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Chapter 65 – 66: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 65: Man With Purple Pupils

The man with purple pupils was greatly frightened by this sudden voice. He saw who this person is clearly and said in a stern and cold voice: “Who gave you the permission to get in here? Get out now or I’ll make you go out!”

His purple pupils were sending out a cold light, which then sent chills down Venus’ spine. But she didn’t move. She was almost driven crazy by these questions and she had got to figure out the truth.

“I won’t leave! Who are you?” Venus’ voice was steady.

All of a sudden, a huge noise was heard from behind. Venus turned around, and found the door was mysteriously shut. Her complexion went pale and she was scared stiff.

The man with purple pupils gloated over her scared expression and said coldly: “This is what you deserve!”

Venus, who was still in a state of shock, recovered in an instant when she heard what he said, because she got a sensation that she saw a similar expression before and someone talked to her in a similar way before. And soon, Venus remembered. It was Kerry Ye who talked to her like that!

“Who are you? Why are you in Ye Family’s villa? What is your secret purpose?” Venus fired these questions at him and at the same time, she also made some guesses to these questions. She imagined him to be Kerry’ s brother, and she speculated that there is something going on between him and Ye Family.

The man was getting impatient. He glanced at Venus and said: “Don’t you know? The more you know, the sooner you will die! There is a great price to pay if you get to know my secret.”

Venus stared at the man. His features were delicate, his pupils seemed to possess some magic, but his tone was so cold that it sent a chill through her. She was really afraid of this man and her legs were shivering out of fear.

Venus clenched her fists, summoned up all her courage and said: “You are just bluffing! I’m not afraid of you! I will take Kerry here now and I want Kerry to see you with his own eyes!”

Then she turned around and walked towards the door at frenzied pace. But all of sudden, the man moved in front of her in a flash, and blocked her way.

Venus was scared out of her wits. “Oh my god there is a ghost!!!” She shut her eyes tightly and screamed hysterically.

“Keep quiet!!” The man said in a stern voice.

Venus shut her mouth in an instant. She then opened her eyes slowly and stared at the man in front of her. His eyes were still glowing purple and Venus was reminded of the vampires in the cartoon, because they also have eyes that send out creepy lights.

“You are not a man. Are you a vampire?” Venus breathed heavily. And then she asked nervously and moved back slowly.

The man’ brow furrowed, as if he couldn’t believe Venus would make such a wild speculation. He then said coldly: “I’m not a vampire. I am a divine being!”

“A divine being? Am I in a movie?” Venus thought to herself. She found it rather amusing and then she said: “Come on. If you really want to scare me, at least say something that can convince me! A divine being! Then why aren’t you in heaven? What are you doing here on earth?”

The man didn’t say anything, and Venus was less scared of him. She said: “I think you are just a little ghost and you are waiting to be reincarnated, but you don’t want to go to hell, so you are just hiding in this place, right?

The man’s expression was blank. He gave a cold laugh and asked: “Why would you say so?”

Venus pointed at the ground and said: “Normal people have shadows, but you don’t. That’s why I think you are a ghost.”

“You do have an impeccable logic!” The man said sarcastically.

“Then tell me…” Venus was about to ask another question when she heard John’s anxious call. It seemed like John heard the noise in this room and he came here to look for her.

“Ms Mu! Ms Mu!”

Venus wanted to keep asking but John’s voice was getting nearer, and she couldn’t let him know that she was in the forbidden area, so she said: “I must go. We can keep talking next time.” Then she passed the man, opened the door and left the room.

When she got out, she found John was knocking on her door while calling her name. She took a deep breath and said: “John, I’m here!”

John turned around and asked anxiously: “My dear lady, where have you been? Why aren’t you at your room?”

Venus made up an excuse. She said: “I went for a walk in the garden, and I just came back. It’s rather late. What’s the matter?”

Chapter 65: Man With Purple Pupils(2)

“I see.” John nodded. “ Mr Ye asked me to tell you that he is waiting for you at his room.”

