Chapter 65 – 66: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 65: You don’t deserve Doris

Why was I here?

Where should I go?

After thinking for a while, Doris Lee stood up. She looked lonely, didn’t know where to go.

Because of Baker Lee just now, people of Lishi Company must have hated her. She definitely couldn’t go back to the company.

Her mom and dad lived in a villa in Lanbo Port. It was inappropriate for her to go back there.

The other place left was her home, but it didn’t feel like her home.

She was afraid of seeing Flora Lewis and Colin Ward again.

Finally, Doris Lee walked out of Marquis Group building.

Colin Ward was shocked by Baker Lee’s incident. He had speculated it before, but this was all nothing in his eyes. His own identity must have been more shocking.

Now, the only attracted his attention was Doris Lee.

Colin Ward wanted to comfort her when he saw her slouching, but when went out to find her, she was already gone.

He had to follow her out of the building. Outside, he saw Doris Lee who was going to stop a taxi on the side of the road.

This time, a familiar Audi stopped at the side of the road with window rolled down revealing the face of the people inside.

It was Barr Martin.

He didn’t know what Barr Martin and Doris Lee were talking about, but Doris Lee seemed to answer and nod. The next second, the car door opened and she sat in.

In a short time, the car began to drive away.

When Colin Ward saw this, his heart sank and his face changed slightly.

He immediately stopped a taxi and said to the driver, “Uncle, please follow the Audi in the front.”

When the driver heard this, he said, “Young Man, why are you chasing people? Are you tracking them?”

The driver cracked a joke. Colin Ward didn’t look like a bad person.

Colin Ward anxiously watched the Audi getting farther and father, “My wife and I quarreled. Help me catch up with that car. I will double the payment.”

“Okay. Sit tight.” the driver smiled.

After that, the driver began to accelerate.

Colin Ward followed the car all the way to Brilliant KTV. He saw Barr Martin and Doris Lee went in with his own eyes.

“Young Man, this is my business card. If you need anything in the future, you can contact me anytime.” the driver took his business card and gave it to Colin Ward.

Colin Ward didn’t care. He put it straight in his pocket.

Out of the car, Colin Ward followed them in.

This time, inside a private room, Doris Lee was sitting, expressionless.

The screen was displaying automatic selection of songs.

Barr Martin handed the microphone to Doris Lee, “Doris, do you want to sing some children song?”

She shook her head.

She didn’t want to do anything.

Barr Martin didn’t speak when he saw this. So, he sat next to Doris Lee.

There were only two of them in the private room. No one sang, no one talked.

After a while, Doris Lee said, “I want to drink.”

“Okay.” Barr Martin took a glass and poured the wine for Doris Lee.

While handing the glass over to Doris Lee, Barr Martin said, “Doris, it’s not good to drink too much wine. You have to drink less—”

Before he could finish, Doris Lee had already chugged it down.

She handed it out, motioning him to pour the wine.

Barr Martin had no choice but to pour it for Doris Lee.

She looked up and finished another glass of wine.

After pouring another glass, Barr Martin tried to persuade her, “Doris, you can’t drink wine like this.”

Doris Lee was handing the glass over again. Barr Martin held it down.

“How do you drink it?” Doris Lee looked at him.

Barr Martin smiled and sat closer to Doris Lee, “You drink for fun. Isn’t it boring to just drink and do nothing else?”

Doris Lee frowned. She only wanted to get drunk and did nothing else. This way, she would save herself a hassle or two.

“I don’t want to.”

Doris Lee picked up her glass, wanted to drink again, but Barr Martin held her hand again.



The door of the private room was opened from the outside.

As soon as the door was opened, Colin Ward saw Barr Martin grabbing Doris Lee’s wrist. Doris Lee’s face blushing red under the dim light because she drunk the wine in a hurry.

Colin Ward was angry.

He charged forward and grabbed Barr Martin’s hand, “Get your dirty hands off my wife!”

