Chapter 645 – 646: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 645: The Ship Stopped

The real chaos was a hundred times more terrible than the first time it broke out.

There was not only the risk of being lost, but also the risk of falling.

So Kris Chen was also keeping an eye on it.

He had a compass that could record his route, so he didn’t have to worry about getting lost in chaos.

Chaos spirit sword worked well there as well.

Through the attached channel of the main universe, Kris plunged into chaos.

The chaotic air was as dense as water, which was a hundred times thicker than the tenth explosion.

It was very aggressive, but it still could not threat Kris now.

Following the unstable line of cause and effect, Kris continued to go inside and recorded the route with the compass.

An endless stream of chaotic air was inhaled by Kris.

Even if Kris didn’t deliberately practice these years, the universe alone had already contained 30000 star regions!

To be honest, where was the upper limit from the intermediate universe to the advanced universe? Kris had no idea!

It could be a million star regions, or ten million star regions!

It would take too long to figure out.

But fortunately, there was no concept of the year in the chaos, since there was no concept of time and space!

Although hundreds of millions of years had passed, for chaos, it was only a moment.

The real big bug was the chaos, in which Kris had enough time to practice.

He didn’t know how many miles he had walked in the depths of chaos. Along the way, Kris had gained a lot of good things!

He even killed a beast with greater intelligence.

The beast with greater intelligence had a million tentacles but without self-consciousness, so it moved by instinct, constantly devouring everything it could see.

The core of the beasts with greater intelligence was good things, which was even of great benefit to the Great Supreme Lord!

Kris took it into his inner world, and all the worlds collectively expanded the 10000 star regions!

Kris rubbed his hands. Although the beasts with greater intelligence were difficult to kill, they were too rich in benefits.

The only pity was that the meat of beasts with greater intelligence was not delicious and even poisonous!

However, Kris had not thrown its dead body away. If he put its tentacles into the world, they would soon be assimilated into the complete Great Tao!

In the blink of an eye, a hundred thousand years had passed in his inner world. Therefore, according to the time proportion, Kris had come to chaos for one year. But he still had no idea how long the outside world had passed!

Walking in the chaos, Kris saw an attached Supreme Main Universe. These Supreme Main Universes were hidden in the infinite chaos. If not looking carefully, nobody would find them.

Moreover, if anyone wanted to destroy the Supreme Main Universe, chaos would immediately bring down a chaos thunder.

He saw a headless real devil run into the Supreme Main Universe. As a result, it was powdered by a chaos thunder!

For chaos, these Supreme Main Universes were like their children, and therefore they should be carefully maintained!

Although the power of the headless real devil was much worse than Kris, it was also a Great Supreme Lord and it couldn’t survive from a divine thunder. If it was Kris, he couldn’t survive from several thunders either.

The Great Supreme Lord would not be able to bear the destruction of the supreme main universe!

Kris didn’t have this dangerous idea, either.

He wanted to find the Sword-seeking Master as soon as possible.

“Ah, please Sword-seeking Master show yourself. Why do you run so far away as you have nothing to do there? Let me try so hard here to look for you!”

Looking at the endless chaos, Kris gritted his teeth and continued to go deeper.

Later, Kris decided to practice, while searching.

Anyway, he had been disappearing for a million years, and these two years should not matter.

After 100000 years of closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) in the time barrier, Kris opened his eyes, “After breaking through the Great Supreme Lord, the time flow rate that can be controlled is 1:100000. This kind of buff is so wonderful!”

“There are too many sources in the chaos. If I can harvest something here, I can get tens of millions treasures!”

“My body has also completely broken through the fourteenth turn!”

“The Great Tao is more than a million!”

“The fruits of Taoist practice have been gathered more than 3000. It’s time for them to break through the Supreme Lord!”

Kris asked Yuan Kris to guide the potential strong men of Genesis Realm to find the fruit of Taoist practice.

If they could swallow the fruit of Taoist practice, they would become the Supreme Lord in ten thousand years!

Everything was going on in an orderly way.

“Well, a single universe can hold more than 100000 star regions, which is not bad!”

After closing the time barrier, Kris got up and his Mr. bone cracked.

