Brayden Stewart was angry and furious!!

Chuck Cannon actually chose himself?

Do you want to hold me hostage?

He wants to hack Chuck Cannon in person!

This lunatic!

Facing the longing eyes of Stewart family descendants, Brayden Stewart twitched a little!

It is better to let Brayden Stewart go out than let yourself go out, so they all look eagerly!

“Grandpa, I, I am the future heir…” Brayden Stewart was anxious!

Let yourself be Chuck Cannon’s protective umbrella?

He is really crazy.


A heavy slap hit his face!

“As a descendant of the Stewart family, you must be enlightened!” Adam Stewart said coldly.

“But, Dad, Dad…” Brayden Stewart begged to see his father.

“Hey, this matter is related to you, go!” said the old man, sighing.

Brayden Stewart is desperate!

If he goes to Chuck Cannon’s side, this will inevitably be a fight!

However, the attitude of the travellers made him stand up!

“Hurry up!” Adam Stewart scolded!!

“Yes! Grandpa!”

Brayden Stewart got an idea in his heart, he can also fight a little bit, Chuck Cannon was beaten badly just now, Chuck must have no strength, maybe he can succeed in a sneak attack?

So this can be regarded as a meritorious service for himself?

The future heir will definitely be him!

Seeking wealth and wealth!


Brayden Stewart came over, “I’m here!”


Chuck Cannon slapped him in the face.

Brayden Stewart’s face is deformed, he is angry, he is sinister!

“You came when I didn’t see it?” Chuck Cannon said.

Brayden Stewart gritted his teeth!


Chuck Cannon kicked his stomach, Brayden Stewart covered his stomach, his eyes were as big as an egg, and he was sweating, “Ah…”

Brayden Stewart screamed and twitched on the ground!

He even vomited blood!

Chuck Cannon kicked just now, but he attacked the weak area of the person. If Chuck Cannon was not injured, he could stun him with a kick just now.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, then raised his head indifferently, scanning.

The expressions of the children of the Stewart family are terrified!

Everyone prayed not to be themselves, never to be themselves!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, pointing a finger!

For a moment, the audience was silent!

They were shocked and looked at someone unexpectedly! Even the screaming Brayden Stewart was stunned!

“You choose me?” This is a hoarse voice!

That’s right, Chuck Cannon’s finger is the owner of this hidden family, Adam Stewart!!

“Of course I chose you. You are the biggest. If I don’t choose you, who do I choose?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Grandpa…” A girl was shocked.

“Dad…” Brayden Stewart’s father was also shocked.

“Don’t you dare? Don’t be afraid, I just asked you to take me home, you really dare not? Oh, there is no way, everyone should die together.” Chuck Cannon said, pressing the switch!

“Ah! Stop, you lunatic!” The old man was furious!

Poor eyes!

This is the look in the eyes of many people from the descendants of the Stewart family. They are so rich that no one wants to die!

Adam Stewart was silent for three seconds!

“It is good!!”

“Come here!” Chuck Cannon waved!

Adam Stewart walked over, “Young man, there is only one life, don’t be impulsive!”

“Of course, I know, take me home.” Chuck Cannon grabbed him!

Adam Stewart twitched his face!

“I think there should be no snipers nearby? I’m afraid of being beaten. You know, this thing explodes as soon as I pinch it, and it explodes on the ground. You don’t want to die with me, right?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Go!” Adam Stewart was indifferent. “Everyone, don’t act rashly!”

The descendants of the Stewart family nodded hurriedly. They were scared, they just wanted Chuck Cannon to hurry out with the bomb!

“By the way, aeroplane, prepare an aeroplane!” Chuck Cannon said.

When he came, he was flying, because the car couldn’t get in at all!

“Go and prepare the plane!” Adam Stewart said coldly!

“Yes!” Someone immediately arranged it!

“Pretend to be dead, right? Get up!!!” Chuck Cannon kicked Brayden Stewart!

Brayden Stewart screamed and got up, cold! This lunatic, Brayden Stewart will kill you one day!

Chuck Cannon kicked the woman just now again. She screamed and nodded and said don’t fight, don’t fight, tears are flowing through pear blossoms, makeup washed due to crying.

