Chapter 641 – 642: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 641: Returning to the Supreme Main Universe

He saw countless Great Tao interspersed between universes in the layered cosmic space, linking space and time, which resembled intricate passages.

He could see the past and also the future. This was really a very mysterious feeling.

“Is this what it feels like to master the life of all beings?” He exclaimed.

Kris put away the space-time barrier. Five hundred years of practicing magic art alone was probably the longest time he had practiced so far.

He went to find Gusu and found him still in practicing magic art, so he didn’t bother him.

When he came home, he found that he had more than forty generations of descendants. Chen’s population also exceeded ten million.

Kris’s wives have been waiting for Kris for a long time. This time each of them asked to have sex with him in turn in order to get pregnant. After hearing their requests, Kris was speechless. He didn’t believe that women were addicted to having children, but now he had to believe it.

But this time back, he was happy that he finally got Yujie pregnant. This was his first child with Yujie.

Twenty years later, Kris has more than a dozen children.

After his wives had their own children, they were too preoccupied with their children to care for Kris. So the result was that Kris was now disliked by any of his wives.

“Mary, are you free?” Kris asked.

“I have to take care of the kids. I don’t have time for you!” Mary Su pushed Kris away in disgust.

“Yinyin, are you free to keep me company?”

“I’m sorry, honey. I don’t have time now either.” Yinyin Yao hugged her son and said

“Xiaorou, what about you?”

“Sorry, I’m not free!” Xiaorou Xu frowned.

Yuan Qing and Yi Fang both gave birth to twins. They were busy at the moment, and so was Xuefei Yuan.

Kris could not help but smile bitterly when he saw that they were all taking care of the children and no one wanted to pay attention to him.

“Women are completely different before and after they give birth,” he sighed.

Then he wiped the sweat from his forehead and had to go to the drill ground to instruct the disciples to practice to pass the time.

A noisy and interesting life went on for ten years. During these ten years, Kris sometimes spent time with his wives and sometimes played with his children. Every year at New Year’s Eve, millions of his children and grandchildren knelt in the square and bowed to him.

Soon a hundred years have passed in such a hurry.

Even though his wives were beautiful, he would get tired of being with them day after day for a hundred years, so Kris decided to go back to the Supreme Main Universe.

His wives had all reached the stage of the True God realm. Not surprisingly, they could live for millions of eras.

“These millions of eras cannot just eat, sleep, and then keep having children. Women still have to have their own careers.” Kris explained to his wives.

“Are you bored with us, so you want to run away?” Yinyin said discontentedly.

“Yinyin, you are new universe women. You can’t always think about having children.”

Yinyin held her head high and retorted, “I just want to have children with you. I even want to tie myself to your trouser belt.”

Kris was speechless, and then looked at Xaorou. “Xaorou, you are the best at treasure identification. Don’t you want to continue to carry your craft forward?”

Xiaorou thought for a moment. “No. Now I have more treasures than I can use up. They’re piled up in the storage ring and are almost broken.”

“Yujie, you are most understanding. Do you think I’m right?” Kris said to Yujie again.

“I think what they said makes sense.” Yujie took Xuefei’s hand and said.

Kris looked up at the sky in disappointment and was silent.

Seeing his frustrated look, his wives laughed happily.

Finally, Quan Mu said, “Well, we’re just joking. We also intend to practice magic art.”

Hearing her words, Kris only reacted that he was being teased by these women.


He went to the airship to recuperate for a few days before his spirit returned to its peak state.

Before that he had been consuming his own mana to help his wives improve their cultivation, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to advance to the stage of True God in such a short period of time with their ordinary qualifications.

But it was still a bit difficult for his wives to reach the stage of the Litle Supreme Lord. This would require Kris to reach the stage of Great Supreme Lord before he could help them solve this problem.

He saw that Gusu was still practicing magic art. So before he went to the main universe, Kris left a message for him.

After putting away the airship, Kris walked a few hundred steps to the passage connecting the Main Universe and the Supreme Universe.

“Is it possible that the universe is really alive?” Kris suddenly thought. He thought of the 129,600 universes that were contained within his body. He wonder how they would react if one day they found themselves living inside a man’s body.

“Maybe Chaos is a person?” Kris shuddered at the thought. If that was the case, it would be terrifying.

Two days later, he entered the channel, broke through the cosmic barrier, and arrived at the Main Universe

He summoned Demon Kris and Yu Kris. One of them was in the Fulfilled period of Genesis Realm and the other was in the later period of Genesis Realm, so they were strong enough to establish a power in the Main Universe.

Then Kris headed for the center of the Main Universe.

