Chapter 647 – 648: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 647: Someone Overhead

“About what happened back then, I can’t explain it clearly for a while!”

Qiujian said in a hoarse voice, “Please, how about you save me out first and let me recover?”

Kris Chen thought about it and nodded, “The purpose of my coming here is to save you, but for safety’s sake, please take the Great Taoist vow!”

Qiujian gave a look at Kris, he didn’t expect Kris to be so cautious!

He also did not hesitate and immediately swore, “The Great Tao is above, I, Qiujian, will be cursed by God if I have any mischief against Ritian Zhao, and if I do anything against Ritian Zhao, I will die by the Chaos God Thunder…”

He made a large series of vows, and Chaos produced thunder out of thin air, which was considered an approval of Qiujian’s vows.

Speaking of Taoist vow , it’s actually quite ridiculous that Kris was not saying his real name, but a code name could work!

Of course, if he want to harm Kris through the art of cursing, he still needed his real name!

But Kris wasn’t afraid of Qiujian, because he couldn’t be Chaos Realm!

As long as he’s not in the Chaos Realm, Kris could fight him, and even if he couldn’t kill him, he could make a tie!

“How can this Great Tao cage be broken?”

“Just break it with force!”


Kris’s hit the Great Tao cage with a powerful fist, and the Great Tao cage shattered with a bang!

He walked over and looked at the dense Great Tao chains on Qiujian’s body, “How do these chains break?”

“It cannot be broken by external force!”

Qiujian said, “These chains are rooted in my acupuncture points, locking up all my mana, even using my essence as sustenance, so forcibly pull them out will kill me!”

“What should I do then?”

“Detain the soul, make me a new flesh body, I don’t want this one!”

Qiujian was such a ruthless person to abandon his physical body like that!

Kris nodded, that was probably the best way to go.

“Senior Qiujian, excuse me, may I ask who has imprisoned you here?”

Qiujian shook his head, “I can not say, even can not think, even in the heart of the silent recitation of that name, he will have sensed, once he sensed, you and I will die!”

Kris was shocked for a moment, not even allowed to meditate in the mind, what rank was that person in the end?

This was certainly beyond the stage of the Supreme Lord.

But why didn’t such a terrible being kill Qiujian!

“Why didn’t he kill you?”

Kris had a question on his mind, and it’s an important one!

If he released Qiujian himself, would he take on a destructive aftermath!

Qiujian seemed to guess that Kris would ask this question, and he said, “I can’t talk about it, it would kill me! I’ll die, you’ll die, and all I can tell you is that it’s all a scam!”

“What scam?”

Kris still did not stop asking, “And what did that note you left mean!”

“That is also a scam, a scam against all beings!”

“I cannot say, must not say, and you should not ask, and if you continue to ask questions, then you’d better go!”

Qiujian laid there, with his eyes bleak: “If I knew that I would die, however, lying here can still live!”

Do not think that a man of half-step Chaos was not afraid of death, the higher the level, the more people were afraid of death.

Kris sighed, he could figure out that Qiujian wasn’t pretending!

Or maybe, Qiujian’s acting skills were so good that he didn’t see it himself!

However, if what Qiujian said is true, it would be terrible.

It was clear from his words that the scam was horrible and that he might be in the scam!

It was like a giant invisible net that covered them.

Kris didn’t ask any more questions and silently took out the Crystal of God Identity to eliminate ideas and made it the purest one.

He took out another precious treasure to refine the flesh!

It took twenty years to refine the flesh of a Supreme Lord in middle period!

“I am now detaining the soul, the process may be a bit painful, and even damage your origin, please bear it!”

“It doesn’t matter, I have nothing left of my origin to damage, as long as I can regain my action, even if I live for a day, I will be happy!”

He seemed to be genuinely afraid of death, but also seemed not to be afraid of death–he would even be happy for a day alive !

He’s such a weirdo.

Kris nodded and used the divine ability to detain his soul, pulled his weak sun soul out of his shell and beating it into his flesh!

Qiujian’ sun soul entered his physical body, then he opened his eyes instantly, “Thanks, my friend!”

Immediately, he manipulated his flesh to walk.

