Chapter 653 – 654: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 653: Find Her

He obviously felt the skeleton and the coffin couple were stunned. But not for a while, countless spirits were rushing down from the surviving ship.

And the originally closed coffin opened with innumerable brutal zombie puppets climbing out of it.

Their cultivation ranged from the Early Stage of the Genesis Realm to the Stage infinitely approaching the Chaos Realm.

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding space were filled with these spirits and zombie puppets.

Damn it!

What a large number!

The eyes of Kris Chen opened wide.

Yuan Kris smiled, “It’s not strange that these spirits and zombie puppets exceeds us in number as no one knows how many years the Chaos has existed and how many years they have been wandering around the Chaos.”

“Even so, these pure true spirits won’t be a threat to us but to be the nutrients for our promotion.”

“I can’t wait to blow them up.” Buddha Kris smiled.

It was hard to imagine that such cruel words came out of the mouth of Buddha Kris as he looked so kind.

“Be not too diligent in sanctifying them.”

“I’m afraid not, since there are too few people in my Buddhist Kingdom. I want to sanctify all of them.”

What Buddha Kris practiced was the most orthodox Buddhist magic arts.

Of course, all of this was still predominated by the will of Kris Chen.

“Let’s fight!”

As soon as Kris Chen commanded, tens of thousands of his incarnations were rushing towards these spirits, zombie puppets and fought fiercely with them.

“Yuan Kris and Buddha Kris, you two fight against the coffin couple, and I’ll handle the old skeleton.” Kris Chen said and threw punches towards the old skeleton.

Fourth gear!

Let me see how many of my punches you can withstand!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a very short time, both of them had thrown hundreds of punches towards each other.

Suddenly, Kris Chen retreated for a great distance and found that the old skeleton didn’t follow him, “You can’t get off the ship, can you?”

The soul fire in the eyes of the skeleton contracted a bit.

“I am true!”

“You are not the owner of that breath which caused the black hole, so there is someone stronger than you in the Chaos, isn’t there?”

“You don’t answer me? It doesn’t matter as I can deduce it.”

“Fifth gear!” Kris Chen shouted and threw a great punch which made the Chaos space vibrate violently, even with ripples.

As the Chaos was not the solidest space, there must be more advanced spaces beyond the Chaos.

With fifty trillion cells connected together, his punch was shining brilliant light with infinite power of Great Tao gathering on this single punch.


This time the old skeleton failed to withstand the blow and his whole arm was crushed into powders.

And the remaining power of the punch continued to hit the dilapidated ship which unexpectedly made the power bounce back.

Kris Chen was surprised as he didn’t expect this seemingly dilapidated ship was so solid.

But then he thought it must be solid, otherwise it would not have been sailing in the Chaos for hundreds of millions of years and holding so many true spirits.

Not for a while, the crushed arm of the old skeleton grew back and the soul fire in his eyes were flickering as if laughing at Kris Chen.

“Since you can’t get off the ship, you should be the soul of the ship, shouldn’t you?” Kris Chen said with a smile which frightened the old skeleton.

“I guess it again.”

“Let me have another guess. You should be the boatman. So is the real mastermind hiding behind you?”

“If I destroy this ship, you will also disappear, will you?” Kris Chen said and gathered all his power.

With sixty trillion cells connected together, this was a frightening power that could even break up the Chaos.

Kris Chen wondered if this pure power of his body could destroy the ship.


A punch was thrown on the body of the ship and broke up the shield just formed. The place being hit was like a piece of broken glass with dense cracks appearing on it!

“Break it!”

With a sudden power from his waist, the whole power of Kris Chen grew.

The frightening power that could destroy the Chaos broke the whole ship instantly and dense cracks appeared on the bone of the old skeleton!


With a skull-crushing sound of bone crash, innumerable true spirits escaped from the bone and the broken ship.

The so-called surviving ship no longer existed under the punch of Kris Chen who completely destroyed it.

He reached out his hand to catch these escaping true spirits.

Then he caught a broken piece of the ship to deduce the mastermind behind!

At the same time, Yuan Kris and Buddha Kris were fighting fiercely with the coffin couple.

Actually, the skeleton and the coffin couple must feel desperate since compared with only one Chaos Realm existence on their side, there were three existences of Chaos Realm on the side of Kris Chen.

