But what made Heidi Hudson stunned, and even annoyed was that she thought that Chuck Cannon’s spine had come to an end, so he asked her to save him with a word!

After all, in this hall, she is the only one who can save Chuck Cannon!

She is the only one!!

The three hidden families are all about the same strength, but there are still rankings, the Stewart Family is second, and the first is her Hudson!!

Therefore, at that time, Brayden Stewart’s father wanted to let Brayden Stewart and Heidi Hudson get married.

Hudson is truly the world’s first family!

As the future heir, she can do a lot of things in one word!

Including, in this case, save Chuck Cannon’s life!

However, for Logan’s, Heidi Hudson never thought of saving Logan from beginning to end!

Brayden Stewart frowned and looked towards Heidi Hudson!

Including Stewart’s Patriarch, Adam Stewart!

His eyes were gloomy!

The three major families can be passed on for thousands of years and dozens of generations. The relationship among them is actually very delicate, with mutual checks and balances and mutual restraints.

The three hidden families have not turned their faces, at this level, how could it break the balance of the three hidden families for so many years for a little thing?

Therefore, Adam Stewart also hesitated!

What if Heidi Hudson really came forward?

The face of the world’s true first family, does he give it or not?

The gazes of the descendants of the Stewart Family went different!

The anger in Heidi Hudson’s heart is gone, with laziness, Chuck Cannon, have you seen it?

This is the strength of your Heidi Hudson!

One sentence can save you from the sea of sufferings!

But time passed by, Heidi Hudson was astonished, because Chuck Cannon hadn’t even glanced at her…

Everyone looked at each other!

What’s the situation?

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, and he breathed a sigh of relief. If Heidi Hudson had suddenly spoken, she wanted to save Chuck Cannon, this face, he would give it to the family after all!!

Because the final interest is important.

It is impossible for Stewart to forge a grudge with Hudson for a Chuck Cannon!

Horrible rubbish, worthy of affecting his secret family?

After thinking about it, Brayden Stewart laughed, why did he think so much?

No need at all!

In his own eyes, Chuck Cannon is rubbish, ants, and evil pen!

Isn’t that the same in Heidi Hudson’s eyes?

He was so curious, why did Chuck Cannon hook up with Heidi Hudson?

When he was thinking just now, he suddenly understood that Chuck Cannon might be a toy in Heidi Hudson’s eyes!

The kind of toy thrown away after use.

A toy, Heidi Hudson would not take it too seriously to protect it! So, Chuck Cannon, you must be dead today!

“Chuck Cannon, what are your preparations? Ask Heidi Hudson? Oh, you can ask her now, oh, it might be better to kneel down! After all, what are you?” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, that smile, full of the mockery of Chuck Cannon!

This sentence suddenly awakened the people present.


What is Chuck Cannon?

Heidi Hudson will come out for an evil pen! Kneeling and kowtow, Heidi Hudson won’t even look at you!

Chuck Cannon glanced over and glanced at Heidi Hudson.

Heidi Hudson has anger and eagerness in his heart: please, please beg me…

But Chuck Cannon shook his head, “No, she is her, I am me, I will not beg her, I said it was my own preparation!!”

In an instant, Heidi Hudson jumped into thunder, and her expression suddenly became cold!

You won’t beg me?

You are really strong!

You want to die, you want to die here!

The man next to Heidi Hudson smiled casually, hehe!


You gave up the only chance to live!!

You annoyed Miss, you can prepare to die!

“Haha, you know that Heidi Hudson will not care about you, let alone save you, so you pretended to be forced to say so on purpose! You really know how to pretend to be forced, now it’s better, Heidi Hudson will not save you, look at you, pretending to be struck by lightning, now you pretend to be too much?” Brayden Stewart laughed!

This is what he wants!

The scene was also roaring with laughter, ridicule, and ridicule!!

Chuck Cannon calmed down, “You guys are smiling happily! Won’t you ask me what is my preparation?”

“Haha! Chuck Cannon, what can you prepare? I forgot to tell you, do you think I have nothing in my home? Then you are wrong. The moment you came in, you have passed the security check of my home. Now, someone already knows what you have, so what can you prepare? A gun? Ha haha! You don’t have one!” Brayden Stewart sneered!

“This person is really a fool, thinking that we have passed on the family for so many years, and there is nothing at all, is it possible?” A beautiful woman said with disdain.

“All? Then why didn’t you check out my thing?” Chuck Cannon remained calm.

A small object appeared in his palm, like a glass bead, ordinary.

“Haha, are you going to laugh at me? What are you doing with a glass ball played by a kid? Don’t say this is a bomb, haha, you are a big bomb!” A young man immediately laughed and mocked!

Others also showed mockery!

Brayden Stewart smiled, “This is what you prepared? You are really amazing!”

“Not bad, this bomb should be able to take away half of you!” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

Logan was stunned and even shocked. Is this a bomb?

She seems to have never heard of it!

She has never heard of it being normal. There is a specialization in the surgical industry. The behind-the-scenes boss of a killer organization can have. In addition, the behind-the-scenes boss is also suspicious. With regard to weapons, she will definitely find someone to research and develop a few to defend herself.

This bomb is small, but it can really take away the small half-person on the scene!

After all, directly into the crowd, who can run?

Brayden Stewart frowned and stared at the glass ball in Chuck Cannon’s hand. What kind of bomb is this really?

There is this kind of bomb!

Adam Stewart was gloomy and cold, “Brayden, be careful! There are too many people in the house!”

Brayden Stewart nodded, “Chuck Cannon, do you mean the glass is a bomb?”

“Oh, don’t believe it?” Chuck Cannon shrugged and walked towards Brayden Stewart.

Brayden Stewart’s expression became annoyed, “Stop!!”

The rebuke resounded through the hall!

Chuck Cannon is calm!

“So this is your backbone! Is it a real bomb?” Heidi Hudson muttered to herself, her voice also a little surprised.

“I haven’t seen it, but with the current level of technology, it is possible to put things in this glass ball, but isn’t so small?” The man grumbled.

“His eyes are very calm, he is not flustered at all…” Heidi Hudson still muttered to herself!

A flash of light in the man’s eyes!


No one spoke!

“Scan!” Brayden Stewart scolded!

“Yes…” Someone started doing this.

“This bomb will explode as long as it hits the ground, even if you squeeze the switch on it, it will explode in an instant, so don’t find a sniper, because it will fall on the ground…” Chuck Cannon said.

Brayden Stewart was gloomy and angry!

There was silence for a minute!

Someone came over cautiously, “Master Brayden, the thing in his hand is not an ordinary glass ball, but a substance…”

“What substance?”

“The bomb material even contains a bit of nuclear…”

“What?” Brayden Stewart was shocked.

“So, the explosion of this thing can really kill half of us, and at least one-third of us can’t run.” This person said.

Pop, pop!!

Brayden Stewart slapped out a few slaps, and slapped this person fiercely, “Why do I feed your waste? What do you eat? Someone brought a bomb in, you don’t know?”


For a moment, the expressions on the faces of all the descendants of the Stewart Family suddenly panicked!

What a bomb!

Even the owner of the Stewart, Adam Stewart couldn’t do it anymore.

If this bomb exploded, the consequences would be disastrous!!

“So, do you know what my preparations are?” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

Logan was already stunned. She didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to prepare for this. Chuck Cannon really grew up…

Brayden Stewart’s expression was angry, “Bomb, it really belongs to you, but you think a bomb can keep you alive!”

“Oh, can’t I live? That’s okay, I can’t live, so are you still going to be alive? Let’s die together.” Chuck Cannon said, pressing the switch of the glass ball!!

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