“Kerry is waiting for me?” Venus was a little bit surprised. But she didn’t think too much. “I see. Thanks for letting me know. Please go take some rest. It’s very late.”

“Thank you.”

She walked to Kerry’ s room, opened the door and saw Kerry sitting on the bed. He covered himself with a white robe, and his muscular chest was exposed. Venus looked away and she wasn’t sure whether to go over to him or not.

“Come to me yourself.” Kerry looked at her, and said in a cold tone: “Or you will be taken here.” Kerry stressed the words “will be.” A blush rose to Venus’ cheeks. She thought:“What a jerk.” She walked towards him, but she stopped when she was two meters away from the bed, and asked peacefully: “What’s the matter?”

“Why are you keeping such a distance? Will I murder you? Have you forgotten the way you begged me a few days ago?” Kerry said with undisguised contempt . Venus’s wariness only served to provoke Kerry’ s anger, as he did not feel like being regarded as a monster.

“Kerry Ye! I beg you to watch your mouth! I am not that pathetic. If you don’t want to see me, I will leave!” Venus said angrily. She thought to herself: “What a shameless man! I was absolutely in his debt in my previous life, or he can’t be this arrogant!”

Then she turned around and was about to leave, but before she could take a step, she felt someone grabbed her wrist and then she was pulled into Kerry’ s arms.

She felt his body temperature. She was so frightened and she managed to break away from him, but she was not strong enough. Then she was thrown onto the bed.


Before she could say anything, her fleshy lips met his, and she found his burning tongue swirling violently in her mouth, his firm hand sliding aimlessly along her body. She managed not to make a sound. She felt there was something burning inside her. All her rationality went out the window, and her emotions completely took over…..

Her inner struggle only served to fuel Kerry’ s desire, and then Kris……

It was done.

Venus was exhausted. She was on the bed, staring at Kerry, trying to find out the difference between him and the man with purple pupils. But she couldn’t find any except the color of their eyes. But they had different characters. Kerry was snippy, and that man was stony. Kerry was like wind, and that man was like ice. The only other difference was that the man with Purple pupils possessed some magical power.

Venus was certain they were not the same person, or he would surly do that to her in that room. Besides, Kerry was all normal except that his eyes do sparkle from time to time. But she knew there is a connection between them, or they wouldn’t bear such a striking resemblance.

“Are you done!” Kerry said crossly. He felt angry when he thought that she was probably thinking of another man when she was staring at him.

Venus recovered herself, and found Kerry was looking at her angrily. She thought to herself: “You jerk! You really think I want to look at you! All you have is a pretty face, and the inner you is all rotten!”

Venus felt better after she insulted Kerry inwardly. She turned around and stopped looking at him. Some time later, when she thought Kerry was asleep, she heard Kerry talking.

“Is Xinyou Qiao, our guest today, also a student at Nanhua University?”

Venus was surprised when Kerry asked about Xinyou. But she answered honestly: “Yes. She is my classmate, and she also studies design. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Just asking.” Kerry said flatly.

Venus then remembered his attitude towards Xinyou that day. She complained: “Xinyou is my best friend. How can you treat her like that! You are really mean, you know that?”

Kerry didn’t say anything, which was quite out of the ordinary, because he would usually start a quarrel with her if she said something against him. What’s wrong with him?

But before she could think of anything, Kerry said: “If you are bored at home, you can invite some friends over.”

Kerry remembered what Hao Nangong said to him: “Xinyou Qiao is the woman he was looking for.

And Venus was taken aback. She couldn’t believe her ears. She couldn’t believe Kerry was caring about her. She pinched herself hard and then realized it was real life, not a fantasy. But she still couldn’t believe it.


Venus got up early the next morning. She dressed herself up carefully, took her bag, and then left the room.

Chapter 67: Man With Purple Pupils(3)

She heard the wind bells from the third floor when she was about to go downstairs. She stopped, and she remembered the man with purple pupils.