How could they defeat Kris Chen?

Nor could the mastermind behind them. Kris Chen had such profound strength that he was able to blaze a path different from any others’.

“Fundamental Honored One has finished his fight, so we should speed up.” Yuan Kris said.

“Got it.” Buddha nodded.

“Buddhist Kingdom in Palm!”

Under the strike with his palm, the woman in a red veil was sucked in his Buddhist Kingdom.

The turbulent Demon energies were almost going to pollute the lives in his Buddhist Kingdom.

“She is a Demon!”

“And the man is a Monster!” Yuan Kris said.

“Let’s suppress them quickly.” Buddha Kris said and innumerable Buddhas began to chant.

Boundless life, boundless light and boundless Buddhas!

He played the Buddhist magic arts to extremes.

Along with endless power of beliefs, Buddha Kris suppressed the female Demon instantly.

“Let me see what you look like!” Buddha Kris reached up to lift her red veil.

“Damn it, she is faceless!”

Under the red veil was a face without facial features.

Furthermore, as soon as he lifted the red veil, the female Demon shrank and turned into a blank paper.

Buddha Kris was astonished.

A blank paper!

“Yuan Kris, this female Demon is a blank paper,!”

At the same time, Yuan Kris killed the man, too. He said with a bitter smile, “This Monster is a doll!”

With the death of the coffin couple, the coffin was also blurring and finally vanished.

They looked at each other in surprise!

What is the matter?

After collecting the surrounding true spirits and zombie puppets, they flied back to the side of Kris Chen.

Kris Chen was deducing the mastermind behind.

“I find him!”

Kris Chen turned to look in the southwest direction, With a finger pointing, a tunnel appeared in the sky!

Let’s go!

Kris Chen put all his incarnations back and took Demon Kris and Buddha Kris into the tunnel.

The tunnel seemed long and dark, which made them nervous.

To their surprise, without walking too much time, they got to a beautiful and homey room which seemed to be a wedding room.

Why there is a wedding room here?

They seemed to feel two familiar and strange breaths on the bed hidden by the red bed curtain.


With his words, the red bed curtain opened automatically.

A couple in red robes were lying on the bed with both their faces covered by red cloths.

The three men beside the bed looked at each other.

What is going on?

“Should I lift the cloths?”

Kris Chen was confused and even a little frightened as if something horrible would happen if he lifted the red cloths.

“Let me lift them for you.”

Buddha Kris stepped forward.

In fact, with only a word from Kris Chen, the red cloths would be automatically lifted.

“Come!” Kris Chen took a deep breath.

Buddha Kris nodded and reached up to lift the red cloth on the face of the bridegroom.

After seeing the face of the bridegroom, all of them were shocked and Kris Chen was even more astonished!

No, it’s impossible!

How could it be possible?

“Buddha Kris, lift the other cloth!”

Buddha Kris was also nervous and then lifted the other cloth!

The bride had a charming face which was familiar to Kris Chen as it was the face of Mary Su!

After seeing the face of the bride, Buddha Kris was in silence, Yuan Kris showed a complex expression on his face, and Kris Chen clenched his fist.

Why do the couple look the same as Mary Su and himself?

Is it real?

Or false?

Or a conspiracy of the mastermind behind?

Kris Chen nearly crazily went over to touch the body of the bridegroom which even had body temperature.

What this body didn’t have were only breath and heartbeat as if he had just died!

“Deduce it, Yuan Kris!”

Yuan Kris deduced this thing silently, and Buddha Kris standing beside him was also flustered.

Kris Chen was nearly crazily searching the room.

Then, he saw a letter on the table.

It read, “To Kris Chen,”


Instantly, his mind turned blank!

He tore the envelope open with his hands quivering and took out the letter to read it!

“I’m sorry for meeting you in this way. I have already left when you see this letter and I know you have a lot of doubts in your mind.”

“Next I will solve your doubts!”

“I know your mood must be mixed now. But like what you have guessed, I am you and you are me…or to say, I am the previous yourself!”

Previous myself?

Kris Chen sat there with his mind filled with shock.

He took out the cigarettes made from the treasured Chaos medicine from his storage ring and took a puff. Then, he continued to read the letter seriously.

