Of course,”

Karen Lee asked Betty Bernard to find a place to stop, and there was an empty road below.

You can stop.

The plane landed slowly.

Adam Stewart breathed a sigh of relief, did this Karen Lee really believe in him, so she let him go.

The door opened.

“Please, you can go out.” Karen Lee said.

“Grandpa, let’s get out soon!” The crying girl said to Adam Stewart immediately.

She never wanted to stay here anymore, she was scared.

“Well, hold your cousin.” Adam Stewart ordered.

Brayden Stewart was thrown out by Karen Lee just now, he was knocked out just sometime before. Karen Lee’s strength is so strong, how could he wake up so easily?

This time, he could not be able to wake up without lying down for seven or eight days.

The woman was busy helping Brayden Stewart who was fainted, “Grandpa, let’s get out!”

“En,” Adam Stewart hesitated for three seconds, then looked back at Karen Lee.

Actually found that Karen Lee’s face was very calm, he frowned, “Karen Lee, what the hell are you doing?”

He felt that Karen Lee was a fool, but he also felt that if a fool can do what she is today, she must also have the ability to make such a low-level mistake!

Just let yourself go, then you can give orders to crush Karen Lee when you go back!

This is undoubtedly letting the tiger return to the mountain!!

He suddenly felt that something was wrong.

After all, he is the head of the hidden family, no matter how arrogant he is, he feels wrong.

“The hidden family is very powerful, but I am not bad.” Karen Lee said, this voice was indescribably calm.

“Humph! I think what the hell are you doing! Go!!!” Adam Stewart walked out angrily.

How can the woman who is supporting Brayden Stewart dare to stay for a minute and a second? She almost came out.

Busy ran out.

The plane takes off again!

Rumble, knocking all three people down.

“Let someone come over!” Adam Stewart stared at the flying plane.


The woman immediately contacted Stewart, and she called, “It’s me… it’s me! Grandpa and I are here, so send a plane to pick us up!!!”

Stewart is stunned here, what?

The three of them including Adam Stewart were released? They are just about to figure out a solution!

Now they are released? What a surprise!

All the descendants of the Stewart family looked at each other!!

“Hmph, I see, this Karen Lee must be scared, so she let Grandpa out of them!”

“It must be the case, that Karen Lee was scared, huh, thinking that if she let grandpa go, we will stop to deal with her family!”

“Stop talking, send someone to pick up Grandpa back.”


After the children of the Stewart family laughed, they immediately sent a plane out.


“Grandpa, I want this Chuck Cannon, Karen Lee die!” the woman said coldly.

Chuck Cannon just slapped her face a few times, but her face was swollen. She is the daughter of the Stewart family. When was she tortured so much?

She wished Chuck Cannon would die right away!

Adam Stewart stared into the distance coldly, without saying a word, no, he really felt something was wrong!

How could Karen Lee do such a stupid thing?

“Grandpa!! Talk, I want them to die!” The woman acted like a baby.

“Wait first, I think something is wrong.” Adam Stewart shook his head.

There is a kind of anxiety in his heart!

Unspeakable feeling!

“Huh!” He couldn’t breathe suddenly, coughing, squatting down like asthma.

The woman was scared, “Grandpa, what’s the matter with you?”

“I, I feel bad, breath, breath, prepare for the doctor, prepare for the doctor…” Adam Stewart couldn’t say anything.

“Okay, okay…” The woman was stunned, and grandpa didn’t have anything like this suddenly?

After a while, Stewart’s plane came over.

Seeing Adam Stewart lying on the ground, the descendants of the Stewart family were dumbfounded, “What happened to Grandpa?”

“Asthma, grandpa has asthma, hurry, hurry!” the woman snarled.

The descendants of the Stewart family hurriedly carried Adam Stewart back! Adam Stewart’s eyes were as big as an egg, and he couldn’t say anything. He stared at one direction, the direction Karen Lee’s plane was leaving…

Karen Lee looked at the glass of the plane and the clouds flying by.