“Is he still there?” She then began walking upstairs, and soon she found herself at the door of the room. She looked around and pushed the door open when she found there was no one nearby.

But when she got in the room, she was a little bit disappointed, because things couldn’t be more normal in the room. The table was standing on the ground, and the tea set was placed on the table. And the basketball below the hoop was also lying on the floor motionlessly. The mysterious man was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is he?” Venus thought. She was about to leave when she suddenly remembered that man has many superpowers, and maybe he was just hiding somewhere because he didn’t want to be bothered.

Then Venus walked in the room again and checked every corner that could be used as a hiding place, but she still didn’t find him. She then called him gently: “Hi, are you in here? I know you are hiding somewhere, come out now. I need to ask you something. If you don’t come out, I’ll ask someone to come and find you! Hey, where are you!”

But there was no response, and the silence in the room was absolute without her voice. Venus was then certain the man was no longer there, and she left the room.

She got to the first floor, and Mrs Qin said to her cheerily: “Ms Mu, the breakfast is now ready.”

Venus nodded. She looked around and didn’t find Kerry. And she asked: “Has Kerry Left?”

Mrs Qin was very glad that she asked about him. She thought Venus finally began caring for Kerry. “Yes. He went to the company early in the morning.”

“I see.” Venus nodded carelessly. She looked at her watch and said: “I must go to school now or I’ll be late. I won’t eat the breakfast.”

John asked a chauffeur to drive her to school, and Venus got off the car before they arrived and she walked the rest distance.

She and Kerry had got married for a long time, but she was aware that their marriage was not the result of love. She knew there were many uncertainties in this marriage although she still didn’t know the reason at that particular moment. It was possible that she would be single the next day.

She got to her class and she was a lot relaxed when she saw so many familiar people. She went to her seat and began organizing her materials.

Xinyou Qiao was sitting in front of her, she looked back and saw Venus’s fancy clothes, and she felt a pang of jealousy. Xiuyou was once the envy of the class, but Venus took her place since she got married with Kerry, and that, she couldn’t accept. She was so envious of Venus now and she also got determined to marry into a grand family.

“Xinyou, do we have the shortlist for the award of the activity called “Fashion and Soul” which is conducted by our school?” Venus asked kindly.

Xinyou felt another twinge of jealousy. She managed to calm herself down and said: “Yes. There are ten finalists and we both are on the list. I’m so glad. It will be easier for us to get a good job after graduation when we have this good grade.”

Venus also smiled happily. She put in so much effort in her two works and both of them were on the list. Her efforts really payed off. She didn’t care too much about her rank. She was happy as long as her works are recognized.

Xinyou then smiled suddenly and she said: “This contest will be made public. All the works on the shortlist will be judged and ranked again. Besides, some famous companies are invited to come to the contest.”

Venus was surprised. She asked curiously: “Why will they be invited?”

“They are invited to be the judges, of course. That is to say, they will determine which work gets the highest rank, and which gets the lowest.”

Venus understood. “That is to say our rank will possibly determine what kind of company will we get in.”

“Right, you will have a better chance if you ranked high. We will graduate soon and we will need to find an internship, and we won’t need to go to interviews if we are chosen by some company beforehand.”

Venus was looking rather calm. She said flatly: “This is indeed a good chance.”

“Whether we win this award or not, we will be better off than these students who are not on the list. So, try your best!” Xinyou was very confident to win the award.

Venus’ brow furrowed when she saw Xinyou was so confident. Because there are many talented students in the school and it was not an easy task to even get onto the list, to say nothing about wining the award. They still have much room for improvement and they must keep learning. It was impossible to stand out with their current capability.

She wanted Xinyou to be more humble and she said: “Xinyou, there are much more people who are better than us. So we must work harder, and we still have a long way to go.”

Xinyou’s face darkened all of a sudden. She thought Venus was telling her that she should not forget that her work was actually designed by Venus and she should stop being so arrogant.