“A long time ago, when the Chaos hasn’t even existed in this world, I was an ordinary person in the Chaos World of the Other Realm. Yes, my name is Kris Chen!”

“My story is old-fashioned. During my practice, I met Mary Su who was the daughter of a member of the Chaos royal family in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.”

“Then we fell in love with with each other.”

“To be with me, she gave up the glory of being the daughter of a member of the royal family and was expelled from the royal family forever. Furthermore…she was plotted against by her younger sister and lost her Chaos spirit root when being expelled from the royal family.”

“But Mary didn’t care at all. All she hoped was to be with me.”

“However, after Mary was expelled, we were chased by the royal family and I took her to escape!”


It was a long letter and Kris Chen went through the whole of it.

After being chased, the previous himself took his fiancee to escape to the Chaos Quietus Land, a part of the Chaos Resume where his fiancee died for saving him.

In desperation, he took his fiancee to escape into the Chaos Quietus Land.

Unexpectedly, he got great opportunities there.

He held the vitality of his fiancee’s body with Chaos Yin Wood. But it was in vain since her true spirit had vanished. Even though he reached the Great Tao Realm or the Chaos Realm, he could not save the life of his fiancee.

So he decided to make a desperate attempt to play the Dream Reincarnation Art and created a Chaos World at the cost of his life.

His purpose of doing so was to find the true spirit of his fiancee.

So he reincarnated again and again in his dream just to find her?

Is this a dream?

No, this is not a dream but a real universe, a universe really existing!

The Chaos is real, and everything is real.

Kris Chen had been in silence for a long time.

At the moment, Yuan Kris deduced the whole thing and said, “It’s true. All this is true!”

Kris Chen said nothing but shared his information.

The whole room went quiet.

“The ship is made by him. The skeleton is her sister’s.”

“The coffin couple are also a result of the materialization of his will.”

“No wonder this is a fraud! This is of course a fraud!”

Chapter 654: Only for Her

“It is his will that watches over the universe, and it is he who imprisons Qiujian!”

“Without finding her, how could he allow them to advance, because once they succeed, Chaos would change hands and she would never be found again!”

And then, a teardrop slipped from the corner of his eye.

“Is this fate?”

“That’s why my cultivation and other stuff went so smooth! They were all arranged by him!”

“But I can’t remember all of these, it has been too long, and my memory has long since worn out in the countless trips of reincarnation!”

Kris Chen looked at the two people on the bed, trying to say something but failing. His goal for finding Mary has been achieved, but is that what he wants?

Is he still the same as before after being through countless times of reincarnation?

The vast universe, the endless Chaos, and the deception lasting for hundreds of millions of years, all of these were merely made for finding her out!

Mixed feelings were stirring in his chest.

“I found her, and you’ve succeeded!” He looked at another himself and said, “Seriously, you made it. I don’t know whether it could be called a success, though, I can imagine that all of these are parts of your plan.”

“You are me, but, I’m not you!”

At these words, with his lips making a slight bending upward, the guy on the bed broke into a mysterious smile.


A breeze suddenly blew through the room, and Kris saw him vanished in the wind bit by bit!

And so did Mary.

Everything in the room dissipated.

At that moment, with a sense of inexplicable sorrow flooding into all beings’ minds in Chaos, a slight sigh, which contained both pity and satisfaction, was heard by everyone, sometimes it reached in your ears, and sometimes it rang in the distance.

Kris knew that it was his True Spirit that had not yet dissipated.

So many secretive guiles he had made was only for hiding from himself.

He suddenly felt it rather ridiculous as well as heartbreaking.

The Heaven was still the same as before, and so did the Chaos.

But all beings felt that a yoke had been removed from their souls. Those weaker Practitioners felt nothing, but it was not the same case for the stronger, especially the Supreme Lords, and they couldn’t help but cheer up.

It turned out that they could finally make a breakthrough in Chaos!

All the stronger constrained here who had acquired little growth during centuries could finally regain their lives.

Kris looked at the spaces, shaking his head slightly. No wonder he could break the cage with ease.

If it weren’t for him, how could the cage-breaking which had failed so many strong practitioners be such a child’s play!

Looking at the vanished room, Kris felt like he’d been through a dream.

But that is indeed a dream.

Life is but a dream that no one can see through, and I’m the one who is accessible to the life truth.

