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Chuck Cannon woke up, his body was still a little bit painful. After all, he was beaten and kicked by the ten people. He resisted it, but the sequelae came out. There was an internal injury in his body, but fortunately, there was no bone or muscle injury.

Just a few days of cultivation will do.

But this also inspired Chuck Cannon, now he must work hard and exercise his body more!!

Chuck Cannon has determined that besides being the real richest man, he also needs to be the world’s best fighter!

“Husband, you wake up, you scared me to death,” Yvette Jordan embraced Chuck Cannon affectionately.

Faced with this kind of warm embrace, Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, when he was visiting the house, he was also worried and worried that he would never see Yvette Jordan again.

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon comforted.

Yvette Jordan hugged Chuck Cannon. She did not dare to sleep all night of fear that Chuck Cannon would wake up and she took care of anything he needed.

“Well, husband, I want to put my arms around you to sleep for a while, I’m sleepy, okay?” Yvette Jordan said, a little coquettish.

Correct. She only acted like a baby to Chuck Cannon.

Since Logan’s accident, she hasn’t slept well for a long time.

“Of course it’s fine, you go to sleep,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Lying in Chuck Cannon’s arms, Yvette Jordan closed her eyes contentedly. Soon she fell asleep.

Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan slept at ease, and he also felt at ease.

But after a while, Chuck Cannon’s cell phone finally received a call. The first one was from the boss behind the scenes.

Hearing the phone ringing, Chuck Cannon was afraid that Yvette Jordan would be woken up because Yvette Jordan finally fell asleep.

He answered the phone.

“Little guy, you finally answered the phone, give me an explanation!!”

Here, the boss behind the scenes, heavily relieved, Chuck Cannon is fine, she is happy.

Chuck Cannon coughed, and talked about the things in Stewart and also about Logan.

The boss behind the scenes frowned. Since Chuck Cannon asked her to help find Logan, she has asked the killer to find all clues, and there were some clues, let the clever point the finger at the hidden family!

She was surprised by the news and hesitated to tell Chuck Cannon!

After all, the hidden family is too powerful!

But she didn’t expect that it was really done by a hidden family, and Chuck Cannon actually came out of Stewart. This is something the boss behind the scenes did not expect.

She didn’t expect her little lover to be so powerful!

The boss behind the scenes has a little worship in his heart!!

“Are you hurt? Does it hurt? Do you want me to take care of you?” The boss behind the scenes was gentle.

“Uh, no more.”

“Why not? Don’t forget. You are my little lover, understand?” the boss behind the scenes said seriously.


“Reject me, I will tell your mother Karen Lee that you have become my little lover, and see if she can beat you,”

“Huh? Don’t you say it!” Chuck Cannon was shocked!

If he let his mother know this, he will definitely be reprimanded!

“Hmph, made yourself disobedient! Find a way to find me, I will press for you, or I will tell your mother!”

“Elder, do you have the heart to let me be beaten by my mother?”

“Who made you disobedient?… Take a good rest, that’s it! Tell me you miss me!” said the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon’s scalp was numb, “Elder, do you still have that bomb? I want to buy some.”

Chuck Cannon wanted to defend himself but also wanted to give it to his mother and Yvette Jordan.

“Bomb? No more,” the boss behind the scenes shook her head, where are so many?

“Well, goodbye elder!”

Chuck Cannon was disappointed, coughing and hung up the phone hurriedly.

“Little bastard, you take the time to come and see me, have you heard? … you, actually hang up my phone?” The boss behind the scenes hummed.

But she was happy because Chuck Cannon is fine!!

This is the most reassuring thing for her now.


Someone is knocking on the door!

“Come in!” The boss behind the scenes lay on the sofa.

It was Ouyang Fei who came in. She wanted to ask if Chuck Cannon died!!

She is particularly concerned about this matter!

“Boss, why are you so happy?” Ouyang Fei was astonished! A bad feeling arose in my heart.

“Of course, I am happy, Chuck Cannon is still alive, he has returned,” the boss behind the scenes can’t wait. Said it happily.


Ouyang Fei has a gloomy face, Chuck Cannon, are you so fate? Well, that’s okay, let me, Ouyang Fei, commit suicide.

