Chapter 651 – 652: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 651: Possessing His Body

The True Buddha madly ran into the building.

Kris Chen found the building was actually a huge temple.

“Master, Brothers…”

The True Buddha ran into the temple, only to see plenty of dried bodies lying on the ground.

These bodies were stacked in piles.

The True Buddha knelt down on the ground and cried, “No…no…”

He reached up to touch these bodies and as soon as his finger touched these bodies, they turned to powders, leaving plenty of round stones.

“The relics of True Buddhas!”

Buddhist relics are the magic power cores of Buddhas.

“There are so many Buddhist relics!”

Kris Chen repressed his thought of grabbing these Buddhist relics and followed the True Buddha to the main hall.

There was a big golden Buddha in the main hall.

With his eyes closed tightly, the big Buddha had no breath of life, while the Buddhist light emitted from his body almost blinded Kris Chen.

“Blessed One!”

The True Buddha knelt down on the ground, beating his breast and crying, and the redness in his eyes seemed to be restrained under the boundless light.

The spreading of that redness in his eyes was much slower than before.


He constantly kowtowed with bloody tears running down from his eyes.

“I was wrong, Blessed One. I was really wrong. It was all my fault to cause such a disaster!”

“Tinkling, tinkling!”

At the moment, a clear sound of bells was heard and alarmed the True Buddha, “He’s coming! How could he come so fast? Has he perceived me so fast?”

Kris Chen also felt familiar with this sound of bells!

“Wait, several thousand years ago, when Gusu and I went to the Supreme Main Universe, we heard the same sound of bells in that outburst of the Chaos.”

“Do you mean that headless True God with a huge iron chain tied behind him?”

Yuan Kris was also surprised.

“What can I do, Blessed One? What can I do…”

The True Buddha was scared at this sound. For all the lives he had met before, he could always mashed them with his Demon-Conquering Club. But now he was in a panic and had no idea of what to do.

Then the ground of the temple began to vibrate.

And the sound of bells was closer.

With the divine spiritual power of Kris Chen attached to the boundless Chaos energies, he saw the big headless True God, who was thousands of times bigger than a common headless True God and a thick iron chain was strapped to his body with a bell on each link of the chain beside which countless Immortals, Buddhas, Demons were hung.

“Blessed One, I can’t be caught and I have to escape now!”

The fear of the True Buddha overcome everything and he picked up half of the Buddhist relics and swallowed them.


With a howl, the redness in the eyes of the Buddha was suppressed and his breath also grew significantly. Then the Demon-Conquering Club in his hand was thrown towards the headless True God.

This mighty power made the headless True God stop.

But it was only a short stop and few real injuries were made to the headless True God.

For that moment, the True Buddha seized the opportunity to run hurriedly to the depths of the Chaos!

The True God pulled the chain behind him and threw it out with his right arm. With a roar, the continuous chain turned into a fluidic light and dived into the Chaos.


Shrill screams were coming from far away and quickly disappeared, “Damn you, foolish betrayer!”

The belly button of the True God opened wide, showing the horrible teeth in it!

The iron chain of the True God was retracted with the dead body of that crazy Buddha added to this infinitely long chain.

He didn’t notice that a grit-sized Sealing Universe fell on the ground.

After all this was done, the True God turned and left.

He had no interest in the temple.

“Why did he call the True Buddha betrayer?”

Kris Chen frowned with his mind filled with puzzlement!

“Let’s pick up the Buddhist relics first.”

“Oh yes, I almost forget it!”

Kris Chen controlled the Sealing Universe to fly into the temple.

Not for a while, all the Buddhist relics were picked up and Kris Chen said regretfully, “It’s so pitiful that half of the Buddhist relics were swallowed by that True Buddha!”

“Do we go into the main hall to see that big Buddha?”

“Well, that big Buddha is too weird. Who knows whether he is dead or not!”

Kris Chen shook his head and refused this suggestion.

Yuan Kris said nothing about it and just asked, “Does that True God only target those so-called ‘betrayers'”?

“I suppose not, since all the Genesis Realm practitioners intruding last time were…”

“What if those people are not Genesis Realm practitioners but True Gods or True Buddhas that have regained consciousness?”

“So it’s not difficult to understand that he let us off at that time.” Yuan Kris said.