Kris now unintentionally became the Great Supreme Lord of the middle period!

Kris stretched himself out. The chaos was really a blessing land to him.

Maybe I could break through the Great Supreme Lord of the fulfilled period after getting out of there. That was great!

Kris went on and off for two years and closed door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for one year.

According to the distance calculated by the delimited compass, he had passed the distance of more than ten main universes!

Because the chaos was too dangerous, he should walk slowly.

In this way, Kris had been walking for a hundred years. On this day, there was a shock from the depths of chaos.

“My head, where is my head!”

The true God came out from the depths of chaos. He was holding a huge axe, with his breasts as his eyes and his navel as his mouth!

It had the spirit of the Great Supreme Lord of the later period!

Before Kris could react, the opponent chopped him with its axe.

That great power almost cut the chaos apart.

This power was definitely beyond the realm of heaven!

“Fuck, sneak attack?”

Kris took out his Chaos Spirit Sword. Along the way, he had killed more than eight hundred monsters with great intelligence and the devil of chaos!

It was just a headless true God, who could not even keep his own head. Just rubbish!

The power of ten thousand universes was combined with the Great Tao. The power of this sword was enough for Kris to open up a universe!


The sword light collided with the axe and directly cut the corner of the axe.

The headless true God had taken more than ten steps backward.

The huge axe fell to the ground.

His eyes were filled with anger, “You dare to stop me from searching my head. You damn it!”

“The first move of cutting the sky!”

With a huge axe, the headless true God chopped down with unmatched power.

Kris didn’t say anything. The power of 30000 universes and the power of the Great Tao added up!

Only with one blow, he cut the axe completely!

The remaining power directly cut off the right arm of the headless true God!

“The second move of cutting the sky!”

The headless true God didn’t know the pain. Without the axe, it took its palm as the blade.

This cut mixed with infinite ways, which also belonged to the road of force to prove the way!

Kris showed a cold smile. If he just cultivated pure magic practiser, he could be defeated.

But he practiced not only the magic practiser, but also spirit practiser, body refining practiser and sword cultivator.

One strike would kill you!

Fifty thousand forces of universes and five million the Great Tao added up.

Chaos spirit sword was shaking violently. Although it was a spirit weapon of chaos, its grade was not too high!

The huge energy stack had reached its limit.

“Go die!”

With a sudden wave in a millionth of a second, the sword light broke through chaos. The infinite Taoist even opened up virtual shadows of the universes after another. However, the next second, the chaos air rolled down, and these newborn universes were completely annihilated.

Like a dream, like a bubble!


Sword energy easily cut off its left arm and upper body. Endless cosmic force and the Great Tao force cut his body and crushed his real spirit!

“The core of a true God!” Kris held a crystal full of divinity in his hand.

“Sure enough, the true God also has a core, and their way of cultivation is different from ours. This… Should be the crystal of god identity?”

Kris nodded. It should have a similar effect with the Harmony Purple Spirit and the fruit of Taoist practice!

This core contained its fruit of Taoist practice and everything.

“People with this crystal of god identity should be able to control the birth of the true God.”

Kris suddenly had this whim, so his divine spiritual power invaded into the crystal of god identity, killing the will of the headless true God and turning it into a pure and flawless crystal of god identity.

Then he branded his own breath with his divine spiritual power.

After all this, Kris plunged this crystal of god identity into chaos, and endless chaos entered into it.

With the acceleration of time barrier, 300000 years later, a man who was 80 percent similar to Kris was born.

The Great Supreme Lord of the middle period!

Although there was a decline, but it was not much!

Kris was so surprised!

It only took Kris 300000 years to create an incarnation of the Great Supreme Lord of the middle period. That was too much!

Thinking of the cores he threw into his inner universes, he felt heartbroken!

Those were all his incarnations, hundreds of incarnations of Supreme Lord! Kris wanted to crush the chaos!

“The original soul!”

“You will be called Shen Kris!”

“Yes!” Shen Kris nodded!

After the birth of Shen Kris, Kris changed his mind.

A hundred years later, Sun Kris had more than 30 incarnations of Supreme Lord around.

They were all made by the crystals of god identity!

