“Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you look at me now? Chuck Cannon, will you call me if you are abolished?”

Guest area!

Heidi Hudson was surrounded by anger, she really saw Chuck Cannon being besieged by so many people!

When she first saw Chuck Cannon being besieged, she felt anger in her heart, because Chuck Cannon could call her at the moment of the siege, even if he just glanced at her, Heidi Hudson would come forward!!

However, Chuck Cannon is now willing to be beaten but will not let her come forward!

Heidi Hudson was annoyed!

She also contradicted at the same time!

Because in her heart, Chuck Cannon will definitely join the family and become her husband. When she saw Chuck Cannon being beaten and kicked, she was also distressed!

Yes, she really gets hurt!

You know, Chuck Cannon is her future husband!

But, but!!

Chuck Cannon has never looked at her, Heidi Hudson’s literary spirit, this is angry!

Chuck Cannon, do you know, I can save you with a word! Do you know?

“Miss, calm down! Chuck Cannon, isn’t this person spineless now? Let him continue to be spineless! Spine? Huh, what is spinelessness in front of death?” Heidi Hudson’s bodyguard, the man said.

He looked so good!

Especially Chuck Cannon was beaten back with a punch just now, ha haha!

“Boneless is nothing, but Chuck Cannon will be abandoned if he continues like this. I don’t want my future husband to be a cripple!!!” Heidi Hudson shook her head.

A pair of beautiful eyes, staring at this scene!

“Miss, what do you mean, should I be doing it now?”

The man was actually unhappy. After all, how comfortable was he to see Chuck Cannon being beaten?

Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes kept her eyes, “Chuck Cannon, are you so spineless, right? Won’t you call me now? You fool, you don’t know how to fight, I know that people use feet, you use feet, you use fists. What are you doing? Are you stupid!”

The more Heidi Hudson said, the hotter she got, “Don’t make any move, let this person abolish him and kill him! Isn’t he sturdy? Don’t you call me? Knowing that I can save him, he’s not calling, okay, I let him, you don’t call!”


The man nodded excitedly in his heart, he was paying attention to him!

Karen Lee, if you knew that your son would be a useless person in the next second, how would you react?

The more man think, the happier he was!

He was so happy!

Heidi Hudson spoke for a moment, gritted her teeth, she didn’t want to see this man who had saved her before getting wasted, she didn’t want him to be like this at all!

“Chuck Cannon, you bastard! Go ahead and save him!!”

The man who had just been surprised was taken aback, but Heidi Hudson had spoken, he must listen!

But when he was ready to shoot!

Just when everyone thought Chuck Cannon would become a useless person, suddenly, a harsh scream rang out in the hall!


Chuck Cannon stepped back and bumped into a table, spilling his drink.

His face was ruddy and his fists were numb, but blood dripped from the ring in his hand!

“Ah, ah, ah, he has something in his hand!”

The man who kicked Chuck Cannon with his feet just now fell to the ground. Because of the sudden pain in the soles of his feet, he couldn’t hold back his strength. He fell to the ground. Unfortunately, his leg hit a wine bottle and plunged directly into his lap!

He screamed with his arms around his thighs!

He couldn’t handle this pain!

It was too sudden, he never expected that Chuck Cannon would have this kind of thing in his hands?

Other people!

The audience was shocked!!

“What’s the situation? He actually came next, am I right?”

“I’ll go, this shameful pen is actually playing in. What do you see in his hands? Pointy!”

“It’s him, it’s too shameless. Our bodyguards beat him with bare hands. He actually used this sneak attack method. Sure enough, this kind of slut is like this. What is he doing in a daze? Beat, continue to beat!” The old man’s face is red!

So annoying!

Logan was stunned, and on the sweaty beautiful face, she was relieved. She was frightened just now, thinking that Chuck Cannon would be abolished. It’s okay!

Logan felt gratified that her own strategy has grown up and he can be alone!!

Brayden Stewart was cold, was unexpectedly followed by Chuck Cannon?