“Xinyou?” Venus said carefully because she noticed Xinyou was not feeling happy.

Xinyou managed to suppress her anger. She took a deep breath, calmed herself down and said coldly: “I see. I will keep what you told me in mind.”

“Good.” Venus smiled.


Kerry was looking at the company’s financial statement of that season, when he heard some slow steps. He looked up and saw Henry Zhang was standing in front of his desk, and Henry asked respectfully: “Young master, are you looking for me?”

Kerry looked at him and said coldly: “I want you to do a background check on Xinyou Qiao, find out everything about her and figure out whether that design is truly hers.” He was playing with his pen casually and his eyes were gleaming softly.

Henry memorized what he said and replied: “Yes, Master.” Then Kerry waved his hand and Henry left.

Kerry then lounged back in his chair and he jabbed his slender finger on the table. His mind went back to that night……

He got mixed feelings when he learned it was Xinyou who made that design. At first he had great expectations for her, but now his expectations were replaced by doubts.

He recalled that night dimly. She was so innocent, so sweet, and she smelt like lemon, which was very lovely. And then, he opened his eyes suddenly, because he was rather familiar with that smell. Venus also smelt like that. But how is it possible? How could Venus, a slut, be the woman in his memory! The woman in his memory is innocent and wonderful, and Venus is just a slut!

“Maybe the smell is just a coincidence.” Kerry thought.

Kerry was furious every time he remembered the first time he slept with Venus because he found out she was not a virgin anymore. He would surly kick her out of the family and divorce her had it not been for the fact that she was still useful to the family.

At that time, someone knocked the door. Kerry recollected himself and said: “Come in.”

Secretary Liu walked in, passed a document to him, and said in a light voice: “Director Ye, Nanhua University held a contest for the best design works, which is called “Fashion and Soul” and you are invited to be a guest. Here is the shortlist of candidates. You can decide whether you want to go or not.

Chapter 66: A hidden secret (1)

Kerry Ye was not interested in this kind of activity. The purpose of Nanhua University was nothing but to use this to send design talents to enterprises, so it was just a commercial activity.

“No need. You can just refuse them.”

Secretary Liu nodded and said politely, “Okay, I’ll do it right away.”

Then she turned around and walked towards the door.

Kerry lowered his head to keep dealing with his work. Suddenly a wind blew in, blowing up the document that Secretary Liu had just put down and caught glimpses of something familiar.

Immediately he took that document and casually flipped through a few pages. A familiar design drawing came into view.

That’s right, it was that woman’s work that he saw that night, almost the same as the one in his own hand!

Then Kerry looked at the designer’s profile presented below and the name was ‘Xinyou Qiao’, accompanied by a personal photo of her. It was indeed the woman who had appeared in his house!

Did his instincts go wrong?

Was that woman really Xinyou?

“Secretary Liu, wait a moment.”

Kerry paused and raised his head, stopping Secretary Liu who was about to walk out the door.

Secretary Liu immediately turned around and respectfully asked, “Mr. Ye, what else can I do for you?”

Kerry smiled meaningfully and his eyes were cold enough to take away one’s soul. But he faintly commanded, “Change the schedule. I’ll be on time for the design competition at Nanhua University!”

Secretary Liu was stunned, unable to know what he was thinking about.

However, Kerry had always acted as he pleased. Secretary Liu didn’t feel anything wrong, so she answered, “Okay, I’ll do it immediately.”

Kerry nodded, staring at the design, thinking a lot…

In the evening, back home.

As soon as Kerry entered in, Mrs. Qin greeted him and respectfully received the suit jacket he took off, reminding him in a gentle tone, “Young Master, dinner is ready. Please.”


He walked slowly to the table, casually glancing at the rich dishes, but his eyes inadvertently landed on the empty seat beside him. He frowned and asked in a gloomy tone, “Where is Mrs. Ye? Hasn’t she been back home yet?”

