Chapter 655 – 656: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 655: Tao Knows No End

On the Ancient God Mountain, Kris Chen who was in a white robe sat under the Flat Peach Tree of Innate-Power while a gentle breeze wafting through the peach trees bringing numerous falling petals down.

A simple tea tray was set before him, which was actually made by Chaos Enlightenment Stone.

And the tea was also unusual, that is, Enlightenment Tea, which was made by one of the rare Supreme Innate-Power Plants.

“Greeting to you, our Great Juggernaut!” The seven Supreme Lords kneeled down before Kris in successive.

Chaos Realm was also called Juggernaut Realm, meaning that Practitioners at this stage could be in charge of the world and manipulate the Time River at ease.

“Sit down.” Grinned Kris while seven stone chairs appeared on the ground.

“Yes, Great Juggernaut.”

Supreme Lord Hong was the first to sit down, and then the others followed suit in a calm manner, though everyone was agitated and nervous.

Kris didn’t talk much with them since he had learned the past when he became the Great Juggernaut, they just enjoyed the tea and chatted casually together.

The meeting went flat and smooth, but one thing was indeed a bit wired, that is, they surprisingly found that they could not see his face clearly, just like he was shrouded by an obscure haze, though he was sitting not far away from them!

But actually, this was due to his incredibly high cultivation, which was also the explication of the Great Tao, and he didn’t mean to hide it.

He had unwittingly transcended the Chaos Stage.

“My Great Juggernaut, have you been in Detachment Stage?” Asked Lord of Morality respectfully, and the others also stared at him eagerly.

Had he detached from the Chao Stage? To some degrees he did it, but there still existed another stage beyond it!

“Not really.”

“Then how could we detach from the Chaos Stage?”

“It depends on whether you want to achieve detachment mentally or physically!” Smiled Kris, in fact he didn’t know how to answer the question since he also didn’t achieve it.

“Thanks for your very kind answer.” Said Lord of Morality after thinking for a good while.

“Then is there exist another stage beyond Chaos Stage, Great Juggernaut?”

“There’re endless stages in pursuing of Tao.”

“Then what Stage should it exactly be?”

“Endless Stage.”


“I said Endless Stage!” Repeated Kris.

Bodhi, however, was still in the mist. I know that there’re endless stages in pursuing Tao, but what I want to know is which specific Stage it is beyond Chaos Stage!

At this moment, Supreme Lord Wa beamed, “The Endless Stage was the one beyond Chaos Stage, Bodhi!”

“Oh, I got it!” Bodhi laughed embarrassedly, shaking his head and saying, “Thank you, Great Juggernaut, and thank you, Wa.”

The laugh soothed the nervous atmosphere, making everyone on the spot feel more relieved.

They didn’t ask Kris for the Stage stuff because the strongest of them was still in Half-Step Chaos and no one knew how many years were needed in the improvement.

They asked a few more questions, which were answered by Kris with enough patience, and then left with great gains.

The sense of emptiness flooded in his mind again after their departure. He had been lonely in his pursuit of Tao, even he happened to meet some friends, he would finally part with them as they failed to catch up with him, or, they didn’t dare to stand with him.

Just like Gusu.

After learning that Kris had been in Chaos Stage, he had long been upset and kept practicing Taoist magic art alone till now.

Others like Lord of Vipers, Lord of Sparks, Lingyuan, and Wuji Jiu, would they like to be called “Brother” by him?

Certainly not! Because they could no longer bear the weight of this title for they were less powerful than him now.

But his three pets were an exception.

Tu Guan, Ironhead, and Liangwan had also reached Genesis Stage.

For them, Kris was and would always be their host. Although they didn’t meet too much, they were still as idle as usual.

Ironhead lied under the Flat Peach Tree quietly and fed himself with the peach and Spiritual Spring.

Tu was keening on practice, expecting to become Supreme Lord as early as he could.

Liangwan who was practicing Smelting Art had also grown to be quite powerful that he could beat up a good load of enemies at the same time.

No one could imagine that the little guy who was lying on his back and showing his defenseless belly was actually a wolf!

But he felt at ease being treated as an obedient dog.

“You guys made troubles again, did you?” Kris smiled, touching his belly gently.