Some of them with strong cultivation, while others were weak. The strongest was the Great Supreme Lord of fulfilled period!

With such a huge force, Kris already had the capital to conquer the chaos.

Kris showed no mercy to search resources in chaos!

Divine time clock, as the top spirit weapon of chaos, could settle the time river and speed up time for millions of years!

World destroying mill, as the top spirit weapon of chaos, could hurt badly the Great Supreme Lord of the later period!

Red lotus with twenty four holes with fire of retribution and so on!

Yuan Kris also successfully became a Great Supreme Lord several hundred thousand years ago.

The Supreme Lords in Kris’s inner universes were more than a million!

Yuan Kris also began to limit the birth number of Supreme Lords.

If he did not break through the advanced universe, he would never cancel the restrictions!

“Come on, there is a chaos monster spirit!”

More than 30 incarnations rushed over and pulled out the chaos monster spirit hided in chaos.

After killing it, Kris took out its crystal of god identity. With the acceleration of the divine time clock, in a few months, Kris had another incarnation of the Great Supreme Lord of that chaos monster spirit.

Two hundred years, three hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years… Kris had been practicing in chaos for a thousand years!

Kris met that boat again!

Even if he had five hundred incarnations behind him at this time, he still did not dare to rush into the ship.

Because he didn’t know what the ship was.

When he was a Supreme Lord, Kris took a look at the skeleton on the boat and felt that it was unfathomable.

But now that he was he Great Supreme Lord of the middle period, he still could not see through.

Kris put away all the incarnations, because the more people there were, the more easily he would expose.

Kris stood quietly waiting for the ship to leave.

But this time, Kris never thought that when the ship passed by him, it stopped!

The skeleton put down the pipe in his mouth and pulled up a headless true God on the fishing rod.

As it gave a sudden pull, a big fish was pulled up from chaos!

But the smell of the big fish was terrible, and there were countless bubbles behind that big fish.

Kris took a closer look. They were not simple bubbles. They were clearly universes one after another!

They attached behind the big fish closely, which looked quite creepy!

What the fuck!

A cold air from the sole of Kris spread up, straight to his forehead!

What the hell was this big fish?

How could it foster so many worlds!

Those universes were no worse than the supreme main universe!

Kris felt so completed!

What really made him feel flustered was that the ship actually stopped beside him, and even a ladder stretched down from it.

Kris looked at the skeleton, which seemed to be looking at him as well.

What did it mean?

Did it want Kris to get on board?

Chapter 646: Find Qiujian

What could he do? Kris is panicking now!

This ship is even more terrifying than a pirate ship.

The ship was densely packed with phantoms, which were all at very high Stage!

Should he get on the ship or run away? He was at sea.

The eyes of the skeleton looked at him without any expression!

Just a few minutes, Kris sweated.

At this moment, a sound of drums came from from the chaos, accompanied by a grieving voice, “the surviving ship, wait for me, let’s go to the Other Realm together…”

Hearing the sound, Kris was trembling.

It’s the couple on the coffin again!

They were chasing the ship.

The skeleton is obviously without flesh and blood, but Kris can feel that he is frowning at this time!

It’s scarier than seeing a ghost!

The ladder rose slowly, and the skeleton stared at Kris for few seconds, then immediately turned away and cut the fishing line.

The big fish hit the chaos, as if hitting the water, Kris heard the sound of splashing water!

This rotten ship started to move and disappeared in front of Kris in the blink of an eye!

The skeleton had just left, and a group of people wearing red robes came over with a copper coffin and beating drums.

On the copper coffin, sitting a couple!

Kris quickly hid his breath.

It worked this time. They didn’t stop, chasing in the direction where the ship left.

“It seems that this ship is called the surviving ship. One escapes and the other pursues. Why?”

Who was that skeleton?

“That couple said that they want to board the ship and go to the Other Realm together?”

Is there really the Other Realm in this world?

Kris doesn’t know! But in front of the skeleton and coffin couple, he felt so weak!

“I thought myself is powerful, but in the eyes of some existences, it’s nothing at all!”

Kris still has a question in his mind, why did that ship stop in front of him, and even let himself go up?