Uncle Wang felt Kerry’s anger and immediately replied respectfully, “Young Master, she has already returned and is now upstairs. She told me that she needed to design and told us not to let anyone disturb her.”

Hearing that she was at home, Kerry’s attitude softened a lot, but then he sneered and said coldly, “What kind of work is so important that she doesn’t eat? Uncle Wang, go up and ask her to eat!”

Uncle Wang looked at Kerry, who looked furious, and sighed helplessly, saying, “I’ve been up there several times. At first, she said she would come immediately, but then when I called again, there was no reply.”

“Hmph!” Kerry snorted and asked indifferently, “Which room is she in now?”

“The bedroom.”

Angrily throwing away the chopsticks in his hand, Kerry got up and left the dining table. He went to the second floor through the spiral staircase and pushed open the door, stepping inside.

The lights were off in the room, so it was very dark and quiet.

“Venus Mu, are you still fucking alive? Didn’t you say you’re designing? How can you work with all lights off? I think you’re already asleep…”

Kerry said angrily, but he paused when he suddenly noticed a corner of the room.

An orange table lamp, which was currently emitting a warm glow, illuminated the small table.

Venus was at the table. Only to see her clear little face resting on her slender arms, with her eyes tightly closed, who was quite charming.

Right next to her arm, a pen was pressing a piece of white paper, with a few general lines. Kerry stared for a while and he really couldn’t figure out the content. He then showed his contempt. Maybe a few years old child’s graffiti was better than her drawing.

Chapter 66: A hidden secret (2)

“Venus, wake up. Go downstairs to eat!” Kerry pushed her hard and shouted at her.

His loud voice woke up Venus, who slowly opened her sleepy eyes.

When she raised her head, she saw Kerry who was full of mockery. Venus’s voice was uniquely lazy and hoarse, “I’ve just fallen asleep, but you woke me up. Kerry, how annoying you are.”

Kerry snorted, full of disdain, “Didn’t you tell Uncle Wang that you’re designing your work? Can you dream while working?”

Then his eyes fell back to the draft drawings on the table and the scowl in his tone became even stronger, “Didn’t you do this in your dream, did you?”

Glaring at him, Venus immediately put the design paper back into the drawer and raised her head to meet his scowling look. Her anger was burning now.

He could criticize her work, but he could never insult her work!

Because it was all her hard work!

“Kerry, watch your words. I’m just at the beginning, so many things haven’t started yet. How can you know?” Venus clenched her fists and angrily said.

Kerry just ignore her anger and looked full of disdain, saying, “So are you going to draw a pig, or a donkey? I think even a 3-year-old’s kid is better than you! How dare you call that thing a design? Do you think you deserve this?”

Damn it!



Venus was literally pissed off. She doubted if she and this man had a deep hatred in another life!

“Kerry, do you think it’s funny to insult someone else’s hard work, don’t you? You’re a truly despicable, shameless man and there will never be another you in the world! You son of a bitch!”

Venus was quite annoyed, so she retorted furiously.

“Well…” Seeing she was angry, Kerry was pleased.

For some reason, seeing she acted I this way, Kerry would feel satisfied and he didn’t know why… Maybe because she was Tianye Mu’s sister!

“The design level of Nanhua University has lowered quite a bit. Even someone like you can be admitted into it. why is it so lousy?” Ignoring her angry look, Kerry kept teasing her.


Venus stared at him and gritted her teeth in anger. Then she remembered something and explained, “Our school is currently holding a design competition called ‘Fashion and Soul’, and unfortunately, I, who is so awful in your eyes, has been shortlisted.”

Kerry was slightly startled and then he laughed and said indifferently, “Really? Don’t you copy someone else’s inspiration? As I see, you’re very likely to do this!”

“You son of a bitch!”

Venus cursed, really wanting to strangle him to death. If he wasn’t too strong, she would have fought back.

“Did I owe you in another life? Why do you keep targeting at me?” Venus took several deep breaths and roared.

