The charming young woman was angry!!

She didn’t want to see Chuck Cannon at all. She was the head of a big family. The last time she was molested by Chuck Cannon, who was a little older than her daughter, she was really annoyed!

But she, who must do her word, can’t get angry!

Where did she encounter such an aggrieved thing?

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Emily saw her mother’s angry look, she was strange.

Why did you get angry suddenly?

“The Chuck Cannon you said is outside.” The charming young woman said coldly.

“What? Is he here?” Emily was pleasantly surprised.

But soon she became dejected. Chuck Cannon hated her and she also hated Chuck Cannon but she didn’t hate him anymore.

“Yes, I don’t know what he has to do over here.” The charming young woman has cold eyes.

“Mom, you let him in, there must be something wrong with his coming,” Emily said.

“Huh, what can he do?” Alice was annoyed!!

She gets angry when she thinks of the last time Chuck Cannon said that she was in good shape and was beautiful.

“Mom, but he came all the way, how could you not meet?” Emily begged.

The young woman tangled for three seconds, “Let him in!”

Hangs up the phone!

Emily kissed her mother, “Thank you, mom!”

“Emily, why are you so happy?” The young charming lady felt even more hot. She was here, so why didn’t she know what her daughter was thinking?

“I, how am I happy? I am angry, I hate him.” Emily has no confidence, her voice is much lower.

“You forgot how shameless this person is? You forgot that he said that he wanted to play with me? Such a person, you are still interested in him, what do you want to do! Lead the wolf into the room!?” The young woman Alice was angry!

If your daughter and Chuck Cannon are together, isn’t he staring at her? Being stared at by a pervert…

“Mom, he’s not like that, didn’t he touch you last time?” Emily whispered.

“You, are you going to piss me off?” The charming young woman was angry!

At this time, Chuck Cannon came in in shock, “Alice, why are you angry?”

Last time he knew the name of the charming young woman.

“Chuck Cannon, don’t call my name!” The charming young woman said with a cold face.

Does it fit?

She is ten or twenty years older than him, so can you call her name directly?

“En.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Chuck Cannon, what are you doing?” Emily walked over in surprise, her beautiful eyes showing light.


“Don’t go so fast later, teach me to fight, I want to learn,” Emily whispered.

“No time.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He had a serious business coming over, not to mention Chuck Cannon didn’t want to see her at all.

Emily was disappointed.

“I want to talk to you about business!” Chuck Cannon said solemnly to the charming young woman.

The young woman frowned, Chuck Cannon didn’t have a hippie smiling face, this is a real business.

Besides, she didn’t believe what Chuck Cannon dared to do to her. If he did, she would definitely go directly to Karen Lee!!

The young charming lady looked at her daughter and said, “Emily, you go out first,”

“Mom, I want to stay here, and I won’t go out and won’t talk nonsense,” Emily said aggrievedly.

“It’s not that you say nothing, I let you out,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Chuck Cannon, you… die!” Emily ran out angrily.

“Alice, your daughter actually let me die.” Chuck Cannon said solemnly to the charming young woman.

The charming young woman glanced at Chuck Cannon, “Don’t say this to me, what’s the matter, say it!!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “My cooperation with you…”

“Needless to say, it has already started. You will ask your mother to call 50 billion over tomorrow, and then you won’t have to come over. The money I earn will be credited to your account every time.” The young woman Alice said indifferently.

“En,” Chuck Cannon unexpectedly works so fast for the charming young woman, and it seems that he will soon be able to have a high income in this area.

“Can I have no money?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“If you don’t have money, what do you cooperate with? Is it because Karen Lee won’t give you the money?” The charming young woman was annoyed.

“Just kidding,” Chuck Cannon was speechless. The money is really a matter of a phone call.

“If you are here not to talk about business but to joke with me, then please go out!” Young woman Alice said with a cold face.

“Of course not, I will show you something first,” Chuck Cannon took out the bomb given by the boss behind the scenes.

The young lady Alice was cold, and when she wanted to scold him, she saw the difference and looked at it in surprise.

Sure enough, it was for munitions, and it was obvious at a glance that this was not an ordinary glass ball.

“Is this a bomb?” Young Alice asked seriously.

This type of bomb is a new type of bomb, and her family is also secretly studying it, but unexpectedly, someone has already developed it successfully.


“Who gave it to you?”

“You should know.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Just say who it is!” The young charming lady was annoyed, feeling that Chuck Cannon was teasing her.

“The one organize the killers…”

“It is her?”

The young woman frowned and murmured, “I heard that she has a studio and is also researching the latest weapons. Didn’t she expect to have succeeded in the research?”

“Do you really know?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Of course, I know, what do you want to show me this?” The young lady was a little excited, after all, this bomb represents the latest technology!!

“Can you produce a little bit of this size? I want to use it!” Chuck Cannon asked seriously.

“This one……”

Young Alice looked at it carefully for a while. In fact, there were only a few difficult problems in her secret research that she hadn’t worked out, otherwise, she could also make such a small bomb.

“Yes, but it will take time.” The charming young woman didn’t say enough.

“Well, the sooner the better.” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief.

“You? What’s the matter? Why are you so anxious?” The young woman was astonished. She actually saw the seriousness and murderous intent in Chuck Cannon’s eyes!!

“Are you caring about me?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

The young woman frowned, “Go!”

Do you care about him?

Chuck Cannon is serious, “Then this bomb is handed over to you, can you give me ten in a week?”

“No, three or four at most!” The charming young woman shook her head, where is that simple?

Thought it was a glass ball!

There are many difficult technologies to overcome!

“Well, as soon as possible, and as much as possible.” Chuck Cannon felt relieved.

“The business is over, are you still going?” The charming young woman chased the guests.

“Don’t worry, give me one of your company’s best daggers,” Chuck Cannon still lacks self-defence.

“Your mother has a technology company, doesn’t it research special metals? Let your mother build one for you? What do you want me to do?” Alice, the young woman hummed.

“I just want to ask you for one. I’ll buy it.” When Chuck Cannon came over, he asked Black Rose, and Black Rose said that the dagger of the charming young lady is very good!

It’s time to cut iron like mud.

The young woman snorted coldly. She entered the room and took out a dagger. The material of this dagger was also similar to the special metal of Karen Lee’s Technology Company, but it was not that pure.

“Here you are, hurry up.” The charming young woman said.

“How much? I’ll pass it to you.” Chuck Cannon looked serious, opened the dagger, and it was sharp!

“Am I short of your money?” The charming young woman was annoyed, just wanting Chuck Cannon to leave quickly.

“Thank you very much, I will definitely protect and cherish the things you gave me,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

The young woman Alice looked cold, “Chuck Cannon, are you sick? You are the same age as my daughter, do you think it is appropriate for me to do this?”

She was really angry.

When she thought of the compromise she had made to Chuck Cannon last time and thought that Chuck Cannon’s request was to play with herself, she became angry!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Alice, are you angry?”

“I want to slap you!!” The charming young woman said coldly.

More than angry?

If it weren’t for Chuck Cannon to fight, she would have slapped it out!

“Haha.” Chuck Cannon smiled. He just said verbally, how dare you do anything to her?

What’s more, this charming young woman is his own partner, and Chuck Cannon will not cross the limit.

“I won’t talk about it next time, let’s go, I’m going, Alice.” Chuck Cannon put the dagger away and put it next to him!

Chuck Cannon waved goodbye to the young woman Alice. The young woman Alice turned and left with a cold snort, but her knee slammed into the chair and it stung. She subconsciously wanted to hold something, but there was nothing to help.

When she was about to fall, a strong arm held her in time.

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