Last time the ship also passed by his side, but it did not stop.

Facts have proved that his method of hiding his breath is a joke in the eyes of the skeleton, because he can see him!

Last time he did not see him, but this time was different?

Is it because Kris was too weak last time? He seems to know something!

Maybe there is a threshold to board this ship!

Regardless of whether there was a threshold, he will not board the ship anyway!

“This place is not suitable for lingering, let’s go!” Kris summoned the five hundred incarnations for escort!

“Predecessor Qiujian, where on earth are you, I have covered in the Chaos for a thousand years, but I still didn’t find you!” Kris looked at the hazy causal line rooted in the chaos, extending inward!

Kris gritted his teeth and walked here, even if he walks for another thousand years, he will continue to walk!

Opportunities are ubiquitous in the chaos. He’s not afraid since he has five hundred incarnations.

If he bumps into the boat again, or the skeleton wants to pull himself aboard forcibly, he will blow all incarnations up!

The explosion of five hundred Great Supreme Lords will even hit the chaos.

Kris, with a group of incarnations, like locusts crossing the border, collected everything that is useful to them.

The extremely dangerous chaos has become a fortune to him.

“Chaos Qi, Fruit of Taoist Practice, Five Elements Supreme Sword, The innate Tai Chi Mirror, Chaos Spirit Root ginseng fruit…”

The days were monotonous that he searched for treasures every day and refined incarnations.

The further he goes in, the more danger he encounters like Mad Buddhas, chaotic beasts, monsters that were half male and half female, half demon and half fairy.

The strength of monsters they met is getting stronger and stronger, almost of which are the Fulfilled period of Great Supreme Lord!

The gain is huge, while the risk is also soaring!

After another five hundred years, the number of star realms in a single universe in Kris’ body has exceeded 800,000!

According to Yuan Kris’ calculation, the limit of the medium universe should be a million star realms!

Kris was now numb, since Great Supreme Lord incarnations has broken through one thousand, he throws the Crystal of God Identity obtained into the inner world instead refining them.

A Crystal of God Identity is equal to millions of Great Tao.

In the 1,500 Chaos Year, Kris cast about a hundred Crystals of God Identity which includes thirty million Great Tao except the overlapping ones!

In addition to tens of millions of Great Tao maintained by Kris, the number broke through to forty million!

Therefore, Kris’ physical body, magic power, sun soul, and Stage all broke through to Great Supreme Lord Later period.

For example, he can defeat The True God in the later period of Great Supreme Lord with one punch!

The chaotic demon spirit of Great Supreme Lord Fulfilled period is no more than two punches!

So how strong his own combat power is, he has no idea!

It sounds outrageous, but actually not!

Kris has 129,600 cosmic creatures helping him in his cultivation. From the beginning to present, the cosmic world in his body has accelerated beyond five million eras, which equals to one hundred ninety-nine thousand six hundred creatures in the universe have cultivated five million epochs before Kris has his current Stage!

Is it fast? No, not at all!

It was because Kris had a shortcut developed by himself.

The protagonist in most novels have all kinds of supports, but Kris, on the contrary, has to depend on himself with a miserable beginning.

It seems more dangerous than safe with his cultivation getting much higher.

His personal strength is still too small compared to the entire Chaos.

Perhaps his full blow would be equivalent to standing on the beach and patting the water!

What damage can this cause to Chaos?

“There is a long way to go!”

Kris merrily moved forward!

His original soul plus one thousand incarnations, continued to sweep across the chaos!

The most exaggerated thing is that each of them has a Chaotic Spirit Weapon in hand.

One year, ten years, one hundred years… another five hundred years!

After two thousand chaos years, Kris felt more lonely!

He gently touched the line of cause and effect, but the other side did not respond!

As the line is dimly discernible, Kris would thought Qiujian died.

To be able to go deep in the chaos, Qiujian was at least Early period Great Supreme Lord!

Facts have proved that Great Supreme Lord is not immortal.

Even your trace was wiped out in the Time River, but the one with higher cultivation would still find you and kill you.

For example, it is rather easy for Kris to kill someone. He has tens of millions of ways to put people to death!

