“Well, don’t worry, I will hint to the young master,” Betty Bernard looked at Karen Lee’s expression, it was really serious.

That’s right, the boss behind the scenes really spent time to drink. She definitely wanted to play Chuck Cannon or the kind of play that she would throw away.

Karen Lee felt a little relieved, she actually felt that too. That boss behind the scenes can’t really like Chuck Cannon, after all, neither of them has much contact.

Love at first sight?

This is impossible!!

The boss behind the scenes has countless men, and Chuck Cannon is still young…

“Go and see Logan, I want to know whether Logan’s plane crash was an accident or not!” Karen Lee went to Logan’s side seriously.

When Betty Bernard looked at Chuck Cannon who had gone to sleep, she felt strange in her heart. How did the boss behind the scenes play? Even such a rare bomb was given to Chuck Cannon.

This is for real. Is it fake?

“Logan, Logan…” Karen Lee called Logan.

Logan opened her eyes, she tried to sit up, subconsciously worried, she asked, “How is Chuck?”

“He is asleep, don’t worry.” Karen Lee said.

Logan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Logan, what’s the matter with your plane?” Karen Lee asked.

Betty Bernard watched.

It should not be that simple!

Logan fell silent, she had thought of everything, including when she was about to leave the United States, Heidi Hudson of the hidden family Hudson took a bodyguard. She remembered all the things that suddenly appeared on the plane.


Logan knows, now she has offended Stewart and Stewart is also a hidden family, if you go to offend Hudson again. Then you can imagine the consequences! !

Therefore, Logan chose to remain silent and forget, “An accident happened.”

Karen Lee was stunned, “What an accident?”

“Well, there was an accident.” Logan nodded.


“En? En!!” Karen Lee helped Logan to lie down, “Rest well.”

“En,” Logan closed her eyes.

Karen Lee and Betty came out.

Betty Bernard asked in a low voice, “What an accident?”

Karen Lee sighed and shook her head, “No, something definitely happened but Logan was worried about something, so she didn’t say it. It seems that Heidi Hudson really did it!!”

When Karen Lee went to find Heidi Hudson last time, she was basically sure.

Looking at Logan’s reaction now, she was 100% sure.

Betty Bernard was shocked, “Heidi Hudson really did it, then we…”

Karen Lee’s eyes were cold, “I didn’t think about doing anything to the hidden family before. I thought you were yours and I was mine. If you don’t conflict, then you can live in peace. But it’s not like this anymore, and I don’t want to. That’s it…”


This is Karen Lee’s murderous intent! !

“Trash! It’s all a bunch of trash!!” The descendants of the Stewart family scolded!

After Adam Stewart was picked up, he couldn’t speak anymore, coughing and coughing up blood.

And Brayden Stewart is still unconscious! !

For the first time, the descendants of the Stewart family felt that in their home, not only did they raise waste bodyguards, they also raised a group of quacks!

Brayden Stewart, they couldn’t save him and Adam Stewart was also tortured by illness!

What is the use of these quacks?

“Master’s asthma broke out. The special medicine was useless. When the young master was thrown out, he bumped his head. Unless forced, the young master must lie down for a few days.” A doctor knelt down trembling up.

He was really shocked. Adam Stewart had already checked it just now, and his asthma was clearly controlled. How could it happen suddenly?

It’s terrifying cough, isn’t it that people will die from coughing!!

“Hurry up and think of a solution?” Brayden Stewart’s father was extremely angry.

“Yes, yes!” The doctors immediately started to get busy!

The descendants of the Stewart family are here and they all ask!

“Grandpa and others have came back, so should we deal with Karen Lee? Let the mother and child die!” a young man said coldly.

Today’s insult, the shame that the hidden family travellers suffered today, they can vividly remember!

Fortunately, no one else is here. Otherwise, let the people of the world know that the dignified hidden family homestay will be made like that. Isn’t this the biggest laughing stock in the world?

“Yes, I think. We should immediately let bitch Karen Lee’s everything disappear! Let her know what she will face when offending my Stewart!!” a middle-aged man said gloomily.

Brayden Stewart’s father was silent for a few seconds, “Karen Lee’s kind of strength, I can squeeze her in three days with a word from our home. Don’t be anxious. Now the most important thing is to cure my father’s illness and let him do it. What to do. After all, Dad hates Karen Lee now!!”

“Yes, let Grandpa give orders and make Grandpa happy!” Someone agreed.

“I also think this is not bad. Let grandpa gets better and then he can speak to Karen Lee, that bitch, in person. It will definitely make grandpa happy, so grandpa’s body will be better.” A young man said.

All the descendants of the Stewart family agreed, let Adam Stewart speak, this is the best!

After all, the insult Adam Stewart received today, he must want to personally recover the insult!!

“Dad, don’t worry, we will try our best to let the doctor treat you, and let you personally order Karen Lee, that bitch!” said Brayden Stewart’s father.

“Cough, cough…” Adam Stewart coughed almost dizzy. He can’t get on anymore.

His eyes were staring, and he kept staring outside. This direction was the direction Karen Lee left by plane…

“So, the Stewart family actually suffered a big loss today?”

In a dark room, there was an old voice.

“Yes, I heard that Adam Stewart from your grandson Chuck Cannon…” someone said in the darkness.

“My grandson? I don’t recognize that grandson.” A grey-haired old man shook his head with a cold face.


“Joseph is indecisive. When I let him out, I didn’t want him to have a child with Karen Lee. Kid Chuck Cannon is unnecessary! I don’t admit it! I only wanted him to control Karen Lee. , After all, Karen Lee is the person I have seen with the most potential. Facts have proved that after 20 years, I am not mistaken. She is indeed a business wizard and a fighting wizard! This kind of person must be used by me. …” The white-haired old man has no feelings at all.

“Yes…” The man lowered his head.

“However, things were a bit earlier than I thought. Karen Lee is not yet Stewart’s opponent!” The cloudy eyes of the white-haired old man shot out!

“Then… now, it’s irretrievable, should we help Karen Lee?”

“Help? She’s just a chess piece I fancy, it’s the chess piece I use. Why should I help her? A chess piece is worth my help?” The white-haired old man smiled sullenly.

“But if you don’t help, she will definitely be destroyed by Stewart!”

“It depends on her. This woman has very good resilience. The chess piece that I like is not so easy to be destroyed, but if it really is to be destroyed, it is her life. It is she herself who can’t live up to it!”


“Actually, let Karen Lee develop for a few more years and clash with Stewart. That would be the best. It is a bit early now, and the problem is not too big. If Karen Lee resists, she should be able to hurt Stewart. Two points are barely enough, so you have to prepare. The net has been spreading for so long, and it is time to close the net…” The white-haired old man is actually a little excited.

“Yes! Do you want to inform Master Joseph about this matter?”

“No, Joseph, I will talk to him about what a good woman. It’s just a woman. It’s a woman. It’s a piece of clothing. You can throw it away. I thought he would have this kind of consciousness. But now, It doesn’t seem to be! But the kid Joseph is smart, I will tell him, he will understand! As for Chuck Cannon, who shouldn’t be born, since he shouldn’t come out, then let him not come out, I will be with Joseph. Go talk, you go down first!!” The white-haired old man was expressionless.

“Yes!” The man retired.

The old man Arthur showed his energy. He took out his mobile phone and called Joseph Cannon, “Joseph, what did I ask you to do?… Needless to say, Karen Lee is my favorite pawn, understand? Mine? How can a son like a chess piece? Also, if it is a chess piece, you have to make good use of it… I will let you do this now, listen carefully…”

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