Barr Martin and Colin Ward were both shocked by Colin Ward’s sudden intrusion.

Colin Ward’s grabbed his hand hardly. Barr Martin was in pain, “Let go!”

Colin Ward snorted and threw Barr Martin’s hand aside.

Barr Martin wanted to show gentle and polite manner in front of Doris Lee, so he wasn’t not angry nor swear.

Colin Ward stared at him coldly, “I warned you before, don’t think of doing something to Doris! You don’t listen to my words, do you?”

“Why should I listen to you?” Barr Martin asked.

Colin Ward sneered, “Fine. In this case, I will let you know what will happen to you if you lay your hands on my wife!”

“What are you going to do?”

With a cold hum, Colin Ward raised his hand and pushed Barr Martin to the sofa. He accidentally swept the glass next to him and the wine spilled on Barr Martin.

“Colin, what are you going to do?” Doris Lee finally recovered after the noise.

“Colin, stop messing around!” she stood up between the two men.

When Doris Lee stood between him and Barr Martin, his anger worsened, “Do you think I’m messing around? What about you and him? Aren’t you messing around as well?”

However, he knew he was going to regret it for being angry at this moment. He was not a violent man. He was only angry when he saw Doris Lee and Barr Martin coming to a KTV together although he knew that nothing would happen between them in such a short time.

When Doris Lee heard this, her face turned pale, “I didn’t mess around! You… you don’t believe me?”

Colin Ward gritted his teeth, “I saw it with my own eyes. You and he came to a KTV alone at night!”

The more he cared, the more hurtful his words were.

Doris Lee smiled miserable. She looked at Colin Ward coldly and walked out of the room with her handbag.

Colin Ward regretted this. He wanted to chase her to the door.

However, at this moment, Barr Martin reached out his hand and stopped Colin Ward, “Colin, I suggest you to give up. I thinks she is not your concern anymore. You two will never be happy!”

“You’re just a lowling coming from a village. You don’t deserve Doris. She’s not on your level. It’s useless even if you try harder.”

Barr Martin said as he clenched his fist.

Colin Ward was very angry. He was furious when he heard Barr Martin’s words.

“What qualification do you have to talk to me? You say I’m a lowling coming from a village, where the hell do you think you hail from? You say I don’t deserve Doris, huh? What about you? Let me tell you something, if I don’t deserve Doris, you’re even more unworthy!”

Chapter 66: I want Doris Lee!

“Colin, who do you think you are? Do you think you deserve Doris?” Barr Martin asked while staring at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward’s face sank. He grabbed a wine bottle and slammed it on the ground.

At that moment, the bottle and the wine in it splashed all over the place.

Barr Martin was frightened by the sudden shock. His body shook. He found that he was being too cowardly that his face turned ugly.

Colin Ward stared at Barr Martin and whispered coldly, “Barr, don’t be so cocky just because you’re the heir of the Martin Group. Martin Group is nothing!”

“I will warn you for the last time, Doris is my wife! If you dare to fool around with her, I don’t mind ruining Martin Group and rub it at your face!”

“Damn you, Colin! Do you want to ruin Martin Group? Why don’t you first listen to your nonsense? I don’t believe you can do that! I want nobody else but Doris. What are you going to do about it, huh?”


Doris Lee walked aimlessly after she got out of KTV. She didn’t know if her home was still her home.

Colin Ward came out and it took him a long time before he saw Doris Lee. He immediately ran over.

Doris Lee didn’t notice him for she was walking aimlessly.


She heard a familiar voice from behind, her body stiffened. She quickly walked to the roadside and waved to stop a taxi.

When the taxi saw the wave, it slowly drove to the roadside.

At this time, Colin Ward grabbed Doris Lee, “Doris!”

Doris Lee struggled to shrug his hands off her, “Let go!”

“Doris, listen to me. I can explain. Just now—”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me. You saw it with your own eyes!” Doris Lee remembered Colin ward’s words just now and it stabbed like a knife to her heart.

