Brayden Stewart scolded!

Chuck Cannon was too close to him, so once the bomb exploded, he should have no escape!

The expressions of all the descendants of the traveling family here have changed, and some even retreat in fear!

They are hidden families, enjoying endless glory and wealth, and calling for rain!

They haven’t enjoyed enough yet, they certainly don’t want to die here suddenly!

Even Adam Stewart was convulsed!

This kid is enough!!

“He is not scared at all?”

Heidi Hudson muttered to herself, “You would rather die than let me save you?”

Suddenly, Heidi Hudson felt a loss. This loss was so strong that it made her sad…

“Why not? I didn’t say, I can’t live anymore, then why should I let you live?” Chuck Cannon was flat!

“That’s right, you are an evil pen, an ant, can you compare to me? My life is a thousand times more expensive than you!” Brayden Stewart was furious!

“You think so? But I can still take you to death, right?” Chuck Cannon shrugged!

Brayden Stewart was shaking with anger at this time. If Chuck Cannon didn’t have a bomb in his hand, he would want to go and kill Chuck Cannon himself!

Too calm!

The people who were punching and kicking Chuck Cannon just now looked at each other!

There is even a trace of fear in their heart!

Death, everyone is afraid!

But they didn’t expect that Chuck Cannon could be so calm when holding a bomb. This person is really not afraid of death!

It’s good to face anyone, but to face the kind of person who is not afraid of death, everyone will avoid it!!

Brayden Stewart had a grim expression, “You are going to take me to death. I won’t let it. I don’t believe that you are not afraid of death. If you have a seed, you will lose it!!”


Brayden Stewart hadn’t finished saying these words, a heavy slap hit Brayden Stewart’s sneer face!

The sound of crisp skin and meat slapped in the hall!!

Brayden Stewart staggered to the ground, shocked!

The other descendants of the Stewart family were also shocked!

Because this person playing Brayden Stewart is actually the Patriarch of Stewart, Adam Stewart!!

Adam Stewart got a gloomy face!

“Grandpa, why are you hitting me?” Brayden Stewart aggrievedly touched his cheek and got up.

“Why, do you want half of your descendants to die? You bastard!!” Adam Stewart scolded!

He has seen too many people read countless people!

He had never seen Chuck Cannon’s calm look like a walk now, and there was indestructible firmness in this look!

In other words, Chuck Cannon will not hesitate to take half of the Stewart to die!

Is Chuck Cannon also suitable to be considered as ants?

Brayden Stewart felt aggrieved and touched his face, and glared at Chuck Cannon in anger. It was you who made Brayden Stewart embarrassed again and again.

“There is still a concern for the overall situation.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Oh, you surprised me!” Adam Stewart said gloomily.

“Wait, I’m not used to someone pointing a gun at me, so let all the people you hide go away. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that if my hands shake because of fear, everyone will die.” At this time, Chuck Cannon actually smiled.

“Huh, would you be afraid?” Adam Stewart said coldly.

“Of course it will, you see my hands are shaking,” Chuck Cannon shook his hands.

Adam Stewart’s face was twitching, and the other Stewart family descendants stepped back in horror, including Brayden Stewart, who was blushing and embarrassed!

Really, they actually met a madman who is not afraid of death!!

Brayden Stewart is angry!

“Don’t shake, all the snipers back! You don’t want to die, right?” Adam Stewart calmed down and raised his hand to say.

There was movement nearby and someone retreated.

“Of course, I don’t want to die, but the shameless pen just now said that I can’t live. Then I will listen to him. I won’t live anymore. But if it’s going to hurt you, it’s only embarrassing.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Logan’s beautiful eyes turned, this strategy, at this time, really gave Logan the sense of security that she had never had before!

She like this feeling, especially!

“Well, I can let you live! You take her out of here!” Adam Stewart said coldly.

There was a weird shot in his eyes!

When you leave this house, then it is your death date!!

Brayden Stewart was angry, but thought of it instantly, haha!