There were many Chaos nodes, in addition to the passages connecting the universe to Chaos. The Chaos energy there was very dense, which should help Kris cultivate for a long time

This time Kris wanted to push the small universe to the top. If he could break through to the intermediate universe, it would be even better for him.

He hurriedly arrived at the center of the universe, and with a glance, there were dense chaos nodes and endlessly dense chaos energy.

Kris chose a Chaos node where the chaos energy was the densest. He was about to enter it when an attack came from behind.

He turned around and just punched back at that attack, “Who are you? Why did you sneak up on me from behind?”

He looked up and saw a man in a beast fur staring at him angrily. The man’s aura was powerful, just like an ancient beast.

“This is the place I fancy.” the man said. “Leave here immediately, or I’ll destroy you.”

Kris’ face was cold, “What if I don’t leave?”

The man waved his fist, and countless ancient beast shadows roared in, seemingly to cover the entire starry sky.

“Shit,” Kris cursed.

He swung a fist at random. The fist smashed into the man’s face. Then the man flew backwards for billions of miles, smashing countless stars along the way.

The man spat out blood and turned around to flee.

“Do you think you can escape?” shouted Kris.

He walked towards him in anger, “You are only in the stage of Little Supreme Lord. I have destroyed countless little Supreme Lords.”

In the year of the chaos eruption, he and Gusu had killed many little Supreme Lords. Of course, ninety-nine percent of them were killed by Kris.

Now that Kris’ strength had improved, little Supreme Lord was a nobody in his eyes.

“Tell me, why do you attack me?” Kris asked.

“I… I just want to occupy that position and cultivate my divine power.” The man said. He was a super powerful practitioner at the late stage of Little Supreme Lord, but he had no power to fight back against Kris. “Could he be a Great Supreme Lord?” The man suddenly trembled with fear as he thought of this.

“Hand over all your treasures and soul source. Then you acknowledge me as your master, or you’ll die!”

Kris didn’t say anything, and raised his fist high. As long as he said no, Kris would def initely destroy him completely.

“I’ll hand it over, I’ll hand it over. Please don’t kill me!” the man begged.

Chapter 642: Chen Ye Was Back

Kris took all the man’s treasures and also got his soul source. He didn’t ask the man what his name was.

“Hold this token and go find a man named Demon Kris.” He ordered coldly.

Then Kris walked into the chaos node. He laid multiple major formations outside to conceal that this was the chaos node. He also set up the temporal boundary and then began his long journey of world creation.


Eight thousand years later, Chen Ye walked out of a space-time rift.

Back then, in order to escape from the chase of the Jianan True God, he flew into a black hole.

At the beginning, he was only in the fulfilled period of Holy Realm. After spending 8,000 years in the black hole, he was already in the early stage of Genesis Realm. This was also why he was able to escape from the black hole inside.

Along with him, there were two beautiful women and four children who walked the black hole.

The two women were his wives. One was called Xianyin Jiang and the other was called Meilan Jiang. They were both strong practitioners in the late period of the True Immortal.

When he fell into the black hole, it was they who saved him. Moreover, the two women were descendants of the True God, so his children were still six or seven years old even after two thousand years of growth. According to Xiangyin’s words, they were True Immortal descendants, so their offspring needed ten thousand years to become adults.

“Kris, is this the world you live in?” Xiangyin curiously looked at the Main Universe.

Chen nodded.

“Eight thousand years have passed, and I have finally returned. I just don’t know how many years have passed in the Main Universe.”

Chen was a little apprehensive. He was afraid that his father and relatives had passed away..

In these 8,000 years, he wanted to return to the Devil Land day after day. He missed his father, his younger siblings and his disciples.

Chen held down his excitement and flew towards the Devil Land with his wife and children.

Three days later, they arrived at the Devil Land.

Chen was excited. “Compress your cultivation to the Half-Holy stage before going in, otherwise the world will fall apart.”

Xiangyin and Meilan nodded and took their sons and daughters into the Devil Land.

“It’s changed. Everything has changed.” Chen said. “The heaven and earth spiritual energy has become dense.”

He brought his wife and children to the Infinite Sea of North Luzhou. The Ye family was rooted here.

Now hundreds of thousands of Sea Monster tribes surrounded the Gengu No.1 Sect. Two huge sea snakes were hidden in the sea. They were the two that Kris Chen got back then, and now they had also achieved the stage of Monster Saint.

“Father, is this our home? It’s so grand.” Lianyin Ye said.

Chen nodded, and then said, “I’ll take you to see grandpa.”

At this time, Song Ye, Chen’s father was instructing a group of children to cultivate in the backyard. “Keep your back straight and your feet standing firm. This is the foundation of cultivation.” he said to Chao.

“Grandpa, I’m so tired. Can I rest for a while?” said Chao.

