heidi Hudson said lazily.

“He said he went to the bathroom,” the man stared, he saw Chuck Cannon went to the bathroom just now.

“Well, go take a look, bring him back, I don’t want to wait any longer, let him make trouble, I will save him again…” Heidi Hudson said.

“Yes, miss, wait a minute,” the man went to the toilet to see Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon did go to the bathroom just now, and at the same time turned around in the crowd. He was actually a little annoyed that he hadn’t seen Logan.

Has Heidi Hudson lied to him?

Probably not!

So, why haven’t you watched Logan yet?

He suppressed his expectation and went out to the bathroom, but he took out his cell phone and took a look. Black Rose still didn’t reply to his message or called him.

Chuck Cannon called Black Rose but was astonished because he found that the phone had no signal. What’s the situation?

Chuck Cannon understands that this may be a means of this family, and they don’t want others to use their mobile phones to shoot.

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much about other places, but he also understood why he couldn’t receive Black Rose’s information.

It turns out that his cell phone has no signal. Maybe Black Rose has already sent a message to him or made a call, but he didn’t receive it.

Alas, he doesn’t know, Black Rose will be even angrier if he doesn’t reply to the message!

Chuck Cannon sighed. He was thinking about calling his mother one, but he couldn’t get it out. Forget it, go out and see, where is Logan!

However, Chuck Cannon was a little distraught, and always felt that something would happen, or would it be a little accidental to take Logan away by himself?

Chuck Cannon reconfirmed that he had put on the clothes his mother gave, and the small bomb given by the boss behind the scenes and that there was no problem.

Did you think more about it?

At the wedding, when he will see Logan, he will take her away. How could an accident happen?

Chuck Cannon shrugged and came out.

When Chuck Cannon came out, the man waited outside, his expression was indifferent!

“Why have you been in for so long?” the man said coldly.

Why does Chuck Cannon care about him?

Go straight.

“I warn you, be nice to my lady, for my lady, to be able to fall in love with you, that is the blessing you have cultivated for ten lifetimes! Understand!” The man scolded!!

“I must have done bad things in ten lifetimes.” Chuck Cannon went out directly.

The man was angry, his expression was cold, and suddenly he laughed, “Huh, Chuck Cannon, you will be beaten badly later, it’s okay, see you being beaten, I should be very happy later! Haha!!”

The man sneered and went out quickly.

Chuck Cannon stood on tiptoe to look at the crowd. There are too many people. He is watching it quickly. Hurry up and see Logan.

Wedding scene!

The emcee has been preparing for a long time, and all the elders of the Stewart family are on the stage!

Including the owner of a family, Adam Stewart!!

Regarding Logan, his grandson-in-law, he was barely satisfied, and the others had no opinion.

“Dad, did I do a good job? Found such a wife for Brayden,” Brayden Stewart’s father said to the family owner, as an invitation.

“Yes, this girl is more pleasing to the eye than other grandchildren’s wives, but it’s still far worse than Heidi Hudson!” Adam Stewart’s guests looked at and saw the lazy Heidi Hudson.

“Yeah, there is no way. The woman Heidi Hudson doesn’t want to be with Brayden, so forget it, don’t force it, or let her Hudson think that I’m not going to the hometown! It’s not bad to find this one now.” The old man is satisfied.

“However, isn’t this woman having amnesia? Will there be any problems?”.

“No, Brayden likes her, let them be together.” The old man said confidently.

“Yes, let’s start!!” Adam Stewart, his grandson gets married, he is also happy, of course, it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, just give birth to a child anyway.

After all, the secret family is passed on, the more descendants, the better.

The voice was loud, and the hall suddenly became quiet.

“The bride and groom, kneeling elders!” said the emcee.

The rules of this secret family must bow down to the elders.

Of course, Brayden Stewart knelt down, but Logan didn’t move.

Adam Stewart frowned and murmured, “What’s the matter?”

Today is the big day of the hidden family. Does this woman don’t know how to promote her?

Logan bit her lip and didn’t move, Brayden Stewart was angry, but kept her demeanour, “Logan, kneel down, all the elders in front of you are all elders, it’s okay, the etiquette should be done, soon!”

“I…” Logan had her headache to the extreme, she shook her head, “I, I don’t want to get married…”

“What?” Adam Stewart had cold eyes!

Even Brayden Stewart’s father was also angry, saved you and gave you a chance to turn from a pheasant into a phoenix. How did you regret it?

Brayden Stewart stood up, “Logan, why are you kidding?”

Logan bit her lip!

“She’s not kidding, she won’t get married in this marriage!!” An indifferent voice sounded!

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