That’s right, it was Karen Lee’s voice!!

She came over!

On the way, she rushed over without any delay. Chuck Cannon was her only son, and she had to rush over even she tried her best!


Chuck Cannon was still alive, and Logan was also alive!!

But Karen Lee was actually more surprised because Chuck Cannon and Logan were weak, how could they still catch this Stewart’s Patriarch, Adam Stewart?

It seems that her son has really grown up.

It’s just that the only thing that makes Karen Lee anxious and unfortunate is that Chuck Cannon’s current fighting strength is not enough!

If it is enough, it would not have been the case now!

But Karen Lee knows clearly that Chuck Cannon has worked hard, and he has reached this level in less than half a year. This talent is beyond description!

As long as Chuck Cannon is given enough time, he will work hard to grow!!

“Mom!” Chuck Cannon was excited!

His mom came out from the dark, it was really a sense of security!

Logan was shocked, Karen Lee actually came here?

Some of the descendants of the Stewart family who were chased out knew Karen Lee, some didn’t, but whether they knew her or not, they were angry!

Where is your home? What kind of garbage can come here?

Stewart’s Patriarch Adam Stewart frowned, his eyes were cold!

Karen Lee has been a woman in the limelight for the past two decades. As the head of a hidden family, how could he have not heard of it?

But this Karen Lee dare to be here!

And much more she was Chuck Cannon’s mother? This is something Adam Stewart didn’t expect.

But what about mother and child?

In front of the hidden family, it’s all rubbish!

It’s all rubbish!

Heidi Hudson narrowed her beautiful eyes, and she was astonished, “Why did Karen Lee come here?”

Her bodyguard, the man stared at Karen Lee viciously. This Karen Lee beat him to vomit blood last time!

He has to avenge this grudge!

But today, he obviously doesn’t need to act, because Karen Lee will have no tomorrow!

This Stewart’s strongest bodyguard will make a move, Karen Lee will not be good after it. In the face of powerful strength, she will be turned into scum in seconds!!

So next, Karen Lee’s fate was to be beaten to death by this old man!

He don’t need to take action anymore, just enjoy it, and appreciate how Karen Lee was killed in seconds!

“Maybe by mistake!” the man said.

Heidi Hudson stared at Karen Lee, she was disappointed enough today!

She is in a bad mood!

After she saw Karen Lee, she felt even worse!

This Karen Lee suddenly appeared here, she didn’t know beforehand!!

It made her feel that Karen Lee was beyond her control!

This is really unacceptable to someone like her who is super controlling!

Stewart’s strongest bodyguard, his eyes calmly looked at Karen Lee, “Oh, you wanna kill me? What are you?”

Indeed, he is over ninety years old and his body is still very tough. Karen Lee is a child in his eyes!

“Go one step further, I will let you die first!” said the old man, without any emotion in business!

“Mom, this person is amazing!” Chuck Cannon was also impatient.

The old man feels terrible.

His mother has so many skills but can she be his opponent?

Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to hurt his mother, so even if he is alive, he will be guilty for a lifetime.

“I Know!” Karen Lee nodded.

This old man is indeed amazing! How could Karen Lee not feel it?

Among the masters, you will know at a glance.

Because the eyes of masters are different from ordinary people.

“You wait!” Karen Lee shook her head!

“Begging for mercy? Oh, it’s useless to beg for mercy!” The old man also shook his head.

Everyone who breaks into the Stewart will die!

This is the majesty from the hidden family if someone breaks, then he must die!

“No, why will I beg you for mercy?” Karen Lee shook her head again, she looked at Adam Stewart who was caught by Chuck Cannon.

“Chuck, is this person the Patriarch of Stewart, Adam Stewart?” Karen Lee asked.

“Asshole! My grandfather’s name is something you can call a wicked woman?” A descendant of a traveller suddenly yelled angrily!!

The other descendants of the Stewart family who came out were also angry!