“Doris, I saw you coming in with Barr. I couldn’t think of anything else. It’s normal for me to have that reaction when I saw my wife coming to KTV with another man!”

Her face was flat. She knew that whoever saw her tonight would immediately misunderstand, “I came to KTV with Barr to sing. What about you? What did you do with Flora? You spend a night at her house!”

Colin Ward knew that Doris Lee was still misunderstanding him. He quickly said, “Doris, listen to me. Things are not like what you think. Nothing happened between me and Flora.”

“That’s it.” Colin Ward explained it shortly.

Doris Lee remembered Flora Lewis mentioned a blind date to her. She said she wanted to date a fake boyfriend, but she never thought that he would be her own husband, Colin Ward.

Lately, she had been very busy with Lishi Company’s affairs and she didn’t have the time to make the Flora Lewis thing clear. It took a great toll on her mood.

Something happened again today and she didn’t know where she was going. She got into Barr Martin’s car and followed him to KTV.

Now that she thought about it, Colin Ward had always been good to her. Others said that he was not worth it, even Flora Lewis looked down on him. It was rather impossible that something happened between them.

When Colin Ward saw Doris Lee calmed down, he grabbed his phone and called Flora Lewis.

“Let’s call Flora. You can talk to her.”

Soon, the call was connected. Colin Ward handed to phone to Doris Lee.

“Doris, we’ve been friends for so many years. Why can’t you believe me?”

Doris Lee was speechless for a while. She misunderstood her best friend and she was embarrassed about it.

“You’re the one seeing Colin!” Doris Lee said.

“I’m still thinking about the chairman of the Marquis Group!” she added.

Doris Lee finally relaxed. The expression on her face also eased a lot, “Why haven’t you given up yet? What if he has a wife already?”

“I don’t care! Is it forbidden for me to fantasize with a married man?” Flora Lewis grunted.

Doris Lee smiled and chatted with Flora Lewis for a while before hanging up the phone.

The taxi driver was still waiting for them, “Are you going to take the taxi?”

“Well…” Colin Ward was embarrassed. He finally sent the taxi away.

The taxi driver couldn’t help saying, “Why don’t you say it earlier? I have been waiting for so long! Do you think I have no wife at home?!”

Colin Ward and Doris Lee walked home. They didn’t take a taxi.

“Doris, stay away from Barr. He’s up to something.”

She looked at him with a puzzled face. How Barr Martin could was up to something?

She was a stray on the roadside back when she was sad and drunk. If Barr Martin hadn’t send her back, she didn’t know what might happen to her.

Moreover, Barr Martin was gentleman. He didn’t do anything to her and even stewed her soup. How could he be sketchy?

Doris Lee knew that Colin Ward and Barr Martin was on each other’s throat just now. They just solved the misunderstanding and now was not that right time to talk back. She said faintly, “Okay.”

Not far behind, Barr Martin was standing in the shadow. He set his eyes on Doris Lee.

“I don’t mind.”

Colin Ward and Doris Lee continued walking. Half an hour later, they arrived near Lanbo Port.

Recently, there was an engineering project under construction and there was a guardrails around it. So, the specific condition inside was not visible for passerby.

Colin Ward guarded Doris Lee and walked closer to her.

They were walking so close that their hands touched and rubbed from time to time.

Colin Ward could feel the temperature of her hand. He couldn’t help asking, “Doris, you said you were waiting for me.”

“What? I don’t remember.”

Colin Ward gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He felt like missing a billion dollar.

That night, if Flora Jewish hadn’t dragged him to her home, he could have been ‘a husband’ to Doris Lee and there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding.

“Will you consider it again?”

Doris Lee was shy. She pretended to be angry and said, “Consider what? I don’t remember.”

Okay. Take your time. It was already a big step. There was no need to hurry.

Doris Lee coughed and asked, “What is going on here?”

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