The speed of this punch is indescribable. The old man’s gestures revealed his strength as a hidden family traveller and the strongest bodyguard!!

He arouses the exclamation and pride of the descendants of the Stewart family!

“Sure enough, the family gives him tens of billions of dollars every year!”

“Yeah, this speed and strength are completely strong! It’s amazing!”

“I think this Karen Lee will be beaten to death with at most one move, so she just pretended to be forced! Humph!”

These people included Adam Stewart, of course, he didn’t say it, after all, he was caught by Chuck Cannon.

The sound of exclamation made the old man sneered. He had enjoyed this kind of praise since his debut!

It only takes one second, and the exclamation of the descendants of the Stewart family will burst out like a sound!

His bonus this year will definitely be more!!

The fist is close to Karen Lee!

Only five centimetres!

In the next one-fifth of a second, this woman will be beaten to death by him!

“Old guy, I am afraid for you being young and strong, don’t you understand?” Karen Lee said suddenly.

The old man was surprised!!

Karen Lee turned sideways, she also punched out!

When the old man was shocked, his fists had to resist!


Karen Lee stepped back!

The old man staggered and almost fell!


The audience was shocked!

The children and grandchildren of the Stewart family were all shocked, how can this be possible!

The strongest bodyguard in their own family can’t kill Karen Lee with one punch!

Obviously, they were going to succeed just now! Karen Lee actually reacted!

Heidi Hudson was astonished, including his bodyguard. The man looked surprised, so she could do it with ease?

He shouldn’t have dreamed!

“You? Hmph, good luck, just let you live for three more seconds, now you go to die!!” The old man was furious, and he actually missed it!

This has never been done before!

He is dispatched again!


Just now Karen Lee was just a fluke of dying to counterattack, and this kind of fluke was only once!!

“I’ve said it, I’m afraid you’re getting weaker! You are slower, you don’t have much strength, you should retire!” At this time, Karen Lee did not hide strength!

Because there is no time, she must shock everyone on the scene, otherwise, it will be difficult to leave here!!

Karen Lee used her strength, and this was the first time she used the greatest strength in her life!

She has a ring made of tens of kilograms of special metal on one hand. This punch weighs a thousand pounds!!


The old man was shocked!


Why is her fist so hard?

Why is my fist a bit tingling?

He looked down and found that his fist was a bit sunken and bleeding!


The old man staggered back with a look of horror!

Karen Lee stepped out with a solid stride and punched out with the strength of her waist!

She hit the old man’s chest!

The old man’s eyes stared as big as an egg!


He flew out like rubbish, and crashed into a place, in a panic!!

He got up and found that he couldn’t get up at all, his chest was broken, coughing and vomiting blood! He can’t control it!


The audience was dead silent!

Everyone was stunned!

The descendants of the Stewart family, Adam Stewart, and Brayden Stewart were all stunned, and it was fine to put an apple in their mouth.

The strongest bodyguard in their own family was actually killed by a spike?

Chuck Cannon feels it incredible!

My mother is amazing!

“Sin!” Heidi Hudson was surprised and shocked, “What’s the matter? How could she beat this old man into the air? Hallucination, is this an illusion?”

The man was shocked, impossible, no reason!

Karen Lee couldn’t be this old man’s opponent, but how could he get hit by two tricks and be beaten back?

He felt incredible. Suddenly saw the old man cough and spit out blood with old sputum. He suddenly felt, “Miss, this old man is sick. Look at the blood he spit out, there is still a mouthful of old sputum in it… It seems this because the old man is sick, his strength has decreased a lot…”

The man was sorry, he just wanted this old man to kill Karen Lee!

When he saw this fact, he knew immediately. The old man must be sick, otherwise, how can Karen Lee be is his opponent?

This is the only explanation!

Heidi Hudson was astonished, “Well, I’m afraid of her being young with fighting skills. I understand the truth. Our family guards are only more than 50 years old than others, and Karen Lee is about the same age, so there is no such problem!”