“Indeed. But our hiding means was not clever then. Even a True Buddha could not withstand a single hit from him, not to say us.”

“Is that headless True God playing a role like a Chaos patroller?”

What Yuan Kris said reminded Kris Chen who then combined it with what he was told from Qiujian and seemed to get a complete clue!

These innate-power-stage Demon Gods had strong strength and all of them had reached the Great Supreme Lord Realm with some even having reached the Half-step Chaos Realm or infinitely approaching the Chaos Realm.

What if they found it was almost impossible for them to break through to a higher stage while owning endless life?

Would they be desperate?

At this time a ship appeared and as long as they boarded the ship, they could break through to a higher stage. Would they get on board?

The answer was absolutely yes!

As what Qiujian had said, it was a fraud.

Combined with what that True Buddha had been saying to himself all the way to the temple, Kris Chen thought he was close to the truth.

Although he had suspected that someone was monitoring those Half-step Chaos Realm practitioners and had found some clues, he didn’t dare to completely believe it.

But now he believed half of it!

The headless True God was probably like a puppet who mechanically handled those “betrayers” that had regained consciousness.

“I think we shouldn’t leave right now and we can perhaps find some clues from that big Buddha!”

Kris Chen thought it over and then went out from the Sealing Universe.

He was careful to seal all his breath and even all the traces he had left in the Time Rivers.

As a Great Supreme Lord, Kris Chen could control the Time River to some extent, but he couldn’t completely control it or backtrack time.

After doing all this, Kris Chen went into the main hall with the Chaos Spirit Sword in his hand.

The eyes of the big Buddha were closed, giving a feeling of kindness.

Boundless Buddhist light was still shone from his hill-sized body.

“Has he died?”

Kris Chen slightly prodded the body of the big Buddha with his Chaos Spirit Sword and produced a collision sound of metals.

“How strong his body is!”

Thinking for a while, Kris Chen connected ten trillions of cells in his body together and said, “I’m sorry.”

An infinitely strong power was released to fall on the body of the big Buddha and shattered it instantly.

Seeing the flesh and blood flying in all directions, Kris Chen was surprised, “It’s unbelievable that I just blow his body up with a punch. I just want to know whether he is really dead.”

Kris Chen might have not realized that a blow from his ten trillions of cells was equivalent to a full blow from ten trillions of Supreme Lords.

Which Great Supreme Lord could hold up to such a blow?

Even for a Half-step Chaos Realm practitioner, it would probably be a big blow.

“Wait, that is the Glazed Buddha Heart!”

Kris Chen put the Buddha Heart on his hand at once.


At the moment, countless images were flashing through his mind.


With a Buddha mantra sounded in the mind of Kris Chen, a supreme big Buddha appeared in his spiritual world!

Furthermore, the boundless Buddhist light was even expelling his ideas.

Kris Chen was astonished, “Damn it! This old guy wants to possess my body!”

“No way!”

The divine spiritual power of Kris Chen was even stronger than his body with the strength of each of his four hundred eight million ideas comparable to that of an Early-stage Great Supreme Lord!

Along with the Smelting Art and Array Refining Art, his divine spiritual power was expanded hundreds of times!

“You know what, my divine spiritual power is even stronger than my body!”

Kris Chen sneered, “Refine him!”

The divine spiritual power turned into a huge tripod stove and pressed down on the big Buddha.

The originally smiling big Buddha became serious immediately and struggled to withstand it with his hands, but all his struggles were in vain.

“How dare you try to possess my body!”

The big Buddha was put in the stove and refined within three days. Then, plenty of memory fragments were absorbed by Kris Chen.

The Buddha Heart in his hand also became a pure Glaze Heart!

“I’ve reached the Half-step Chaos Realm!”

Kris Chen opened his eyes. Although he had only reached the Half-step Chaos Realm, he was much stronger than a Great Supreme Lord.

Now his strength was infinitely approaching the Chaos Realm, and he hadn’t released all his power and breath!

“This Ancient Glaze Buddha is also a poor wretch since his key memory has been erased!”

“But, is the shadow in the memory of the Ancient Glaze Buddha the shadow of the mastermind behind?”

Kris Chen froze the memory of the Ancient Glaze Buddha and kept that shadow firmly in his mind as the owner of the shadow might be the mastermind behind controlling the whole Chaos.