They had made troubles for a great number of people in their adventure of the universe, but they seldom got retaliation, since they were respected pets of the Ancient who was only below the Ancient and the families.

But at the same time, they were not totally evil in nature, or they would have been fixed by Kris.

“Wow, what a laser focus!” Liangwan showed a Husky-style smile.

“Keep on practicing, you’re still too weak to give me a hand.”

Liangwan was silent.

Normally, pets were trained to be a good helper in fighting for their master, these three little guys, however, had done nothing but idled their enjoyable days!

Some might think it bravo by reaching Genesis Realm, but Kris didn’t think so as he could blow those at this stage away by mere a sneeze.

“Go get the other lazy boys here.”

Liangwan turned around and ran towards the dead of the peach trees.

And then, Ironhead came up to him with his barrel-like belly and bottom wiggling along the way while Tu, who was a body refining practicer, was still in good shape with every scale shining under the sunlight.

“Master!” Tu got down on his knees.

“Master……” Ironhead managed to put down his heavy body on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

Where was the fiery tough guy? When did he get a pig as his pet?

“How dare you be in presence before me, Pig Monster!” Kris faked an angry face, saying to Liangwan, “Set up the grill and put him up!”

Seeing his blink, Liangwan got his point immediately and sniggered inwardly, hastened to prepare the grill and spit out Taiyang Fire on it.

Tu also curiously looked at Ironhead and kidded, “Wow, what a fat Pig Monster! You must be tasty!”

Ironhead was shocked, “Are you crazy? I’m Ironhead!”

And then he turned to Kris, “Master, it’s me, Ironhead! I’m not fucking Pig Monster!”

He was thrown into a moment of panic, the burning grill reminded him of the days he spent feasting the barbecue with Kris thousands of years ago.

“Then who the hell you are? My Ironhead is definitely not as stupid and fat as you are!” Kris took out his Chaos Spirit Sword and thrust it into the ground, saying, “Take this to kill him, Liangwan, that may make him die in a more comfortable way.”

“Yes, Master!” Liangwan burst into laughter. Ironhead was so scared that he hastened to escape from his grip, but unfortunately, he found that the ponderous and slow manner resulted from his weighty body made him fail to stand up.

A sense of fright grabbed his mind. No wonder Master just let his gorging ride, it turned out that he just planned to fatten him for a feast!

“Master, I regret, don’t kill me please…”

“Master, this Pig Monster faked Ironhead, making offenses more severe! We should better cut off his limbs first and let him have a good taste of agony before his life was taken.

“No, no, Master, don’t listen to his bullshit. I’m too stink to be tasty.” Ironhead was trembling with fear.

The bloody Tu must be envious of his handsome looks and favors from Master.

Liangwan walked to the Chaos Spirit Sword and tried to pull it out with all his strength but failed.

Quite awkward.

“Master, I can’t pull it out, it’s too heavy.”

Kris realized that the sword was a Spirit Weapon, meaning that those who were still in Genesis Stage were unable to wield it.

“Well, let me do it by myself.” Kris held the hilt, raised his hand, and chopped towards Ironhead.

“No!” Screamed Ironhead. He stretched his legs hard and then passed out.

Kris and the other pets burst into laughter. This little guy was as stupid and timid as before.


After leaving the peach forest, Kris went to Chen’s Lineage School.

Now there were hundreds of million offspring of the Chen family studying in this school and none of them was naughty since Lan Xia, their great-grandma was the principal of the school. Their parents, of course, thus didn’t dare to intervene in the children’s education, or rather, they were glad about it.

“Gosh, what are you doing? We’re now in school! What if others see us?!”

Kris lifted her chaw and said, “Don’t worry, no one would see it, I’ve made a Barrier.”

“You’re such a bad hat.” Said Lan, “It always goes like this, from the days when I was your teacher to now. I don’t know what to do with you.”

Kris beamed and felt satiated, the ball-buster was finally turned into an obedient kitty who had six children with him.

After the screw, Lan lied against his chest and asked, “You want to tell me something, do you?”

“Exactly.” Said Kris, “I’m a bit confused now, so I want to ask for your help.”

“Oh, that is the way you ask for other’s help.”

