Seven people came here indifferently!

Their eyes were cold, they wanted to listen to Brayden Stewart’s words, interrupt Chuck Cannon’s leg, want Chuck Cannon to kneel!!

Approaching step by step, the sarcasm of laughter in the hall, from here to from there, are all the kind of ridicule with such a trace of interest!

Logan panicked, she rushed to Chuck Cannon’s side, but Chuck Cannon in the ruins got up, he tried to get up!

There was blood in his mouth, but he wiped it off.

Pain is okay, you have to stand up!

Strong willpower supports Chuck Cannon, he can’t shame himself, he is a man!!

Logan’s beautiful eyes were wet.

Chuck Cannon has grown up, really grown up…

“Chuck Cannon, you bastard, now, you are almost beaten to death, don’t you look at me? Don’t you beg me?”

Guest area!

Heidi Hudson became extremely angry and feels distressed.

Yes, every time Chuck Cannon was punched, every time he was kicked, she felt distressed.

Because Chuck Cannon is her future husband!!

She really wants to fight, and only she can fight!

No one else can!

The man sneered, quite a spine. Let’s see how long you can last, what’s the use of spine?

When you really want to die, your spine will collapse and make you kneel to beg for mercy!!

“Miss, do you need me to take action?” the man asked deliberately.

“No, absolutely no, let him die, die!!”

Heidi Hudson closed her beautiful eyes, she didn’t look at it altogether.

But, the sound of Chuck Cannon coughing and vomiting blood seemed to touch her heartstrings, lumps, lumps!

Heidi Hudson couldn’t help it, and opened her eyes again, looking at Chuck Cannon who was still standing upright, her beautiful eyes were moist:

“Hurry up and ask me to save you! Hurry up!!”

Heidi Hudson was yelling in her heart and was taking the initiative, but during this process, Chuck Cannon coughed and vomited blood, and still didn’t look at herself. Heidi Hudson was so angry that she was distressed again. She opened her eyes, but she didn’t want to look anymore!

“You bastard! bastard!”


Seven people punched and kicked Chuck Cannon again!

It’s mainly kicking. A person has already kicked past, and he wants to kick Chuck Cannon’s leg!!

Logan was protecting Chuck Cannon, how could she let the seriously injured Chuck Cannon be beaten again?

“Hands, hands!” Heidi Hudson couldn’t stand it anymore and said actively!

The man nodded, but when he did it again, Chuck Cannon spoke indifferently, even calmly.

“Stop it!!”

The sound was like thunder, and there was a sudden loud shout!

The eardrums of Stewart’s children and grandchildren feel tingling!

Then, all the sounds of mockery!

“I’m here! You beg for mercy, haha, it’s useless!”

“That’s right, I thought this shame pen was very spineless, but I didn’t expect it to be bullshit too! The spine just now was all pretending!”

“That is, he can’t pretend to be anymore, he must compromise! A person who knows the current affairs is a good man, but even if you beg for mercy, it’s useless. You are dead today!”

The descendants of the Stewart Family are laughing!

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, “Why wait? Are you asking me for mercy? Hahaha!!”

Reluctantly on his face, he was proud of the woman who snatched him away, making Brayden Stewart embarrassed in front of so many people. You should beg for mercy!

But there is no difference, in the end, Logan with Chuck Cannon will die!

“No, I don’t beg for mercy!” Chuck Cannon shook his head, still calm!

He was embarrassed, but his eyes were firm!

“Oh, don’t you beg for mercy, then why do you stop?” Brayden Stewart smiled.

“I have something to tell you, would you like to listen?” Chuck Cannon said, with blood still inside.

“Oh, I don’t want to, because of a dead person, what did I hear?” Brayden Stewart smiled and shook his head.

“Well, it’s okay not to listen, but I want to tell you, no matter how powerful you are, you will have some people buried with me today!” Chuck Cannon helped Logan.

His voice echoed in the huge hall, even in the corners!

“Puff! Haha!!”

Someone couldn’t help laughing.

“This Shabi is stupid, right? Haha, laughing at me!”