After Kris Chen absorbed the spiritual power of the Ancient Glaze Buddha, his divine spiritual power grew by thirty percent.

But his biggest gain was still the Glaze Buddha Heart in his hand, which was the heart of a Half-step Chaos Realm practitioner!

He couldn’t help to made another incarnation.

The he entered the Sealing Universe and began to make the incarnation. After hundreds of thousands of years in the Time Barrier, a man filled with the Buddhist breath appeared in front of Kris Chen.

“From now on, your name is Buddha Kris!”

“Yes, Fundamental Honored One!”

Since Buddha Kris had reached the Full Stage of the Great Supreme Lord Realm, he could easily break through the Half-step Chaos Realm as long as he was completely integrated with the Glaze Buddha Heart.

“Buddhas have many interesting magic arts, especially the Ninety-foot Golden Body, which seems to be molded relying on people’s beliefs.”


They were what Kris Chen owned in a large quantity.

In the ten hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred universes in his body, countless people worshiped their Father God.

And Kris Chen was that Father God.

Kris Chen had accepted all the worships that could strengthen his strength!

So even Kris Chen himself couldn’t imagine how many beliefs had been accumulated in the last tens of thousands of eras.

Based on the practicing method of the Ninety-foot Golden Body, Kris Chen gained this magic art within three hundred years.

After being integrated with the power of beliefs, the power of the cells in his body surged again!

The strength of his cells was quite close to that of a Great Supreme Lord while less than thirty percent of power of beliefs was consumed.

Kris Chen was delighted.

With the Buddhist arts, he infused the remaining power of beliefs into the cells in his body without hesitation!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the first cell of his body reached the Great Supreme Lord Realm, Kris Chen knew that he had passed the most difficult barrier!

He was excited and then began to practice Taoist magic art alone.

After ten Chaotic years, or one million years in the Time Barrier, all the power of beliefs was consumed and one percent of cells in the body of Kris Chen were promoted to the Great Supreme Lord Realm.

It was a really hard job!

Then Kris Chen began to absorb the power of the Buddhist relics.

After another one thousand Chaotic years, two third of power in his body was refined.

This day, Kris Chen stopped his practice as the holding capacity of the Sealing Universe had come to a limit. He had to strengthen the boundary of the Universe and sealed his surging power again.

This time Kris Chen felt that he could break through the Chaos Realm after the remaining one third cells in his body were refined!

Chapter 652: Be the First to Reach the Great Tao Realm

The Yin-yang and Five-element Universe was also expanding fast and was much bigger than the Cave Universe.

The strong yin-yang and five-element energies were connected to the one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred Cave Worlds, forming a symbiotic state, so as to provide endless yin-yang and five-element energies for these Cave Worlds.

Also in this day, a single universe in the Cave could hold over eighty million star fields.

At the same time, Kris Chen lifted the restrictions on Great Supreme Lords. Then at least three hundred thousand Great Supreme Lords in the one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred universes in the body of Kris Chen made a breakthrough simultaneously.

What they gave back to Kris Chen was also considerable.

Now there were more than eighty million Great Taos in the body of Kris Chen and he could even see through the Chaos.

He suppressed the idea of breaking through as his limit hadn’t been reached yet.

He wanted to refine each of his ideas to the Full Stage of the Great Supreme Lord Realm and each of his cells to the Early Stage of the Great Supreme Lord Realm. Of course, Yuan Kris had deduced that the an Advanced Universe could hold a maximum number of one hundred million star fields, which hadn’t been reached yet.

Perhaps he could complete his promotion with the help of the world power produced by an Advanced Universe which was breaking through to the Secondary Universe (above is the Main Universe).

He sealed all his magic power and allowed no leak of his breath!

During the reversal of the Tao of Virtuality and Reality, the Chaos treasures were held together.

Then one thousand Chaos years, two thousand Chaos years, three thousand…six thousand Chaos years passed!

This day, the Chaos seemed to be stilled!

A sonorous voice came from the depth of the Chaos, “With numerous Great Taos in my body, I will be the first to reach the Great Tao Realm!”

After these words, countless Chaos lives were running on the direction of the voice.

That speeding ship also stopped to turn around.

The coffin couple stopped talking and followed behind the surviving ship.

The big headless True God was running fast with each of his step across countless miles!

Numerous supreme main universes were shaking violently.

