This voice suddenly rang!

Same as thunder! It caused an uproar at the scene!!

Yes, it was Chuck Cannon who was talking, his expression was cold and even killing intent was pervasive!

He had been in the crowd for a long time, but he didn’t see Logan who he wanted to see in his heart. When he was helpless, he suddenly saw this side!!

This back, which completely attracted the attention of the entire scene, is extremely beautiful!

Wearing a wedding dress, the back is very bumpy and charming. When Chuck Cannon saw this back, he was at a loss for an instant, because he was familiar with…

Many times, Chuck Cannon imagined that one day, Logan was able to wear jeans and let Chuck Cannon see her back, so Chuck Cannon remembered this back.

The moment he saw the wedding dress, Chuck Cannon knew. He came over this time and looked forward to seeing Logan, who had been missing for so long, he saw it!!

But yes!

Chuck Cannon was shocked, accidental, painful, and many emotions were mixed!!

Why does Logan wear a wedding dress?

Why is Logan getting married?

Why doesn’t Logan invite herself even if she is married?

Too many questions are beyond Chuck Cannon’s control!

what happened?

What the hell is going on!!

Chuck Cannon’s cold voice suddenly rang, it annoyed all the visitors at the scene, it was very simple since it was a hidden family and someone made trouble at the hidden family’s wedding.

Everyone turned their heads and stared at them. Thousands of eyes gathered. Is this cold, murderous look?

Brayden Stewart’s face suddenly became as cold as snow, and he barely remembered this person, Chuck Cannon!!

The person he let off last time!

At the same time, Logan likes the person, has he actually arrived at the scene?

Logan, who had just rejected painfully, was at a loss and uncovered her veil. She saw this angry person she was particularly familiar with…

It seemed to be slow. Logan noticed that her eyes felt blurred. She couldn’t see this person clearly. Is she crying?

Who is he then?

Logan’s beautiful eyes were dull, her body was trembling, and her stinging head made her think desperately, to think…

“What did you say?” Brayden Stewart said coldly, the voice of each word, like a judge, can determine life and death in a single thought!

“I said, this marriage, she won’t do!” Chuck Cannon’s voice resounded!

This is an extremely angry voice!

This is Chuck Cannon’s anger!

Whole Hidden family including Adam Stewart, the Patriarch of the Stewart family, stared at Chuck Cannon in a gloomy manner, with no expression on his face. He’s dead!

Chuck Cannon’s anger caused all the descendants of the travelling family on the scene to be angry, and all their faces were angry!

“Where did the shabi come from? How dare he to run wild in my home? Who let him in?”

“Yes, which shameless pen?”

Their voices were angry and cold!

The majesty of the hidden family was trampled by an unknown junior today!

This is a hidden family, outsiders absolutely not allowed!!

The atmosphere was icy, the hall was silent, surrounded by indifferent anger!

Guest area!

Heidi Hudson said lazily, “Quite soon, I thought you would find out later!”

There was a sneer on the face of the man beside him, even hideously!

Yes, he could feel the coldness of the scene, it was the anger of a secret family, who could not feel it?

In the next scene, he will not miss any pictures because Chuck Cannon will be particularly miserable in everything that follows!!

As a traveller of a hidden family, this anger is down, and it is not something Chuck Cannon, who is as small as an ant, can resist!

What he is waiting for Chuck Cannon next is crazy torture!

He would not miss it, and even hoped in his heart that Heidi Hudson waits for the moment till when Chuck Cannon is tortured and was about to die before she came to his rescue!

This process must be particularly interesting!

He even wanted to take a photo with his phone and send it to Karen Lee to see, let Karen Lee know that her son would be miserable soon…

“Miss, this Chuck Cannon is okay,” the man said.

“Oh, it’s okay,” Heidi Hudson was still lazy, Chuck Cannon’s performance was that he is still not afraid, she felt that her vision was correct.

After all, if Chuck Cannon didn’t even have the courage to stop him, what would she do to let this kind of uselessness be her husband?

Therefore, Chuck Cannon boldly stepped forward, and Heidi Hudson felt more that Chuck Cannon was good, and even felt more that Chuck Cannon must be added to her family and named his surname is Hudson!!

“However, the people in the Stewart family are still quite angry, all in my expected performance,” Heidi Hudson said lazily.

Chuck Cannon, I will let you know how powerful I am!!

Please beg me, will you beg me later? As long as you beg me now, I will help you, please!

Heidi Hudson stared at the expressionless Chuck Cannon. At this moment, she actually had a little expectation in her heart!

“Yes,” the man stared, and he won’t miss any pictures in the next…

Brayden Stewart was originally annoyed because of Logan’s rejection just now, but now that Chuck Cannon is out again, his anger has reached its extreme!

Killing intent to the extreme!

“I think you want to die!!” Brayden Stewart said coldly!

He suddenly received his anger and became indifferent to the point.

Why am I angry?

Who am I? Am one of the future heirs of the hidden family Stewart family!

Angry for this ant?

Ha haha!

Not worth it!

Brayden Stewart raised his hand indifferently and snapped his fingers!

This snap is so ordinary, so crisp! It seems to be a little voice!

However, after snapping his fingers, a kind of killing intent, a kind of majesty from the hidden family appeared!


Ten burly men in black appeared and surrounded Chuck Cannon!

All of them stared coldly at Chuck Cannon, that kind of look was like looking at a dead person!

They are all master fighters!

In an instant, Chuck Cannon can stop breathing!

As long as Brayden Stewart snaps his fingers, even just a look in his eyes, this untimely appearance of Chuck Cannon will lie on the ground…

At the same time he would regret coming here, even more, regret talking just now…

Chuck Cannon was not afraid, even his indifferent expression did not change, he just watched.

That person with trembling body, Logan!

“Aunt Logan! What happened to you? What happened?”

Surrounded by people and in danger, Chuck Cannon didn’t roar. At this time, he only had gentleness.

For so long disappeared, he thought about Logan’s gentleness day and night!

He finally saw her, she is safe, she is still alive!

Chuck Cannon really didn’t expect that he would actually see Logan in this situation!

He felt dreaming, but Logan, wearing a wedding dress, had moist eyes, and the tears glowed with dazzling light, stinging Chuck Cannon’s heart!

Chuck Cannon thought of the dream, the dream of Logan squatting helplessly in the corner!

It turned out that Logan was really helpless. She got married today, but there was no one else she knew at the scene!

Aunt Logan?

So familiar!!

Logan’s body trembled, she looked at this gentleman with vague beautiful eyes, what a familiar voice!

The stinging head kept Logan from meditating. In an instant, countless memories flooded into Logan’s mind like a tide!

Knowing the name of the man in front of him for the first time.

The first time she saw this man, the first time she heard this man call herself Aunt Logan, the first time she missed him, and the first kiss. That kiss was so sweet…

Logan’s messy memory became clear, she wiped away the tears, so that she could see clearly!


Logan was once again blurred by tears!

She remembered that what she likes is not Brayden Stewart, but the one in front of her, in the dark night, outside the bar, after the two watched them, they took away the man they first kissed…

His name is Chuck Cannon!

She likes him!!

“Chuck…” Logan didn’t lose a bit, she called out the name trembling, as if a century had passed, the name was finally called out again!

Chuck Cannon smiled, the doubts in his heart are gone, what else is there?

Without any explanation, Logan called to herself, which means that Logan does not want to get married, so what is she doing now?

Take her out of here! She doesn’t want to get married, and he doesn’t want to see her helpless, so take her away!

“Aunt Logan, I will take you out of here now!” Chuck Cannon’s voice was loud and resounding throughout the hall!!

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