Kris flew away from the Chaos, at this moment he just wanted to go home!

Quan Mu, Lan Yu, Lan Xia, Yinyin Yao, all of whom had appeared in his very first life, are finally arranged to stay by his side as their True Spirits are collected after countless trips of his reincarnation.

Is it fate?

If so, it must be earned after experiencing countless disappointments and desperation!

Word has it that an encounter with a stranger in your present life is exchanged by countless eyeing-backs from your past lives.

It used to be an ineffable truth to him, but now it isn’t.

Now he’s got what he has been longing for, meaning that the reincarnation is worthwhile, right?

Of course it is!

He also appreciates his former self who told him the truth by the letters rather than forcing him to recall all of these.

He is the one who knows best of himself. Maybe he just doesn’t want to put the future self to any trouble.

Kris couldn’t wait to see them. The spaces were brushed away by mere a touch, he strode across the boundary and went to the Main Universe!

Not a tad trace of his breath had he ever leaked!

He stared at the Eternal Star while Demon Kris and the others were also staring at him.

Too many words had been harbored in his mind for thousands of years.

On the other side, Mary’s company has become the largest company in the Main Universe.

She was looking at the materials carefully in her office.

Suddenly, a whim hit her and she looked up and saw the person she had missed day and night.



Kris walked over and wrapped her in his arms tightly.

“I miss you so much!” He just wanted to let her melt into his warm hug.

“Me too!” Mary also embraced him tightly, she didn’t expect that Kris would spend over two thousand years in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), which might be their longest departure.

After hugging for a while, he wiped away the tears in the corners of her eyes and cupped her in his hands. Not at all could he imagine the scene that Mary disappeared forever.

If so, he might leave no stone unturned to find her out like getting crazy.

In fact, no matter how many times he had been reincarnated, Mary had always been his faith, a faith that worked as his guidance as well as his prop.

“Mary, I will never let you leave me.”

Kris draw closer and kissed her carefully while the latter also gave him an enthusiastic response.

Kris looks more thoughtful after the Closing Door, thought Mary, but his love is rendered in a more passionate way indeed.

“Honey, I will never leave you.” Murmured Mary inwardly, and the couple held each other in a warm embrace.

They didn’t let go of the other until quite a while. “Shall we go and inform Quan and others?” Mary gasped slightly.

“There’s no hurry, babe, let’s stay together for a while longer.” Kris was so content with holding his love while Mary also felt her heart overflowed with sheer bliss by leaning against his chest.


More and more powers, including the Supreme Lords and even those of higher ranking, appeared in the universes during the hundreds of years of Kris’s return to the Eternal Star.

All these immemorial beings shocked the ordinary.

After another thousand years, the seven stars of the Big Dipper shook in unison again.

Trillions of living beings, hit by epiphany, looked up to the sky.

“Welcome, Supreme Lord Hong!”

“Welcome, Supreme Lord Pan!”


Several figures came from the depth of the universe.

The first one was an amiable old man with hoary hair and rosy cheeks, coming out with jade butterflies flying over his hands and green lotus blooming under his feet. This was Supreme Lord Hong who had disappeared for millions of years.

The second one was a muscular and hard-looking man with a giant axe on his back, revealing an incredibly titanic force from his movements. This was Supreme Lord Pan who was said to have disappeared in the Third Universe.

Word has it that the Third Universe was created by him with that giant axe.

The third one was a middle-aged man in his early forties who dressed in ramie clothes and cloth shoes with a glowing white whip in his hand.

Despite this, no one dared to scoff at him, because this is the seventh Supreme Lord of the Big Dipper, the founder of magical pills as well as the first human Practitioner of this Main Universe named Yan.

The fourth one was a woman shining with the radiance of glory who would make others feel inferior by mere a glance.

This was the fourth Supreme Lord, Wa!

The fifth one was an old Taoist Priest wearing a traditional Taoist robe and holding a fly whisk. That was an old man with composure and wit in his nature, seemed like nothing could hide from his piercing eyes.

This was the fifth Supreme Lord whose real name was still unknown to all, so people called him Lord of Morality.

The sixth person came up, more exactly, flew from the depth of the universe.

It was a golden crow glowing with dazzling and scorching lights.

This, was Supreme Lord Hao, the only one coming from the monster race among all these Supreme Lords.