“Aunt Logan, let’s go out!” Chuck Cannon smiled softly.

“En,” Logan was moved, Chuck Cannon really did this, and he could really take her out of here.

“Go!!” Chuck Cannon was indifferent!

Adam Stewart, Brayden Stewart, and the woman, all went, Chuck Cannon and Logan were among them!

When they went out, all the descendants of the Stewart family were relieved.

“Grandpa…” Someone pretended to cry.

“Prepare, prepare immediately, this lunatic must be killed today!” Brayden Stewart’s father scolded coldly!

“Yes!” Someone prepares!

Some travellers dare not chase it out, because if they go out, they may be implicated by bombs!!

“Just left, he didn’t beg me, he was able to leave…”

Guest area!

Heidi Hudson muttered to herself at a loss!

When she came, she was ready. Everything was going on according to her plan, but at the last step, something went wrong!

Chuck Cannon didn’t ask for her, he was actually prepared…

“Miss, this Chuck Cannon can’t leave that easily, he will still beg Miss,” the man said.


Stewart is a hidden family. How many hidden masters have not come out yet, how could it be bluffed by a bomb?

Then this is a hidden family?

“Is it?”

Heidi Hudson suddenly felt a little lost. She didn’t save Chuck Cannon. She was wrong for the first time. Chuck Cannon gave her this mistake.

This man, let her love and hate!!

“Yes, miss, look, the real master of Stewart hasn’t come out yet. This is not that simple. Look, when Chuck Cannon goes out, there will be a master. I heard that the master has already broken through. It’s beyond the limit of human beings, and it may be possible to subdue Chuck Cannon with one move.” The man said.

That kind of person is the true pinnacle of humanity!

He can’t match it!

Heidi Hudson has come back to her senses, yes, the fighting master is quick to shoot, let alone Chuck Cannon is still injured.

The reason why these masters did not show up just now is that if something goes wrong, many people will die at the scene!

Therefore, what they were waiting for was that Chuck Cannon to leave this hall, and then they would make a move, even if there was an error, they could reduce the loss to a minimum!!

“Then go out quickly, Chuck Cannon definitely can’t die!” Heidi Hudson ran out anxiously, of course, the man ran out with him!

Sure enough, there was a person standing next to the plane, an old man with grey hair.

There are two walnuts in his hand, playing slowly as if he is dying.

However, good spirits!

This is the top fighting master!!

The man laughed, it really is!

“Chuck, be careful, this person is great!” Logan said hurriedly!

Because Logan actually had the feeling of facing Karen Lee in this old man.

This is definitely a master among masters!

“Aunt Logan, I saw it!” Chuck Cannon nodded, his eyes gleaming!

He also felt it, this man is amazing! So he should be careful!

Brayden Stewart was pleasantly surprised. This old man is the most powerful person in his family. He usually doesn’t come out at all. Today is a special situation, so his old man came out!

When he comes out, the matter is solved!

Because it’s fast, this old man is very fast!

Taking the bomb from Chuck Cannon’s hand, maybe Chuck Cannon hasn’t reacted yet!

The woman cried and cried in surprise, and she also knew that this old man was amazing!

Adam Stewart’s sky is gone, he said calmly, “Old Peter, I’m going to trouble you this time!”

“Ah! Old man, why am I still thinking about it, Lord, don’t worry, my bones can move,” the old man did not move, but there was a smile on his face.

“That’s good!” Adam Stewart breathed a sigh of relief, the old man has not come out, he thought the old man was dead!

“Little guy, let the master, let the young master and the young lady leave, I can make your death more comfortable.” The old man said.

This voice was calm to the extreme as if in an instant, Chuck Cannon could be killed. The reason why he spoke was to give Chuck Cannon a chance!!

“You’re old stuff, do you want to die?” Chuck Cannon said and stared at Adam Stewart!

“I think it is you who want to die! If he shot, you are not faster than him!” Adam Stewart sneered.

He wanted to scare Chuck Cannon!

“Little guy, let them go, I will make your death more comfortable,” the old man said again.

“Huh, comfortable? You wanna kill my son, I will let you die first!” In the darkness, a figure appeared!

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