Haha, just struggling to death!

Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes were stunned. She also thought that Chuck Cannon would be abolished, but unexpectedly, Chuck Cannon actually resisted!

She was astonished, she immediately snorted, her face returned to her indifference, “Don’t do anything, huh, Chuck Cannon, I want to see how strong you are!? How long can your backbone last you! You will beg me to save you, you will definitely! Because of this scene, I am the only one who can save you, Chuck Cannon! I am the only one!!”

She is confident! The self-confidence of the fan!

Laziness, indifference, appeared on her face again.

When the man was picked up by Chuck Cannon, the man stabbed to the ground, and he was stunned for a moment.

This shameful pen!

He heard what Heidi Hudson said again, and of course, he was more willing, after all, he didn’t want to make a move!

Why not? Chuck Cannon is just a fluke, the kind of master who suffers once, it is impossible to suffer twice!

Then, the angrier your own lady is, the better, then you can appreciate Chuck Cannon being beaten more!

Haha, interesting too!!

Of these ten people, one of them had a broken leg and their main artery was punctured. Of course, they were annoyed, and they attacked in an instant, at that speed!

What a shock!!


The power of the fist, the power of the soles of the feet, flooded all around, this fierce siege, once again opened!

Too much time has been lost now!

According to the past, less than one minute, thirty seconds was enough, but now, it has taken so long!

This is the first time!

With a fist boom, someone hit the injured Logan with a punch!


Logan stepped back. She held back the strength, but it was too heavy. Even if she bit her pale lips, it was useless. The blood was still beaten out mercilessly.


Logan was so pale that it was pitiful!

If you haven’t been injured before, how can it be better?

“Aunt Logan! Ah!”

Chuck Cannon was surrounded by anger, he rushed over, like a furious death god!!

Protected Logan who was almost fainted!

She was so lucky. During this time, she didn’t have much rest at all, she ate very little, didn’t have the strength, and was seriously injured. Logan has survived until now, she has broken through the limit!

“Aunt Logan, you have protected me so many times, let me pay you back today.” Chuck Cannon said with tenderness.

Logan eyes were blurred with her tears, she is moved…

Moved that Chuck Cannon grew up, and moved that Chuck Cannon said just now, to protect her!

“All of you are going to die!”

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were blood red.

“Huh, we are all going to die? Haha, we will die, but when we are dead, you have no chance to see it, because you are going to die now!!” A young man mocked!

“Do it, give me a call!” Brayden Stewart sneered!


The fists and feet of the nine people all smashed over. This is a siege. No matter how powerful Chuck Cannon is, he only has two fists and two feet. What’s more, is the gap between them and them so big?

No surprises!

After Chuck Cannon injured two people with all his strength!

In the end, a person kicked like a sneak attack, Chuck Cannon didn’t catch it, and it kicked Chuck Cannon!


Chuck Cannon fell from the sky and smashed on a wine table, and the bright red wine was spilt!


“Hey, really embarrassed. Didn’t you say that we are going to die? Haha, we are watching you die now!” said a beauty sarcastically.

Chuck Cannon got up from the ruins and stood still even if he lost!!

The seven people rushed over again, they were already angered by Chuck Cannon, even angry!!

They have been bodyguards for so long, and they have never met someone as tenacious as Chuck Cannon!

He was kicked, beaten, and even vomited blood, without saying a word,

He completely endured it and stood up like steel. At this time, Chuck Cannon was dying, but he was still not afraid?

Boom, Boom!

Seven people punched and kicked, Chuck Cannon blocked three but couldn’t block the fourth!

The soles of the feet hit his chest, one, two!


Chuck Cannon was kicked, he smashed into the wine table, was overwhelmed by the ruins, in a panic!

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, “It’s really useless,”

All the children and grandchildren of the Stewart Family smiled and laughed. Can’t stand up this time?

“You can’t go there yet, I want to see him kneel down for me! Interrupt his leg first, I want him to kneel!!” Brayden Stewart said coldly!

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