Chapter 649 – 650: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 649: Yang Spirit Response

As the first wife of Kris, Mary had been with him for a long time. But in the blink of an eye, thousands of years have passed.

Mary hugged Kris and said, “Don’t be stressed, we can bear everything together.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of cultivation!” Kris smiled, Mary didn’t need to know that.

“You should go to see Quan and others, they miss you so much these years!”

That’s what love is, you will miss him when he’s gone, but dislike him when getting closer.

A few hundred years were short for them. All they needed to do was take a snap or cultivated a while.

“Well, come home with me!”

While hugging Mary, Kris quickly sent a message to Quan and others. They were extremely happy to receive the message and rushed back!

Then the cultivation began.

A day outside was equivalent to a few decades in the Time Barrier! Of course, Kris chose to cultivate with them. After a while, their cultivation had improved a lot.

A four-hundred-year cultivation had quickly made them reached the Middle period of Supreme Lord.

This really made them feel very frustrated! Their efforts were worthless compared with Kris’s method. There was really a huge gap between them.

They didn’t repulse such things, but just felt a little weird. The best way to comfort them was to give more.

Finally, fifty years later, Yujie also achieved the Middle period of Supreme Lord, which made Kris felt relived. He was really tired.

Except for himself, he should help his family to cultivate. However, seeing that his wives became prettier, he was satisfied.

“When I’m no longer ambitious, I’ll bring you to travel the universe!” Kris said with a smile. He focused all his attention on cultivation these years, which was really dull.

Although he was the Supreme Lord, he was not that happy!

Seeing this, Quan felt worried and patted his shoulder, “Don’t be stressed, since you feel tire, what about staying at home to rest for a while?”

Yinyin also sat beside Kris and helped him knock his legs, “Kris, you are the head of our family, what can we do if you get ill?”

Indeed, every time he came back, he was in a hurry. Now, he had a hundred-year vacation, however, he spent half of them helping them cultivating. This really made then feel frustrated for they couldn’t help Kris at all.

That was why they established these forces in the Eternal Star, although Kris wouldn’t care about that for even the universe was just a small thing for him. It’s better late than ever.

Xiu was also planning to plunder other universes after things got down. They tried their best to catch up with Kris, hoping that they could help him.

Of course, Kris knew this, so he said, “Don’t worry, I’m the strongest man in the universe! Even if the universe wanes, I won’t be defeated. I’ll definitely take you to visit the universe!”

Kris felt very comfortable for his wives took good care of him. Then he fell asleep.

His snores made them feel very worried.

“Keep quiet and let him have a good rest!” Quan gestured them to be quiet and caressed Kris’s face with love.

Kris slept very well, when he woke up, it was already three months later!

“Well, sleeping is the best way to rest!” Kris felt himself completely relaxed and his pace slowed down.

There was still a long time, as long as he stayed in the Chaos, nothing would be wrong. However, he still needed to be careful, maybe he had already attracted some attentions.

His wives had already left the Time Barrier, and Kris had laid a Battle Formation around the Eternal Star.

The Great Tao had wrapped the sky, only Supreme Lord could see that, even a Supreme Lord master in Fulfilled period couldn’t break it!

“In fact, the best way is to cultivate the entire Main Universe!”

Yuan Kris said, “But it’s risky, you may probably be discovered!”

“The best way is to integrate them into the Inner Universe. Just let everyone enters your Five Elements Universe!”

“But what if I fail?”

This was what Kris worried most, he didn’t know whether the man who imprisoned Qiujian would hurt his family. Maybe he was just an ant in his eyes.

Since he had imprisoned Qiujian, he must be a very selfish man.

Kris deduced that he was probably locked in a certain Stage of the Chaos. Just like him, he couldn’t dare to break the limitation for his strength was not that powerful.

But Kris had never done such dirty things.

“It is a matter of probability, all methods have its risk.”

Yuan Kris answered, “The best way is to cultivate hard and try to get elevation.”

“Do you know something about the achievement methods?”

“Well, it’s not difficult and depends on your enemy.”

“Can I perceive it?”

“Well, I’m still deducing! But I think that spiritual opportunities are scattered all around the universe, maybe we can refer to the cosmic waves.”

“Does it has something to do with the Chaos?”

“Well, if it is really the same as what we think, he must leave traces, we just need to lock it, no one can feel the cosmic spiritual opportunities!”

Hearing this, Kris felt satisfied and said, “Fine, please.”

Yuan Kris smiled and said nothing.

Kris left half of his incarnation in the Chaos to search useful materials. Then he used the other half to go through the Chaos nodes in the Supreme Universe, so that he could promote the original Chaos and create treasure.

Then he could accompany his family and built the Eternal Star into an indestructible planet.

Even if the universe was destroyed, this planet could still survive in the Chaos. It could even take root in the Chaos and re-evolve the universe!

