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In a dark house, there was a person sitting on the sofa indifferently, and he felt a sense of laziness.

This person would be surprised if Karen Lee were here because it was Chuck Cannon’s father, Joseph Cannon!!

Someone is knocking on the door!

Then a woman came in. In the darkness, no one could see his face.

“Master!” The woman bowed her head respectfully.

Joseph Cannon waved his hand and said calmly, “I haven’t been at home for so long, there is no need to do this, I am not used to this name anymore…”

“Yes! You don’t want to be a master, do you have other goals?” The woman looked up, and her beautiful eyes flickered in the darkness.

“Yes!” Joseph Cannon nodded simply.

“I knew, Master, when you left home, you had other goals…”

The woman approached, “I haven’t seen you for a long time,”

“Forget it, don’t have to be so close to me, I am married and have a wife,” Joseph Cannon said, shaking his head.

The woman stopped, a little lost, “Master, I grew up with you when I was young, and I slept with you when I was young…”

“Do not talk.”

“Yes, I won’t say anything,” the woman lowered her head, the light in her beautiful eyes disappeared.

“I’m back this time, nothing else, is the old man here?” The laziness on Joseph Cannon’s face is gone, a bit solemn!

“Master is at home! Won’t you see him in person?” The woman was astonished.

Joseph Cannon shook his head and said, “There is no need to see, I have been out since I was a child, and I am a bit adventurous when I come back this time. After all, the other two families have too much eyeliner…”

“Then you are here for?” the woman asked in a daze.

“I want the old man to come forward once, my son…maybe something has gone wrong,” Joseph Cannon said.

“You…” The woman was even more astonished, even a little surprised, “You, you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” Joseph Cannon calmly.

“You shouldn’t have feelings for Karen Lee. The master fancy Karen Lee only because of her potential. Therefore, on your request, the master should not agree to come forward…” the woman reminded.

Joseph Cannon fell silent and said nothing!

“Master, you have been out since you were young. You know what you are going to do. You know it. It’s been so long. Don’t you want to fall short? If the master comes forward at this time, don’t the other two families know?” The woman keeps reminding!

Joseph Cannon continued to remain silent. He knew that when he left home when he was a child, what the old man said to him, those words, he kept thinking back and forth in his mind until now, he has backtracked.

For the family, you can give up everything!

In the family, then give up everything for the family!!

This is what the old man said to him at that time, still fresh in his memory!

“Master, if you mention this to the master, he will be angry. Master, I don’t want to see you being scolded by the master.” The woman said.

“For the family, give up everything?” Joseph Cannon suddenly felt bitter.

“I see, I won’t be back until things are done.” Joseph Cannon shook his head, he said bitterly, stood up and left.

The woman plucked up the courage, rushed over, hugged him from behind, “Master, you stay a while, I miss you so much…”

“Let me go, I have a wife,” Joseph Cannon remained unmoved!

The woman sighed and let go, “Yes, I’m sorry, master, I was wrong…”

“You’re right!” Joseph Cannon shook his head and walked out.

The woman sighed. She left the room and passed through a corridor to the door of an extremely luxurious room. She bowed her head and almost knelt down.

“Master, master came back just now!” the woman lowered her head and said.

There was a voice coming from the room, hoarse and old.

“What is he doing back?”

“Master said, his son…” the woman said…

Stewart’s hall!!

The scene was full of ridicule, indifference, and even a special atmosphere!

Appreciation, yes, they were enjoying a scene!

A good show in which ten people besiege Chuck Cannon and Logan!


Chuck Cannon and Logan must die here today, and it is still a terrible death!

Trampled on Stewart’s majesty, then this is the consequence!


Chuck Cannon panting, was hit by a man, and he backed away!

The pain of a torn body!

He has been training recently, and his fighting strength has improved very quickly, but the bodyguard of the hidden family is very powerful. He doesn’t know how long he has been in contact with fighting.

It is not comparable to ordinary people!