Kerry stepped forward and squeezed her chin, hard and his voice was cold, “It’s not another life. It’s this life that you owe me. Compared to the harm you’ve given me, I’ve been extraordinarily merciful!”

There was a great resentment on his face and his voice was so cold that it seemed as if it came from the hell.

“Ouch…” Venus sucked in her breath in pain, feeling like her jaw was about to be crushed by him and her organs were trembling.

She was desperately trying to restrain her desire to beg for mercy and there was stubbornness in her dark watery eyes. She asked, “What do I owe you? I didn’t even know you before I married you!”

“It’s not you. It’s your brother Tianye Mu!” Kerry said gloomily, “Since he never dared to show up, you will have no choice but to be punished instead!”

Venus froze. What kind of deep hatred did Kerry have with his brother? It was so deep that he could never let the hatred go.

“Kerry, what did my brother do? What you’ve done is just to make him show up? What’s for?” Venus questioned aloud.

Chapter 66: A hidden secret (3)

Hearing she mentioned Tianye Mu, Kerry completely lost his mind and went forward to viciously strangle her neck, saying gruffly, “Go ask your brother what he has done that makes me want to shred him into pieces!”

Venus was enraged by his vicious words, “Kerry you son of a bitch. I won’t let you hurt my brother!”

Tianye was her only relative in the world and she would never allow anyone to hurt him!

Besides, she didn’t believe him. Her brother was so kind and upright, so he would never do anything bad. Kerry must make it wrong.

“Well… “Kerry sneered, with his hands more forceful. His icy blue eyes were so cruel that they could destroy everything. He said in a low and cold voice, “Venus, you’re very good at enraging me, but don’t worry, I’ll torture you until I catch your brother.”

The strengthen on his hands were getting more and Venus now felt that she couldn’t breathe. She was struggling, hitting and pinching Kerry, but she couldn’t cause any harm to him.

The air in her mouth became weaker and weaker and Venus was now losing her consciousness. Just when she thought she would be strangled to death by him, the hands suddenly loosened and she, with weak legs, was thrown to the ground!

Looking at her wretched appearance as she desperately tried to breathe, Kerry was satisfied and said gloomily, “Venus, remember who bring the pain to you!”


Venus was so painful that she kept coughing, yet she didn’t forget to return coldly, “Kerry, you are a devil. I will never forget how you tortured me! I hate you and one day I’ll get my revenge!”

Hearing her words, Kerry sneered, “I’ll die with Tianye accompanying me.”

“You…” Venus was furious.

Kerry looked at her arrogantly and his tone was cold, “Venus, if you’re smart enough, behave yourself, or I’ll use my way to make you unable to forget for the rest of your life!”

Then he left, without staying for anther second.

After Kerry left, Venus climbed onto the bed. Ignoring the pain, she lay quietly on the bed, looking at the starry night and began to cry…

Brother, where were you? Why didn’t you come back?

What’s going on here?

Why did Kerry hate you so much?

Thinking about it, Venus remembered her mom and dad and her brother. Also, the happy times they had spent together…

But now, with both her parents dead and her brother missing, all those happy days were gone….

Just then, the cell phone rang, which suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

Venus stopped thinking about the past days and looked at the caller ID on the screen. After a while, she finally pressed the answer button.

“Uncle, what’s the matter with calling me so late?” Venus asked softly.

Changrui Mu’s voice came from the phone, only to hear him say, “Venus, didn’t I disturb your rest, right?”

Venus stared dumbly at the ceiling and said indifferently, “No, uncle, just tell me if there’s anything I can help you.”

“Venus, I want to ask, the one million I mentioned to you the other day. Have you asked Kerry for it yet?”

Hearing this, Venus’s eyes suddenly widely opened. She had been so busy with her design work these days that she had forgotten such an important matter!

But thinking about it, it was quite awkward to ask him for the money….

“Uncle, can you give me a little more time, I…”

Before Venus could finish her words, a sigh came from the phone.