The Great Tao was moaning, the Reincarnation was lamenting and a horrible breath was sweeping across thousands of universes in the Chaos.

After feeling this breath, some ancient existences were frightened.

In the depths of the Chaos, all the persons imprisoned were shocked.

“Dose the Fight of Great Tao begin?”

“Who has just made a breakthrough?”

They showed a little expectation since there was finally someone starting the Fight of Great Tao.

“The Great Tao has disappeared for many years…it’s not the Great Tao at all…”

“It’s totally a fraud!”

Countless lives were sighing.

But all this was unknown to Kris Chen.

The one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred universes in his body had reached the peak stage of the Advanced Universe with a capacity of one hundred million star fields.

And all the sixty trillion cells in his body were promoted to the Great Supreme Lord Realm with even some of them promoted to the Middle Stage of the Great Supreme Lord Realm.

With a single idea, he could see through thousands of universes and the Time Rivers!

No one could escape from his eyes.

The Time Rivers were emerging before his eyes one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All the seals in his body were unlocked and today, after tens of thousands of years of layout in the Chaos, Kris Chen finally reached the limit he could reach.

He didn’t restrain himself any more to allow his breath to sweep in the Chaos.

The Chaos energies could not bear the weight of his breath and scattered to leave vast empty areas.

Then he saw numerous Immortals, Buddhas, Demons, Monsters and Ghosts running towards him with each of them dragging a long chain like the tail of comet.


The Cave Universe in the body of Kris Chen was the first to break through, and during its promotion to the Secondary Universe, the supreme power of universe fully fell on Kris Chen whose Secondary Universe, as a result, was even bigger than the Main Universe of the Chaos!

It was the Tao of World exclusive to Kris Chen.

“Is my magic power the first to break through the Chaos Realm?”

Kris Chen smiled and pointed on the body of a headless True God across countless miles.


The headless True God blew up instantly and turned into flying ash.

Then, the sun soul of Kris Chen also broke through the shackles. With the expansion of his divine spiritual power, he saw the boundary of the Chaos, “So the Chaos also has a boundary!”

Under the sweeping of his ideas, numerous Monsters, Demons and Ghosts were killed with their magic power cores picked up by Kris Chen and turning into the driving force of the promotion of his body to the Chaos Realm.

In a very short time, one percent of cells in his body had completed refinement and this progress was accelerating as Kris Chen even wanted to make all the cells in his body promoted to the Middle Stage of the Great Supreme Lord Realm.


With a simple word, the Chaos was stilled, the Time Rivers stopped flowing and numerous lives stopped their steps except for the surviving ship which was unhurriedly coming towards him.

So were the coffin couple.

“So are you two the real masterminds behind the Chaos?”

Kris Chen was walking towards them while harvesting the magic power cores.

“Thunders fall!”

With a simple word, endless Chaos divine thunders fell within hundreds of millions of miles.

However, the Chaos divine thunders which could easily destroy a True God failed to shake that ship as well as the coffin couple behind it.

Kris Chen had expected that it would not be easy to kill them.

“Winds come!”


Strong Chaos divine winds blew towards them, rolling countless Chaos energies and blowing all the True Gods, Monsters, Buddhas and Demons into muddy flesh.

“Fires blaze!”

Fires were blazing, seeming to be going to ignite the Chaos.

“Water comes!”

“Sky falls!”


What followed these words were the corresponding arts. At the moment, Kris Chen was the only master of the Chaos.

The ship slowed down obviously.

At the same time, the skeleton put down the smoke pipe in his hand and pupil-like blue flames were dancing in his dark eye sockets.

Kris Chen felt his anger even though there was no expression on his face.

Yes, he was in anger!

And the coffin couple behind him also withstood the endless blows of thunders, fires, water and winds…

“My body is utilized as a stove to refine my cells!”

Fifty percent, fifty-one percent, fifty-two percent…

With the rapid promotion of the cells in his body, his power was also surging.

A faint breath escaping from his body overwhelmed the sky dome and even made the Chaos energies evade.

Kris Chen was standing there with a breath of innumerable universes and lives!

Infinite Great Taos were winding around him and even yielding to him.

“It’s useless as all these guys attacking me will only be my nutrients!”

It was for a moment of time that Kris Chen had completed his promotion.

Sixty trillion Middle-stage Great Supreme Lord Realm cells were tightly connected to each other.