Ouyang Fei thought viciously!

Chuck Cannon, you wait for me!

Here Chuck Cannon hangs up the phone. He was thinking in his heart that Stewart would definitely retaliate immediately, so he had to find a way to do it, so Chuck Cannon was going to see the Luofu family!

There were arms, bombs given by the boss behind the scenes. They should be able to make it.

You can also let them study!

In fact, Chuck Cannon also wants to prepare some other self-defence things, and this time Chuck Cannon was really angry!

Stewart must be destroyed!

So he has to prepare too!!

Seeing that Yvette Jordan was already asleep, he kissed on Yvette Jordan’s white cheek. Yvette Jordan scratched her face like a kitten but still fell asleep again, as if having a sweet dream.

Chuck Cannon let go of Yvette Jordan!

“My wife, I’ll go out first, and I’ll be back later.” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan was asleep, so she definitely couldn’t answer Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon was out!

At the door!

Black Rose has no expression!

Chuck Cannon was stunned. He saw the black mark on Black Rose’s neck. This one has been pinched for too long. What’s wrong with this?

“Black Rose, your neck…”

“Are you going out?” Black Rose was indifferent.

In fact, when she saw Chuck Cannon yesterday, she felt at ease.

She also had a good night’s sleep, but she didn’t know why she slept so soundly last night…

“En. But your neck?” Chuck Cannon felt so strange that Black Rose went to Stewart too? Injured?

“Don’t care about my neck, what is my neck to you?” Black Rose didn’t want someone to care for her.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Are you menopausal?”

“What?” Black Rose did not understand this sentence.

“Forget it, don’t talk about it, I’m going to the Luofu family.” Chuck Cannon said straight.

“I don’t care where you go, anyway, I will follow,” Black Rose has decided now that she must stay alive!

“Well, I’ll go and see Aunt Logan first…” Chuck Cannon missed Logan, but also wanted to ask, what did Logan want to say to herself when he was at the Stewart!

“Don’t look, I just came from there, she has already been given an injection, don’t disturb her.” Black Rose was indifferent.

Yes, Black Rose, who used Logan as her opponent, was actually unknowingly caring about Logan. This was actually her who did not notice.

“Uh, um, she has to wait until I come back,” Chuck Cannon nodded, let Logan rest first!

Chuck Cannon drove out and briefly talked to his mother, but his mother was very busy, so Chuck Cannon didn’t ask. In fact, Karen Lee was seriously dealing with the Ouke family.

After eating the Ouke family, Karen Lee’s strength will increase!

This matter. Karen Lee didn’t tell Chuck Cannon that she wanted Chuck Cannon to rest.

Chuck Cannon drove to the Luofu family, and Black Rose followed.

The Luofu family!

The blue-eyed beauty Emily was absent-minded, and her mother, the charming young woman, was astonished. “Emily, what are you thinking?”

“Mom, when will Chuck Cannon come over?” Emily said.

She had to admit that Chuck Cannon saved her, and she really had a special feeling for the person who saved her.

What’s more, Chuck Cannon is still cooperating with his family now.

“Let him come over for?” The charming young woman hummed, but Chuck Cannon embarrassed her the last time.

She thought Chuck Cannon would want her, but she didn’t expect Chuck Cannon not to. She was really relieved, but Chuck Cannon still molested her at the time!

What do you say about being beautiful and having a good figure? What can you say, Chuck Cannon?

She is really angry, and she is still angry today!!

“Cooperate, always talk to him,” Emily said. Her home has started to cooperate with Chuck Cannon’s project, and the base is under construction.

“What are you talking about? What can you say to him? Let him call the money, and then divide the money. It’s best that he never shows up.” The charming young woman hummed.

“Mom…” Emily hasn’t been happy for a long time. She thought, did she like Chuck Cannon?

That Chuck Cannon who quietly saved herself and left when she was in a most dangerous situation.

She didn’t admit it at first, but now, she feels a little bit more, but she still hates Chuck Cannon.

This has not changed! It’s just not that annoying anymore.

“Do not talk!”

The charming young woman scolded, but at this time, a call came in, and she answered, “Well, Chuck Cannon came and said to call you!”

The young woman Alice was stunned, annoyed in her heart, why did he come over.

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