But his movements were stiff, like a child just learning to walk!

“Ten millions of eras, I’ve been trapped for ten millions of eras, and finally I’m free!”

Qiujian couldn’t help but cry!

If it weren’t for his strong magic power and his stage in half-step Chaos, he might have been sucked dry by these chains of the Great Tao!

“Let’s go, buddy, please take me out of here!”

Qiujian said, “As long as my flesh body is here, it is impossible for him to find out, and I have to bother you to re-arrange the boundary here!”

Kris nodde and cast a divine power to lay ten millions of layers of Great Tao boundaries here!

After doing these, he took Qiujian to left.

He was not afraid of the man playing tricks, because he left something in the flesh!

He released hundreds of incarnations to escort him, took out the boundary-defining compass, and flew back the way he came!

It’s slow to back but fast to go!

He escaped with Qiujian for several years before finding a Supreme Main Universe to drill into!

This Supreme Main Universe seemed to have just been promoted, for the four poles of the universe were still unstable. Kris collected his breath and took Qiujian to practice Taoist magic art alone in Chaos Nodes!

Over the years Qiujian had been fusing his physical body and restoring his sun soul.

Currently he could move to fight with his fresh body.

First, it was not Qiujian’s original physical body, and second, Qiujian was trapped there for ten millions of eras, his sun soul atrophied and almost fell out of creation.

And this flesh was the Supreme Lord in middle period, how could the motorcycle engine drive the eight-wheeled big truck!

Even with Kris’s vast supply of treasures, Qiujian’ sun soul was only the middle period of the creation!

Origin loss was not so easy to recover.

After all, he was a half-step Chaos before!

Trying to recover was harder than re-cultivating!

After setting up the Battle Formation boundary, Kris said, “Senior Qiujian, do you know about the surviving ship?”


Qiujian nodded.

“I have a suppose, you just need to say yes or no, if you don’t know, then say you don’t know, no need to reveal to me information that you feel is dangerous, okay?”

Qiujian thought about it and nodded, “OK!”

“Is the person who trapped you the skeleton on the surviving ship?”

Qiujian shook his head, “No!”

“Okay, the second question, I once saw a couple chasing after the surviving ship, and I call them the coffin couple, did they imprison you there?”



Kris added, “Is that person in the Chaos Realm?”



Kris was stunned, “Could it be an existence beyond the Chaos Realm?”


Qiujian nodded.

“Then do you know what stage is above the Chaos Realm!”

“The Other Realm!”


The Other Realm?

Kris was confused, “The Other Realm is a stage?”

Qiujian shook his head, “The Other Realm is not a stage, but a world!”

“It is said that there is a world above Chaos, called the Other Realm, and those who are above the Other Realm have all transcended the Chaos shackles!

“And the one who detains you is from the Other Realm?”

“Not exactly”

Qiujian glanced at Kris and sighed, “Let’s stop talking about it, otherwise, he will probably sense something!”

Kris nodded, “Okay, the coffin couple chasing the surviving ship kept saying that they want the surviving ship to take them to the Other Realm, that ship is really going to the Other Realm?”

Hearing this question, Qiujian showed a hint of pain on his face, “No, it’s a scam, a thorough scam!”

“Okay, then I won’t ask any more questions!”

Kris seemed to have an answer in his heart, “Those imaginary shadows on the boat, are they the true spirits of those gods, immortals, devils, Buddhas and ghosts!”

This time Qiujian was completely shocked, “How do you know!”

“I just guessed it!”

Kris grinned, “So next, it’s the coffin couple. If this is a scam, then are they also deceived?”

“I don’t know!”

“The last question!”

Kris said, “Were those gods and demons and Buddhas tricked by that skeleton into coming aboard?”

“I don’t know!”

Qiujian replied.

Kris was silent and stopped asking questions, but kept pulling through these questions and started deducing them over and over again.

However, he could not deduce the one who had held Qiujian.

Because it was likely to attract his attention.

If this was a huge scam, a scam to the Other Realm, then it all made sense!

He looked at the universe inside him, and then looked up at Chaos. Could someone above his head be looking at him in the same way?

Could it be like this?