“He was beaten stupid, it seems that he is still struggling to death!”

The ridicule of the descendants of the Stewart Family and the ridicule of Brayden Stewart made this huge hall full of roaring laughter!!

“Oh, are you? You laughed at me! You are so amazing, you can still laugh at me when you die, ha ha ha!” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly!

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, then whispered to Logan, “Aunt Logan, do you believe me?”

“Believe, I believe it!” Logan did not hesitate!

She is very sad and guilty now because she has made herself a burden for Chuck Cannon. If Chuck Cannon would not have come to take herself away, then Chuck Cannon would not have faced such a danger!

She is absolutely sorry for Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon is so young…

How can he die here?

“Well, I will really take you out, really! Believe me?” Gentle appeared on Chuck Cannon’s pale face.

“I believe you! Chuck, I really want to say something to you, and it has been buried in my heart. I feel that if I don’t repeat, I’m afraid I have no chance!”

Logan bit her lip!!

What annoyances she has in her life, she has buried in her heart, whether it was bullied when she was a child, or something else, even the feeling to Chuck Cannon, from the unforgettable lovesickness at that time, to the present, she is willing to give Chuck everything. Policy!

She has always buried this feeling of purity in her heart!

She didn’t want to say it, because Chuck Cannon didn’t like herself at all!

If she said it, it will only make the relationship between two people awkward!

But now, it may not be possible to survive!

She didn’t want to regret anymore, she wanted to express this feeling.

She likes Chuck Cannon, and it’s been a long time…

She wanted to say this. At this time, she wanted to confess!

No regrets!

“Well, Aunt Logan, I’ll listen!” Chuck Cannon became more gentle.

He didn’t know what Logan was going to say, but he knew that Logan must still think she was going to die, so he told himself the last word.

“Chuck, actually I always…”

These were only a few words, but Logan seemed to be stuttering, intermittently, unable to speak at all.

When she was about to say the most important and important words!

Brayden Stewart’s cold voice interrupted her, “Logan, you are about to die, what else do you want to say? I think you should beg me, if you beg me, I might give you another chance!”

“Brayden Stewart, shut up your mouth!!”

Logan was angry and used the remaining strength!

She roared fiercely for the first time!

Because Brayden Stewart interrupted her and finally mustered up the courage to say something!

Brayden Stewart became cold and annoyed, “Okay, okay! Logan, you are the one who found your own death! Then no one can blame me! Kill, kill her!!!”

Logan is not afraid!

Chuck Cannon coughed a few times. Now is not the time to listen to Logan’s words. He calmly looked at everyone on the scene and scanned them, “I remember you, you guys, I will make you all disappear!”

The voice is too calm!

Let the descendants of the Stewart Family present look at each other. This calm voice is like the voice of death. Why is it so?

“Damn! Do it, I don’t want to see this shameless face, disgusting!!!”

Someone scolded!

Brayden Stewart snapped his fingers, and the seven people approached again.


Chuck Cannon laughed suddenly.

Logan was stunned, Heidi Hudson was annoyed, “What is this bastard laughing at? Why doesn’t he ask me?”

“Is this silly?”

Someone was puzzled and laughed.

Brayden Stewart frowned, and Chuck Cannon’s smile made him particularly uncomfortable.

Why is this so?

“Do you know why I am smiling?” Chuck Cannon smiled deeper and calmly smiled.

In the huge hall, echoed…

“Since you are dying, you are delaying your life!” Brayden Stewart said with a cold snort.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “No, no! I’m thinking, it’s a miracle that your secret family can pass on to the present. Why do you look down on me so much?”

“What are you worthy of my admiration?” Brayden Stewart laughed!

“If you think so, then you are wrong. Do you think I am really not prepared?” Chuck Cannon calmly made Brayden Stewart annoyed!

“What have you prepared? You were brought here by Heidi Hudson? Oh, I see, you want to ask Heidi Hudson, right?” Brayden Stewart glanced at Heidi Hudson.

Heidi Hudson’s heart fluctuates, and even her beautiful eyes are inadvertently moisturized, “Asshole, you finally beg me!”

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