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Chapter 643 – 644: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 643: He Reached the Stage of Great Supreme Lord

Chen Ye had returned to the Devil Land for several months. These days he had been staying at the Gengu No.1 Sect to accompany his father, teach Ye family’s children, and visit some his old friends.

He wanted to visit Kris, but he learned that Kris had gone to the Supreme Main Universe, so Chen had to postpone his visit to him.

On this day, Nan Chen returned to the sect with his wife Yao Ning and his children. Zi Chen also came with them.

Seven hundred years ago, Nan caught the Chen family ancestor who had fled for a hundred years in the Qilin Star and killed him. And for the next seven hundred years, he set out on a journey to find his parents.

“Master, we’re back.” Nan and Zi knelt on the ground respectfully.

Chen helped the two up. Yao, who was on the side, said to the two children, “Quickly, kowtow to Master.”

Two children hurriedly kowtowed to Chen. Chen smiled broadly and hurriedly gave them gifts.

After they talked outside for a while, Chen and Nan went into the study. Then Chen asked Nan about what had happened to him over the years.

Now Nan was already at the Fulfilled period of the True God, a true star hegemon. But he had no interest in doing things to become the domain hegemon.

“Master, I want Yao and the child to stay here. I need to head to the Supreme Main Universe.” Nan said. “I have searched for seven hundred years and finally found some clues about my parents. They are most likely in the Supreme Main Universe.”

“Kris’s way of deduction is very powerful. It’s just a pity that he is now in the Supreme Main Universe practicing magic art; otherwise he could definitely help you a lot.” Chen said.

“If there is no clue, I will go ask him to help.”

Nan knew Kris’ cultivation was powerful. His power was far surpassed Peerless Supreme. He even traveled through the time tunnel to find his long-lost family. Now the Chen family had conquered many stars in the universe.

“Now that your cultivation level is high, there is not much help I can give you, but as long as I am here, I will protect your wife and children”

“Thank you, Master.” Nan hurriedly said.


Meanwhile, in the Chaos Nodes at the center of the Supreme Main Universe,Kris had been in practicing magic art alone here for a hundred years.

Now there were thousands of stars and tens of thousands of epochs of time. Beings had entered the era of the great cosmic development. There were 129,600 universes in Kris’ cave world that had tens of millions of practitioners in the stage of Genesis Realm. But it was hundreds of times harder for them to reach the stage of Little Supreme Lord than ordinary cultivators.

If Yuan Kris did not allow them to reach the stage, they would not be able to reach it in their lifetime.

Kris created the cave space from the very beginning, then to the Acupoint Cave, and then to the cave world, and finally evolved the universe. It took him only a few thousand years to complete the process that needed hundreds of thousands of epochs to evolve.

His cave world was also infinitely extended. Millions of the Great Tao could create the fruit of the Great Tao. Every three thousand Great Tao could create one Fruit of Taoist Practice.

Kris had hundreds more fruits of the Great Tao in his body. His veins were like branches that connected the worlds together. At the end of those veins was hanging a fruit of the Great Tao. This was actually a gift Kris prepared for the monks in his cave world. Each of these fruits of the Great Tao could help them achieve the Supreme Lord.

Kris wanted to help them reach the stage of Great Supreme Lord as quickly as they reached the stage of Little Supreme Lord.

He had already cultivated his Golden Body Technique to the thirteenth level. His soul and body had both reached the Fulfilled period of the Little Supreme Lord.

In fact, Kris’s cultivation was a very boring. It was like a farmer planting crops, fertilizing them, and then harvesting the grain.

Three hundred years had passed in the outside world, and nine million years had passed in the Time Barrier.

On this day, the Inner Universe inside Kris’ cave world contained more than 10,000 stars.

Soon, the universe shook violently, and endless chaotic energy erupted from the barriers. Along with the cosmic eruption, there were countless treasures. There was even Hongmeng Violet Energy and Xuanhung Root Spirit inside.

The barrier from the Little Supreme Lord to the Great Supreme Lord also became smaller and smaller as wave after wave of cosmic power washed over it.

After a long time, Kris’s magic power increased rapidly again. The endless source of chaos energy was absorbed by him continuously.

He saw through the spatial barriers of the Supreme Main Universe to the lower universes, and then to the dependent universes.

He raised his hand and then erased himself from the past, the present and the future in the river of time. Now he can see through everything whether in the lower worlds or in the supreme universe.

Then Kris emerged from the Chaos Nodes.

“Today, I am in the stage of Great Supreme Lord. All beings can call me Gengu Supreme Lord.”