Changrui’ s voice is filled with helplessness, “Venus, I also know that it’s not easy for you. Originally, I didn’t want to ask your for the money, but recently the company’s situation is really bad and I really can’t get enough money to save your brother. It there is no way, I can only sell the company….”

“No!!!” Venus interrupted and sat up from the bed in excitement, saying seriously, “Uncle, you absolutely can’t sell Mu’s company. It’s my parents’ hard work. How can you just sell it?”

Changrui was sitting on the bed at the moment and when he heard Venus’s excited tone on the phone, he was complacent.

Chapter 66: A hidden secret (4)

He continued his helpless tone, “Venus, of course I don’t want this, but the news from America is bad every time and now your brother is in a serious condition, needing money for treatment. Time waits for no man. Tianye Mu is my own nephew and I can’t just stand by and watch him suffer!”

Hearing this, Venus completely lost her mind and hurriedly said, “Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll try my best to get a million as soon as possible!”

Changrui Mu smiled complacently and said, “Venus, now that you are Young Master Ye’ s wife, so it’s fine to use his money. Just ask him for it. I’ll wait for your news!”

Ask Kerry for money? Remembering his insult just now, Venus was hesitating.

Unable to wait for her reply, Changrui inevitably became a little anxious and said anxiously, “It can’t be delayed any longer. Your brother’s situation is not optimistic. If something happens to him, how can I face your dead parents!”

Changrui knew that Tianye was the person that Venus cared about the most right now, so she would definitely agree.

It really didn’t take more than a few seconds to hear her reply, “Uncle, just give me a few more days. I’ll make sure to get the money!”

Changrui smiled with triumph, “Well then, you have to seize every minute.”

“I will.”

Venus hung up the phone. Once she thought about Kerry’s insult, she felt awful.

But besides him, she really didn’t know who else could help her!

Taking a deep breath, Venus silently gave herself some courage. Then she jumped off the bed and left the room, following the stairs to the third floor.

No matter what, she had to give it a try!

“Ding dong, ding dong…”

After arriving on the third floor, the sound of wind chimes came to her ears. The man….

Venus shuddered and she was sure that the man with the purple pupils must be in the room.

After pushing open the door and entering, the scene inside was very familiar—flying teapots and teacups, levitating tables and the man with purple pupils who seemed to be flying in the air.

Only to see his body floating in the air and his purple pupils emitting a captivating light. All of a sudden, a miracle happened. His palms were attaching together and the next moment, the body disappeared!

Five seconds later, the body reappeared, but the location he appeared was….

A handsome, but demonic face appeared in front of her in an instant and the purple pupils were so arresting that Venus cried out in fright, “Ah!!!”

“Shh…” the man’s bony fingers were against his lips, setting off his evil charm.

Venus’s heart was beating so fast and she looked at his evil face and softly asked, “How did you do that? Was that a spell? What’s the name?”

The purple-pupil man looked at her and slowly spoke, “Guess.”

Venus curled her lips and said with dissatisfaction, “I didn’t think you could be so humorous. Have you watched the hot Korean drama ‘Man from the Stars’? Professor Du in it can do this. It’s called Teleportation!”

The purple-pupil man was surprised and thought for a moment. He frowned, asking, “What the hell is Professor Du?”

Venus was shocked and explains helplessly, “Professor Do is a handsome alien, not a ghost! I think you’re the ghost!”

“I’m an immortal.” The purple-pupil man explained.

Venus smiled wryly and said amusedly, “How can I believe you that you’re an immortal? If what you say is true, then why don’t you stay in heaven? why do you come down to earth?”

He, however, did not answer.

“What? There’s nothing to say about it, right? Even if the immortals went to earth, he would go to Kunlun Mountains or somewhere else. They wouldn’t come to somewhere that ordinary people live. Aren’t you afraid of being spotted?” Venus asked curiously.

Faced with her curiosity, the purple-pupil man became impatient and asked indifferently, “Why are you so interested about me? What’s your aim?”

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