Karen Lee ignored these people.

“Yes, my mom he is Adam Stewart, I have a bomb in my hand!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Bomb!” Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Yes, a bomb that can kill many people!!” Chuck Cannon said loudly.

The children and grandchildren of the travelling family who scolded their mother just now were all stunned and even backed away, for fear that the bomb would explode and affect them.

Karen Lee understands, but she is very strange, who gave this bomb?

Because she didn’t give Chuck Cannon such a thing!

Who else can give it?

Black Rose? Not possible!

Yvette Jordan? It is also unlikely.

Betty Bernard? This…impossible!

Who is that?

“That’s fine, Mr. Stewart, how about I come to talk to you?” Karen Lee said calmly.

“Talk, what qualifications do you have to talk to me?” Adam Stewart scolded unceremoniously!

At this time, his family’s strongest bodyguard has already appeared, so what is he afraid of?

This bodyguard is invincible in the world!

What if he was caught by Chuck Cannon? His own family bodyguard will save him!

“I call you Mr. Stewart because I think you are older than me, so you call it that way, but you are older, are you stupid? My son is holding you, you are not qualified to talk to me, right?” She said coldly,

“Huh, you!”

Adam Stewart was annoyed, but Chuck Cannon was holding him, and Chuck Cannon was trying harder. Now, Adam Stewart was a little scared.

This lunatic may really go crazy!

“Listen well, I will tell you now, I will give you two choices. First, I will take my son and Logan away, and you are safe! Second, I will take my son and Logan away and you will die!!” Karen Lee said indifferently.

“What are you talking about?” Adam Stewart was irritated to the extreme!

The descendants of the Stewart family are also glaring at her! unacceptable!

There was a cold light in the old man’s eyes, “Bold, are you also qualified to talk to my master like this? Huh, I want you to know that you were looking for death by yourself just now!”

The old man walked over, his steps were particularly light as if there was no sound.

The atmosphere was tensed!!

Everyone was waiting for a good show, including Adam Stewart and Brayden Stewart!

After all, the strength of this old man, as a traveller, has the most you can say!

This old man once killed a master, only took one-third of a second. This terrifying speed is shocking!

This Karen Lee could not be the old man’s opponent!

“How many hits can Karen Lee hit?” Heidi Hudson asked with a cold face.

“Three tricks and she must die!” The man sneered!

Fighting is the accumulation of time. Although this old man is getting old, he is almost dying of old age, but his strength is still preserved, so Karen Lee can’t stop it!

“Oh, only three moves, she is really not good!” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

What if Karen Lee died at this time?

Then Chuck Cannon will be even more desperate. He will definitely think of himself and beg to save him!

The little expectation in Heidi Hudson’s heart unexpectedly came out again.

Chuck Cannon, you really abused me again and again, and I still give you opportunities again and again!

Chuck Cannon was nervous, his mother is about to fight this old man!

Can his mother hold it?

Chuck Cannon was really guilty. He has kept her in trouble before he is filial to her… Chuck Cannon suddenly felt that he was born to collect debts?

“I’m not looking for death! Adam Stewart! It seems that you don’t believe me, well, this is the strongest person in your family, then I will let you see. I am qualified to say what I just said!” Karen Lee said coldly.

Her voice resounded out, but what caused it was the ridicule of the descendants of the Stewart family!


Can you beat the strongest bodyguard in Stewart?

Dream about you!

Adam Stewart sneered, really couldn’t help it!

In his opinion, this old man himself can solve Karen Lee in three seconds at most!

The old man grinned, showing a mutilated yellow tooth, “I have been a Stewart bodyguard for so many years, and no one dares to speak to me like this. You are the first and last one!”

The old man’s footsteps were moving, his speed was fast, and suddenly so fast, no one saw how fast the old man was, but when he reacted, the old man’s fist was only ten centimeters away from Karen Lee!

This is going to be a spike!!

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