But rumor has it that he had died millions of years ago, why was he still alive?

The golden crow stretched its wings, traversing numerous stars.

And then it transformed into a man in his early thirties, wearing a crown and a light-yellow robe exclusive for the emperors with patterns of lofty mountains, celestial bodies, and various races, a gorgeous robe indeed which was like harboring a tiny world.

The last one was a monk in white robes with an enormous halo around him and a tree sapling curiously growing on his bald head.

This was the seventh Supreme Lord, Bodhi!

Legend has it that Bodhi was transformed from a pipal in Chaos who was of the Innate Spiritual Root and wandered to the Main Universe after the breaking of the original universe.

The seven Supreme Lords smiled at each other amid the shouting of “Long Live our Supreme Lords” from the spectators.

A vibration was thus sent among the universe except for Eternal Star where everything went as usual since there also existed a Supreme Lord.

Someone, however, regarded people of Gengu No. 1 sect as the self-asserted type, considering that the return of a good seven Supreme Lords, which had apparently outshone them as there was only one Supreme Lord in Gengu No.1 Sect, was quite a scene that these people should also join them.

The orthodoxy of these seven Supreme Lord had been well-preserved and inherited respectively, say, the Dubhe Sect inherited the orthodoxy from Supreme Lord Hong, Divine Force Sect from Supreme Lord Pan, Man Emperor Sect from Supreme Lord Yan and etc., they disliked them since they had long been outraced by Gengu No.1 Sect.

The Ancestors and leaders of the Sects came up to welcome them:

“Greetings, Supreme Lord!”

“I’m here to bend my knees, Supreme Lord!”

They kneeled down before the Supreme Lords in unison but competed for greeting in the most respectful way.

“You may now rise up.”

In Main Universe, they were in charge of everything.

And then people began to take the lid off.

“For those from Gengu No.1 Sect, Supreme Lord, they are too condescending! I mean, you have made such an incredible contribution for the universe, how dare they stay at home and not even send a greeting!”

“Exactly. We’ve been bullied for quite a long time since you left.”

“That’s right. Now that our Supreme Lord comes back, it’s our turn to have our breast swollen with the waistcoat!”

“Shut up and stop any nonsense!” Frowned Hong.

Supreme Lord Pan also scolded, “How dare you talk behind HIS back!”

“What kind of person have you been during the years of my absence?!” Said Supreme Lord Wa unpleasantly with her eyebrows running right together.

“It is unity and integrity that enable Human Race to make brilliant achievements, but now you’re really disappointing me!” Thundered Supreme Lord Yan, “Go back and reflect on what you’ve done!”

“Are you guys crazy or something?” Supreme Lord Hao shouted to his men, “How dare you slander HIM? Kneel down and repent for your sins for three thousand years!”

With a wave of his hand, the rest of them suddenly felt limp and kneed down on the ground, “Why do you blame us, Supreme Lord?”

“Folly is indeed your synonymy!” Supreme Lord Hao stormed out, “Do you know who HE is?”

“Save your words, Hao, let’s just go to visit HIM!” Said Lord of Morality.

“He’s right.” Bodhi nodded, “Let’s go. After all, we should have died if it were not for HIM!”

What Kris said on the day when he created Chaos shocked everyone on the spot.

If he didn’t hide his trace intentionally, they should have paid him a visit to show gratitude as early as they could, but the revelation of his identity was no tricky stuff to them since they were both powerful Supreme Lord.

“I’m in!” Said Supreme Lord Pan, “I’ve been contained for ten millions of years and was thus reduced to be skinny. If he hadn’t started the War of the Great Tao, our story should have come to an end long ago!”

Supreme Lord Hong nodded and stepped forward, standing before Eternal Star, and bowed low, “I. Hong, beg for your meeting!”

“I, Wa, beg for your meeting!”

“I, Yan, beg for your meeting!”


Everyone on the spot was stunned at seeing the Supreme Lords standing before Eternal Star to seek Kris’s presence.

What on earth is going on? Why does our Supreme Lord begs for his presence?

On the other hand, the Supreme Lords were kind of serious because they were not sure whether Kris would like to see them or not.

At this moment, the man’s voice rang up in everyone’s ear, “Come in.”

The concise response lit up their face!

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