Eight hundred years had past, Kris felt very relaxed for he could take his wives to travel different universes. Their cultivation had also improved a lot, they had reached the Later period of Supreme Lord.

Of course, the trip was short, their main purpose was to cultivate.

Mary urged him, “You’d better practicing Taoist magic art alone, or our children would follow you!”

“That’s right! Go to do your own business” The rest all echoed!

Hearing this, Kris was speechless, “You are so indifferent, how could you do this to me?”

“Well, I’ll go to cultivate for thousands of years, don’t beg me.”

“You’d better not!” The women said in unity.

“Well, I’m brave enough to do everything!”

Then, Kris smiled, after flattering with them for a while, he left.

He had to acquired the Great Tao this time!

His incarnations had all safeguarded around the Eternal Star, except North Kris, all others had elevated to the Supreme Lord. Among them, Demon Kris was the most powerful for he was already in the Later period of Supreme Lord. Each of the sixty trillion cells could be comparable to the Genesis Realm, which was very powerful.

Even Kris couldn’t defeat him.

The stronger Demon Kris was, the more Kris felt at ease.

After taking a glimpse of his family, Kris entered the Chaos!

In the Chaos nodes, those incarnations had gained many treasures including the Crystal of God Identity. This was enough for Kris to elevate himself.

Yuan Kris had already created the Breathing Technique, which was very effective. Those monsters couldn’t feel him even if he was just standing in front of them. He was like the air.

The Great Tao could defeat those more powerful forces, however, the sealing stopped this.

You could regard the universe as a huge cage, those who didn’t reach the actualized spirit couldn’t leave there and those who hadn’t met the Genesis Realm wouldn’t enter the Main Universe.

No one could break the limitations unless he was a master in the Supreme Lord. That was why Kris created the Sealing Universe where no creatures could be found there. It was sustained by Kris’s energy.

This universe was independent from the Chaos and the Main Universe, just like a magic weapon. But it was indeed a universe.

After finding the True God, Kris directly hung the universe on his body, and then entered in.

The Sealing Universe was just like a sand in the Ganges River, no one would notice it.

After entering the universe, Kris began to cultivate. He had absorbed a large amount of Crystal of God Identity. Trillions of years had past, all the cells in his body were cleansed. Each of them was comparable to the True God, but that was not enough! He had more potentials!

It was difficult to cultivate every cell into the Genesis Realm, but fortunately, Kris had prepared in advance, so could do that.

The Inner Universe was running at a fast speed in his body.

One universe could hold millions of stars. Kris kept suppressing his cultivation. The tremendous power could only be suppressed by his real body. Fortunately, he was strong enough!

A-thousand-year in the Chaos was a-million-year in the Time Barrier, one third of the cells in Kris’s body had been elevated to Genesis Realm. Each of his cell was a Peerless Supreme.

He didn’t dare to move for fear that an accidental ripe could destroy the Sealing Universe!

His sun soul was also improving rapidly! Many achievement methods was flowing in his heart. What a huge change! Kris finally succeed according to the Yang Spirit Response.

All those spiritual opportunities in the universe were under his control!

Yuan Kris’s thoughts were attached to the spiritual opportunities of the universe and floated quietly.

This was a slow process, however, he believed that the man must have left some traces.

Two thousands years had past, Kris had finished cultivating his cells so that he could better suppress his inner world. He was much more powerful than before.

However, he didn’t know the exact stage he was in. He thought in his heart, “The most important thing is to reach the Supreme Lord.”

Kris was really a strict man. He believed that the strength of sixty trillions Supreme Lord could be more powerful than the Chaos.

Just at the moment, Yuan Kris who was monitoring the universe suddenly said, “Be careful, something happens.”

Chapter 650: True Buddha

“What happened?”

Kris Chen suspended his practice.

“I perceived a different breath in one of the universe.”

“It’s a short breath with only a little of it leaked, but it definitely surpasses the breath of a Great Supreme Lord!” Yuan Kris said.

“But that breath soon disappeared, and a black hole was formed at where it disappeared!”

A black hole?

“Do you want to tell me this is how a black hole is formed?”

“I’m not sure yet!”

Yuan Kris shook his head. If a little breath leaked could cause the formation of something like the black hole which could cause permanent damage to the universe, the owner of the breath must be terribly strong.

At least Kris Chen who had reached the Great Supreme Lord Realm could not cause such a damage.

It also showed the cultivation of that person had surpassed the limit the Supreme Main Universe could hold.

Just as once Kris Chen wanted to enter the Devil World, he must suppress his breath since even a little of his leaked would completely destroy that world!

And the Great World had a much lower quality than the Supreme Universe.

“Only a little of that person’s breath is leaked after two thousand Chaos years.”

“We must find ways to deduce what happened at that place. That person’s breath would have not been leaked if he was purely observing something!” Kris Chen said.