He had unlocked all the secrets of his body and reached the supreme Chaos Realm!

The Chaos was shaking violently. With a laugh, Kris Chen threw a punch on the surviving ship across hundreds of millions of miles.

This spatial distance had no impact on him as he could control the Time Rivers however he wanted.

For only a punch, the shield of the surviving ship crumbled.

At the moment, a bone palm warded off the punch of Kris Chen and offset all its power!

Kris Chen didn’t care and continued to throw the second punch, “Taste the first gear of my power!”


With ten trillion cells connected together, a punch was thrown on the ship across numerous spaces again.

This time, the punch was still warded off by the bone palm, but the ship also retreated for a lot of distance.

“They seems to be a little weak”

Kris Chen frowned as he didn’t expect that they were so weak!

Then he threw the third punch with the second gear of his power!

Twenty trillion cells were connected together.

For anything that could be handled with a punch, he wouldn’t choose another way.


The bone palm was slightly cracked by the punch.



Strong soul essence was squirted from the skeleton and his palm recovered at once.

Then he put the smoke pipe in his mouth again to constantly inhale the blue smoke from the pipe and his breath was getting stronger!

“So all the spirits of the Immortals, Demons and Buddhas who have been cheated to board your ship during these years are your nutrients, aren’t they?”

Kris Chen nodded thoughtfully.

“Can you take me to the Other Realm?”

At the moment, the coffin couple caught up with the ship.

With the current cultivation of Kris Chen, he easily saw through these bearers carrying the coffin.

They were a group of Immortals, Buddhas, Demons and Monsters infinitely approaching the Chaos Realm.

However, they were just puppets without any true spirit now.

Then a plaintive voice sounded from the woman who was in a red veil.

“How shameless you are! I will never take you to the Other Realm!”

Kris Chen gave a shout to disperse the voice in his ears as it was a horrible sonic attack which would affected one’s mind without being noticed and even planted a seed in one’s mind, so as to brainwash him.

But Kris Chen had a strong sun soul which had reached at least the Middle Stage of Chaos Realm if there was stage division in the Chaos Realm.

“Stop being deliberately mystifying and lift your veil!”

The words of Kris Chen contained supreme magic arts which were then immediately dispersed by the man sitting beside the woman.

“It’s interesting!”

“Third gear!”

Kris Chen didn’t want to be entangled with them any more. So he threw a punch on them and hundreds of millions of punches were overlapped instantly.


At the moment, the skeleton opened his mouth and inhaled numerous true spirits into his belly.

Not for a while, blue flames were rising from his body and his breath was also growing.

Then he threw a punch on Kris Chen, too.

The fierce collision between the two punches almost divided the Chaos into two.

Feeling this change of the Chaos, those imprisoned existences couldn’t help shivering!

“What horrible power! Is it the real power of Great Tao?”

“I don’t know who this person is, but he is really strong!”

As a saying goes, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

That was why the two strong existences fought against each other with a simple punch.

Kris Chen pulled his fist back and narrowed his eyes.

He was a little surprised that the skeleton could withstand his punch effortlessly as he had used the third gear of his power.


Suddenly, the woman in a red veil reached out her hands which were shaking.

She wore a pair of bell bracelets on her hands.

Soul Taking Sonic Wave!

The man beside her also began to pat the golden cymbal in his hand.


While their behaviors seemed funny, Kris Chen felt threatened.

These sounds included the first sound of numerous universes when they were born and even the sound of the Chaos.

And these sounds contained great power which could easily kill any existence below the Chaos Realm.

If the man gave a pat on his golden cymbal in a Supreme Main Universe, the power released could destroy the world instantly.

“Not just you, I have my helpers, too.”

“Come out, Yuan Kris and Buddha Kris!”

While Kris Chen only called the names of Yuan Kris and Buddha Kris, tens of thousands of incarnations were following behind them.

In fact, during the six thousand Chaos years when Kris Chen was practicing Taoist magic art alone, Yuan Kris also completed his promotion in the body of Kris Chen with his soul and magic power reaching the Chaos Realm.

So did Buddha Kris.

The power of beliefs from the one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred universes in the body of Kris Chen directly allowed Buddha Kris to break through to the Chaos Realm.

The power of three Chaos Realm existences, along with tens of thousands of Half-step Chaos Realm existences, must be horribly strong!

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