Young woman Alice slapped Chuck Cannon in anger, “What are you doing?”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, and the hand holding her shook in the air, “What can I do? Helping you!”

Chuck Cannon was really angry and helpless after being slapped like this, he couldn’t slap her with his hand, right?

After all, she has a beautiful face, if she was really slapped, she wouldn’t look pretty like that!


She doesn’t know good people!

Her heart was cold!

“Who asked you to help?” The charming young woman was angry.

“All right,” Chuck Cannon pushed her casually, and the charming young woman falls to the ground. Her body was hurt by the fall. She was angry, “Chuck Cannon you!!!”

“You don’t want me to help!” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

“Get out!” The young charming woman got angry and got up.

“I said Alice, I was so kind to help you, but you slapped me in the face, aren’t you wrong? Did I touch you when I helped you? It’s the waist, do you need to hit me?” Chuck Cannon was upset.

“I…” The charming young woman was speechless.

That’s right when Chuck Cannon was holding her just now, he didn’t intentionally touch her with his hands. He was very honest, he even did like a gentleman from the U.S.

“Tell me sorry.” Chuck Cannon said.

“I… Get out of here,” the young lady’s voice was quiet, where is there a little confidence?

The kind gentleman helped him, and she even slapped him.

“Alice, I’m not going to roll, apologize to me.” Chuck Cannon shrugged and touched his cheek aggrieved. This slap was really powerful.

“You… Sorry, all right?” The charming young woman was angry.

She was also pushed by Chuck Cannon and she felt pain! Why doesn’t he apologize to her?

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Alice, you are quite principled. Not only do you do what you say, you also correct it if you know it is wrong.”

This is really true. This can’t help but Chuck Cannon reminds. When he saw her last time, she had a gray expression on her face. It was clear that if he asked her to accompany her at that time, she would really keep her promise.

This is actually very subtle, after all, if he mentioned it at the time, he could really get her.

He just didn’t think so at the time.

“I don’t need you to boast!” The charming young woman said coldly.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Does it hurt?”

“You want to take care of it? Are you still not going out?” The charming young woman scolded.

“Well, since you told me I’m sorry, then I also tell you I’m sorry, I shouldn’t push you.” Chuck Cannon sincerely apologized.

“Okay, I accept, you go! Don’t come again, after the thing is made, I will let someone give it to you.” The charming young woman was impatient.

“Haha, are you missing me?” Chuck Cannon said nicely.

“Chuck Cannon! Are you endless?” The charming young woman scolded.

“Uh, Alice, then I’m leaving.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and walked out, but he thought of something and walked back again. The charming young woman frowned, “What else do you want to do?”

“You are wearing a skirt today.” Chuck Cannon reminded seriously.

“What am I going to do with you? You, did you just now?” Alice slapped Chuck Cannon in anger.

However, Chuck Cannon was prepared and grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t be angry, I didn’t mean it,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Let it go!”

Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Pain, let go! You won’t let it go, won’t you? Believe it or not, I will ask someone to come in and kill you now?” The young woman was annoyed, her wrist was really hurt.

“Whatever, if I’m dead anyway, my mother will find you,” Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

“Huh, then I’ll tell Karen Lee, you say if Karen Lee saw you doing this to me, wouldn’t she break your leg?” The young woman Alice sneered.

Chuck Cannon was frightened and let go, “Don’t tell my mom.”

“Then are you not leaving?” The charming young woman was angry.

Chuck Cannon left dingy.

When Chuck Cannon went out, the charming young woman was annoyed, “Tell Karen Lee? Let Karen Lee know that I was molested by her son, so won’t I lose face?”

She sat down in anger, and she couldn’t afford it.

“Pain.” The young woman Alice really suffered from a fall.

She can’t even sit.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Emily ran in, seeing her mother’s enduring pain.

“It’s okay, I accidentally fell,” the charming young woman shook her head.

“Mom, be careful.” Emily was worried.

The charming young woman was angry in her heart, be careful?

What’s the use of being careful in the situation just now?

Chuck Cannon is really careful? He pushes her!

“Why did Chuck Cannon walk so fast? he just ran out with a pale face, and I saw that he also fell…” Emily was speechless. She wanted Chuck Cannon to teach her how to fight, but Chuck Cannon ran too fast just now.

She left without time to call Chuck Cannon.

“What? He fell?” The young lady was taken aback, and she laughed without knowing it.

Haven’t you pushed me just now?

“Well, I seem very scared, Mom, what did you say to him?” Emily wanted to know this.


“Then mom, why are you happy? Why it looks you are laughing?” Emily was astonished.

“Where is it?” The charming young woman hurriedly stopped smiling.

“Well, then I’m going out,” Emily walked outside absently.

Seeing the expression of her daughter, the young woman sighed. Her daughter obviously felt Chuck Cannon, otherwise, she would not have such a lost expression.

But this obviously will not have results.

When Emily went out, the charming young woman suddenly laughed as she thought about it, “You actually fell down, um, you’d better faint, let you talk nonsense!! You even called me by my name. Is my name yours? “

After smiling for a few seconds, she seriously took out her mobile phone and called. This is the phone number of her Secret Research Institute, “Come over to me right away! I have a bomb for you to study. It will be made for me in five days. Five out…”

Chuck Cannon was out, Black Rose felt so strange, why Chuck Cannon’s face is red and swollen? Is this because of being slapped?

Black Rose stared at Chuck Cannon strangely.

Chuck Cannon touched his cheek and got into the car, and drove away from there, Black Rose murmured and followed vigilantly.

Chuck Cannon went home directly. He wanted to see the boss behind the scenes. He thanked her. However, after thinking about going, he would definitely be molested by the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon is not in the mood to be molested now!!

He’s about to face Stewart!

He has to prepare himself, after all, Stewart is really not kidding.

He arrived home, Yvette Jordan was still sleeping, Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and kissed her. Yvette Jordan woke up and said aggrievedly, “Husband, where have you been?”

“It’s something so I went out,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, then I’m going to cook for you?” Yvette Jordan said distressedly.

“It is good,”

Yvette Jordan went to cook, Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity to see Logan, and seeing that Logan had woke up, Chuck Cannon knocked on the door and went in.

Logan’s face was still pale at this time, but she was much better than when she came back.

Chuck Cannon was relieved, “Aunt Logan.”

“Chuck,” Logan smiled softly as she got off the bed, trying to move her body.

Chuck Cannon went to support her, “Aunt Logan, how are you feeling?”

“It’s okay,” Logan felt that her health was much better, but her head still hurt a bit. There was no way.

She also knew what she was about to face now.

Stewart, and that Heidi Hudson of Hudson!!

These two hidden families!

Logan knew that at this time, she would definitely not be able to hold her back, she had to recover as soon as possible!

“That’s good, by the way, Aunt Logan, when you were at the house of hidden family, you wanted to say something to me, what you wanted to say? I ask you now.” Chuck Cannon was particularly curious.

What can Logan say to him?

This was the last word?

Maybe, this was to give all her things to him?

Chuck Cannon felt so. Logan felt that she couldn’t live anymore, so she had to make a will and give him all her money.

Chuck Cannon understood this.

But Logan was different!!

Chuck Cannon’s question made her pretty face feel like a bonus. This is really hard to tell!

At that time she thought she was going to die, so she wanted to say what she was suppressing in her heart. She wants to tell Chuck Cannon that she liked him!!

But now she was still alive, Logan couldn’t say it all at once.

“Aunt Logan? What the hell was that? You say it.” Chuck Cannon looked at Logan longingly, especially wanting to know this.

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