With the Breath Sealing Art, Kris Chen was much braver than before!

“But it may take a long time!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Kris Chen said and was then dedicated to his practice.

After one thousand Chaos years, the headless True God which Kris Chen originally stayed in was about to be swallowed by a Chaos Monster Spirit. Kris Chen controlled the Sealing Universe to enter the belly of the Chaos Monster Spirit.

By doing so, Kris Chen was in better concealment. It was so difficult to be promoted directly to the Great Supreme Lord Realm from the True God Realm that Kris Chen had to break through the Supreme Lord Realm first!

And as one thousand Great Supreme Lord Realm incarnations were too few for him, Kris Chen made another tens of thousands of incarnations during these years and distributed them at different Supreme Main Universes of the Chaos as well as the Chaos Void.

As such, the practice resources burden on him was largely relieved as the higher the realm he reached, the more difficult his practice was.

“I deduce it out!”

“I find a Great Supreme Lord who has broken through to the Half-step Chaos Realm at where the breath has ever appeared!”

There was a worried look in the eyes of Yuan Kris.

“That Great Supreme Lord is still alive, and what can also be certain is that he is monitored.”

“The Great Supreme Lord is cautious. He seems to have realized it and desperately hold his breath. Should I be not good at tracing, I might have lost his trace.”

Unlike the Capture Art, the Perception Art is more like an art of lodging with slightly weaker capture breath.

“I have been following him for hundreds of years, during which the breath causing the black hole appeared twice in total!”

“Perhaps we can think it another way.” Kris Chen said.

“We can try to monitor all the practitioners who have reached the Great Supreme Lord Realm, which will be better than just waiting!”

“You are right!”

Yuan Kris got the meaning of Kris Chen and adjusted his monitoring plan at once.

Once it was certain that the owner of that breath only targeted the Half-step Chaos Realm practitioners, they could deduce a lot of things out.

At least the Full-stage Great Supreme Lords would not catch the attention of that person.

Kris Chen could also be slightly relaxed.

He was too tired these years as he had to keep practicing Taoist magic art alone for the breakthrough.

Fortunately, he had lots of universes in his body.

So he could walk around in these universes to meet some persons and give some persons some opportunities.

Thirty million years ago, he met a little girl who was begging and took her to live with him for several years. Now she had been a supreme empress suppressing a world.

Fifty million years ago, when he was having a holiday on an island, he planted a tree in the yard which somehow grew up to be a super big tree with countless worlds hanging on it. As a result, it had been a World Tree now.

Eighty million years ago, Kris Chen kept a golden fish which had now been an almighty golden dragon with nine claws in the dragon world.

One hundred fifty million years ago, Kris Chen carelessly threw a stone from which a fighting monkey jumped out. Now he was fighting around in the universe!

Actually, it was interesting for Kris Chen to walk around in these universes.

He thought it a good idea to stay in the worlds in his body for hundreds of years or thousands of years for relaxation.

Time flied when he was practicing Taoist magic art and it had been ten thousand years in the Chaos!

Also, it had been a thousand years in the outside of the Chaos!

After consuming numerous resources, Kris Chen completed the refinement of all the sixty trillion cells in his body with the strength of each cell comparable to that of a Supreme Lord!

This boiling power could even make the Sealing Universe tremble.

Kris Chen even doubted if the Sealing Universe could bear it.

And the raging universe power and infinite sun soul power in his body.

He really wanted to release all these powers.

But he was worried!

What if he still couldn’t defeat that person?

After all, he didn’t want to be imprisoned in the Chaos for tens of millions of eras like Qiujian.

“I’m going to continue to practice Taoist magic art alone .”

Kris Chen made up his mind to continue to practice Taoist magic art alone.

“And some persons in the universes in your body are about to break through the Great Supreme Lord Realm.”

“There is no need to interfere in their breakthroughs.”

The current strength of Kris Chen had far surpassed that of a Great Supreme Lord, so they could not make a difference in his body.

Once they caught up with him one day, he would put them out from his body. After all, they were lives in his body.

And Kris Chen was also confident that he would always keep a step ahead of them. Just like now, he was much stronger than them!

On the road of practice, the farther one goes, the harder to step ahead.

“But if they really break through the Great Supreme Lord Realm, the promotion of their universes will be quicker. I’m afraid you will not be able to suppress them then!”

“It doesn’t matter since I will mobilize the power of both my sun soul and body. So my breath should be unlikely to be leaked.”

Since what Kris Chen was facing now was a long-drawn-out fight, the longer the time was left for him, the better.


In the Chaos, a crazy Buddha with countless golden rays emitted from his body stepped in a trap of the Chaos with a Demon-Conquering Club in his hand.

A withered hand from the trap grabbed his foot and attempted to pull him into the trap completely.