Kris was not clear, but there was a high probability that it ’s true!

Am I trapped in this?

For a long time, Kris said: “Senior, have we been trapped?”

Hearing this, Qiujian was shocked; his lips wriggled, but he couldn’t say a word.

“I’ve probably guessed why he imprisoned you.”

Kris said, “Were you about to break through Chaos back then!”

Qiujian clenched his fists hard and stared at Kris as if to see him through, he even wondered if Kris was the one, the one who had transformed to cheat him!

But on second thought, he didn’t think it was necessary!


Qiujian spoke after a long silence.

“So everything makes sense!”

Kris laughed bitterly, “If I broke through half-step Chaos one day, would I be the same as you?”

Qiujian didn’t say anything.

However, silence was the best statement!

“I see!”

Kris laughed, he just felt pathetic!

“The original soul, I think… it is not the time to be sad now.”

Yuan Kris said, “Opportunities are hidden in places where we are not easy to detect. We still have the possibility of escaping!”

Kris did not say anything, quietly listening to Yuan Kris: “Take the universe inside us, although we can control every living being in the universe, and even be able to know what they are thinking, but will we be so bored to monitor their lives, their thoughts? Would we see through the world inside them, or even the evolving universe?”

“129,600 universes, countless trillions of beings, what a huge number this is for us!”

“So, it’s not time to get frustrated!”

“Yes, you’re right, as long as we never break through half-step Chaos, it’s impossible for them to sense us!”

Kris laughed: “The party is confused the onlooker is clear, although you and I are of one mind, you are always more calm than me!”

“I’m sorry to trouble you again!”

Yuan Kris laughed, “I work for myself, so don’t talk about trouble or something!”

“I don’t want to be monitored for the rest of my life!”

“I suspect that even the Other Realm may be a fake!”

Chapter 648: The Eve of Closing Door

“It’s pretty likely to be that!”

“In the coming years, I would like to try all the ways for every one and raise myself to the limit! ”

“Didn’t he want to imprison us? Then let’s prevent him from doing so! ”

“Maybe he is facing the same difficulties as we were before, that is, being stuck in the same stage for a long time! ”

“Good idea! ”

Yuan Kris smiled, then fell silent and began to speculate with hundreds of Great Supreme Lord incarnations!

“Predecessor Qiujian, I still have a few questions to ask you for advice! ”

Qiujian sighed, “You are so awesome that can find the crux of the problem with just a few questions!” ”

What he said were all true. In front of Kris, he felt he had no secrets.

“When you came to the Chaos, had you broken through the Great Supreme Lord? ”

“Yes, I had! ”

Just as I thought! Kris felt even more determined, “Then how did you escape from such trials and tribulations when you were promoted to the Great Supreme Lord?”

“This is very simple. Since I had been practicing on the edge of the Chaos, as long as my promotion was within it, there would be no trials or tribulations!” Qiujian explained.

“Have you ever dealt with the seven Great Supreme Lords in the Big Dipper? ”

“No! ” Qiujian shook his head, “but what I can tell you is that they must all have been suffered! ”

“You mean they have been imprisoned somewhere in the Chaos just like you?” ”

“Yes! When I was promoted to the Great Supreme Lord, I had been to the Big Dipper. I also discovered the secret at that time, but the secret was so horrible that I dare not say. So I had to keep it in the Devil Land!”

“Because somehow I felt like something was going to happen to me, so…that could be considered as my last straw! ”

“I got it! ” Kris said, “It seems that through the ages, there have been many Great Supreme Lords born in the universe, but many have been promoted in the chaos! ”

Seven or eight Great Supreme Lords can be born from a single main universe, and hundreds of main universes are attached to a single supreme main universe. In the Chaos, nobody knows how many such supreme main universes are there!

It’s scary to think about it!

“We must continue to improve our cultivation! ” Kris thought for a while, he had to go back before that!

“Predecessor Qiujian, I want to go back. Will you go with me or…”

Qiujian shook his head, “I won’t go with you. It will be a very difficult long journey. And my current cultivation can’t help you at all, but will be a burden on you!”

“Here are some practicing resources. I hope you will accept them!”