“Well, it’s better for us to have an in-depth communication both physically and mentally, isn’t it?” Kris shook his hands and continued, “Let’s put this stuff aside first.”

Lan twisted him on his waist gently and then waited for him to continue. Kris usually asked for everyone’s suggestion before he made any decision, but today he only came for her suggestion, meaning that he must be confused about something. This fact quite pleased her, after all, she was his wife as well as his teacher, apparently she could get more love from him than others.

Although that was unfortunately a false judgment.

“I’m wondering whether we should connect this world with Chaos World in the Other Realm!”

“You mean there is another world beyond Chaos?” Lan was a bit shocked.

“Yes, a world far larger than this one.” Added Kris, “Once the connection is achieved, this world would probably be discovered by people from other worlds and thus be invaded.”

The Chaos Royalty would declare war and robbed the resources and numerous worlds would thus fall into ruin.

“Then what if we don’t connect the worlds? They can’t discover us.” Asked Lan.

“No, it just a matter of time.”

Not a tad of his experience in Chaos had he told to them, not even to Mary Su.

Though he was stronger in the previous life, he could only kill Mary’s sister who led to her death and reshape her bones into a boatman. And then he escaped to Chaos Resume, evolving the world with Dream Reincarnation Art and experiencing countless reincarnations.

The royalty was powerful and had never ceased to find Mary’s sister out.

He could expect that one day there would be a war between them.

But now he was not qualified to fight against the whole royalty because he had learned that there were hundreds of Great Juggernauts, ten royal highness of Endless Stage and the Emporer with rather strong strength.

But no one knew what Stage was he in. Someone said he was in Nihility Stage while others suspected he was in the Normalization Stage. One thing was sure, however, that is, he was quite strong and affected countless Chaos World without effort.

Now, Kris was just as strong as the generals of the Chaos Royalty, meaning that he must advance to the Endless Stage so that he was qualified to have a fight with them!

Chapter 656: Bo Luo

“And you don’t know when they found it, right?”

“Well, this side of Chaos can no longer provide me with more resources.”

Kris sighed, he needed more resources than normal people, but he couldn’t just empty the whole Chaos.

The treasures he had shaped with the Tao of Virtuality and Reality previously were actually consuming the essence of Chaos, and Chaos would shrink when it was consumed every time.

It is also because of the Chaos Spirit that isolates those people’s investigation, and stops the erosion of the Chaos Resuming Land.

His True Spirit and Will from his previous life had dissipated completely.

Although many Practitioners are imprisoned before, it is another form of protection!

One day the Chaos Spirit would be devoured by the Destruction Spirit of the Chaos Resuming Land.

And the endless consumption of these Half-Step Chaos Practitioner will further exacerbate the depletion of the Chaos Origin!

A million Chaos Era is the lifespan of this Chaos World.

At that time, the first to collapse will be the Dependent Universe, then the Main Universe, then the Supreme Main Universe.

At that time, the chaos will erupt before it is silenced, causing a shake that will attract countless people to see.

“Do you want to leave this world?”

Lan Xia hugged him nervously, “Can’t you take us with you?”

She really didn’t want to see Kris once in thousands of years.

Even if her current life span was incomparably long.


Kris shook his head, “It’s too dangerous!”

He absolutely couldn’t let them fall into danger.

“Sometimes I feel I’m quite incompetent, I can’t help you with anything.”

Lan Xia cried so hard, Kris always has a calm and easy manner and never described something as dangerous, yet this time he said it.

What does this mean? It means that even he doesn’t feel certain as well.

Kris stroked her shining long hair and delicate back gently, “It’s okay, maybe I need to go a long time, but after this time, we will never have to separate, a temporary separation is for a better future!”

Lan Xia didn’t say anything, just weeping her tears silently. Kris didn’t know how to comfort her, just kissed her tears away over and over again.

Her tears were a little bitter, and he could feel her sadness completely.

“You bastard, can’t you try to evade?”

Lan Xia pounded his chest with her little fist.

Kris gave a grimace, how could he escape?

Chaos is born because of him, everything starts because of him, this is his karma, he can’t escape, and he couldn’t escape.

If he makes preparation sooner, the chances of success will be larger.