How about you being alive this time?

Going out, I, Brayden Stewart will kill your whole family!!

Let you Chuck Cannon see the demise of your home with your own eyes!

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Stewart family descendants breathe a sigh of relief!

“Then you go!” Adam Stewart said.

“Well, I will leave, but I have a request.” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

“Oh? Ask, what else do you want to make?” Adam Stewart narrowed his eyes.

“Of course, it’s dark outside. My Aunt Logan and I must be scared walking on the road. So, I want to find a few people to accompany me. You should agree?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Adam Stewart’s dry face was twitching!!


The descendants of the Stewart family were angry at once!

“Really, what are you talking about? You want us to accompany you? Don’t look at your stuff, one rubbish, one ant, or one evil pen, do you match it?!” A hot beauty scolded!!

“Yes, are you worthy?” Someone was furious!

“It’s noisy, I’m a little uncomfortable, so I’ll forget it if I die,” Chuck Cannon pressed the button again!


“No! You lunatic!”

“Stop it, let me die with you, you dream!”

The descendants of the Stewart family panic all at once!

It’s like exploding the pot!

“How about it, just let a few of you accompany, this is not willing? Why are you so stingy?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

This smile made Adam Stewart a great humiliation!

Today, Stewarts are panicked by a bad pen, a lunatic!

This is the first time it has happened after being passed down for dozens of generations!

“Okay! I’ll let you take someone away!” Adam Stewart nodded coldly!

“Grandpa, no, this is a lunatic!”

“Yes indeed,”

The descendants of the Stewart family are horrified!

One person, who is this to take?

“Shut up!” Adam Stewart scolded, “As a descendant of the Stewart family, you must have this consciousness!!”

One person for half!

With this change, Adam Stewart made a choice!

However, as soon as you Chuck Cannon go out, you must be dead!

Because of the hidden family, the wrath of the Stewart family is unstoppable!!

The descendants of the Stewart family shut up in fear!


“Only one alone? When am I picking up rubbish?” Chuck Cannon said.

Adam Stewart is angry, what? You pick up rubbish, you mean Stewarts are rubbish?

“Three people! Otherwise, I will drag you to death now!” Chuck Cannon was suddenly indifferent, his eyes firm!!

Adam Stewart twitched, this lunatic would really do it!

“It is good!!”

“I regret it, three people? You are so stingy, forget it, you can do it,” Chuck Cannon agreed with a shrug.

After Adam Stewart was furious, he breathed a sigh of relief!!

The descendants of the Stewart family are terrified! three people? What three people!

“Which three people do you want to take?” Adam Stewart was gloomy and cold.

“Oh, that, what do you look at the woman who scolded me just now? It’s you, the one in a white dress, come out!” Chuck Cannon pointed to the woman who scolded himself just now.

“Ah, don’t, don’t choose me, don’t!” The woman was scared and cried. This is a hostage!

She still has a good life and enjoys the best cosmetics in the world. How can she be in danger?

“It’s you, who made me take you? Come out!” Chuck Cannon said.

“No, grandpa save me.” The woman ran up to Adam Stewart.

Adam Stewart slapped her face indifferently!

“Asshole things, it’s not over yet!” Adam Stewart scolded!

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu got up and walked beside Chuck Cannon, she hated Chuck Cannon too much in her heart, this lunatic!

This shameful pen!

Chosen her!

“You were very happy to scold me just now.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“I’m sorry, don’t take me to death, no, please, I’m only eighteen years old.” The woman cried with tears.


Chuck Cannon slapped her face!

The woman screamed and fell to the ground with a look of fear.

“Shut up, your voice is terrible!” Chuck Cannon said.

The woman dared not cry in a hurry.

“The second person, you’re the only one!” Chuck Cannon glanced, pointing a finger.

All the descendants of the Stewart family shook their eyes, but one person was extremely angry, “You and her, you…”

That’s right, this second person is Brayden Stewart!!

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