Kris took out a Chaos Ring, in which the resources were enough for Qiujian to restore to his utmost. This might be the only thing Kris could do for him at the moment!

“No, thanks. You have helped me too much, I…”

“Predecessor Qiujian, please take it. The stronger you are, the more crises you can deal with! ”

Hearing the words, Qiujian fell into silence, “Well, I will take it. I owe you this time!”

Kris smiled, and the causal association between them was completely over, but this time it was Qiujian’s turn to owe him!

“Take care! ”

“Little friend, wait a minute!”

Qiujian stopped Kris, “if possible, please never take that step to break through to Chaos Realm! ”

“Thank you for reminding me! ”

Kris nodded, immediately plunged into the passage, and disappeared from Qiujian’s sight.

“Ah, I hope you don’t follow in my footstep! ” Having been imprisoned for tens of thousands of eras, all his pride had been consumed!

Being in the middle period of a Great Supreme Lord is not bad. At the very least, he can live for a long long time.

Maybe one day, when he gets tired of his life, he will try to challenge again.

Even if he will die, it doesn’t matter.

Of course, he just thought like that. Probably… he might never try it for the rest of his life.

At the same time, Kris recorded the location of the main universe with the delimitation compass, immediately left the universe and returned according to the route given by the compass.

The journey, boring as before, was to fight monsters and collect resources!

The Power Tao of Demon Kris, the sun soul Tao of Yuan Kris, and the inner universe incarnated by the five elements as well as yin and yang, can perfect everything of Kris in all directions.

He first started with the Power Tao of Demon Kris!

Sixty trillion cells, through the method of smelting, opened up cell space and the amplification battle formation.

A Crystal of God Identity can only open up one billion cells!

After devouring thousands of God Identities and a large number of treasures, Kris was able to complete one-sixth of the cell smelting!

The fulfilled period of the Great Supreme Lord’s physical power was already strong enough to prove the Tao with strength.

At this moment, to kill the monsters of the same stage only needed a finger to lightly poke, then the opponent would die!

This power is really terrible!

Once the whole body cell melting is completed, how powerful will it be, and can Half-step Chaos withstand even a punch?

Kris was not clear because there was no reference to compare.

Feeling the powerful breath escaping, he quickly sealed it.

While practicing his physical body, Kris was also tempering the sun soul. Through the method of smelting, he perfected the formation bit by bit, and the power of the divine soul increased sharply!

He sealed it in the same way!

Then came the inner universe of incarnations of the five elements and yin and yang.

Simply, it needs to keep devouring to the extreme, until you can open up the universe!

Different from the world of acupoints, it also has to go through the two processes of Dongtian and World.

The direct evolution of Eight Diagrams through yin-yang and five elements can theoretically be infinite.

Anyway, when Kris came out, the seven evolved universes had reached half the size of the main universe!

Moreover, the life created by the seven universes were naturally generated with strong vitality.

As he walked, he searched for resources to practice. In the blink of an eye, another 2,000 chaos years passed.

To count it, Kris Chen had been wandering in the chaos for more than 3,500 years.

Eventually, the familiar universe appeared in his sight.

“I’m finally back!” Diving into the passage, he felt a familiar atmosphere.

Counting it carefully, “well, I’d been in the supreme main universe for 200 years, and the main universe for 400 years. It’s not too long! ”

Kris saw Nan Chen, who had found his parents at this time; then he saw Zi Chen, who was pulling a man. That was nobody else but Xing Ye.

It seemed that Zi Chen was pestering Xing Ye.

“I am your uncle. It’s not suitable! ” Xing Ye coldly refused her. For thousands of years, his heart had long been cold, and his feelings over the past years had also cooled down.

Zi took his hand, “It was you who provoked me first. Now you decide to let it go, no way!”

“Was it? ” Xing pulled off her hand, “Sorry, I have figured it out for more than 1,000 years. If you came to me a few hundreds of years earlier, maybe I would be very happy, but now… sorry, I have already let myself go. ”

“You are right, our different status mean that we can’t be together! ”

Xing was about to leave.

Zi hurriedly hugged him, “No, don’t go! ”

Back then she was too young to understand such principles. Actually, a lot of things that she knew were too superficial.