You know that Chuck Cannon hasn’t been in fighting for half a year, let alone ten people shot at the same time?

So, no accident, Chuck Cannon was beaten to vomit blood!!

Among the ten people, four besieged Chuck Cannon, and the remaining six besieged Logan!

This is what Logan pulled these people over to make Chuck Cannon feel better.

If Logan was not injured, she would deal with ten people alone and it would not be a problem. But at this time, her head injury was not healed, and she kept tearing and stinging. She had worked very hard.


Chuck Cannon coughed, and there was a smell in his mouth, which was the smell of his own blood.

Fortunately, he has clothes from his mother, otherwise, he really can’t hold the punches and kicks of these guys who have practised for decades!!


Logan guarded Chuck Cannon with distress. Today, even if she dies, she will send Chuck Cannon out safely!

“I’m fine!”

Chuck Cannon shook his head, still bearable!

The clothes that his mother gave can be blocked by bullets, not to mention fists, they can be blocked, but they were beaten too much, and the stamina still hit Chuck Cannon’s body!

After accumulating time and time again, Chuck Cannon has only trained his body for half a year, and he can’t hold it any more!

After all… the fighting talent is important, and Chuck Cannon has a high talent!

This is Karen Lee, Logan thinks!!

But these people have been leading Chuck Cannon for decades and he just began to learn to fight, the gap is obvious!

“It’s okay, he vomits blood. Hey, this evil pen can resist for so long, it’s not bad!!” A descendant of the Stewart family looked on coldly.

“Yeah, it’s really comfortable to see him being beaten!”

The other children and grandchildren all laughed, that kind of smile, with endless mockery!

It’s cool!

Seeing Chuck Cannon being beaten, the anger in their hearts slowly calmed down, and they felt particularly comfortable.

Yes, the members of the Stewart are all secret families of superiors. To be honest, it has not been so happy for a long time!

Chuck Cannon looked at these people indifferently, and these people watched, the arrogant eyes that made Chuck Cannon’s eyes extremely cold!!


A sunspot man kicked over!!

That kind of power is particularly amazing!

Chuck Cannon was expressionless, fighting, a person’s fighting strength was achieved in actual combat!

Chuck Cannon was in pain all over, but with that kind of numb pain, he had become more and more willing to fight!

What about more people? He is Chuck Cannon!

What about it? Even if he loses, Chuck Cannon will stand!!

The amazing fighting made Chuck Cannon’s eyes chill.

“Chuck, be careful!” Logan exclaimed!

Chuck Cannon might not be able to stop the power of this kick!

Logan passed by immediately!

“Aunt Logan, I’ll do it myself!” Chuck Cannon’s fighting will make him indifferent, his fist clenched, and he twisted the ring on his finger!!

This is a special metal ring made by his mother. It is ten kilograms. Chuck Cannon has been carrying it for a long time. It can be used as a weapon!

After twisting, the ring becomes sharp!


Chuck Cannon made this punch with all his strength!

The fist hit the sole of the man’s foot!

The man laughed, ridiculed!

He could break the stone with this kick, but this Chuck Cannon actually hit with his fist?

Haha, let’s do it!

Don’t you know that your arms can’t twist your thighs?

Okay, I’ll k!ll you!

All the descendants of Stewart family laughed, what a fool!

Hit the soles of your feet with your fists?

This is an act made by a fool!

Brayden Stewart sneered, “This shameless pen, but it’s true. My Stewart’s bodyguard is so noble. Your hand is really only worth fighting with my Stewart’s bodyguard’s leg!”

Everyone thought that Chuck Cannon would be kicked for more than ten meters under this foot, and then he would vomit blood and beg for mercy. This is absolutely true!

Because a fool hit the sole of the foot with his fist…

Chuck Cannon didn’t back up, his fist had already been punched out, and the man’s foot flew over. In an instant, this fist and the sole of the foot touched, and Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, “Crap, your hands are going to be useless! Shame!”

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