“Yes, miss, that man is in his prime, and there is no problem of being afraid of being young. He hitting Karen Lee is just like playing.” The man said.

Heidi Hudson stared at Karen Lee, “Looks like you surprised me a little bit, Karen Lee…”

“Adam Stewart, am I qualified to talk to you now?” Karen Lee said.

Adam Stewart twitched his face. He was the most shocked. He knew the strength of this old man best, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t handle two tricks!

This is incredible!

This is really the strongest bodyguard of his own family, too old?

“I repeat, I take my son away with Logan and you either die or live! You can choose!” Karen Lee said coldly.

“I…” Adam Stewart was horrified twice today, and he was a little scared. Who is this?

“Choose!!” Karen Lee’s cold voice echoed!

The descendants of the Stewart family were stunned, and Brayden Stewart was shocked and stunned. He was busy begging, “Grandpa, grandpa, please answer her quickly, live, we all wanna live!”

Adam Stewart gritted his teeth. He has been the head of a hidden family for so many years, and this is the first time he has been threatened by others!

“I choose to live!” Adam Stewart said twitchingly.

“Then everyone get out!!” Karen Lee strode over!

The descendants of the Stewart family were retreating crazy!

“You choose to live by yourself, so don’t mess around!” Karen Lee caught Adam Stewart!

“Don’t you leave yet!” Chuck Cannon kicked around Brayden!

“Oh, don’t hit me.” Brayden Stewart begged for mercy.

Adam Stewart’s face was gloomy, this is the shame on Stewart!!

“Stop! Grandpa!” someone scolded!

“Fuck away! He will live, but only if you are honest!” Karen Lee said coldly!

Some of the children of the Stewart family were angry and some are scared!

Today is the first time for the Stewart family to face such a thing, and they are all a bit at a loss.

“Chuck, Logan, let’s get on the plane!” Karen Lee got off first, Yvette Jordan wanted to get off directly, but Karen Lee refused!

Yvette Jordan knew that at this place, it was useless if she came down!

As for Black Rose, she has already joined Karen Lee.

“En,” Chuck Cannon helped Logan and several people got on the plane!

Adam Stewart, Brayden Stewart, and that woman was taken away!


The plane has left!

The descendants of the Stewart family staying on the sidelines!

“Chasing, let’s go chasing!” Someone suggested!

“But, chasing, what should I do if Karen Lee killed Grandpa?” Someone shook his head.

The scene is chaotic, no one knows what to do!

“No, you must save Grandpa!” a young man said angrily.

“Hold on! This Karen Lee is too powerful, don’t act rashly!” The old man who was beaten by Karen Lee just now came over with his chest and coughed.

“Don’t act rashly, you’re so old and immortal, you can’t even beat a woman? What are we doing to raise you?” A descendant of the Stewart family scolded.

With so much money every year, they actually raise this kind of waste in the end!

The old man twitched his face, without a face to refute, Karen Lee was indeed stronger than he expected, and he actually lost to a woman!

But when he said so, the descendants of the travelling family at the scene didn’t even know how to do it. After all, the person who was able to beat his strongest bodyguard and a bomb would cause problems if they acted rashly!

They give advice in a mess!

Heidi Hudson watched, feeling lost and annoyed, “Just leave… Chuck Cannon, you didn’t beg me, you left. When you left, you didn’t even look at me, Chuck Cannon…”

“Miss, what should we do?” Of course, the man found that Heidi Hudson was out of control.

She originally wanted Chuck Cannon to beg herself this time, so she could let Chuck Cannon join her, but in the end, Karen Lee helped Chuck Cannon and saved Logan!

Heidi Hudson felt the atmosphere!

“What to do? Chuck Cannon, you made me so angry today!” Heidi Hudson was cold.

The man was speechless, but thinking of Logan, he went on to say, “Will Logan tell Karen Lee about this?”

“She dares! Dare to tell, I would even kill Karen Lee!” Heidi Hudson’s eyes were like ice cubes, full of calmness!!

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