“No!” Song, with the rattan in his hand, walked over quickly, and hit the child twice with the rattan on his feet. “Chao, you have good talent, but you simply can’t reach your highest potential if you don’t cultivate hard.”

Chao bit his lips to keep himself from crying out.

Song sighed in his heart. He found that the child had the same potential as Chen, but he was not as diligent as Chen.

“Father!” a clear voice came from behind Song.

Song turned around. When he saw the visitor clearly, his froze. The rattan in his hand also fell to the ground.

“Father, I’m back.” Chen said with excitement.

Song took a deep breath and wiped his eyes. He thought he was hallucinating.

Then Chen knelt down and respectfully kowtowed three times towards Song. Xiangyin, Meilan also knelt down and kowtowed to him.

Only at this moment did Song react to the fact that Chen had really come back.

“Chen, you finally came back.” Song’s voice trembled with excitement. He quickly walked towards Chen, “Where have you been for the past eight hundred years?”

Chen was also in tears with excitement. He did not know how to tell his father what he had experienced in the past 800 years. He only said excitedly, “Father, I miss you so much.”

He had too many words that he wanted to say to his father, but now he didn’t know which ones to say.

“Father, let me introduce you.” Chen wiped his tears, “They are Xianyin and Meilan, my wives.”

Song was excited. Chen not only came back, but also got married.

“They are my children.” Chen pointed at his children and said.

Looking at the four little ones, Song trembled with excitement, “They are all my grandsons and granddaughters?”

Chen smiled and nodded.

Xing Ye, Song’s other son, had been fighting in the universe. Song had always wanted him to get married, but Xing seemed to have little interest in getting married. Now Chen was married and had four lovely children, which made Song really happy.

Holding the four children in his arms, Song was in a good mood and said to the group of children who were practicing next to him, “I’ll give you guys a day off today, go home.”

Then he took the four children with him and left the backyard.

Soon, the news of Chen’s return with his wife and children spread throughout the sect. Xing also received the news and was on his way back in a hurry.

Those who came to visit were all the first generation disciples and the second generation disciples. They were all at the stage of Holy Realm.

“Chen, long time no see!” Just at this moment, a voice rang out.

Hearing this familiar voice, Chen suddenly stood up and looked to the side.

“Gulao, it’s you.” said Chen excitedly.

After reshaping his body back then, Gulao had been practicing Taoist magic art alone to adapt to this new physical body, so he did not enter the black hole with Chen.

Six hundred years ago, Gulao’s cultivation reached the stage of Holy Realm. It took him another six hundred years to raise his cultivation to the later period of the Holy Realm.

“We haven’t seen each other for eight hundred years. Now you’re already married.” Gulao said happily.

“Gulao, how is your new body?” asked Chen.

“Thanks to your help, I can have this body that has great potential. I have you to thank for that.” said Gulao gratefully.

“It is I who should thank you. Without your help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Chen said. Then he respectfully bowed three times towards Gulao.

Instead of saying that it was Chen’s good fortune to meet Ancient, it was better to say that it was Gulao’s good fortune to meet Chen. Without Chen, perhaps he would not have been able to reshape his flesh today.

A group of people were sitting together chatting happily.

Just then, a man suddenly walked in through the door.

“Brother, brother!” Xing Ye called out.

Ever since Zi Chen rejected Xing’s pursuit eight hundred years ago, he had gone to the universal battlefield. Now he also had some achievements in the universe. His cultivation also reached the middle period of True God.

Chen stood up and looked at Xing. He patted Xing’s shoulder. “I’m happy that you have reached the stage of True God.”

“I heard that you got married and have four lovely children.” Xing asked excitedly.

Then Xiangyin and Meilan walked over with their children.

Looking at them, Xing was a little surprised.

“Father, is he your brother? Why does he look a little older than you?” Lianxi said.

After hearing the child’s words, the crowd laughed.

Xing also smiled. He walked over and held Lianxi in his arms, “what’s your name?”

“My name is Lianxi Ye.”

“What a good name!” Xing said excitedly. Then he took off the Heart of Star from his neck and put it on Lianxi’s neck. And then he gave Lianxi a kiss on her face.

“Uncle, sister has a gift. Why don’t we have a present?” The two boys were dissatisfied.

Looking at the two boys who looked like Chen, Xing stroked their heads and then asked, “What are your names?”

“My name is Feng Ye, and he is my brother Quan Ye.” Feng Ye said

Xing smiled, and then brought out the treasures he had captured from the cosmic battlefield.

“These are gifts for you guys.” Xing said. “But one person can only pick one.”

The children were too young, and Xing didn’t want too many external factors to affect their growth, so he let each of them pick only one gift.

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