“Master Lee, the three of the Stewart, are they just…” Betty Bernard asked.

She knew that Karen Lee must have her reason to do things, but letting them leave like this would be letting the tiger go.

Then you will face the shocking revenge of Stewart!

“Don’t worry, I used this?” Karen Lee smiled slightly and shook her fingers. She clamped a needle with two fingers. The needle was a little bit coloured, like something…

“You?” Betty Bernard’s eyes widened and she suddenly understood.

This is a new drug developed by a technology company. As long as the human body takes a little bit, it will cause various diseases in the body, which can not be detected by various instruments. Moreover, this new drug is also a poison and requires an antidote.

“Adam Stewart should have asthma, so this medicine first caused his asthma and then other diseases.” Karen Lee said.

This is a way to delay time!

Karen Lee can be better prepared!

And when necessary, Karen Lee can use this poison as her hole card!

“Huh!” Betty Bernard breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, Karen Lee would not be so stupid in doing things, and would definitely see long-term.

“How is Logan?” Karen Lee asked.

“The injury is serious and it will take some time to rest.” Betty Bernard had already checked Logan, her head and body had serious problems. Fortunately, Logan’s physical fitness was very good and she was able to hold her back.


Karen Lee felt relieved temporarily.

“Then President Lee, what should we do next?” Betty Bernard said, the hidden family’s strength is really not a joke!

Now, Karen Lee has to face several families. The Lee family and the Ouke family’s affairs have not been resolved, and now they have to face the hidden family of Stewart family!

The abdomen is attacked!!

“Stewart, Adam Stewart, don’t worry for now. In one week, I will solve the Ouke family and eat the Ouke family!” Karen Lee said, her eyes chilling!

The Ouke family has been busy these days!

“Yes!” Betty Bernard nodded, her face serious!

“Go and see how Chuck is,” Karen Lee worried about Chuck Cannon.

Betty Bernard followed. Chuck Cannon was put to sleep by Yvette. Chuck Cannon was seriously injured and tired, so he fell asleep soon.

Yvette took care of her carefully, but when she saw Karen Lee outside, she immediately lowered her head, not daring to look at Karen Lee.

Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief, “By the way, Betty Bernard, where did the bomb in Chuck’s hand come from?”

“It should be from the boss of the killer organization,” Betty Bernard also felt incredible. Why did the boss behind the scenes give Chuck Cannon such an important bomb?

After all, there may not be a few bombs in the whole world, which shows this rare and precious place.

“She?” Karen Lee was surprised, and then she was weird.

“She has nothing to give?” Karen Lee asked subconsciously.

“You said, does she really like the young master?” Betty Bernard asked in a low voice.

“No! This is definitely not possible!” Karen Lee immediately shook her head.


Karen Lee thought about it, and continued, “It shouldn’t be. Last time she said she wanted Chuck to accompany her, she also deliberately angered me, it shouldn’t be.”

“What if it’s true?” Betty Bernard asked.

“Absolutely not! Chuck is not her opponent, she is too shrewd, absolutely not! What’s more, she is two years older than Logan, that is, she is almost fourteen years older than Chuck. How can this work?” Karen Lee repelling shook her head and said.

She brought up Logan, knows the roots and knows the bottom. It must be different. Even if Logan is ten years old, Karen Lee will agree, but the behind-the-scenes boss, let’s not talk about spending time and wine, the character of that person is not a person who lives well.

Maybe, after playing with Chuck Cannon, she will get bored and dump Chuck Cannon.

Karen Lee does not allow this to happen.

“Well, that’s right, it just looks like she wants to play, she must be deliberately teasing the young master, do you want to tell this to the young master Chuck?”

“How can I say it?” Karen Lee immediately shook her head. She could say that, she could scold Chuck Cannon seriously, but she felt that Betty Bernard had said it well, suggesting that Chuck Cannon should pay attention.

“You said, you waited for Chuck to wake up, suggest him, tell Chuck not to feel about her, otherwise, I would really get angry!” Karen Lee said seriously.

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