Countless beings in Supreme Main Universe, Main Universe and microcosmos felt Kris’ supreme majesty. These beings stepped out of the stars and bowed down to Kris.

After millions of eras, finally another Great Supreme Lord was born.

Kris stood there. Countless Great Tao formed the shape of a lotus flower, which was a sign of heaven and earth congratulating him.

“Even the universe is afraid of me?” Kris thought. He had now mastered the power to destroy the Supreme Main Universe. Now he only needed to raise his hand to destroy the Main Universe.

By now, Kris can proudly say, “I have mastered the Great Tao.”

“It’s time for me to go home.” Kris said to himself.

He had been in the Supreme Main Universe for four hundred years, while eight hundred years had passed in the Main Universe

But now the crowd in the Main Universe was very excited. Even Nan Chen, who was searching for his parents in the Supreme Main Universe, was excited. He had searched for hundreds of years and still hadn’t found his parents, and now Kris had reached the stage of Great Supreme Lord and was already on top of the world.

“Kris can definitely help me find my parents!” Nan said.

The disciples of the Gengu No.1 Sect in the Main Universe also rejoiced. Countless disciples stood outside to welcome Kris back.

As expected, a spatial rift appeared in front of them and Kris slowly walked out of it.

Upon seeing Kris, all the disciples knelt on the ground in unison.

The countless practitioners of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper also spontaneously stood behind them and looked at Kris with reverence.

Kris nodded his head at the crowd. He saw his parents standing in the forefront as well as his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Gusu, who was practicing magic art alone, was also disturbed by the noise caused by Kris reaching the stage of Great Supreme Lord.

He thought he was already a genius in achieving Little Supreme Lord, but Kris was once again ahead of himself. He had to admire Kris.

The creators of the Main Universe came in droves, tens of thousands of them.

Kris looked at them and nodded his head in greeting. He didn’t have time to chat with them now. .

The Hong Supreme Lord, Pan Supreme Lord, Wa Supreme Lord, and Yan Supreme Lord came out of their huge planet and waved at Kris.

They didn’t speak, and Kris couldn’t even see their faces clearly, but he could feel that they were congratulating him and smiling at him.

“Conventionally, it seems I have to build a planet like they did.” Kris smiled.

After thinking about it, Kris pointed his hand towards the universe. “There should be a star here.” He said.

In a split second, a planet appeared in front of the crowd, and soon that planet showed its flame.

“This Eternal Star is the site of my cultivation and also the location of Gengu No.1 Sect now. Welcome all my disciples to this star.” said he.

Then he suppressed his cultivation and walked toward his parents, “Dad, Mom!”

“Son, I’m so proud of you.” Tianyao Chen said excitedly. He knew Great Supreme Lord meant eternal life, meaning immortality and the top of the world.

Kris’ wives also all ran to Kris and surrounded him with excitement.

Chapter 644: Going To The Chaos

At this moment, Kris Chen was honored.

No, it should be said that Kris stood for glory.

The person who could stand by him represented the glory of peerless supreme.

Xiu Chen and others looked at their father with fanatical love and great reverence in their eyes! Especially Buhui Chen.

Kris was the Great Supreme Lord! His father was the immortal Great Supreme Lord!

As his father’s glory shone on him, his heart was full of proud.

One day, he would be like his father to become another Great Supreme Lord!

“Come on, let’s go home!”

With his family, Kris took the lead in entering the Gengu Star.

If Kris didn’t go in first, then no one dared to.

They broke through the fetal membrane of heaven and earth, where the endless spirit aura of heaven and earth was so dense that it couldn’t dissolve.

Towering mountains, vast rivers and countless creatures were all different from the ordinary kinds!

Kris put the Gengu No.1 Sect in the center of the planet, which was the core of the planet and the location with the strongest spirit aura.

This space had been blessed by him. Even the Supreme Lord couldn’t break it!

So in this Gengu star, everyone could do their best!

Countless practitioners had entered this world one after another. One breath here was worth a whole day’s practice!

What a treasure land for cultivation!

“Today I’m going to treat all living beings. After three days, I’ll open the altar and preach for three months.”

Hearing his words, everyone was excited.

How lucky they were to listen to the preaching of the Great Supreme Lord!

They were really lucky.

The creator sat at the front, the True God sat on the second step, the Holy Realm sat on the third, and so on!

But the people, sitting closest to Kris, were naturally his family members!

His parents sat in the top seat, while Kris sat on his father’s right side, with his wife next to him.