Their lives are too long. If they can’t do what they like, then what’s the point of living!

“We have no kinship, so why not? ”

Zi said, “If you dare to leave, I will tell the master that you have defiled me! ”She pushed him away, with a triumphant look on her face.

“Aren’t you messing around? ” Xing said helplessly.

Even though he was already the overlord of tens of thousands of star realms, he still panicked when facing the crying girl.

“Don’t cry, I… As long as you don’t cry, we can discuss everything! ”

“Really? You didn’t lie to me? ” Zi looked at him with her big eyes.

“Yes! ”

“Well, I won’t cry. My request is very simple, that is, I want you to be my Taoist fere! ”

When saying that, Zi blushed. Although she was extremely shy, she understood that if she didn’t say it today, she would have no chance again in the future.

“I… I…” Xing put one hand on his forehead, “you intend to force me? ”

“Well, then I’ll go tell the master that you have defiled…”

Xing was speechless, looking at her who was blushed, hugged and kissed her affectionately, “Didn’t you say I defiled you, then I will do it now!”

He released a starship and dragged her into it.

Kris quickly turned his eyes away. Are young people so fearless now?

Their relationship is a bit messy!

He smiled and shook his head. Then he saw Chen Ye, who was training his children.

“Good, he has reached to the fulfilled period of Genesis, the promotion is amazing! Soon, he will become Supreme Lord! ”

“The Lord of Vipers and the Lord of Fire are also fulfilled period of the True God. They are indeed wild species. ”

“Sha Mo has gone to the Eternal Star, and Wuji Mo has unified the Dongsheng Divine Land. Well done! ”

“Uncle Lingyuan is teasing little girls again! ”

Kris laughed, went through the barriers of the universe, and stepped back to the main universe.

His parents took a few fathers-in-law mothers-in-law back to the earth.

It was said that the earth was developing quite well now!

His wives also worked very hard to practice themselves!

Although they had made little progress over the past 400 years, their spirit was commendable!

Mary Su started a company on Eternal Star, and Quan Mu established the Fairy Sect. Except for her as the leader, all the other sisters were vice leaders. But Kris was pitiful as the leader’s male servant.

As Quan Mu said, now that she was idle, then go to find something to do.

Lan Yu established the Police Union, and Lan Xia set up the Chen’s School, which only recruited the descendants of the Chen’s family. Lan Xia, as grandmother, she had a high status.

No naughty kids would dare to act up in front of her!

Xiaorou Xu set up an antique chamber of commerce to carry forward the Xu family’s craftsmanship again.

Xinying Bao became the first president of the Eternal Star Friar Development Bank.

Yinyin Yao, Yuhan Qin and Lin Li formed the Magical Pill Alliance.

Yi Fang and Qingyuan were sluggish. The two were said to plan to establish an Emei School here!

Xuefei Yuan and Yujie set up the largest nursery on Eternal Star!

It was mainly because of Buhui Chen.

At that time, Buhui Chen was forcibly taken away, which was the pain in Xuefei’s heart.

In addition, Xuefei likes children. With the help of her sisters, the nursery opened!

Kris sneaked into Miaoyang Company and found Mary Su was in the chairman’s office.

Then on the top floor of the high-rise building, they had sex.

They stopped after a long time, “Mary, we seem to have returned to the time when we were on earth thousands of years ago!”

“Yes, thousands of years have passed in the blink of an eye. ”

Mary Su blinked, “didn’t you go to find other sisters? ”

“No, I came to see you as soon as I got back. ”

Kris smiled, with his hands constantly touching her.

“Go away, don’t tease me! ”

“Please, that was far more enough! ”

Just as the words fell, they started again!

After a long time, Mary softly leaned against Kris, “How long do you plan to stay this time? ”

“I don’t know, it may be decades or hundreds of years! ”

“So long? ”

Mary seemed to have thought of something and sat up straight, “How long will you close door next time?”

Without concealment, Kris softly touched her nose. “Well, it may take a thousand years or even longer! ”

“Are you about to break through? ”

“Yes, very likely! ” He nodded and didn’t tell her what had happened in the Chaos.

Those were what he should bear alone!

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