“Aren’t you the Great Juggernaut now, can’t you take Chaos as a whole?”

“It’s possible, but I’ll have to shoulder more risk.”

Resuming Land could conceal the God’s Will, once he left the Chaos Resuming Land, they would definitely be able to project it out.

If he went out and failed, there was still a chance to rise again.


Lan Xia sighed quietly, “You are already prepared, so why do you need to tell me.”

She turned away, not looking at Kris to show her anger.

Kris has to comfort her with all his efforts, but this time Lan Xia seemed to be really angry.

“Teacher Xia, if you ignore me again, I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

“Still don’t talk? If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as your default!”

Said that, he started the lesson!

What if the teacher didn’t behave well? Just give her a lesson, if one lesson doesn’t work, give her two lessons!

“You bastard, rogue, you are not giving a lesson to the teacher, you are clearly…”

Inside the Time Barrier, after being taught many lessons by Mr. Chen, Mr. Xia finally calmed down.

“You just know how to cheat!”

“What do you mean by cheating? It’s called convincing people with virtue!”

“That’s your virtue?”

Grabbed the joy stick of Kris, Lan Xia rolled her beautiful eyes.

“I’ll see how you can explain to my sisters!”

“Of course, I will use my own strengths to attack their weaknesses!”

“Bah, glib!”

Hearing this, Kris knew that Lan Xia was laughing, he laughed too, “Don’t worry, I will not leave you so soon, at least I can still accompany you about ten thousand years, then I’ll pester you every day, see if you are annoyed or not!”

“Then come on, let’s see if I’m the badass or you!”

The girls had broken through the Supreme Lord long ago under the hard work of Kris.

“Of course, I’m awesome!”

“What are you doing?”


“Ah, no…”

After a long time, Kris, who was refreshed and fully dressed, wrapped his arm around Mr. Xia’s thin waist to prevent her from falling down due to weak legs.

“Go, get the sisters all together, let’s have a trip right now!”

A few days later, all girls put down their work currently and boarded Kris’s airship.

At the same time, a sky-soaring Demonic Qi rushed out from the Devil Land!

“Hahahaha, I, Bo Luo, have been in Closing Door for five thousand years, and today I finally achieved the True God, I can finally take revenge!”

It was hatred that drove him gone through the five thousand years.

During the five thousand years, he cultivated from a dot of True Spirit back to the True God realm again, and only he himself understood how hard it was.

“I will kill you! Wait for me, I will find you!”

As soon as his words were spoken, a huge airship came this way.

Seeing the airship, Bo Luo got something in his mind, he had just broken through the True God and all his resources on hand were exhausted.

When he wanted to take a nap, someone sent him a pillow.

He transformed his Real Demon body into a giant of ten thousand feet!

Without saying a word, he lifted his foot and stepped on that airship.


Just at that moment, a delicate voice came from the airship.

Xiaorou Xu clapped her hands, “I learned it, I finally learned the Fixing technique.”

“Make it smaller, make it smaller, make it smaller!”

Yinyin Yao used the Size Changing technique, the ten-thousand-foot giant turned into a twenty-centimeter dwarf instantly!

“Brother, you said that the dwarf has a problem with you?”

Yinyin Yao crunched down and looked at Bo Luo who looked startled in front of her, Bo Luo was shocked, “What kind of fucking existence have I provoked!”

Kris laughed and walked over, “Bo Luo, do you still recognize me?”

He crunched down, and when Bo Luo saw the face clearly, he was dumbfounded.

Of course he recognized Kris, how could he not.

He remembered Kris even if he turned into dust.

But at that moment, he suddenly felt that Kris’s appearance in his memory became fuzzy.

Clearly he was right in front of him, but the more he tried to see, the more blurred his vision became!

“What’s going on, what the hell is going on!”

He roared furiously in his heart!

Having released the Fixing technique in Bo Luo, Kris said, “The cause was made yesterday, but the effect showed today, without your Real Demon heart, I wouldn’t have grown so fast.”

“Hatred is not necessary, the karma between you and I will be cleared today.”

After Kris said that, Bo Luo suddenly felt that a certain thread in his heart broke.

It was Kris who cut the karma thread between them.