However, in these five hundred years, Kris also had happy times. For instance, his inner universe broke through a million star realms, and it was precisely to march toward the advanced universe.

However, the limit of the advanced universe is tens of millions of star realms!

Kris, who has already reached the Fulfilled period Great Supreme Lord, felt pretty exhausted!

“Forget it, I have to insist on what I chose!”


At the same time, there was a cage somewhere deep in the chaos.

A withered, skinny man was trapped inside with the chains of the Great Tao firmly imprisoned.

He couldn’t absorb the slightest spirit, and the chains of the Great Tao were still drawing power from him.

However, his eyes are very bright!

“Someone finally comes, I have been waiting for ten thousand eras, I’m stuck here for so long!” a hoarse voice came from the man, “Haha…I have the chance for survival.”

As soon as the voice fell, a another voice came from the chaos, “Huh? how come there are so many chaotic spiders here!”

“Damn, there are so many dead bodies, but they are all decayed!”

“Hey, the Crystal of God Identity still has remaining divine power, good stuff!”

“Cool, this should be the Chaos Battlefield, right?”

The lightly voice was getting closer and closer,”Huh? There is barrier here! It seems to be quite sophisticated!”

“Boom!” With that, a fist smashed the barrier, and the surrounding world changed instantly.

The person who broke the barrier is definitely Kris!

When he saw the man imprisoned in chains by the Great Tao, Kris was taken aback.

But the thick line of cause and effect that entangled him goes straight to the man!

Kris was overjoyed, even happier than he picked up the ten thousand Crystals of God Identity!

He walked over quickly, looking at the man, “You…you are Predecessor Qiujian?”

Qiujian! What a familiar name! The man even had an urge to cry!

“Yes…yes, I am Qiujian!” Qiujian’s voice was hoarse, the coming person can accurately call out his name, obviously he has found the orthodoxy that he left behind!

“Little friend, are you here to save me?”

“Yes!” Kris nodded, but he still had doubts!

Qiujian and Kris were looking at each other. Seeing Kris didn’t move for a long time, Qiujian said, “Don’t worry, my little friend, I don’t have any strength now, and my original source is seriously depleted! In addition, my previous cultivation is Half-step Chaos, but now I can only play the early stage cultivation of the Genesis Realm!”

It seemed that he had guessed what Kris was thinking, and Qiujian said it straightforwardly.

The early stage of Genesis Realm was just like an ant to Kris!

Although Half-step chaos is strong, Kris is not afraid!

Yuan Kris deduced, “What he said should be true.”

With Yuan Kris’ words, Kris was reassuring.

Even Qiujian was like half a teacher to him, he would be alert!

He smiled and didn’t feel embarrassed. The cultivating world was dangerous, but Kris’ cultivation was too high, these dark sides had never been shown in front of him.

“Predecessor Qiujian, you left the Nameless Sword Tactics in Devil Land a million years ago. After a million years, I was fortunate to get the achievement method you left behind, and then I went to Sword Mountain and found the Sword World!”

Kris said, “If there is no Nameless Sword Tactics and Sword World left by predecessor, there will be no Ritian Zhao today!”

Qiujian thought that he is called Ritian Zhao!

Kris is was extremely cautious. It is absolutely impossible for someone who is not familiar to tell his real name!

Who knows if the opponent has a special curse! He wants to kill all dangerous factors in the cradle!

“It turns out that a million years have passed of the outside world!” he has been trapped in the chaos for thousands of epochs, and the outside world is only a million years!

Relying on his own sword, he used to travel in the Chaos as his back garden, but he was imprisoned here. It was ridiculous.

“So, you came to me just to break through the cause and effect?”

“This is one reason!” Kris said, “The other reason is I want to personally thank you!”

“And back then, why did you leave that note!” Kris has been thinking about this issue for many years, and has gradually come into contact with the truth!

Are these so-called fairies, gods, demons, Buddhas, ghosts and monsters were killed by these things?

Kris had killed one or two thousand like The True God, the demon spirit and the mad Buddha.

Without exception, they all have no souls!

This reminded him of the surviving ship.

Are the dense phantoms on that ship just their souls?

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