The huge Demon-Conquering Club hit the withered hand and directly blew it to powders.

The Buddha showed a slight cruel smile. At the same time, he reached up to seize the true body of the Chaos Monster Spirit and swallowed it!

After the Buddha swallowed the Chaos Monster Spirit, the redness in his eyes slightly faded.

And there was slight puzzlement in his eyes.

He looked at his hands which were filled with the black blood of the Chaos Monster Spirit and frowned. But in the next second, he was eroded by the crazy negative energies and became crazy again.

“Have you noticed that the Buddha seemed to have regained consciousness for a moment?”


The eyes of Yuan Kris were filled with exploration, “He is the most weird innate-power-stage Demon God I have ever met so far.”

“Perhaps we can discover something important by following him!”

Kris Chen nodded. No one knew how many Immortals, Monsters, Demons and Gods there were in the Chaos. It was only known that they kept wandering around the Chaos.

He had a feeling that there was a big secret on that Buddha!

“You just keep monitoring him and I’m going to continue my practice!” Kris Chen said and was dedicated to his practice.

The Buddha was so strong that none of the True Gods, True Demons or even True Immortals could defeat him.

He guessed the Buddha had probably reached the Half-step Chaos Realm and even infinitely approached the Chaos Realm.

Each time he swallowed a life, he would fall in temporary calmness and show puzzlement in his bloodshot eyes.

When following the Buddha, Yuan Kris used the delimiting compass to record the route of the Buddha and counted the lives killed by the Buddha.

In one thousand Chaos years, the Buddha had killed eight hundred True Gods, three hundred and sixty Chaos Monster Spirits, one thousand and two hundred Chaos Beasts, and eighty True Immortals in total.

Just as now, the Buddha broke in the nest of the Chaos Monster Spirits. This was also the first time Yuan Kris discovered Chaos Monster Spirits living collectively.

The number of the Chaos Monster Spirits was even above thirty!

Though owning strong strength, the Buddha had low intelligence and was blinded by raging negative energies. He could only fight with these Chaos Monster Spirits by instinct.

With a growing number of wounds on his body, the Buddha growled.

Yuan Kris even wanted to help the Buddha, but he restrained himself for his safety.


Suddenly, the Buddha slumped to the ground and dozens of hands attempted to grab his head. At that urgent moment, a strong power was exploded from the Buddha and made the Chaos vibrate violently. Boundless Buddhist light was released from his body.


Shone by the Buddhist light, those withered hands fumed black smoke at once as if scalded by boiled oil and shrank back quickly!

With the shining of the Buddhist Light, the redness in the eyes of the Buddha faded a lot.

Yuan Kris could feel his anger. The Buddha grabbed a Chaos Monster Spirit and angrily swallowed it.

One, two, three…the more the Chaos Monster Spirits he swallowed, the more powerful his breath was until all the Chaos Monster Spirits were swallowed by him.

The Buddha looked at his hands and was giving some other voice except for growling, “Woo…”

The Buddha was unexpectedly crying!

“I was wrong…I was wrong…”

He shouted with his head up, and the powerful sound wave of his shouting smashed up tens of thousands of miles of Chaos energies.

Yuan Kris was surprised!

“He has regained consciousness!”

At the moment, Kris Chen woke from his practice and also felt astonished, “Owning self-consciousness means his true spirit hasn’t vanished with at least part of his true spirit still existing.

“He is going to the depths of the Chaos!”

“No…I was wrong…”

The Buddha was running fast and hitting at the Chaos with the Demon-Conquering Club in his hand, which eliminated innumerable Chaos energies.

In the blink of an eye, he had ran across trillions of miles.

“The peak strength of this True Buddha must be terribly strong, and he must have reached the Half-step Chaos Realm or have even surpassed it.” Kris Chen said.

After running for numerous miles, the True God suddenly stopped and rolled on the ground with his head in his hands, “No, get out! Get out from my head…I’m a Buddha, a merciful Buddha. How could I swallow them…”

“But if I didn’t swallow them, the infinite negative Chaos energies would have eroded my consciousness. The time I’m conscious is getting shorter and my existing consciousness will probably be completely eroded after another millions of Chaos years.”

He kept saying to himself with his eyes seeming to have seen through the Chaos.

At the same time, he randomly threw his Demon-Conquering Club out and killed a headless True God at once.

He was weeping while swallowing the body of the headless True God.

“These are still not enough to support me to go back!”

Then he rushed into the Chaos again and seemed to look for something.

“He want to go back? Where is he going back to?”

Kris Chen and Yuan Kris looked at each other in puzzlement.

In the days that followed, Kris Chen watched how the True Buddha cruelly killed one True God after another.

He was constantly weeping, seemingly confessing.

They had been followed the True Buddha for numerous miles and had seen him breaking down countless times.

Suddenly, a dilapidated huge building appeared in their sight!

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