“Birds can drink if they want, eat if they like, they live so free and so natural. I give you a Creation today, but the price is that you can’t do anything bad from now on, or you will explode and die!”

He is the Great Juggernaut, his words are the law, and with one word, the Great Tao shackle fell on Bo Luo’s body.

Kris also poured the Real Demon Inheritance into Bo Luo’s mind.

“Let’s go!”

Having finished the karma, Kris was in a good mood.

Of course, he could also exterminate Bo Luo easily, but with a wicked sense of fun, he wanted to see what would happen if a supremely evil person turned into a good guy.

It should be very interesting!

When Bo Luo absorbed the Real Demon Inheritance, he was completely dumbfounded.

The Great Juggernaut, he was that Great Juggernaut.

He was scared out of his mind that he went limp.

He could never have imagined that the kid who was almost killed by himself in the past had become the Great Juggernaut.

This is the most Peerless Supreme existence in the entire Chaos.

Bo Luo even wanted to cry, he just came out of the Closing Door and ran into a Great Juggernaut, holy shit, bad luck.

After took a deep breath and swallowed several times, the fear in Bo Luo’s heart dissipated a lot, “Fortunately, I’ve been blessed by the disaster, the Great Juggernaut passed down the Inheritance personally, so am I the person of the Great Juggernaut from now on?”

When he thought of this, Bo Luo was excited, with the Great Juggernaut protecting him…

Just as an evil idea rose in his heart, a thunderbolt struck down in the sky silently.

“Damn, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I won’t do bad things, I’ll only do good things from now on!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

“Great Juggernaut, I was wrong…”


Kris led his women go through one Star Field after another into the Dependent Universe Passage, where they intended to go to Earth for a vacation.

Thousands of years had passed in the Main Universe, but only a few hundred years had passed over there.

Hearing from Tianyao Chen, he said that where they live had now entered the interstellar era as well.

A few years later, they descended to Earth.

Ice and Fire Island has become a holy land for human race.

After collecting the ship, they suppressed their cultivation and descended to Ice and Fire Road.

“Please move, please move!”

A guide from the realm of actualized spirit approached with many visitors, “Everyone please look at the Martial Ancestor’s platform, that’s where the Martial Ancestor preached, it is said that the Martial Ancestor ascended from there.”

“Hey, didn’t I say please move…”

The guide turned around, but when he got a good look at these people, he was stunned!

“Hey, you guys are rude, right?”

“That’s right, such a wide road, why did you have to occupy it?”

Those elders shouted together.

Kris turned around and pulled his wives aside hurriedly, “Sorry, please go!”

“Good for you!”

The elders nodded, “Guide, continue, why are you in a daze!”

That tour guide simply ignored them, he was dumbfounded when he saw Kris, “You are… Martial… Martial…”

Kris patted his shoulder, “Don’t make a sound, you knew that!”

After saying that, he and his women walked away!

Practitioner swallowed, “Oh my god, the Martial Ancestor actually patted my shoulder…”

After he said that, the appearance of Kris in his mind was blurred.

“Guide, are you stupid? Can you still walk after see a beautiful woman?”

“Yes, we have paid a lot of spiritual stones!”

Soon the guide came back to his senses and said with a smile, “Sorry, aunt and uncle, I’ll take the lead now.”

“I haven’t been back for thousands of years, many places have changed!”

Kris sighed, all the original buildings of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult had been preserved, but a huge construction had been built outside.

This is a sacred place for practitioners of human race, and countless great powers had established their practicing places here.

Of course, the strongest is the Danzong School.

Walking in the busy streets, Quan Mu was also touched, after all, she left all her green years here.

Kris walked on the road with all the beauties. Passers-by remembered the beauties they had seen, but couldn’t remember the man’s appearance.

Although they desired beauty, they didn’t dare to mess around here.

Because this is the Holy City, anyone who dares to commit a crime here, even the True God will die!

Soon, they walked to the inner city, which is the most strictly forbidden place in the Holy City.

“Stop, visitors must stop!”

Two disciples blocked their way.


Kris laughed out loud, “This is my home, I’m not a tourist!”


Hearing this, those two disciples were dumbfounded.

Just as they were about to speak, a person ran out from inside hurriedly.


The one who came was no other than Hu Li!

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