His sons and daughters sat separately. But only members within five generations could sit here.

His relatives beyond five generations were not qualified to sit here!

Gusu was crowded amid people, showing a bitter look.

This was the influence of the Great Supreme Lord. He had better to sit aside by himself!

But just then, Kris walked to him with a glass of wine in his hand. “Brother Gusu, I thought you didn’t come, but I didn’t expect you to sit here!”

Gusu chuckled and picked up that glass. “We haven’t seen each other just for a thousand years, and you have become the Great Supreme Lord! Congratulations, Kris… Oh, not that. The Great Supreme Lord! “

“Brother Gusu, anyone can call me the Great Supreme Lord, but you can’t. We are friends of life and death. No matter whether I am the Great Supreme Lord or not, you are always my firm friend!”

Hearing Kris’s words, the crowds were shocked.

This man was just a Supreme Lord, and he could make the Great Supreme Lord value him so much.

Friend of the Great Supreme Lord, this person could definitely do whatever he wanted in the Main Universe and even the Supreme Main Universe!

Gusu also felt very respectable. Now, Kris had become the Great Supreme Lord with the highest status.

But he did not change his attitude toward Gusu, still treating him as respectably as before.

“I should not think too much, brother Kris!”

Gusu showed a sincere smile happily. It was definitely his great honor to meet Kris Chen.

However, Kris was the focus here, and Gusu had self-knowledge, “Go back. I’m fine sitting here. Finish the banquet quickly. I can’t wait to hear the preaching!”

Hearing so, people had shown kind smile.

Gusu’s words touched people’s hearts.

To be honest, they didn’t care about the banquet. They actually desired to hear the preaching from the Great Supreme Lord.

This kind of lucky thing would never happen in millions of years.

Kris laughed and cheered with Gusu, announcing the beginning of the banquet!

The banquet was very lively, and numerous sects sent congratulatory gifts one after another.

All kinds of treasures were like free, and given to Kris just in order to show their faces in front of the Great Supreme Lord.

Kris accepted them with smile. If he didn’t take these gifts, they might feel uncomfortable!

When a person reached a position of the height that made people look up to him, his every move would be infinitely magnified and even over interpreted.

Three days later, the banquet ended and Kris began a three month preaching.

Some of the sermons were very simple and easy to learn, while others were very profound and difficult to understand.

All of listeners were infatuated, and countless practitioners broke through their bottlenecks as listening to the preaching.

Innumerable creatures were enlightened with intelligence.

Three months later, when Kris finished his preaching, people were still in the aftertaste.

And Kris had gone back to practice with his wives.

Kris wiped his wives out of the time river. Of course, he had to suffer a certain amount of backfire from time and space, but Kris could stand it.

After decades of practicing, all his wives had reached the Supreme Lord!

They should achieve this stage. After all, their husband was the Great Supreme Lord!

Although the process was little tiring, but Kris was very satisfied.

Because, he completed his initial dream, letting people around him immortal!

After completing the closing door, Kris helped his parents erase their existence from the time river.

As for Xiu Chen and others, Kris didn’t do the same for them.

Children had their own way, and he also believed that they could create their own way!

I had been in the Gengu Star for a hundred years. At this time, this star had become the Holy Star.

People would feel proud to settle here.

How glorious it was to live on the same planet as the Great Supreme Lord.

What’s more, the shadow of the Great Supreme Lord’s preaching still existed there. Tens of millions of practitioners were sitting there listening to the voice of the Great Tao which was not gone yet.

In fact, Kris deliberately left it.

He knew that “free” was actually the most expensive thing.

After listening to his sermons, people had formed a causal relationship with him, and this was a good relationship!

Of course, Kris didn’t need their reward or their cause and effect.

However, at this time in addition to his family’s cause and effect, there was also another strong line.

This causal line appeared from nothing at the moment when he became the Great Supreme Lord.

Reaching out his hand and touching it, Kris understood that this was the cause and effect line of seeking for the sword.

After deduction, he found that it was somewhere in the chaos!

Kris pinched his finger. “Is it Trapped? Or does it want me to find it?”

As Kris was puzzled, Chennan asked to see him.

“Chennan come to visit uncle master.”

Chennan kneeled on one knee. For hundreds of years, Kris had been closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), so Chennan had no chance to visit Kris during this period.

A few days ago, he got the message that Kris had completed the closing door, so he just came in a hurry.

As the first generation of the disciple in Gengu No.1 Sect, Chennan had a quite high status, second only to Kris and Chen Ye!

“Get up!” Kris raised his hand in the air, Chennan was held up by a gentle force.

As soon as he came, Kris knew what happened. “Are you here today for your missing parents?”

“That’s it! Please, help me.”

Chennan was surprised in the heart. Before he said anything, Kris had already foreseen everything.

That was the capability of the Great Supreme Lord. Awesome!

Kris nodded with his eyes twinkling. He saw the cause and effect lines around Chennan. There were two lines off and on extending towards the void!

After pinching his fingers and calculating, Kris already had the answer in his mind, “Your parents are in the crevice between the Supreme Main universe and the Chaos!”

“If you fly eastward to the Supreme Main Universe from here, you will meet your parents in the 100th black hole you encounter along the way!”

What! Were they in a black hole?

Chennan was shocked. When his parents left, they were just the Holy Realm. And to his surprise, they were in the Supreme Main Universe.

Only the creator could escape from the black hole of the Supreme Main Universe!

Facing with all kinds of danger, his master Chen Ye almost died in the black hole!

“Thank you, uncle master!”

Kris smiled, with a Taoist cloak appearing in his hand. “Take it. It will keep you safe.”

After taking it, Chennan could feel the awesome power on it. Chennan was moved, “uncle master, it’s too expensive. I can’t take it…”

“It may be valuable to you, but nothing to me!”

That was true. His magic power of the original chaos had made great progress, which meant he could condense this kind of spirit weapon easily!

The chaos spirit sword, which was obtained from chaos that day, had not been made the most of it, and it could hardly keep up with the pace of Kris.

It was a kind of sadness to become Kris’s magic weapon.

However, Kris was also a person who loved the old. No matter the Demon-Beheading Sword or the Red Blood Sword, he still kept them!

He even helped them recast their bodies.

“Just go. Don’t delay time here!”

“Yes, my lord”

Chennan was too moved to speak. The first lucky thing in his life was that he met Chen Ye, and the second lucky thing was that he joined Gengu No.1 Sect.

Chennan went away, and Kris was once again trapped in the calculation.

The Great Supreme Lord knew things, but it depended on what kind of things.

For example, when it came to seeking for a sword, he had no idea.

He thought of the beasts with greater intelligence, the demons of chaos, the chaos monster spirits, the surviving ship, and the coffin couple……A big secret was hidden in the chaos.

Moreover, the Great Supreme Lord was not the end of practice. There was chaos realm under it. Nobody could tell whether there were other stages beyond the chaos.

In any case, the cause and effect of seeking for the sword must be paid back.

Without the nameless sword tactics, Kris would not have achieved what he owned today.

Even if he could reach the present situation, it would take a longer time!

Even when he found the earth, things would become quite different.

After thinking so, he realized that he owned a lot of debts of the cause and effect.

Before that, Kris decided to spend more time with his family.

Two hundred years had passed. Kris did nothing or even not practiced. He just stayed with his family, his wife and his children.

Oh, he also took time to go to the collapsing earth.

He planned to recover that planet. After all, it was his hometown where he grew up. Kris didn’t have the ability before, but now he could change the situation, so he could not watch it to be destroyed!

This time back, Kris found that the earth had entered the era of practice. Practitioners had come out of the stars, and Huaxia had become the first power in the universe!

Kris adjusted the space-time of the universe, connecting the universe with great magic power, and therefore let the collapsing universe find its attachment again.

Depending on the nutrient transportation of the main universe, the collapse of the universe was reversed, and people could come and go between the two universes.

However, only Kris knew all this. He had set up a battle formation at the passageway. Only people holding his keepsake could pass this way.

The main reason was that the creatures in earth were too weak. If a true god came there, he could dominate the whole earth!

In addition, Kris also regarded the earth as a back garden.

When his parents, wife and children, parents-in-law and mother-in-law were free, they could also go back to their hometown to enjoy a holiday!

Everyone was very excited when they heard the news. They thought they couldn’t go back, and could not see their hometown again. But now they could again.

Everyone would miss their hometown.

No matter how well they lived in the main universe, it was only the second hometown for them.

Many people even proposed to go back to earth and continued their lives.

Kris didn’t stop them. It was good that they were happy!

The true God could go there one by one to show their ability.

Lin Li and Hu Li were also unable to let Danzong School go, so they returned to Danzong School to preside over the overall situation.

Kris also got away from the common things and said goodbye to his parents, wife and children. He went to chaos alone.

The Great Supreme could survive in the chaos!

When he met the beasts with great intelligence or the devil of chaos, he was confident to kill them!

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